Which comedian is super famous but NOT funny at all?

  1. He's not even close to famous or funny the closest he ever got to funny was getting koed by big country at the end of the ultimate fighter

  2. Peter Helliar too, he was funny in an awkward way back in the Rove Live days....how he still has a gig as a comedian baffles me

  3. Went to the Melbourne Kings of Comedy show last Saturday night. Usually a random bunch of local comics. This time, Hughesy was the last "headline" act. I last saw him live at the Enmore in Sydney back in 05 or 06 and on that night back then, he was totally shit (in an ironic twist, a friend who travelled down from Sydney for my b'day had only ever been to one comedy show before - it was that same Hughesy gig where he sucked)

  4. Do you like fishsticks? Yeah. Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth? Yeah. What are you, a gay fish?

  5. I'm encouraged by the fact that I had to scroll so far down this list before seeing his name. It must mean his relevance has waned.

  6. I have a “fun” story about meeting Carlos Mencia. Went with some friends to a stand up show of his back during his height of popularity. After the show, they wanted to get an autograph, so we stood in line for close to an hour (yeah to think about him having that many people wanting to meet him now.)

  7. Brendan Schaub, the guy is only famous for being Joe Rogan’s friend, his stand up feels like a forced open mic during your high school talent show

  8. He also goes after anyone that makes fun of him with legal action, dude sucks ass in more ways than one

  9. I always wondered why comedians kept him around. He would pop up on podcasts and add NOTHING to the conversation. I saw a clip of his standup and I felt like I could write better jokes.

  10. My comedy radio show, The Bonfire, that I listen to makes the point that Schaub literally went into comedy after MMA and was instantly given a comedy special. The dude didn't craft a style or persona before getting something most stand up comics take 10 years to get. He doesn't have any of the qualities of a good stand-up. He can't make fun of himself.

  11. I always saw her as someone who didn't respect people's boundaries. Then it came she was a tyrant, I was right-ish.

  12. When Fox was a new network, she was on a sitcom called Open House. She was so awful, both from an acting and comedic perspective, that I remembered her abysmal performance years later. Turns out she can run a decent talk show, but goddamn... don't let her anywhere near a piece of comedy or she'll murder it.

  13. I remember her sitcom and was never entertained by it. I'm very willing to entertain that it got cancelled not because she came out, but because it just wasn't funny.

  14. Are we differentiating here between comedian and comedic actor? Because Ken Jeong is great as a comedic actor, but his stand-up comedy was pretty terrible.

  15. Yea I’ve lately realized that Ken Jeong isn’t actually that funny of a person. Like you said, great comedic actor, but isn’t an inherently funny guy. He had his own show and it fucking sucked

  16. Kevin started strong but every special got progressively weaker until it was just bad. It seems like he just lacked the life experiences to match the type of anecdotal comedy he puts out so all of his funny stories lost depth and picked up too much fluff.

  17. Back in the Gavin and Stacey days he was pretty universally adored in the UK. It's all gone down hill since his migration.

  18. I’m really confused at how he ended up with his own talkshow. Who did he blackmail? I don’t know a single person who’s like “I love James Corden”. Even my mom who’s the most wholesome person in the world hates him.

  19. Wait since when has he been considered a comedian? I thought he was just an actor (in the loosest sense of the word)...

  20. He’s not a comedian. He’s an actor/ writer whose first shot at major fame was writing a comedy / drama ( Gavin and Stacey ) and creating a jack the lad comic character called Smithy.

  21. Came here to say that. Type James Corden and Patrick Stewart awards ceremony it's a total cringe fest by Corden as Patrick made a jibe at his weight. You could see Corden turn into a 10 yr old and having a right strop.

  22. Tried to find out what he was up to and it seems like he just up and buggered off to rural Scotland with his family. Fair fucking play to the man, does his bit, peaces out and goes to enjoy life and do whatever he feels like.

  23. Right, Jimmy isn’t good at sustaining a conversation, which leads to the forced laughter, because he also doesn’t have any sort of wry Johnny Carson thing, and all of that is why I never understood him in the talk show role. But he was never a standup. And as a sketch comedian, he could be funny, especially with the musical stuff. It’s like people took too long to catch on that he was kind of bad as a host, and now he gets too much hate.

