What comes to mind when you hear the word “Ohio”?

  1. A pro wresler by the name of John Moxley did a promo in Japan where he said he comes from Cincinatti, Ohio. He got a reaction from the crowd, thinking that he said "ohayo".

  2. The guy at the register in my former local liquor store would always wear a Callahan Auto Parts t-shirt. This was when I lived in a Los Angeles suburb. One day I decided to chat him up a bit and mentioned that I had been to Sandusky many times. He said something along the lines of, "$22.58 have a nice day."

  3. "There's nothing wrong with Ohio, except the snow and the rain, I really like Drew Carey and I'd love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..."

  4. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (Neil Young) song called "Ohio." It's a song about the Kent State protests that resulted in four college students (only two of which were protesters) being shot by the police national guard.

  5. Crazy that how Kent University incident i didnt learn well into my adult years of life. its almost like we stopped teaching the actual true history of this country, and filled it all with nonsense.

  6. The amount of times I've heard about people almost accidentally running him over in a parking lot in Dayton is surprisingly more than once.

  7. I think of two astronauts looking at the Earth from space. A Pangea-like continent is the only continent on the surface but it has the shape of the state of Ohio.

  8. I'm from Europe and the first thoughts I had after reading the question was literally "Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming, we're finally on our own".

  9. So as someone who travels the state for work, I will say it’s drastically improved. Columbus continues to be a huge draw for companies, students, and jobs while Cleveland and Cincinnati have managed to start the turn around from reliance on manufacturing industry and started to successfully turn themselves around.

  10. I spent a week at my friends place in the suburbs of Cleveland and was pleasantly surprised. It was quite lovely.

  11. The state has a ton going for it. I know the connotation had been bad in the past mostly due to rust belt and bible thumpers, but it has three of the more interesting urban centers in the country: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati. Columbus is a huge job hub and university where a lot looks shiny and new, but it somehow all feels accessible despite its size. Cleveland has really turned itself around over the past two decades with some amazing city beautiful architecture and the lakeside. Cincinnati feels like a somewhat more progressive Southern town. All three are very different and tons to do in each.

  12. My husband is from Cincinnati, but moved to Chicago. I'm British. We drove down to Cincinnati and he warned me about the roadside signs... It's quite something. You just don't get those sorts of things in the UK. Quite eye opening, to say the least. Especially when the next sign is for a sex shop.

  13. When you are from Ohio you think it can’t be great compared to most places. Then you try living elsewhere and the grass isn’t always greener.

  14. This deserves more recognition. Used to go there pretty often with my grandfather growing up. Nothing quite like getting the tour from an aeronautical engineer that worked on the base.

  15. This is the coolest museum in the state. Ohio has this thing where they all think they have top of the line museums, but this is the only museum that is worth double the admission price. Forget the rock hall, forget the art museum, college football hall of fame, etc.

  16. Longaburger. Mom was a sales lady for almost 20 years. Our house is full of baskets. I've been to Dresden many times. I have made my own baskets. I have sat in and on giant baskets. I have the photographic evidence. The world's largest basket is there. Or was there. I'm not sure if it was remodeled after being sold.

  17. A lot of the people in my hometown worked for Longaburger. I never did but so many of my friends did. Last I heard, the giant basket was going to be a hotel but that was years ago.

  18. Dude, you're one Jungle Jim's international market from saying you're from Cincinnati without saying you're from Cincy

  19. Every single time the lyrics for come back to Texas pop in my head when someone mentions Ohio. Glad I am not the only one.

  20. When I lived in SF one day I realized that a ton of my friends there were originally from Ohio. A place that originally sounded kinda boring to me. They were SUPER cool people. So, I associate Ohio with that... With producing surprisingly super cool people.

  21. I live in Atlanta, so many vacations to the Florida panhandle and coast. You’d be amazed how many Ohio tags you see. This mfers are not afraid to drive 15 hours for a three day vacation.

  22. Seriously. I miss my home so damn bad. Cleveland is slept on as a city, and I’m ok with it (it keeps the prices down). I miss the lakes (even though Erie is the worst of the Great Lakes, that puts it above most others), the seasons (you get all 4, and fall is especially gorgeous), and everyone is so damn nice. I went back recently and was actually shocked by how sweet everyone was

  23. I know what you mean. I’m over 1,000 miles away from college and don’t plan on moving back but it will always be home. Memes be damned

  24. You can always tell when they have a 3 day festival at Legend Valley. If you are traveling on I-70 between SR-37 and SR-668 on a Monday around 11am you will see groups of festival migrants walking down the berm of the interstate.

  25. Was born and raised there (in Kent...yes Kent State), the Browns (especially when they were good), Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jeffrey Dahmer...those are a few off the top of my head.

  26. The line in Townes Van Zandt's song Pancho and Lefty: "The day they laid poor Pancho low, Lefty split for Ohio."

  27. Oh man, Skyline is the best Cincinnati chili. I'm a native Oregonian, but my parents are from Ohio and my mom would make a copycat skyline chili. It's a comfort food for me now and I've gotten my husband hooked.

  28. I live in Western NY, but I'll be damned if I dont take every chance I get to go to Ohio to get me some skyline chili. My god is it good. 3 coneys while im there, and a 4 way with onion for the drive home lol

  29. The fact that I could be in the most backwater hick methed out town to exist, drive for 10 minutes and then be in the middle of a hood

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