Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

  1. A friend once said "apple treats its phone owners like users, android treats them like admins" . That's the most succinct version of it. I like being in control. I want to do all the little settings myself and it be easy doing it and plugging to computer being easy and all of it.

  2. 1 is definitely the strongest point for me. I like using my phone like a hand computer and I can't do that with Apple.

  3. I was shocked a few months ago when I had bought a phone thumb drive for a family member to help move photos off their Iphone and learned that there is no way to actually access the directory where the photos are. My first though was I must be making a mistake because that cant be right, it would be insane to block the file system, especially the photo folder.

  4. Last iPhone I had was 3, so it's nuts to learn that you can't directly download and upload files on the new ones with a computer like the MP3 players we had back in those days.

  5. This. After being on iPhone 3 through 5, I got sick of not being able to do what I want to do with tech I worked hard for. My first Android phone was the S5 and I'm glad I didn't look back.

  6. I got my first iPhone the 12 mini, and i hate it. Wont let me do Callrecording because its illegal in the US, but something i use legally all the time for work. Wont let me download Music from bandcamp, i have to use applemusic. I fucking hate apple, and how they try to Force you to use only their product and services. Never again.

  7. One of the main reasons why I had decided to get an Android after having an iPhone was the fact that they force me to use iTunes just to add music and videos onto my phone when it should be something that I can just simply copy and paste.

  8. The fact you can't even auto sort apps in alphabetical order is so dumb. It's simple, and would take 2 seconds to add. Most people wouldn't care for it, but I like stuff in order, and having to do it manually is frustrating.

  9. Not just restrictive, controlling. Apple is like an abusive significant other. They tell you how things are going to be and how great they are and if you complain they gaslight you. It's like the entire model is based around not knowing there are better alternatives.

  10. The real answer for me. There is almost always a free app in the Play Store or F-Droid repositories that does exactly what you need to do with ease. On iphone, I come across so many use cases that require purchasing expensive paid apps that might do what you want to do, if your phone even allows you to do it. A good Android device is like having an arsenal of tools in your pocket. It's like having Linux in your pocket. 😌

  11. Also i can change the text background image. And i have text pop ups that come up on screen with a little contact image so i can respond to texts or text recents from any app without using the notification bar

  12. This! I changed the background image on my Galaxy phone recently, and it generated a color scheme for my texts based on the colors in the image.

  13. lmao this reminds me about the times people say "you screw up the group chat" or "you dont have blue messages" and then I just show them my text bubbles. I made them blue :)

  14. Universal back button. It's always there when and where I need it. I had an iphone a long time ago and every app had its own back button in different locations.

  15. I searched for damn near 9 mins to find this. How is this not everyone's answer. Blah blah freedom blah blah lol

  16. I can't tell you how many times an iPhone user has given me their device to get my help with something (usually a family member) and I get frustrated because I can't figure out a basic function like how to get out of where I am. I needed to pull up the open apps on the new iPhone last weekend for my father and it was so frustrating because they kept trying to get me to use a (very inconvenient) gesture (the double tap home still worked after I stopped trying to do that, thankfully). Agree so much on the back button placement, too.

  17. I miss that back button. I went back to iPhone because I needed the Apple Watch for cardiac monitoring, and some things are better and some worse with an iPhone. But I do miss that back button. iPhone has updated to now have in almost all settings where you can just swipe back and go back, but it is annoying and accidental about 25% of the time. Which is too much of the time.

  18. Price. Familiarity with Android platform. No other devices in my home are apple so having just the iphone would be a nuisance.

  19. All the other phones in my house (4) are iPhones. So my phone is completely separate. No one steals my charger. My account is mine (I use it for business)....

  20. I have one apple device and it is just a nuisance. It's an iPad and is only used to doodle or play Hearthstone, and not used every day. I was working with some contractors earlier this year that had iPhones and somehow (I think they were emailing me from within their texting app) it ended up routing all their messages to my iPad, which I found a week later. That's an incredibly dumb feature to be on by default! Especially for a wifi-only device. I hate how they do everything to try to force you to be completely in their ecosystem.

