People of Reddit who regularly consume alcohol, why do you do it?

  1. Recovering alcoholic here. People drink because it feels good and it’s fun. It’s so fun and it helps you loosen up. It makes you more outgoing, makes you lose inhibitions and forget all the horrible shit that’s happened to you. I am 2 years sober, but I met most of my friends through drinking and i don’t regret those days. I just regret how far I let it go.

  2. You said it perfectly. I've had some of the best times of my life drinking. But I've had times just as good while sober. The problem is just that I let myself believe that I needed it to enjoy myself.

  3. Same here. I was self medicating my severe social anxiety. I didn't have any friends in college until I started drinking. Then I just let it get out of hand. Ended up losing those friends in the end anyway so it really wasn't worth it. But damn I did have some good times. But right before I quit it was causing more harm than good. Checking my Facebook messenger at 6am when I wake up with that hangover anxiety to make sure I didn't send nudes to a former coworker. (Yes, I did that. No he was not interested)

  4. Pretty much this. I would add that I drink - almost every night - because I want to change how I feel or how I'm thinking. I just need that release, especially after I get home from work. It helps me relax, I guess.

  5. People paint alcohol as so black and white, it's weird and refreshing to see a nuanced take like this! I'm not an alcoholic and never have been but it's definitely an "everything in moderation" thing. Nothing wrong with going crazy sometimes - just don't let that become your whole life.

  6. Well said. I'm 40 and am not having kids. I have a lot of time at night. I enjoy drinking and manage to almost never get to full-on drunkenness, but I do drink every night to the point of getting a buzz, whether or not I go out. I also smoke a little bit of weed every evening.

  7. I feel in a good (or bad) position to answer this. Both my parents are alcoholics. I'm 28 and I've never had a single day in my life where they haven't drank. They're both in their 60s now and I would bet a limb neither of them will make 80. Especially my dad, I'd be surprised if he makes 70 honestly.

  8. I feel this. I feel like if I had a parter, or was super busy in life I'd hardly drink at all. But man, being home alone it's so easy to just drink a few beers every night. Being completely sober in the evening with nothing to do is so boring, and I overthink everything so much.

  9. Same situation, up til about a year ago when I got popped for drunk driving. I have a youngin’ and the class I was required to take talked about how it does run in the family and you can be that break in the chain. The buck stops here. 11 months sober. Good luck to you my brotha

  10. I hear this a lot, but i hope you realize you’re not skipping the oldness, just getting to it quicker? The years you lose are gonna be good years. the last years will be riddled with oldness regardless of age

  11. All of that. Plus genetic alcoholism. When the waitress said ok who had the Burger and 8 Oktoberfest’s and I raised my hand. Everyone at the table couldn’t believe I wasn’t absolutely hammered. I think the light switch went on then like oh I potentially have a problem.

  12. Same. I have always loved beer but have recently been getting into whiskey and scotch. A glass or two is a perfect way to end the day.

  13. It adds ´joy´ to a day. I hardly ever drink any more, because why? But seems like I´ve lost the Joy with it as well. My new year´s resolution was actually to drink more again. But it´s not going well..

  14. I stick with weed because my stomach and alcohol are not close friends, but fuck going through life stone cold sober.

  15. Yeah, I am slightly baffled that a human adult would have this question. Even if you don't like it, you gotta understand why.

  16. To me some people don’t exist in the same way others do. They’re like “There’s a war in Ukraine?” “Half the US can’t afford a $500 emergency?” Like they don’t have the capacity to understand how fucked a lot of the world is.

  17. Yeah I like going and having a drink with friends. Not really a depressant or something I do when I'm sad it's just fun to drink together.

  18. For sure. I used to drink a lot because that's what all my friends would get up to on the weekends, plus it would take the edge off of my social anxiety. A couple of years ago I decided I needed to cut back because I was actually drinking quite a bit, and the hardest part has definitely been getting my friends to do things other than pick a bar and drink until it closes.

  19. Same. I don’t drink during the weekdays and only ever social drink. I never could get into have a few beers after work and I don’t like feeling buzzed unless I’m with friends.

