What are Americans not ready to hear?

  1. I grew up in a country where this was just a normal swearword alongside fuck and shit, nothing special or unique or powerful, just an alternative. Then I learned that Americans are weird about it. Then in the last 5 years or so, it's been uttered in so many TV shows that I'm thoroughly sick of hearing it. Not because it's especially vulgar, but because Americans say it weirdly like it has some sort of holy power. Was that done because of the shock value? Does it continue to still have shock value? Can we please stop emphasising it now and just go back to using it like normal people?

  2. I ran into two Americans while in Venice and we got chatting and they couldn’t believe that in Ireland we can interchange “the C word” as they called it with person.

  3. Wait, are you trying to say that TV and movies are lying? Blasphemy! Can’t put anything on film that isn’t true.

  4. I saw/heard footage of a school shooting broadcast on TV where a kid's swearing was bleeped out. Like swearing was the thing that tipped that scene over into indecent. But boy, could we hear the shots and the screams.

  5. Nudity is similar. Tbh, if you asked most Americans to rank them by how inappropriate they are, they would say nudity, swearing, violence.

  6. That the entire world excels at making bathroom stalls that you can’t see between. Not sure why the US stall manufacturers can’t figure out how to close those massive gaps…

  7. Disneyland in Anaheim has massive gaps in stalls and people can literally stick their hands through them. It’s an amusement park with disgusting greasy food and terrible foot traffic. It’s already anxiety and bowel inducing, why can’t the stalls have some modicum of privacy?! This goes for the entire dang country!

  8. If I had to guess it's probably some old prevention method against people taking drugs in the bathroom. So a "we've inconvenienced everyone to deter a few"

  9. Woke up to this. Had a cat that slept in the window above my head. He relaxed a bit too hard against the open window, popped out the screen, and was frantically attempting to prevent his fall. Claws can't grab onto glass. I jumped up, pressed him to the wall and window, grabbed him by the scruff and hauled him in. Lucky for him I was a light sleeper.

  10. There were a lot of responses I was expecting that I don't agree with. Was not expecting this, and it is the most true of anything I've ever heard.

  11. I live in NY where the maternity leave surpasses nearly every other state in the country.. and we only get 12 weeks at 67% of our earnings. And that 12 weeks includes pre-birth. So if you have to take two weeks off pre-birth, you only get 10 after the baby is born. I used to think that was good until I started reading about the fact that you get nearly a year in most countries.

  12. So for my first kid, my husband and I worked for the same company and they told us that the 3 months of FMLA is a combo for us. Like if my husband had wanted to use fmla for a week off then that comes from the total 3 months so I would only get 11 weeks off. Luckily we had a great manager who let him take 2 weeks off with PTO. But yeah, our fmla is a scam too. I’d like to note that it wasn’t paid leave either

  13. My mom lived in California when she had my little twin brothers. They were born only 11 months after me, so after giving birth she was left with three toddlers, and she also had two teens. She was given a week and a half to get back to work. Funny enough, she was telling me last week how her workplace had extended their time to up to 30 weeks paid. At least they’re making progress. 🤷‍♀️

  14. As a teenager without a car, there is almost nowhere I can go on foot or bike. I can get to one store and it takes 30 minutes.

  15. We used to joke among friends that driving 1km to go to the gym is peak American. But more often than not that 1km is not walkable

  16. What savings account? Sorry, I can't afford one between my 2k rent and my 1k college loan payment every month.

  17. Government caused the explosion of the cost of college by requiring anyone to be able to get a government backed loan without dictating to the colleges that they couldn't raise the prices. More cheap money available caused the schools to spend more on frivolous things, and tuition was raised without benefitting the students.

  18. I’m an American who lived in the UK for a few years and worked in a warehouse. Most of the staff were from Eastern Europe…Poland, Albania, and a whole lotta Romanians. I commented once to one of my fellow managers that there were so many foreigners…and he said, “what do you think you are, mate?” As strange as it sounds I didn’t think I was until that moment. Like it just never occurred to me.

  19. my employer sent me to sweden to meet an american company representative. it was a really surreal experience, as he, a guy in his like 50s, flew in with his girlfriend who was probably still in her 20s.

  20. Now tell this to a Korean person. They (I live in Korea and am married to a Korean man) call people foreigners when they visit other countries.

  21. Ah, this reminds me of traveling with my dad years ago. I don't remember what country we were flying out of but we ran across some other Americans, a husband and wife, and struck up a conversation.

  22. not me! I've got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan. i speak a dozen languages, know every local custom, I'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see me again. With any luck, I've got the grail already.