  21. Vanced alone almost makes it for me. Shame YouTube/Google flexed them too hard and they had to abandon the project. Still working great though. No Ads! No sponsor messages! No annoying intros or outros!

  22. Variety. I can get different phones in different styles with different functions with Android. I still have my old OnePlus 6t because it has an excellent camera and a light operating system (a modded version of android, I believe). With apple, you are stuck with a closed environment on a closed phone, only variation you getvis if you buy a new one, and Apple makes damn sure to come out with a new phone every year, which I will admit many android phone companies do now too.

  23. OnePlus 6T is the best phone I've ever had. Shame what happened to OnePlus. I'm on the Pixel 6 now and I love it. Edit: Since so many of you are asking, OnePlus used to be set on being a phone with flagship specs and features but with a midtier price. To do this they cut costs in advertising, IP water/dust resistance ratings, etc.The 6T is a perfect example for this. On release it had a Snapdragon 845, a great camera system, AMOLED display and it's main feature with the on-screen fingerprint sensor (Seen in a ton of Android flagships today) and it was $550. Nowadays the company is just another android flagship phone maker. They do still have budget options such as their Nord lineup but they suck. Oh and they took away the alert slider which tbh was the only thing really keeping me with OnePlus aside from OxygenOS which is also now gone.

  24. No real web browser choice. Apple requires that all browsers for iOS distributed through the App store use webkit as an engine, which means that whatever their names, they are all in fact just themed Safari.

  25. I have never found apple operating systems comfortable to use something about them just doesn't sit right with me almost like I can't think the same way as those who created it. It feels clumsy and uncomfortable to use. It's nothing concrete just a feeling of uncomfort whenever I use an Apple device. I'm the families resident tech guy so have used quite a few apple devices in my day but I just don't like their setup for some reason.

  26. Yes exactly, or even changing it to whatever you want with ease. Apple used to make you go through garage band and then create a specific file in order for the phone to use it as a new tone, and it was hard to get it to work if you didn’t know what you were doing. Android is just like drop an .mp3, etc in the right folder and boom done.

  27. I put my Pixel 2 on top of my car while buckling my son in the car and forgot to grab it. Ended up flying off my car while I was doing 65 MPH. Husband saw it on his way to work about a week later and the case I had on it was destroyed but the phone still worked and was still in excellent condition, and this was a week after heavy rain too.

  28. That seems like you just haven’t had an iPhone since all phones have improved in durability. All phones 10 years ago were not IP68, now they basically all are. (Not saying there aren’t other reasons to use an android just that this one isn’t really accurate nowadays)

  29. Comfort mostly. Always had an android phone & never felt the need to change as I'm used to the setup, options & layout.

  30. I have an iPhone for work related reasons. I don't regularly use it but when I do have to, it feels alien. So I 100% relate to the comfort comment.

  31. Same. My first smart phone was iPhone and only reason I haven’t switched is because I have everything already setup and I don’t have to change anything

  32. This plus the fact I'm mid 30s and don't give two shits about having a "nice" phone. For the price of new iphone I could build a whole other PC, or get a brand new laptop.

  33. This exactly. When I try to help people figure out iPhones, I can never find what I'm looking for. Now that I'm used to Android, iPhones just aren't intuitive

  34. gaming emulators, you can pretty much emulate everything, from NES to PS2, gamecube using an android phone or tablet, pretty much a mini switch or if your phone supports desktop mode or hdmi out, you can also use your phone to play game on a large TV or monitor.

  35. Since no one else has mentioned it, get AetherSX2, a PS2 emulator for Android. I have a Note 20 Ultra and beat Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy with an 8BitDo Bluetooth game controller. Perfect mobile gaming setup.

