You meet your 14 year old self, but you can only tell them 4 words. What do you say and why?

  1. My 14 year old self would be freaked out some creepy old dude talked to him. WTH am I going to be able to say in 4 words that would possibly be of enough impact for him to trust the advice and remember it?

  2. I'm here to add to this sadness, but I second this. My mom passed a year ago but I actually hadn't seen her in 2. Last time I hugged her she was passing away and couldn't respond.

  3. As a parent of a T1, that ain't your responsibility at 14. That's all on your parents. The goal of a T1 parent is to manage it as best you can so your child can emulate those habits as an adult. If they didn't demonstrate proper management when your were 14, that's not your fault at all.

  4. This is not on you. It's on your caretakers, managing type 1 diabetes is incredibly time consuming and exhausting and is NOT the responsibility of a child. I hope you're doing well now and if your insurance will pay for it get a tandem insulin pump with a dexcom g6 cgm to get your H1C at a great level.

  5. Now I’m curious if you redacted this for the comment or if you’d leave it deliberately ambiguous for your 14yo self

  6. I hope that you and yours are safe and you have support. I know you did everything you could with the knowledge and power available to you at the time.

  7. I made a substitute teacher who was trying to do her best cry and run out of the classroom in 9th grade. I wish I could go back and punch my young self in the face.

  8. Oh yeah. In the same line, I would have said, "Go wash your face". I took showers often, but I often avoided washing my face in the morning, or even in the shower because I didn't like soap getting into my face. That didn't end well for me.

  9. You'll be alright, word. I was having suicidal thoughts at that age and before, and although I lost my dad at 15, there also came better times, right now ten years later I'm doing so much better, I'm glad I'm still here

  10. I'd just show up in some prosthetic scars and wounds, maybe an eye patch and crutches. Just tell them not to do something innocent like "Don't eat the grapes" or something. Make em think grapes ruined our life.

  11. I was told that exact same thing by my therapist just recently, used to think the feeling was just a normal adrenaline rush that people get

  12. Yes!! I spent so many years hearing that only to look back and realize - no. I was normally sized. But it caused so much mental harm over many many years

  13. I left home literally the day I turned 18. Packed up my car, left with only $100 and drove to Seattle. Called my parents when I got there and told them I’m never coming back. Spent the next year or so mostly homeless until I got on my feet but I kept my promise and never went back.

  14. Don't date Firstname Lastname. Because my life would have been completely different and infinitely better had I never met them.

  15. I spent so many years questioning only to realise I tick all the boxes except sexual attraction towards the same sex

  16. Sometimes it blows my mind that people are confused by their own sexuality. Not saying it doesn't make sense, but having never experienced it myself, it seems strange that it could be not clear. Like.. are you attracted to girls? Are you attracted to guys? Depending ont he answer you are straight, gay, bi or Ace. Seems simple to me, but its so complex for other people. I don't get it.

  17. Mother at age 22 - reason being at age 14 I was already in a deep depression I never seen a future for myself, never imagined life past 21 and never even thought of being a mother.

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