What’s your favorite rap song of all time?

  1. No idea how many of those tapes i wore out until i got the CD version. What a fucking song. Should be a meme, “fuck the zodiac, whats your favorite Triumph verse?” Mines Rza

  2. I’m having a fun time scrolling through this thread and listening to all the songs I haven’t heard before or haven’t heard in a long ass time! Good post!

  3. She was a flake like corn, and I was born not to understand, by lettin' her pass I had proved to be a better man...

  4. If you’ve never read Shea Serrano’s Rap Year Book I highly recommend it. Anyways he writes about this song and here was my favorite snippet

  5. The first dance at my friends wedding was the original sample by Willie Hutch. The DJ dropped the UGK version and everybody went crazy and stormed the dancefloor. It's my favourite wedding memory!

  6. fun story (idk if its fact) i think bun b told the story. but pimp c HATED that 3k took the drums off the beat and did his verse that way. he was like tf this mf doing fuck him and outkast. bun was like nah nah pimp let it happen and when the drums come in on your verse itll be that much harder. and well...sweet jones.

  7. keep your heart, three stacks, keep your heart! I'm so glad someone put this song, I didn't want to have to put it myself lol. Easily my top 5 favorite rap songs.

  8. This was my late best friend’s favourite song. She even had a tattoo of the infinity sign on her hand. RIP, Jen.

  9. Just scrolled until I could find some DOOM. Don’t know exactly what I’d pick but my gut right now says Figaro.

  10. I was at a concert where Funk Master Flex was DJing before the show started, while people were filing in. This younger guy a few rows ahead of me started absolutely LOSING HIS MIND when this song was thrown into the mix, yelling "YOOOO! THIS IS THE SONG FROM 8 MILE!!! THIS IS THE PAPA DOC RAP BATTLE!!!!!"

  11. The whole doggystyle album was a masterpiece of its time. I’m not certain that it would fly today, in any way at all.

  12. My first thought was Changes. It's one of my all-time favourite songs that still holds up today. It's relatable for me and it makes me sad that he never lived to see Obama's presidency.

  13. It’s crazy how Kanye had this and Runaway both on the same album. Also All of the Lights, Power, Monster, Gorgeous, Hell of a life. MBDTF was an absolute masterpiece!

  14. Same here. This song just goes so fucking hard! The voice changes throughout, the MC Eiht feature. Don’t think I’ve ever skipped this song when it’s come on.

  15. My favorite song of all time since '97. When Bone finished their verses, BIG took it home to study their flow before recording his. He mimicked their style perfectly. Also I read that Layzie was drunk and asleep in a car when they finished their verses. They tapped on the window to wake him up, he dragged his feet to the studio, recorded his verse in one take, then went back to sleep.

  16. I remember hearing this song for the first time and being blown the fuck away. Dre and Em perfectly complement each other on this one.

  17. “And when the cops came through Me and Dre stood next to a burnt down house With a can full of gas and a hand full of matches And still weren't found out”

  18. I still almost every day think at some point, “fuck you too bitch call the cops I’ma kill you and them loud ass motherfucking barking dogs”

  19. Packet man was HILARIOUS! The conversational rap approach from Digital Underground was so much fun, I loved Underwater Rhymes too. They had fun!!! RIP Shock G.

  20. Black on Both Sides is a work of art, fantastic album. I really really love New World Water, despite being from 1998 I think, it really rings true today

  21. It's actually incredible how Biggie spit two different styles back and forth to the point you feel like you're actually listening to two different robbers on the street and it puts you right into the story.

  22. I was about 20 when this song came out, and at the time, it was catchy but I paid it no mind really. But fast forward a few years ago and the lyrics resonates way more to me now.

  23. Straight Outta Compton by NWA. You have to understand....being a white suburban kid from New Jersey....at the time I was surrounded by hair metal, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen...and top 40.

  24. Lol. I had a similar experience in suburbia. Nwa, Eazy E, and tone Loc etc out in the fort or in the woods. I got busted bringing the n4life cassette to my Catholic school haha. I still know the lyrics to so many of those tracks better than I know my neighbors names

  25. It’s barely a rap song, but I think ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’ is such a beautiful, immersive, and catchy track.

  26. Every time I read Spottieottiedopaliscious, the melody starts playing in my head and won't go away. Genuine classic

  27. There are two versions of this song. The original “Crossroad” and “Tha Crossroads”. Both are great

  28. Oh man, such a great track, Del tracks seems to be well known but only to those who pay attention to hip hop.

  29. I still think Pharcyde's "passin' me by" is one of the best songs, in general, ever. The lyrics are just relatable to everyone.

  30. Fancy Clown-MF DOOM, although I have like three DOOM songs that are my favorite rap songs depending on the mood. Big shout out to KSG and Biggie though, and Karpe, just to squeeze a Norwegian name in there.

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