  36. "Syncing" always drove me nuts when it came to stuff like file transfers. Just let me copy and paste the damn files without the need for software!

  37. I had that happen once also, and it wasn't even an iMac, just iTunes which I had downloaded just to be able to get my music from an iPod after my hard drive had crashed.

  38. I’m fairly tech savvy, use a laptop all day for work, but I still can’t quite get my head around iTunes, it does my head in and I avoid using it as much as I can. I have an old, 2013 MacBook Pro and had an absolute nightmare with it recently. Couldn’t use chrome because it was too old, couldn’t update chrome because my OS was too old, tried updating OS, my pc isn’t capable, but won’t tell me what OS it can support. Almost threw it out the window

  39. I like my freedom. Android users are the admin of the phone. In contrast, iPhone user feels like they are just a user.

  40. That's where I am. When I use an iOS device, I have to use it the way Apple wants me to use it. I hate how the home screen works, and I can't do anything to change it

  41. That's all it comes down to for me too. If I want to install some obscure potentially dodgy app I can can't do that on an iPhone I should be able to install whatever I want and if it goes wrong it's my fault

  42. I have had friends who are songwriters have their original music erased by Apple products because all music MUST go through their databases. Another friend had old recordings of special editions of certain songs that Apple overwrote with the generic versions in their databases.

  43. I'm not a fan of Google but they patch and support their hardware. I can have the best of both worlds. I have a pixel running CopperheadOS GrapheneOS, a de-googled and security/privacy focused fork of the default OS. Basically my OS is patched as soon as any vuln is found. My phone is encrypted and requires a password on boot to decrypt and it has built in features to stop apps from collecting info and using my hardware in ways I might not want them to.

  44. File management #1. Not fond of the UI, I prefer more minimalist UIs, but file management has always been my biggest gripe with iOS. My machines are all OSX.

  45. I’ve been an apple whore since 2013, and the ONE feature I still miss badly is file management. Apple sorely lacks here.

  46. Competition and flexibility to switch manufacturers with ease. I don't need to be locked into any device if another manufacturer has a better product and innovations down the line.

  47. This is 100% the reason ... not being locked into an ecosystem. I have a Windows computer, a Samsung tablet, and a Google phone and they all work with one another wonderfully.

  48. I have a more recent Samsung (22, up from an S8+...yeah, I hung onto that phone for a while) where they phased out the headphone jack.

  49. As an iPhone user who is switching to android next time I get a phone, It’s the anti consumer business practices and lack of improvements with each new iteration for me.

  50. The fact that Android images look shitty when texted to an iPhone because apple forces it to be that way infuriates me. I've met people who think Android phones have crappy cameras because that's what it looks like on their iPhone, and I think that's the intent.

  51. Fingerprint reader, in-screen fingerprint reader, waterproofing, headphone jack (ha), multitasking, and more. Also like that my charging cables work with everything else I own.

  52. What’s weird is that I can take the charging cable out of my MacBook Pro and use it to charge my Galaxy. Can’t do that with an iPhone.

  53. The getting out of Apple is so true. I had a soldier who wasn't answering texts seemingly, had just switched from IPhone to Android.

  54. I think people really undersell the ease of data transfer. That is an instant permanent deal breaker for me. Nothing boils me with rage like arbitrary roadblocks when I want to access my files.

  55. Fr I also do digital art. Just my two cents: I own both Samsung Note + S Pen and also iPad + Apple Pencil. Both S Pen and Apple Pencil have different feels. S Pen wins it for me since they feel a lot closer to how my Wacom pen feels. The nib feels a lot more accurate to draw on, and they're lighter compared to my apple pencil. Plus not having to charge it every time is a BIG plus. Also Infinite Painter > Procreate, for some reason Infinite is better in handling brushes with opacity. I suggest you to give both options a try before making a purchase

  56. I still hold a grudge against Apple for Itunes way back in the day. You couldn't leave the ecosystem with the music you paid for while everyone else allowed it.