  23. Lol as a native floridian, absolutely nothing is shocking to me. When i watched tiger king, i was actually like “that’s it?” Bc ive seen and heard far wilder stories locally and on our local news. My hometown actually does whats called “wheel of fugitive.” Every monday the sheriff spins the wheel and selects a random criminal they’re trying to catch and then all the locals are all like dog the bounty hunter trying to get em for the cash prize 💀💀💀 the way ppl be turning on them so quick and all ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  24. A nice place to visit, and most of the people you meet there are super nice, but the incidence of absolute fucking lunatics just seems unnervingly high?

  25. As an Aussie, it's always funny seeing some Americans complaining about "liberals" or trying to use it as an insult at left leaning people, because for us it's the opposite, with the liberal party here being the more right sided party of the 2 major parties.

  26. It's our solemn duty as plebs to bully every politician to the fullest extent. We should take great joy in doing so. Even the politicians whose beliefs we align with. This is our democratically given right and I can't imagine wanting to sacrifice that to wear a silly red or blue hat

  27. Normal people do not worship politicians. It’s common here to see flags, t shirts, those damn red hats all over. Even more crazy are the ones who paint their cars, trucks, boats and trailers with his face.

  28. The way you understand race, culture and ethnicity is not universal. Applies to many things actually: you’re not the global default.

  29. I have a black friend from the Netherlands who gets very offended being called African American when hes there. "I'm fucking Dutch!"

  30. I had colleagues who were mad that Europeans and Asians didn’t understand the nuances of American racial sociology. One was mad that some Asians didn’t know it was black history month and accused that country of being racist because of it. I tried explaining, but was told that I was being racist by trying to explain that they didn’t have black people in X country and it was ridiculous to assume that they knew or cared about the US.

  31. This right here is the one Americans ACTUALLY aren’t ready to hear. The rest of this thread is filled with stuff that many of us already know full well, but a number of Americans who consider themselves very progressive completely fail to grasp this. We are basically taught as though we are the most important country in the world. My education, while better than many, started doing this when I was in my first year of school, and in preschool I think we still learned the Pledge. Many Americans fail to grasp the influence this educational mentality has on our ability to understand the rest of the world.

  32. Your tipping culture is a scam. Tipping should not be a burden obligation of your customers.

  33. Absolutely agree! A lot of servers complain about bad tippers but most of them don’t want to give up the system because it actually benefits them quite a bit. I’d rather have my meal marked up 18% than having to figure out how much I should give them.

  34. Just to make it clear, I'm not against tipping in general. Giving tips are nice especially if you received a great service but making it a costum due to your employer's incompetence is just crazy.

  35. Nor does any other body part outside of certain specific contexts. But people really aren’t ready for that one and it’s not just Americans.

  36. This is what bugs me about these “What is [group] not ready to hear” questions because 99 percent of the answers are problems we know about. Like what sane person likes working 80 hours a week?

  37. I only know a very few people that work 60+ hours a week.. and each one I do know really doesn't like doing doing it

  38. After several trips to the US, my colleagues there couldn't accept how poor they were, and 10 min in any city makes it obvious.

  39. To be honest, I've figured out (as a U.S. citizen) that, not only do we have an accent, but each U.S. state basically has its own accent at this point.

  40. The fact that healthcare is tired to employment is the worst. Too sick too work? Haha fuck you, no (remotely affordable) insurance for you!

  41. I think most citizens agree, but the politicians and their backers make too much money off privatized healthcare to change it

  42. Yeah the majority of us realize this as well... you can see efforts to try to put a stop to it have struggled.

  43. America is only capitalist for poor people. Rich people live in a socialist state, where they constantly get bailouts, subsidies and debt forgiveness.

  44. This is absolutely true. David Graeber called it "the communism of the rich". Elite colleges and corporate boardrooms function internally as socialist states; the common people just aren't invited to partake.

  45. We call it "corporate welfare" and lie to the people that the wealth will "trickle down" to them at some point. Seriously the biggest scam and millions of people who can't afford to buy into that lie unfortunately do.

  46. You let food companies put in whatever crap preservatives they want and make up weight with artificial sweeteners instead of real ingredients. That's the big threat to your life, not secret communists.

  47. I think a lot of Americans realize this is a problem, but we don’t have the regulatory structure to prevent it. Chemicals with proven toxicity can take years to be banned and often get substituted with equally harmful derivatives. It’s frustrating because this isn’t a pressing issue for the government, it’s not something we can vote on, and most people don’t care enough to advocate for it at the expense of higher taxes and food prices. As a scientist, this drives me bonkers.

