If you fuck up but, then fix it before anyone else notices then, did you fuck up? why and why not?

  1. Fucked up numerous times working on live applications. The best one was accidentally deleting the user table. I was trying to delete a subset of users and managed to hit the key to run the statement before I'd written the "where" clause. If you don't have a "where" clause to tell the database which records you want to delete, it just deletes all of them. Luckily, the user table was only ever read by the application on log-in, so no one was going to notice unless they happened to log-in in the 2 mins or so it took me to load the records back in from a back-up.

  2. It’s even better than not fucking up because you get the experience and lessons of failure, but none of the consequences of failure, you get to learn how to fix a broken situation, and you also get a secret that only you know. That’s power over the world.

  3. If you bake a cake for a party but drop it on the floor, clean up the mess and bake a new cake before anyone notices, did you drop the first cake on the floor?

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