Which tv series has aged like milk?

  1. The very first episode of Hill Street Blues has two cops breaking up a domestic disturbance caused by a woman finding her man fucking her 15yo daughter. The man is told not to be shitty, the woman is told to put out more and the child is told not to be so tempting. Then the cops leave, patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

  2. What the fuck. I mean, it's not your fault I got curious but JFC I almost didn't believe you so I checked it out on Dailymotion.

  3. It was directed by RJ Cutler (who started his career with a documentary about Bill Clinton’s presidential race, and recently a documentary about Billie Eilish,) And Ice Cube.

  4. I could swear Oprah did an episode covering that show and they even showed a CGI version of her as a White woman. I've Googled and ... I got nothing. I never saw the actual show so I don't know if I'm crazy or it's been wiped.

  5. Extreme makeover. I remember watching this show as a kid and being like oh wow they’re fixing all these ugly people with plastic surgery and making them happy. I just think that caused a whole generation to think they could change their body with money. Show lasted like 4 seasons. Couldn’t imagine that show today.

  6. The image absolute burned into my brain is of a child that no longer recognised their mother. She was married, loved by her husband and child, had a good job, was respected by her peers. She had a wonderful life but was torn down by these absolute psychopaths because she wasn’t conventionally beautiful. Like you said it was totally normal then like “oh this is fine, they are HELPING”. As a teen I was learning your whole life success hinges on being physically acceptable to someone you’ve never met and knows nothing about you - your achievements mean absolutely nothing. Urgh it was sickening. I want to cry thinking about her now.

  7. My parents went on Maury in 2002. The episode was about transforming house wives who let themselves go into foxy women. My brother just converted the VHS tape to digital media, so we were rewatching it. It's so cringe and problematic. "Maury, I need my sexy wife back." It's just making fun of house wives. The entire episode.

  8. What really bugged me about that show was that they often took the easy way out. They often had people with severe overbites that can really only be corrected with jaw surgery, but they'd just give them a chin implant.

  9. There’s a similar show in the UK called Embarrassing Bodies. I watched an episode where a person had a skin tag near their asshole that they wanted removed. I was shocked when they showed not only the skin tag, but the person’s asshole. UK tv is wild

  10. I know someone who was on the show. Incredible transformation with weight loss. Also a full set of expensive veneers! They are now back at, or near, their starting weight.

  11. Also Extreme Home Makeover. “Oooh, an amazing new house in under a week!” I imagine the quality was terrible from the rush job, plus a big increase in property taxes for a family we were just told could barely afford their old house.

  12. I always thought the name of the show was funny because the very first thing I ever heard her say was "I'm not looking for love, I just wanna get laid". That's back when she was on original MySpace.

  13. Yes! Although it’s the only bi-sexual dating show I can recall. But the contestants started hooking up with each other instead of being focused on Tila.

  14. I watched just about every episode just because Tila Tequila was on the show. I always thought she was a beautiful woman. Before she became the person she is now anyway.

  15. There was a dating show on Sky TV in the early 00s called There's Something About Miriam where the twist was she was transgendered and the winner wasn't told until after the show.

  16. Dance moms- used to be entertaining, now all I can see is the psychological effects it must’ve had on those girls

  17. I had a friend who occasionally instructed for them. Apparently, the mom's anyways were super nice off camera, as soon as the cameras started, they got catty

  18. My sister used to watch it when we were teens, and I was always horrified and couldnt understand how its even on tv

  19. In the beginning of the series, she would lean more toward tearing the girls down to build them back up better than before. Eventually, she was just tearing them down.

  20. Oh god dance moms is iconic. Abby Lee is batshit crazy, plus those themes she chooses for the dances? I think there was one about prostitutes and all the girls were like 10? And then the actual moms…it’s so entertaining but I do fear for the mental health of everyone on the show.

  21. My god this show was terrible. My wife’s sister was into it and we ended up watching a lot of it when we were dating. I think they tried to make the banter like Gilmore Girls, but it ended up being the characters repeating their current plots and arcs over and over. I don’t remember the characters at all, but the main character was such a horrible person, and the audience is supposed to root for her.

  22. Its amazing to me the talent that show attracted. Like, the teen actors I guess I understand, because you'll take anything when you're starting out. But, while during the run of the show, Shailene Woodley became a Golden Globe nominee and then had to come back to that...but also. Molly Ringwald (!) Steve Schirripa (from the Sopranos!), Ernie Hudson (from Ghostbusters!), Reid Scott (from Veep!), Jennifer Coolidge (!!) And some of them came on in later seasons, when they knew what the show was. Its absolutely wild to me.