  57. I had like 450 songs on itunes and one of their "updates" deleted them as they were not in the format required - now I had bought these all from Apple and when I complained was told "Oh just go and repurchase them."

  58. I don’t think anyone uses iTunes anymore. I’ve had an iPhone the last 2 years and never opened it once. Same with Apple Maps and safari.

  59. I tried the original iPhone and I believe the iPhone 4 when they or respectively released. The fact that iTunes made it so difficult to manage music. But nowadays, the lack of expandable memory and the fact that proprietary music player does not play FLAC files is a turn off for me.

  60. I purchased one Apple product for myself in my lifetime - an iPod Nano. I was forced to install iTunes to use it, even though all I wanted to do was copy MP3's from a PC to it. Never again - I know it's a moot point these days, but I can't shake the hatred.

  61. Choice. I don't need the CEO of Apple to decide what goes on my phone. Apple frequently takes choices away from their users, tries to tell them it's in their best interest, that's garbage, they only make these decisions to improve their profits.

  62. Is there a way to delete Bixby? Because I hate that shit. I never use it. But I accidentally click on it all the time.

  63. I don’t even care the green bubbles I hate the quality decrease in pics/videos when sharing across the two. Sooo annoying!!

  64. I hate Apple for beginning the trend of removing valuable features, like the 3.5 mm connector. Then they doubled down and started removing chargers and the other manufacturers are following suit. Fuck that money grabbing company.

  65. My Google pixel phone has way more features with a much bigger app store than my husband's iPhone but it was several hundred dollars cheaper.

  66. To be fair, Google unfortunately stopped unlimited photo storage with the Pixel 6 (yet another reason to not get one and just find a new Pixel 5)

  67. Used to be team iPhone all the way, until I had one break on me after a year and a half of taking immaculate care of it. I decided to try the competition, and have never looked back.

  68. I have to use an iPad for work and it blows my mind frequently that the setting I'm looking for is not in "settings" in the app. But I have to go into "settings" in the fucking operating system Then find the app then find the setting. Why are they split up?

  69. For so long Apple was positioned as being so intuitive, "It just works" and all that. But I have always been given iPhones as work devices and just found nearly every action or design/UX decision to be so ass-backwards from what I'd naturally expect, it takes me ages to get stuff done.

  70. Back button is the biggest for me. How do people function without it?! I want to throw my wife's phone in the garbage disposal everytime I try to use the thing.

  71. Seriously, implement RCS already. All the videos of my kid that go from or to my wife or nanny's iPhones are turned into potato. It's annoying.

  72. This is the big one for me. I'm so sick of receiving videos that I can't even see because they're 3 pixels. And the solution is paying the company that is intentionally causing the problem?? Fuck no.

  73. This is why I have no intention to go back to iphone. Apple is anti-consumer at the expense of people in and out of their ecosystem. Their BS with messaging is essentially shitting all over everyone for the purpose of marketing hate and division. It's horrible at its very core.

  74. I have to carry 2 phones. I've always bought Samsung androids. I have to have an iPhone for work. I just don't like the iPhone. Almost everything about it. It's not intuitive. It's just not EASY to use. And everything about its UI is...cold and antiseptic to me.

  75. I definitely agree with this. My husband has an Apple phone and I detest using the damn thing; I was once stuck for a day having to use it because I was between phones. This was during the pandemic and I was the house's official supply runner (husband is somewhat vulnerable).

  76. I want to say this has got to be the biggest reason. Everything Apple does with design is unintuitive if you learned to use a computer normally, outside of Apple's ecosystem.

  77. Ecosystem. Google controls my lights, cameras, tvs, computers, thermostat, etc.. not to mention I can ask Google to play any song every recorded and it will play it throughout my house. Not to mention the vast photo library I have that shows up on every TV and display inside my house as a screensaver. Nor the vast video library called YouTube that I can call up on any display at any time to show me anything.