  48. We know it’s a problem, and a lot of us have cut out processed foods as a way to avoid the worst of it. Part of the problem is that due to long work hours, food deserts, and a high cost of healthy food, a lot of the working class is dependent on processed foods.

  49. we arent really “letting” them. there isn’t much we can do about it if the people that control our country/those companies don’t care

  50. Not only are half these comments things that Americans are ready to hear but they're also things that Americans themselves have been saying for quite a while

  51. I have been zero surprised by anything except the person who just said that in other countries, once you buy a house, it's yours to keep and pass down to your family, but that's not true in the US. That was surprising. Wrong, but surprising.

  52. Yeah people are acting like this is shockingly new information as if Americans haven’t felt this way for over 10 years and yet can’t do much about it because of our shit government and economy…

  53. literally, like every comment ive seen here is something i agree with but have no control over. responses really aren't really anything to do with the american people, it's more about the policies in place dictated by the people in power. regular americans are j suffering through this bullshit that we can't change, but we know it's bad!! most of us at least

  54. I have a genuine question. In Ireland it's easy to be healthy as generally you can get whole foods like fruit veg and meat for cheap that's high quality.

  55. Aight I just went fake grocery shopping online at the Walmart by my house and grabbed some random shit that would be healthy - basically unprocessed, raw foods. No clue how this stacks up to other countries, but here you go.

  56. America is different in that it’s built around cars. You can’t walk anywhere easily and stores are all clumped together in one spot. It’s made for drivers. If you can’t afford a car you’re stuck taking public transit or eating whatever is in walking distance (convenience stores, fast food etc).

  57. It really depends on where you are geographically. America is massive. If you’re closer to the south you can grow things almost all year long. If you’re North then things get real expensive. I am in the middle, Kansas. We have a really good summer season so from about April-November we have something in season that grows locally. Things get more expensive in the winter. I also live in a nice neighborhood, so I have access to three massive markets close to my house. However, food deserts exist all over my city - pockets where no fresh foods are available in their area. Mostly lower income neighborhoods. There is a summer market in one of the food deserts but it is once a week and only during April-November, and it is more expensive than the markets by my house. Organic, good quality food is more expensive and only available in a better quality store.

  58. Most countries don't legally separate church and state. The UK is a particularly fun example. In fact, most of them have explicitly religious parties, including Germany. A foreginer saying this to an American, in most cases demands the speaker to look at where they are from.

  59. Pledging allegiance to your flag every morning is really strange. We had that in Europe ~80 years ago. It didn't end up well for anyone :D

  60. I remember I didn’t question this until the 6th grade (I’d have been 11). I talked to my mom about how I felt and she told me that she didn’t disagree and that she was proud of me for thinking critically, and that if I didn’t want to say the pledge then I didn’t have to. But when I declined to stand for the pledge, oh my god. You’d think I shot someone’s cat. Everyone was so mean to me and the teacher even dogged me out too, everyone called me a terrorist and she asked why I wasn’t a patriot.

  61. My husband teaches high school history and English. He does not make his students stand for or take the pledge if they do not wish to.

  62. Hey, this is actually part of America's food culture. When the colonists arrived here, food scarcity was a big problem (one of the reasons Thanksgiving was as important as it is- successful harvest was a big deal back then). We eventually adapted and improved, but the scarcity caused us to develop a food culture of "nobody ever goes hungry". That's why American Grandparents will frequently send their grandkids home with leftover food.

  63. Look, if I’m expected to tip 20% to a server, I’m expecting 20% more food than other places without our dumbass tipping system

  64. 99% chance that there's nothing wrong with that computer you're just gonna throw out - it's probably just software cruft.

  65. Nothing wrong with is a far cry from so out of date/underpowered that it can't handle modern web design. Seriously. I've fixed many a PC for people and even with a complete wipe and fresh install, some computers are just so out of date they struggle to load anything, and that's with zero "cruft." And personally I don't know anybody throwing out computers less than like 10 years old.

  66. Most of us logically thinking Americans know all these things and don't like them just as much as you

  67. Despite every problem your country is dealing with right now, you are all still immensely privileged and most of you live a life that millions can only dream with.

  68. We’re like 4 kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. Individually we’re idiots but together we resemble the other adults

  69. The only reason we are so cutthroat about being “every man for himself” is because we live in a country that makes us fight for our basic needs and human rights.