  23. When this premiered, I wasn’t allowed to watch it. They played a lot of promos and my mom absolutely forbid it. So of course I watched it. I recently was curious about how bad it really was, and oh my god. I got like 6 episodes in and it is the most ridiculous thing. I stand by it being a really fun hate watch, like a less funny glee. The acting and plots are so funny.

  24. This show was so crazy. My husband and I still laugh about “Betty time”, where the kid with Down’s Syndrome was saving up money for a hooker and everyone just gave each other knowing glances??

  25. There was an episode of Jenny Jones where a guy revealed he had a crush on a straight dude and the guy killed him or something fucked up. This gives me those same vibes

  26. So many of the British tv shows from the 2000s wouldn’t make it today. So much of it was just shaming people for being fat or gay or poor.

  27. Terribly bad taste…. However… the bit where when they were told it was trans woman and they all start freaking out, with the exception of the former royal marine that’s just like “I’ve kissed a lot of blokes, this was definitely the most attractive “ was a brilliant moment

  28. Tyra Banks was drunk on her own cringy power for like a decade. Then one day she was sort of gone. Everyone had enough of her nonsense. The world temporarily chose the right path in that instance.

  29. I was obsessed with that show for years, and I thought it was really awesome when I was much younger. Now, as a forty-year old with young nieces, I recently watched it and was absolutely horrified! Tyra was deliberately preying on girls and setting them up in situations designed to fray their mental and emotional health, just to catch that sweet breakdown on camera for ratings. I have so much respect now for the girls who were smart enough to walk away in the first couple of episodes of their seasons.

  30. I was on a rewatch binge at the beginning of covid, around season 3 I think, they had a shoot where they posed with two male models in a desert, the model stops the shoot to say that one of the male models is grunting and moaning in her ear and grinding on her and that it's making her uncomfortable, Tyra straight up tells her it's part of the job and to just deal with it. In front of everyone. I think the theme had to do with animal print but I can't remember so if anyone can remember better than me let me know!

  31. Holy shit, Tyra Banks was a literal terrorist to those girls on that show. I think there was a girl that had someone close to her die and they made her pose in a coffin. She’s made girls do blackface and yellow face MULTIPLE times for the sake of fashion, made a girl shave her head for a shoot and then voted her off in the next episode, faked fainting for some reason??

  32. It was actually terrible but still kind of interesting to watch. At least you know all the harm has already been done so they aren’t going to make more. Some of the characters and lines were hilarious.

  33. Supersize vs superksinny. For those unfamiliar, it toom a bunch of morbidly obese people and a bunch of dangerously thin people and made them swap diets for several days.

  34. I'd also like to point out that this show has a cult following now of people suffering from anorexia who use it to fuel their disorder. It was cruel, it was exploitative, it failed in its objectives, and it continues to harm those with disordered eating.

  35. What I always remember about this show was the larger person usually genuinely wanted to change and would. Embrace changes

  36. The Swan, was 2 women who are considered "ugly ducklings" participating in a pageant against each other after undergoing a three-month transformative process aka having heaps of plastic surgery.

  37. Right?! How were they allowed to do so many procedures in such a short time while completely isolating these women from their families? Making them diet and exercise while healing from a tummy tuck, breast implants, and veneers?! The “therapy” sessions were a joke and were just for show while these poor women with low self esteem were preyed upon for entertainment. Just out of a safety and medical prospective…wow.

  38. Didn't they also not allow the contestants/patients to have mirrors the whole time so they were surprised when they saw themselves? Psychologically having massive changes like that and it being sudden is extremely bad for your brain, you can end up rejecting the reflection because it's not "you"

  39. YES. I’ll one up you on that (because unbelievably there’s something even worse) and go for ‘Bridalplasty’ which is similar but the contestants compete to have plastic surgeries ticked off their wish list, and the winner has all their surgeries and their wedding paid for. But the contestants win challenges and get the surgery during the show, week by week. It’s absolute insanity.

  40. I was once called an “elitist” by my younger sister and mom because I informed them, often and loudly, about how awful every aspect of that show was. I wonder if they’d stand by it after the social changes of the last 20 years?

