What's something weird that you're genuinely curious about?

  1. I will wear a mask when I am in the car with anyone I don’t live with (so anyone other than my wife). Sometimes I have it on when I’m alone because either I’m making another stop in a moment and don’t feel like taking it off to put it right back on. Or honestly sometimes I just forget it is on.

  2. A lot of food origins like this came from watching other animals eat it first. Are those berries good? I don’t know but the deer seem to love them. Should we eat this thing the bird pooped out? Snakes and foxes seem to like them so might as well give it a try. And don’t forget eating a lot of these things predates us being “human” when we were just the animals eating anything we could because it was that or starve. Ug Ug ate it the other day and he seems fine so I guess I’ll give it a try as well.

  3. How do you think life started? Or the world? Or how we came to be... Or how we create and figure really hard shit out...

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