  20. Damn, this was really far down the list. I, too, share this ailment. I used to not be that bad but life has beaten me down for so long it's amazing I just turned 36. Not to mention horrible decisions that have caused brain damage. It's a vicious cycle.

  21. There’s nothing more fun than catching up with old friends, downing beers for a couple hours, and having all the “walls” in your life fall down.

  22. Same. Partied hard but soooo many good times. A few bad ones. But i’ve always had a great association with alcohol, I have to remember that many do not.

  23. I used to tell myself it was just because I genuinely liked the taste (which I do), but drinking myself into serious gastrointestinal issues three separate times forced me to take a step back and reconsider why I’m consciously fucking up my organs.

  24. Thank you for sharing this personal story. Grief is strange and the way we cope is not always healthy. There is a long history of drinking in memory of loved ones gone. It is good that you're recognizing your patterns and choosing to be healthier.

  25. Precisely. Just started entering my 30s, so what used to be a couple beers a night has turned into a beer maybe 3 times a week at most. Still nice to have, but hard as hell to work off once it starts going to your gut.

  26. Me too. I'm responsible about it, but kiddo's at the grandparents overnight and there's no need to drive? I'm gonna make sure we have liquor.

  27. To sleep. Everything has a medicinal purpose at some point to someone. I use vodka to sleep. No hangover and with cranberry, its healthy. Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

  28. I been recently getting into whiskey and now I am at the point where I am starting to enjoy it a little more than beer. And I have always loved beer

  29. A lot of people would confuse the “need” a drink with just wanting one. Especially at certain points in life. In college you’d be broke if you drank every day, but as an adult with a good job I can afford a couple cases of beer a week no problem so with that hinderance gone I can have a beer whenever I want. The minds logic is, I don’t need it, but it’s there and nothings stopping me. I don’t drink 2 cases a week or anything, but I feel like I have to talk myself out of having beers multiple nights a week. Usually stick to having beers 2-3 days a week, but I definitely look in the fridge and want a beer every day

  30. Alcohol is like a frenemy who puts their arm around you and helps you remember the good things you’ve done and why you’re awesome. But a few drinks later it whispers evil in your ear

  31. This pretty much summarizes my relationship with alcohol nowadays. Wasn't always this way, but I'm happy now. And a good pilsner goes great with a burger, as does a glass of red with pasta.

  32. Same here, it's like my brain knows that I want to sleep and it's like "hmmm what are the most stressful, anxiety inducing and heart racing rabbit holes can I dive down at the moment?"

  33. Honestly I have a meh personality. Mostly due to high anxiety. Once that’s off and I get 3 or 4 drinks I am the literal life of the party. I’m happy and quick witted and everyone loves me. I never became a heavy drinker but am very cognizant of why I drink when I do.

  34. This is so me. If I dont drink anything I will sit and watch people around and mostly be quiet. When I have drink or two my anxiety goes away (never entirely) and I can be more fun and actually talk to people.

  35. Yeah, settles the nerves and definitely makes me more open. If I’m ever not in the mood to go somewhere, having a few drinks kind of turns that mentality around.

  36. Holy shit this is exactly me. I have virtually no personality, also because of anxiety and being so in my head and yada yada. When I do drink, I'm not completely out of my head, but it's like I have 1 foot in the relaxed circle now and I can freely say things without overthinking/overanalyzing and I become much sharper as a result. I also feel like I'm with the people around me instead of being on the outside looking in during social situations.

  37. I feel this. Wouldn't call myself the life of the party, but I've had people straight up tell me that I'm more enjoyable to be around after a few beers.

  38. I used to drink a handle of whiskey every 3 days. When my wife gently told me I was drinking too much I switched over to wine. Then I fell into the habit of drinking boxed wine. I’d kill off a box in 2 to 3 days. The big Franzia Merlot box. I searched deep and made a change. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now. Funny thing is, I don’t really crave it all now. Every once in a while I’ll crave it, but usually it seems unappealing. I like waking up sober, and remembering what I did the night before. I hope none of yaw are struggling the way I was.

  39. I’m at the point where I know I’ve been drinking too much for over 10 years. I need to cut it out I usually go a week or so before buying a bottle and finishing it in 2-3 days. It’s progress but I want to be sober.