  41. Omg you just unlocked a core memory. My mum had Gillian McKeith’s You Are What You Eat book, she picked it up for a New Year’s resolution when I was around 8. Even though she gave it up after about a month, the book hung around the bottom shelf of the living room where diet books go to die, and I read it the following summer and was OBSESSED. I was so obsessed about making sure I never ate “proteins and starches” together at the same meal or “starches and leafy green vegetables” together, or that if I was going to eat them together then I had to make sure the vegetables had to be baked/steamed not pan fried and ABSOLUTELY NO OIL, and if they were baked I had to scrape off every bit of black because carbon gives you cancer, and I had to drink warm water with lemon but if it was after mid day it had to be cold water, and DEFINITELY no sweets WHATSOEVER not even at your birthday (she had a recipe for “fruit cake” that was like, a slice of watermelon with a candle on…), and AT LEAST 4 pieces of fruit a day but they couldn’t be grapes or cantaloupe or red apples or bananas because of the sugars… I was EIGHT. And paralysed at the thought of eating “bad foods”. That book fucked me up, so many ridiculous dumbass diet rules that made me genuinely feel sick with anxiety at meal times. I had no idea it was a TV show too

  42. A supposed professional in nutrition who faints at the sight of live creatures but is fine with people pooping into tupperware boxes is strange.

  43. She is also a member of an association which has a dead cat as a registered member. Physician Ben Goldacre did this to show the lack of credibility of such a fancy sounding title

  44. I went to uni with her daughter and she was every bit as wacky as her mum. Highlights include buying a puppy off of Instagram and making her parents take care of it, loudly declaring that she doesn’t care about refugees in the middle of breakfast and spending several months failing to seduce the president of our university Conservative club. Bizarre girl though honestly i can see why she’s turned out like that

  45. Never forgot that he was shielded by the BBC and propped up by British Royalty. Even after the allegations came forth, he got away with it, died before ever facing repercussions. He is not alone, if the case of Epstein taught us anything. The rich and powerful will protect their own even when it comes to the most heinous of crimes.

  46. It was amazing how far Jimmy would go to help a friend. I heard he went all the way to Austria to help a guy put in a basement.

  47. I met him at a charity event once. I was a very young looking 15 year old at the time. There was a room with probably 100 plus people and he made a beeline to come and talk to me. I had no idea who he was at the time (90's baby!) until my mum told me he was a kids TV present from the 70s. Never though much more about it until he was in the news a few years later. Now it makes sense why he wanted to talk to me!

  48. Pretty Little Liars. I think even at the time, the teacher dating his 16 year old student storyline was considered creepy, but in 2022 it’s honestly unbelievable that was ever portrayed in any kind of positive light. Also that her parents didn’t immediately just report him to the police.

  49. When I was in junior high I thought Aria and Ezra were SO romantic because of their ~forbidden love~. Now I’m a teacher and I can’t believe I was shown that as a child. It’s disgusting.

  50. Dating the teacher is such a common gross trope, the 'Dawson' casting doesn't help. If the person playing 16 looks 25 it's easier to accept it, if that person looked like a real 16 your old everyone would be grossed out a lot quicker.

  51. Beauty and the Beast Tv show from 1987. My mother LOVED this show back then. Well I bought her the box set last year. She watched 5 episodes and couldn’t do it 😅. Well she passed away a month ago and I’m just going through shit. So I decided to watch it because I fucking miss her. Well I can see why she couldn’t finish it.

  52. My 5th grade teacher was OBSESSED with this show. We'd get to watch it after we collected so many points as a classes for behaving or whatever it was. She had Ron Perlman's autograph somewhere hung up in the classroom as well as one of those huge life sized cardboard cutouts of him as Beast. This would have been almost a decade after the show ended and I vaguely remember writing fan letters to the cast as part of an English assignment? She was a weird, weird woman.

  53. Not the whole series but Ally McBeal. In one episode Ally found out her bf is bi and her reason breaking up with him was she afraid that one day her bf would be attracted to their son.

  54. I am currently watching this series and recently saw the episodes that Mark Feuerstein played a bi-sexual man. Ally never gave the above reason.. she said that since he's attracted to both men & women, that she worried that she wouldn't be able to fulfill his sexual needs and that he would cheat. She realized she was prejudiced, but she couldn't deal with it. Him being a pedo/incest with his own child was never mentioned.

  55. I saw this streaming somewhere recently and figured “why not?” It’s one of those shows that was so much a part of pop culture (dancing baby, anyone?), but is all but forgotten today. I couldn’t make it through the first episode.

  56. Does Toddlers and Tiaras count? That was a pretty ridiculous idea from the get go, but it certainly hasn't aged well.

  57. That guy even got busted by the ATF before the show even happened. He is not actually the owner of the business even though it's portrayed that way.

  58. The Nickelodeon TV shows were good ! But behind the scenes of Dan Schneider Nickelodeon shows for example All that, ICarly, Victorious. Most of the cast members were sexually exploited at a young age. He would encourage them to drink alcohol. Most often Dan Schneider would yell at these child actors and actress if they wouldn’t do what was told by him.