  24. I genuinely believe he’s just weird is all. Like I personally know people with weirder laughs. I think he overdoes it in his interviews of course but so does Conan and I still like him too. Anyway it’s not that multimillionaire Jimmy Fallon needs me defending him. It’s just a feeling I always got.

  25. George Lopez. His older stuff was alright but he’s just not funny at all now. Had to turn off his last special because it was so bad. My uncle went to high school with him and said he was annoying as shit.

  26. I do have good memories of falling asleep on the couch as a kid and waking up to the George Lopez Show theme song. Never seen his stand up, but I liked the sitcom.

  27. George Lopez cheated on his wife, his wife who GAVE HIM ONE OF HER KIDNEYS! He’s straight up trash.

  28. He was the first and only "celebrity" I've ever met. We were at Disneyland, I was 11-12 at the time and just about to get on the ride and oit of nowhere he and his group rush by me and mine and he pushed me from behind and out of the way. After that the ride closed down for like 20 minutes and we decided just to leave. Fuck George Lopez.

  29. His “why you crying” special from way back when is great. Everything after that has been some type of variation of that one special.

  30. He's got the goods: Famously used to write the Simpsons, the very best (early) seasons. I think he went to Harvard, was on staff for the school paper.

  31. He’s the only talk show host I’ve ever sat and watched clips of on YouTube. Everyone else just kinda bores me I guess. Conan has gold

  32. As a Punjabi Canadian, I remember when she used to be funny when she was a YouTuber making videos about growing up brown in Canada. She was my #2 favourite YouTuber when I was a kid (first was JusReign obviously).

  33. Jfc I saw a supercut of her "jokes" from her late night show, and without exaggeration, for a good 1/3 of them the punchline was her saying "because I'm Indian". Strict Indian parents, brown, woman, bisexual: there, you just heard the punchlines to the majority of her "jokes".

  34. All of his reactions on his talk show are so calculated and insincere. Guest said something vaguely funny? Bark laughter, slap the desk, and shout, "WHAT?" Guest swore? Stand up and act befuddled, walk around the desk. Guest was in a good show/film? Stutter about how good they were, but only actually say, "You were the BEST!" Asked the most basic question during one of the stupid games? Act overtly confused, like a golden retriever with an abacus. Win a point during one of those stupid games? Jump up, hi five your teammate and shout, "That's how you DO IT!"

  35. I've also noticed how his audience does not laugh/react to whatever the guest is saying until he laughs at it first and it makes the interviews so awkward to listen to - sometimes the guest is clearly telling a funny story to try to make the audience laugh but theres just silence because Jimmy hasn't laughed yet.

  36. I feel like Conan O'Brien is the only genuinely funny talk show host who's consistently still in the spotlight, even if that spotlight is now in the form of a podcast and not an actual talk show for the time being.

  37. I give most late show hosts some credit because I think they're so castrated, in terms of material, by the parent broadcasting orgs or whoever today. Colbert for example, The Colbert Report I found hilarious, and was super bummed when it ended. I was excited to see him on the late show, but then it just didnt hit the same. Not unwatchable, but it seemed kinda scrubbed too clean.

  38. I can't stand the Larry act but I've heard the guy talk in interviews and things and he is funny and a great story teller. He just wouldn't have been anybody without Larry the Cable Guy.

  39. Larry the Cable Guy is the Andrew Dice Clay of rednecks. The guy found the thing that makes all the money... so now he just lives there. i dont like anything he does or says, but i kinda respect him for what hes doing.

  40. What really kills me about him is he's a normal dude from Nebraska who talks like a non-redneck:

  41. Her first hbo stand up is pretty fucking funny tbh. Once she gets into just the jokes, you can tell she hits a great groove with the audience and it’s really funny.

  42. She came to the University of New Mexico when my mom was attending. She said Sandra suddenly started mocking the sign language translator and a shitload of the audience just groaned and walked out.

  43. I remember as a kid loving her appearances on David Letterman, even though I had no idea who she was. She had a great chemistry with Dave, and was hilarious.

  44. Jeff Dunham is such a weird case too because he isn’t just famous for being a comedian. He a good ventriloquist who is kind of funny. Watched his special recently and was more impressed by his ventriloquism than laughing at his jokes you know?