  70. Your obsession with lawns is weird. Let native plants grow where they need to grow. Grass isn't prettier than your local flora. Edit: I read through every reply and with some people lawns are a safety precaution/necessary. That's unfortunate. Also, this is my most interacted with post on this site ever in every account I've ever had. Lawns. Thank you for the upvotes and education!

  71. To be fair I'm pretty sure I learned the idea of a lawn was adopted from Europe. When the Europeans, especially the rich ones, moved here they missed the pretty rolling greens of their homelands country sides and had grass imported here to be grown instead. Then lawns became a status symbol, and eventually the idea prevailed that you have to have a clean yard of well cut grass for your land to be considered presentable.

  72. Yeah it's dumb and a waste of water. If anything we should be watering our Dandelion flowers a little bit, because the bees love those things. Instead, having dandelions is a sure way to get your neighbors to hate you and question your success in life.

  73. I always just assumed that American Light beers were the same as ours and that seeing it so often in movies and TV shows was an effort to make it more socially acceptable.

  74. I came here and the top comments are just "for-profit healthcare wrong," "politics bad," "food too much sugar crap in it," "tipping bad," like oh wow damn wish we had thought of all those things, thank god we had someone else to explain that to us. Now thanks to those heroic european commenters, we can finally join the rest of the world in socializing healthcare, dismantling our electoral voting system, raising the minimum wage, and enacting legal action that better regulates the nutritional standards in our processed food 🙄

  75. They act like they have so much freedom when so many facets of basic human needs there are so exclusive that it’s oppressive.

  76. Tbf, that's only because the Internet has cut through a lot of the propaganda. If you actually read our history, we never should have been a role model country.

  77. Some of us are aware that we're the new Holy Roman Empire, and we're getting more nervous by the year.

  78. Fun fact, all customary units are legally defined using metric because the US Government is officially metric. They never forced people to adopt metric, so no one did.

  79. Canadian here- you guys have amazing landscapes, culture and food. Your folks are usually very kind and welcoming. But the quality of life you guys have makes me really sad. The minimum wage is brutal, like 7 dollars, while ours is 15, so much poverty there. And paying for healthcare, people going into debt just for getting sick?

  80. Regarding healthcare and poverty and other social programs. I think some of it is a distrust of the government to run the programs efficiently with our tax dollars. Or the belief that the free market will keep costs low due to competitiveness. But it really comes down to greed, and those who are making the money can pay lobbyists and back their politicians to keep any change from happening. To quote Bill Hicks...go back to bed america, here is 5 hours of American gladiators, keep drinking beer and stay stupid, go back to bed.

  81. You are not as free as you think you are and your rights are mostly fiction. You stopped truly fighting for your rights a while ago and issues like Healthcare would be solved if people really wanted to fight for it.

  82. I think we all know this. If you talk to an individual american we are well aware of our issues just we can’t do anything about it.

  83. Oh this. This I have experienced first hand. I was working in a local small pizza chain which operated on a franchisee basis. One night I get a call from a lady. She explains to me that she has received wrong order. She had ordered a particular puzza but received another one. She demanded that I send her the pizza that she has ordered. I checked my system and found out that we had not received any order from her. Her number was not saved in our system. Upon further Q and A, I understood that she had ordered the pizza from a store that was of some other franchisee. Same brand, different owner. I explained to her that I can not fulfill her order which was placed in other store. Official policy. Even though I understand customer satisfaction is paramount, I can't ensure it out of my own expense. She was irritated and told me 'You can't do this, I am American'. She stopped at that. I was a bit taken a back. Sure it was store mistake, but hardly an injustice to invoke your nationality. And it's not like your military is gonna invade us over a pizza. Not enough oil.

  84. I once watched an American girl shout at an old lady at the Warhol exhibition in Prague because she wouldn't give her a student discount. She didn't bother to bring a student card, she just rocked up with an entitled attitude and demanded student prices. She literally held up a queue of pissed off Europeans for roughly 15 mins, I'm surprised she survived lol

  85. Americans demand people speak English in their country, but then go to other countries and also demand people speak English..........

  86. The United States is nearing the age when most democracies die and become empires. You are repeating all the steps of a dying democracy and going towards empire. You are also repeating many of the steps of a dying empire (privatization of government function, large scale military that doesn't get used, ignoring changes to the climate that will become catastrophic later because you believe your gods will save you, etc.)

  87. Your corn farmers are killing you. Your politicians subsidise the corn farmers so they can win elections. These subsidies make corn syrup the cheapest sweetener in the market, so it is added into all foods, so you all end up sick and unhealthy.

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