You get transported 30 years into the future for 5 minutes, you are sitting in front of a computer, what information are you going to search?

  1. There's a scene in Horizon Forbidden West where the protagonist is using a computer but she's the only one who can see it. The NPCs ask if she's ok or needs medical help.

  2. Different stocks and new massive companies that started picking up 30 years ago. Plus as someone mentioned before. Some winning lottery numbers lol

  3. My first thought was just what stocks are the most valuable. I could probably remember a few company names. Lotto numbers and dates? Quick money sure but I'm never going to remember Powerball or mega millions numbers lol.

  4. This assumes no butterfly effect. There was a scene in the tv show Odyssey 5 where one guy made a leveraged bet, because he came from the future, but it ended up causing side effects which lead to the team who should have won to lose.

  5. Only to find dozens of interviews with GRRM, now over a hundred years old, explaining how writing is like gardening and it's not possible to control or predict when a garden will be grown. He will also have upgraded his workstation to something running windows 98, finally.

  6. The lottery has been illegal since gambling destroyed civilization in 2045. Police have been notified of this unauthorized search and are closing in on you as we speak

  7. But if they find the lottery numbers using a machine that blows the balls, any slight deviation in the conditions of the room would change the outcome. You going to the store to buy the ticket could cause an entirely different combination of numbers being drawn.

  8. Better yet: the winning lottery numbers from the drawing just before someone hit a big one. Otherwise you’re splitting it. Although that might be tough to find in 5 minutes.

  9. "Hello, if you are a traveler from 30 years in the past welcome! Please search for "How to make anything your heart desires [30 YEAR EDITION]" and copy that down on anything that came with you.

  10. Superbowl one is great.. instead of betting on the game, you bet at the beginning of the season for the team to win it all. That way even if they dominate the whole season, your odds and payouts remain the same.

  11. Best performing stocks over the last 30 years, recent wars and outcomes, a world map (see if anything has changed), world population (interesting to see if it has started to decline), percentage of world energy generated by renewable sources, and when did the Leafs win a Stanley Cup last.

  12. Checking what geography looks like sounds like a good move to me. What new empires have risen up? What long-established nations have fallen? Are there still 50 US states?

  13. This is smart, because most ultra porn includes a time dilation function so that you can consume weeks of porn in the time before your mom gets back from the grocery store. So you'll be giving yourself more time to learn about what's been going on the past few decades.

  14. Why not 2025? Stocks 3 yrs from now will be cheaper than top stocks a year from now. So you'll be able to buy much more of 2025 stocks.

  15. I take a moment to be fucking relieved there's still enough infrastructure that it's possible to be sitting at a computer. Then I do a search for "what do you wish you'd invested in 25 years ago"

  16. I would probably have no idea what to do with this information though. Like for example I just googled it now and came up with:

  17. This would be my first 3 minutes, then when I've realized I've wasted more than 50% of my time, I'd just start searching the shit I thought of in the first 10 seconds.

  18. Am I dead ye.... no, I don't want to know that. Maybe I'm a shark attack victim. Oh god what if there's video footage? What if that's what comes up when I google my name?

  19. Same. I wouldn’t trust my memory for stocks, crypto, or lottery numbers. I would just go for Super Bowl winner 2023 and everything else I could find after would be bonus.

  20. The dates of death for a bunch of major politicians and celebrities. Surely there's someone willing to bet on that.

  21. Yea these are some optimistic comments. I'd just try to just get a sense of the state of the world so I know if I need to bother saving for retirement or not

  22. You find an article about how Valve, as an apology to their fans for the long wait for Half Life 3, released Half Life 4 to hold them over until it's ready.

  23. obituaries for myself, my wife, my children: Hopefully everyone is still alive, but have the opportunity to change outcomes if anything was avoidable by making a different decision.

  24. How much do you think you would be able to do with a standard 2022 PC in the 1990s? (short of selling it ofc)

  25. Crime rates for the past five years to decide if my country is a safe place to live or relocate to a more peaceful place.

  26. Get the lottery numbers for a middle-tier jackpot, even if you share it. Nothing news-worthy, keep it under the radar. THEN get the best stock IPOs of the next few years, so you can multiply your winnings.

  27. Yes but the Calder Cup. They were relegated in 2029 when the NHL adopted FIFA-style promotion-relegation rules, and haven't been back since. Still better off than the Maple Leafs though, who are in the third division.

  28. How to build a time machine. Then I’m going to travel to the same point in time and kill me from 10 mins ago that just started searching how to build a time machine. Tho.. that means when I’m searching after my time machine I will get killed by a future me… But that person that just killed me had to be killed so how did the first me ever google that without getting killed??

  29. Immediately search all my social media for key words. "Congratulations" "Sorry for your loss" "Rip" as well as cryptocurrency prices, specifically whatever are the top 5, as well as specifically the question "best asset bought in 2023" youd be surprised at how detailed you can be in searches now, yet alone in the future.

  30. I'd want to look up my favorite musicians, but be worried and waste the time due to worry that these already middle aged (and sometimes elderly) people are dead.

  31. Wow, the clear meaning is "5 minutes and you die" and all you people are searching for history? Search for "how to survive time travel".

  32. Search up my Instagram and cope a look at my future partner(if any). That takes 2 mins and then look for WC winning countries and then come back to flex at my friends when my predictions come true

  33. I would search for Bitcoin prices and other coins and just general how i should invest in the next years so i can make some money with it. Startups who will become successful or something like that so i can be an early investor.

  34. I would just go to my email and collect all the information that I had gathered in the 30 years after coming back. I already know that I will be there in 30 years time. I'd probably go meet my older self (hopefully I'm still alive). As I know when I willbe there at that exact time, that would not be an issue. Then the loop would continue for the next 30 years collecting information with new knowledge and better preparation etc.

  35. Coastal flooding maps, real estate prices, stock market, updates on NASA missions, and then I'd see what kind of porn is popular.

  36. All the major world events that happened in the last 30 years. Especially in the region I reside in. What if something alarming or dangerous happened that I need to know about to save myself and my family?

  37. Probably just look at the most valuable stock in 2052, I don’t need to diversify, especially because I’m going to look at the winning numbers of the lottery draw coming up tonight.

  38. If the 49ers will win a Super Bowl in that time. Then I’m committing to memory the next few champions and making big bets

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