  45. Howie's early stuff is so different than what he does now. He was a character that acted like a special needs person. He became famous for his rubber glove bit. I don't know if he even does standup anymore.

  46. My wife and I saw him at the MGM Grand while on vacation in Vegas. We thought he was hilarious, then after we saw some of his standup on tv later we realized how much drinking can change your view of a comedian.

  47. I made him coffee once. Was curious to see if he actually talked how he did on tv. Unfortunetly his wife ordered so I didn't get to find out or not.

  48. She had a brief moment then it went to her head immediately and she became a bit-stealing gimmicky piece of crap.

  49. Ive always said that Leary was a great comedy performer, but he also stole almost all his early material, which is a dick move. I can watch some of his earlier stuff and still find it entertaining even though I knew it wasnt really his material because he did perform it well.

  50. My favorite thing is the compilations of Rogan having stand ups on his podcast and they talk about the kind of stand up they dislike and it's just cuts to Rogan's stand up doing the thing they hate while Rogan is just sat there like, "Mmm, yeah, mhm, I agree"

  51. The best part of Joe Rogan is the fact that he himself thinks he’s fucking great at stand up. The way he casually throws himself into the ranks of the greats is about as funny as he gets

  52. He was funny back in the Newsradio days. So was Andy Dick, believe it or not. Fun fact: Ray Romano was originally cast in the role, but got fired before the pilot was filmed. He did okay shortly after.

  53. Also went looking for this. He is extremely popular, sells out the the huge 3Arena in Dublin, people who you would consider normal will recount his jokes at length, I think he is unwatchable.

  54. Omg, and here I though there was something wrong with me. I've seen him on tv a few times, never understood his comedy, but apparently he makes lots of people laugh?

  55. Not sure if you know this but the basis of every ventriloquist act is make the puppets say the shocking thing, and they play the dumbfounded straight-man.

  56. Kevin is another guy that was pretty good at stand up then got stretched out way too thin. Like shit i see Kevin Steve and the rock every where it’s crazy.

  57. I don't have virgin ears, but she's one of those comics who swears so much that sometimes I lose track of the joke. "Fuck" is the duct tape of the English language, but she uses it as spackle, primer and paint

  58. I couldn't get past the start of her Netflix special that was just a millennial bashing fest 🙄 those jokes are so fucking lazy.

  59. Be quite straight forward, it often feels like her character is purposely an extremely boorish, shallow and distasteful lady, but no one can call her that because they're basically the traits that black people are often (falsely) stereotyped as having.

  60. I'm still trying to figure out why Whitney Cummings is so popular. Comedy is an art and is very subjective, but I just don't find her very funny.

  61. I wasn't that big a fan of her stand up but I heard her on a podcast and she had me in tears I think she's pretty damn good off the cuff

  62. Dane cook was the worst, he was marginally good looking and was able to act like a spazzy douche bag and get comedy specials galore. Now he's the less famous less rich Leo dicaprio dating young ladies when he's in his fifties. And looks like shit

  63. I found him funny the first time I watched him in my late teens. After that his act got repetitive and unfunny. I quickly realized his puppets all about stereotypes turned up to 11, and that's it.

  64. Is he even a thing anymore? I remember like 14 years ago he was popular in my circle of friends, but like I don't feel like like I haven't heard his name since I was in Middle School

  65. My friend works at a venue, and a few years ago I was waiting for him to get off so I just sat down in an empty seat when it happened to be Dane Cook doing stand up and it was HORRIBLE. The entire time he talked about his girlfriend and I can honestly say I didn’t laugh once. This was when they had just came out in a relationship so she was like 18 so it was even more mortifying. Plus the kicker is that he has so much Botox in his face he can’t even move his face which added to the awfulness of the whole thing.

  66. I’m a giant stand up fan and I actually enjoy Dane Cook’s old specials. Yes he’s cheesy and physical, but at the time it was good.

  67. That guy was huge when i was in college and i thought he was the most unfunny and tiresome comedian i'd ever seen

  68. Do you not recall the responses the first thousand times this was asked? It's alway Amy Schumer and James Corden with others sprinkled in depending on preference.

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