  59. I had heard about Dan Schneider (and especially his tendency to put in foot fetish scenes for the young actresses to do) but not Fred Savage.

  60. What Not to Wear. Nothing like having your family secretly recording you when you look terrible and then gathering everyone you know to have a "style intervention" to watch said footage while 2 strangers pick you apart. Then they pressure you into throwing away all your clothes (I really hope they donated them) and then gave you enough money to buy like 4 outfits but only on their terms and also FUCK your personal preferences and sense of style. You have to dress like a boring adult. And I ate that shit up.

  61. I think the only good bit of the show was getting clothes that fit on folks who didn't think it was possible for anything to fit their bodies. Maybe that was faked, I don't know. As a high schooler who also struggled to have any kind of style or clothes that fit, it was reassuring to know that looking nice wasn't beyond me, even if I didn't want to look the way they styled the folks in the show.

  62. One of the hosts (Stacy) more recently gave interviews saying she regrets how she went about on that show, and how nowadays she isn’t strict with fashion rules and likes to experiment more.

  63. I liked the concept but it was a hate-watch for me. I would always end up screaming at the TV Wow, a chunky necklace and cardigan?! Groundbreaking! Cutting edge! Never seen that before!

  64. I tried watching that a few times. That was back when TLC was mostly good. I just hated the hosts' "We know better than you" attitude. Not that there aren't people with cringeworthy wardrobes or ones who need the guidance to glow up, but a lot of the time it was "Let's take you so far out of your comfort zone that even the aspects of your style that are fine (usually most of them) will be obliterated by the ridiculously unreasonable ideas we'll foist onto you."

  65. As a counterpoint, I thought How To Look Good Naked had the right idea - it basically spent its runtime building up the confidence of whoever was on. The whole “stick a picture of them in their underwear on a billboard” was a bit much, but that they then solicited good comments from passers by seemed to have a positive effect.

  66. If the quality of a show declined, it’s not what this question is about. If you watched a show you thought was good, but rewatching it years later you realise it’s bad (for many different reasons). Then it has aged like milk.

  67. In the reboot they actually pointed out how Jessie’s “crazy” activism back in the day is now the more acceptable. Like she was against beauty pageants and pushed to allow the girl on the wrestling team. Nowadays those are “normal” positions, but back then it was “roll your eyes at the crazy feminist.”

  68. My wife and I rewatched this whole series on Netflix recently. One thing that bothered us was how often Kelly was dating older guys. At fifteen, she dated a college guy. In the Hawiaan movie, (age 17) she dated a lawyer. At age 19 (in college) she dated her professor. Only the last one had the age difference brought up, and even then they kept doing a bit. It was really a little creepy.

  69. House of Cards. Not only Spacey, but the vast majority of the storylines seem ridiculous now as politicians get away with far worse things openly than what took people down in HOC. Marriage counselling?! 😂

  70. Wife Swap. It's full of caricatures of both conservative and liberal families and are chock full of the highest level of cringe gender roles and toxic masculinity plot lines.

  71. I remember that show was supposed to be about seeing different point of view but some of the moms went wayyyyyyy father then the ones they swapped with.

  72. I agree with this. The title alone is a cringy reference, but they clearly encourage click bait. The wacky personality types they pit against each other are insulting. I honestly remember a time when I liked tv.

  73. My favourite episode of this is one where one of the wife's was portrayed as obsessed with Star Wars Galaxies and spent half the episode trying to install and update the game on the host family's PC. Something about that was so funny to me. Ahhh the dial up days.

  74. I remember the one where a woman was sent to live with an ultra religious family with an eldest daughter and young son and how the mom was just appalled at how the family treated their daughter (made her do everything around the house, she could only pray, couldn’t hang out with other kids, always got punished for small things, etc) . I really hope that girl got out of there because I think about her all the time

  75. I watched the first UK series of this. The woman chose Ben, a builder, who happened to be Mr Gay UK. I think he went on the show to show that blokey blokes can be gay. He won the money, but offered it to the woman (she was pretty upset as she though there was a future for them) and they decided to split the cash between them.

  76. This reminds me of this reality tv pitch that was going around the internets around 10 (?) years ago. One straight guy has to live with 19 or 29 gay guys for a month. Regularly they would vote someone out they thought was the hetero and if the straight guy managed to stay till the end, he‘d win the prize.

  77. Omg I forgot about that show!! What a trip. I just looked up before and after and the women looked completely normal! It’s like in not another teen movie “ugh she has glasses, and a pony tail!!”