  40. Tastes good, feels good, get to see people I like, good way to unwind, kills a few hours, typically leads to more fun.

  41. Helps with depression. There are not enough therapists where I live. They don't consider me to be serious case, so they just prescribe antidepresants, but they make me sick.

  42. Just the right amount of alcohol shuts down that inner dialogue that I have with myself 24/7. The socializing aspects of it are also a big plus.

  43. It’s mostly a positive in my life. My wife and I like wine and are club members at a vineyard and know people in the business, I like beer and know many people in the industry, we like cocktails and support local distilleries. We know many interesting people from our travels around shops, wineries, breweries and stuff like that.

  44. Having 2 or 12 beers at the end of my day helps wash down all the stupidity of the day. You could not have said this better my friend. Cheers!

  45. Currently pregnant and this is exactly what I was telling someone today. I miss drinking and explained that it used to be nice to take a break from my brain, but I’ve been alone with it for months!

  46. Good decision. It's all fun and games as long as it doesn't significantly impact your well-being. Physical pain after drinking would be definitely a stopping point for me.

  47. I don't drink because I don't like the taste of alcohol. But a small glass of wine with Christmas dinner does seem to enhance the flavour. And the food mutes the taste of alcohol.

  48. I don’t drink but my neighbor does. I just stuck my head out the window and asked him while he was day drinking in the driveway while working on his Camaro and he told me “fuck you, that’s why”.

  49. Took the restrictor plate off to give the Red Dragon a little more juice. But it's not exactly street legal, so keep it on the down low.

  50. Same for me... I have had a lifetime of anxiety and depression, and alchol (and weed too) is the only break I get

  51. Its fun, it makes socializing easier, and my job doesn't let me smoke weed. Honestly, I'd drink a lot less if weed wasn't included in the drug tests, but that's not the world we're living in yet.

  52. Today i drank alcohol because a bundle, about the size of a baseball, of tiny baby spiders fell onto me while I was mowing. I ran across my yard while stripping naked. I then slapped my body and jumped into my hot tub. After that I needed a drink.

  53. I just like the way it feels. I've been diagnosed as an alcoholic and received help. My alcohol intake has been reduced from 80+ drinks a week, with a record of about 140 in one week, to about 12 a week.

  54. I’m not a “regular” drinker, but when I do it’s usually becaUse it helps turn the noise in my brain down a few levels where it’s almost quiet.

  55. It's been around for 10 000 plus years. Humans invented beer before the wheel or any other significant invention. It's a part of us as much as our own teeth. It tastes good and has ritual to it. Sure it can be taken to far but what can't?

  56. Alcohol is a drug. Drugs make people happy as long as they are high. Thats why people do drugs: they make them feel good.

  57. When you start working as a night shift bartender/server at one of the “hot spots” in town, it just becomes part of the lifestyle you adopt, at least in the case of where I came anyway. I wasn’t an alcoholic before, am not now, and was not addicted to it then. But for 6 years I got drunk in a social setting at least 5 days a week. This was the daily routine of all of us late night front of house staff that closed the place down at 2am every day: wake up at 4pm, get to work for 5pm, work till 2pm, close as quick as we can, run in for last call and un opened take-homes at the dive bar up the street that didn’t close till an hour and a half after we did, the six of us sit at a table or play pool while we cram as much booze down our throats as we could in the short time we had, pay the house for a few closed cases on our way out at 3:30am, go to whoever’s apartment was most convenient at the time, continue to drink and unwind and bitch and moan about our jobs till about 5am, people start calling cabs home, sometimes they’ll be hookups (it was really no big thing, casual sex was just kind of bar staff life, it never meant anything) then I’d be home and in bed by 6am, once in a blue moon with a co worker, but usually just with a bag of fast food. Chow down, pass out by 7, wake up again at 4pm. That was just how it was, we all lived that life together. The best friends I’ve ever made in my life. I never developed a dependency, when I switched professions I also gave up that lifestyle coke turkey and it wasn’t anything I struggled with, so unlike most people here I do not have addiction as the source for reason. I just got fucking wasted on hard liquor 5-7 days a week every week for 6 years straight and had the time of my life, made life long best friends and suffered no consequential health issues because of it. For no other reason than I got a job as a bartender.

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