  78. Had an Apple and switched to Android. Didn't like that you generally had to get Apple-specific products for accessories. Also seemed like they got slow real quick bc of constant product updates in which you had to have the latest version. Finally, because I'm not really a person who needs my life on my phone so I don't need that type of support which made it seem like I wasn't using a majority of what I was paying for.

  79. In my experience, android just works better and is customizable in ways Apple products aren't. Is it touch to ask to organize my homescreen apps from the bottom up and not the top down?

  80. Honestly the Samsung S pen is probably the best stylus experience on the market. The stylus is power by inductance near the screen, so you don't have to worry about a battery or charging. It just works.

  81. I went from a Galaxy tab to an ipad pro. For the most part the new software is very similar, including a file system. Biggest advantage the ipad pro has now is the dedicated tablet software. Procreate, vector software etc. Also unfortunately after my s pen nib broke the first time it never workled the same again and wasn't covered by warranty. The Apple Pencil just works now and magnetically charges. Also USB C now which is neat.

  82. I've always hated that Apple products don't communicate well with most other computers. Also the brand is sold like it's an exclusive, high society. It's implied that Apple products are a lifestyle.

  83. as an apple anti ever since switching to Android my biggest reason would be freedom. you cant customize it or download third party or anything like that without jailbreaking it. i like my phone to have bubble sound effects and a bubblegum pink system theme and a cute font and whatever the hell else i want! also love being able to download files that wouldn't be on spotify (like covers and such)

  84. This is not really an answer to the question because I will have a good look at switching to iphone if next year it has

  85. Cause I can do alot of things on an android that I can do on a computer, they really are like mini computers while apple are just overpriced, limited phones with good cameras and little to no accessibility.

  86. I don't hate iPhone, I just feel you pay for all these things that I would never use. For example the camera (I almost never take pictures). I'd rather have more choice in a phone that has different pros and cons and then choose one that matches my criteria the closest.

  87. The first thing that probably made me say, I would never go with Apple. Their repair model, they don't allow 3rd party repairs, and they have stupid rules about repairs in-house as well. I broke my ipod back in the day, all it needed was a new ribbon cable, but they said they had to replace the battery per their policy with any repairs. I don't need the freaking battery replaced, I just need you to replace that ribbon that broke connecting the front panel to the main board, but no, they wanted another $80-100 to replace something that didn't need to be replaced.

  88. Having to buy EVERYTHING iPhone. Got another Android from a different brand? Cool, your old charger, headphones, smartwatch, apps, online services, etc. are guaranteed to work!

  89. Honestly my life is on Google, and switching to Apple would just be too much work for basically no reward. I imagine Apple to Google is the same story.

  90. Bigtime. Wireless audio has gotten impressively good, but damn it budget wired audio has equally improved in leaps and bounds and there's nothing like having a set of wired IEMs you just love.

  91. I was a very early GMail user, and have had all my stuff in the Google ecosystem forever. When I tried an iPhone 6, I liked plenty about it...except for how absolutely damned fiddly it was to make things work with all things Google.

  92. I like being treated like an adult and allowed to customize my smartphone experience as I see fit. Apple has that ethos of 'OK, now we're going to have FUN! And it will be EASY!' that, I can see where it has its place, but not for me.

  93. With android phones I pay less for more. Iphones are too expensive for what little you get. With iPhones you have to buy their charger and their airbuds. Android phones are more versatile.

  94. Tried an iPhone some years ago....killer deal and whatnot. Honestly I don't like the "how the UI looks is what you get, deal with it" mentality. At first I was open minded that it's made like that so it can just keep working flawlessly but goddamn does it get boring seeing tiles all day with little/no widget customization. Plus their accessories are dull as hell. The apple watch is ugly. Airpods are OK but I prefer galaxy buds pro. On top of all that Android can be whatever you want and it varies on the manufacturer brand.

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