  78. I can't remember the name of it but this reminds me of a reality show I watched years ago about brides-to-be competing to win plastic surgery for their weddings. All of them came onto the show with a wishlist of all the procedures they wanted and every time someone won a challenge they got to check off a procedure from their list.

  79. I was just thinking about this show the other day. I used to watch it in high school, when I was at the peak of my body dysmorphia. I thought I needed plastic surgery so badly after watching it. Didn’t realize how messed up this show was until I got older. All the “ugly” before footage they showed of these women was heartbreaking.

  80. Tfw when the main character, a sex columnist has a whole episode about being uncomfortable that her date is bisexual and in the end can’t accept it. She was supposed to be very open minded too

  81. There are some Puck quotes that are straight up vomit inducing now. In the episode The Quarterback, the one mourning Finn/Cory, Puck says it should have been him. He says Finn was a better man, and without him around to guide him he’d end up in jail or dead. Mark Salling would go on to die by suicide while waiting to be sentenced for massive amounts of child sexual abuse material.

  82. America’s Next Top Model. I remember going nuts over it when it first came out and now looking back that show is rife with gross body image and not to mention literally putting models in blackface for a shoot.

  83. My main memory from that show was the time that a model got eliminated and she took it really well, so Tyra Banks screamed at her for not crying because apparently that meant she hadn't taken the competition seriously enough.

  84. Not only that, but the amount of things that, in hindsight, absolutely cannot have been coincidences — but rather, production doing things to create drama or get a reaction from the girls for “juicy” TV moments.

  85. My only positive memory of that show was the season Creepy Chan was a contestant. Loved it when she told Tyra she was jealous of her nose bleeds.

  86. I used to love this show when i was 14-16ish. looking back.. wow. So many of the models were treated horribly and so many times Tyra acts like a kid throwing a tantrum and the models have to just do what she says or it’s bye bye. I can’t believe i used to love that show.

  87. I’ve never seen an episode but a saw a clip of a model losing out a round and having to go home and her response was to stay calm and be like ‘ok’. Like she had a really good attitude about it. But the head boss model judge lady literally called her back to ream her because she didn’t get upset or cry.

  88. For me it isn’t the body image stuff, unfortunately the modeling industry is always going to have that. When your business is beauty it is always going to be where the pressure is. Even plus size models are under incredible pressure to look a certain way, or it will be the shape of your nose or your age or the length of your legs…

  89. Especially now that we know more about what happened behind the scenes, overworking the models, putting them through what was essentially psychological warfare and then not even delivering on the prize at the end.

  90. not to mention tyra literally traumatizing those poor girls with promises of immense fame. Tyra would literally starve them, shave their heads bald and THEN tell them they’re not americas next top model.

  91. I still feel bad for Heather Kuzmich (the first autistic contestant) - millions of people watched her being tormented on national TV.

  92. I was watching a YouTuber (whose channel name I’m forgetting atm) Shes a photographer and she broke down some of the shots in ANTM that they used as the model’s ‘best photo’ for judging and it doesn’t even look that good. Her analysis/critique on the composition and lighting made sense and she wasn’t hating to hate it.

  93. IMO the biggest reason the show aged like milk is because almost none of them actually got big modeling careers from the show. Winnie Harlow is the most famous one I can think of and she said her success was despite being on ANTM. I think some photographer found her on Instagram or something after the show already aired.

  94. I never watched them but pretty much any show with kids involved. Dance Moms and the like. Those shows never sat right with me, nationally televised child abuse is all those shows were really

  95. When I was younger, I think I watched the whole series of Gossip Girl 4 times, loved it. Watched it this year, and my god did it make me cringe. I don’t know if it’s just a teenager show or what, but I honestly don’t recall the acting and the writing being that painfully hard to listen to or watch.

  96. Bam Margera Show on MTV. Dude had it all, I was envious, doing "whatever the fuck he wants". But man he treated his parents like shit. His sleazy uncle was a real charmer too, found to be into child porn years later, Bam just spiralled downword after ole what's his name died, Dunn? Really is a cringe show that didn't age well.

  97. Bam treated his dad like crap in Jackass too. A lot of the cast went on to "I grew up but it's still fun to be silly", and Bam... didn't.

  98. On the same note- Desperate Housewifes. Eva Longoria's character has an affair with a highschooler at the beginning od the show.

  99. Six months before 9/11, there was a spinoff series to the X-Files called The Lone Gunmen. The pilot episode was about government insiders hijacking an airliner and trying to crash it into the World Trade Center and blame it on terrorists.

  100. Was watching an episode of The Office (US) when a character casually mentioned Trump in the context of The Apprentice. Was absolute whiplash from the casual dropping of what these days is one of the most politically explosive names today.

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