What does your country do the best?

  1. I feel like queuing for that length of time, to see the Queen but not actually see her, is just the pinnacle of Britishness.

  2. Saw a Twitter post saying “this is what we’ve been training for our whole life and this is the final boss of queues”

  3. I always think of the part in the movie of Hitchhikers Guide when he says, “leave this to me, I’m British, we know how to queue.”

  4. Looking at the queue tracker it says the queue is full, and not to attempt to join it. I rather suspect a lot of folks will have started their own queue in order to wait to join the official one!

  5. I've heard a story about an actual Nigerian prince that was hiding this fact from his date as she'd think he's obviously lying. You think it might've been true?

  6. It was imported to the latin america colonies. Here in Argentina we have a province were siestas are their most valuable resource and the only reason everyone knows they exist.

  7. I met some Aussies on vacation, and they shared all the intricacies and nuances of the use of the word "cunt." My favorite was a lady calling me a hard cunt when I was drinking warm 4-Loko.

  8. Generate electricity. Costa Rica (more than 95% of our electricity is generated by "alternative" means. Wind, solar, hydro and thermal. Often, it's 100%.) Yay for us! :)

  9. Welp, I guess I was being too general here, i was talking about canada, I guess i should've talk about maple syrup or beavers... or beavers smoking maple syrup flavored weed

  10. Being ashamed of all its past actions… and a good few of our very recent past actions…but we’ve nailed it now and will never have to feel shame ever again! For a decade or two. Then we’ll realise we still haven’t learned a bloody thing.

  11. You guys have Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Stalingrad, Yuri Gagarin, the Kamchatka volcanoes and a bunch of other cool stuff! There’s a whole lot to be proud of.

  12. I live in Germany and I know a hand full of Russians. Most of them are against the war. U dont have to be ashamed it's not u're fault. And Russia still is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and "interesting" weather

  13. I bet we also rank high in lifted giant pick-up trucks with the Punisher skull logo sticker on it somewhere.

  14. The way I like to describe it is imagine USA had a different clock. Something like 34.43 hours a day, but to you it's 10 imperial hours and for some insane reason you're proud of it even though you force everyone to do pointless conversation math.

  15. The rest of the world don’t give a shit about one trick ponies. Come visit a country that’s bisystemic, Car engines measured in cc, but rated in MPH. Engineers measure everything in metres except for themselves. Cooks weigh out receipts in grams, but the result of their recipes in stones and pounds. When it’s cold it’s below zero(centigrade) and when it’s hot, it’s over seventy (Fahrenheit). Welcome to the UK, home of systematised schizophrenia!

  16. Mine’s best at jailing it’s citizens … letting people die of preventable illnesses … oh and bombing for oil

  17. If I had to guess one country I’d say Turkey, the way some Turkish people online can fit denying the Armenian genocide and justifying it in one sentence is truly unique

  18. I don't think any other country will ever sacrifice so many children to gun hobbyists. So, probably that.

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