What's your profession's myth that you regularly need to explain "It doesn't work like that" to people?

  1. Work in a similar field that works directly with DCBS. My favorite is people who call in for things that you can't do anything about. Had a woman call because a mother wasn't taking her kids to church like that's not neglect.

  2. Some people seem to have a misperception that CPS overzealously take children away from parents who did nothing wrong. While there have been a few notable cases of this, it appears to me that the opposite is way more common. From what I've read, CPS investigators across the country are overworked and underfunded. If anything, it would seem that abused and neglected kids fall through the cracks far more than CPS separates families without sufficient cause. Do you think that's a fair assessment?

  3. I shadowed an APS service aide for a day and wound up visiting three homes of people who couldn't care for or clean up after themselves. She told me it was worse when APS and CPS were working together to help a family in the same situation. Thank you for everything y'all do.

  4. I work in a hardware store and apparently people think we have a huge underground storage big enough to hide every product in existence. No, i can't just go and fetch a part for your 20 year old fireplace or power tool from the backroom.

  5. Also- an extension cord with two sets of male ends isn’t needed for Christmas light installation. No you didn’t but one last year. Yes I know this. I worked here last year. We didn’t have them then either. There is a use for those cords but it’s not Christmas lights.

  6. Your terminally ill grandmother isn't "becoming addicted" to her pain medication. She's dying in as much comfort and with as much dignity as we can provide.

  7. Also who cares if you develop an addiction to something you actively need. I’m not spending my last days in agony because someone said a bad word.

  8. Just had a relative go through something like this. She wasn’t terminal but in crippling pain and in need of surgery. She was in so much pain she couldn’t move. Once the doctor was able to get her pain to a manageable level, all the relatives started telling her that she was going to be an addict and that she needed to stop taking the meds. She is in her 80s and if she lives the rest of her life on pain meds who cares

  9. Thank you for saying this. I had to fight my dad’s wife daily for weeks to get my dad the meds he needed to ease his passing. Or to allow him any position other than sitting straight up with his head slumped all the way forward “so he could breathe and not aspirate”. As she prayed and basked in the praise of well-wishers visiting my dad. He was in so much pain when I got there that I had to immediately powwow with the nurses (who were alarmed by her aggressive refusals to do anything that would comfort him). She had some seriously effed up beliefs. The nurses were staunchly on my side and gave him the meds he needed and repositioned him while she prattled on about his not needing them, that one dose would last for days, etc. Every time she relented, she’d start the next day as if it hadn’t been agreed. I took leave from work and never left his side for weeks until he passed.

  10. Retail. If an employee tells you they're sold out of that hot sale item. They're sold out. They're not hoarding them in the backroom, because fuck you. They know they're sold out, because you're the 10th person to ask about it, in the last 20 minutes.

  11. I once had someone ask "are you sure there is none in the back are you just to lazy to look" literally 30 minutes after I had just done inventory in there. I had to do everything I could not to show my anger.

  12. Even more important: take your prescribed antibiotics the FULL course. Don't quit just because you feel better. Under use of antibiotics is the #1 reason for antibiotic resistant bacteria. You're basically giving the bacteria that isn't dead a vaccine to make them stronger.

  13. When someone finds out you're an accountant 90% of the time they will say "great, so you can help with my taxes haha" . There are loads of accountants who may never see taxes in their day-to-day and have minimal knowledge from their certification only.

  14. As an engineer, I have to explain a lot of time that the law of energy and mass conservation can't be broken.

  15. Are you telling me that my childhood invention of a solar-powered car with a big lamp on it pointing at the solar panels wouldn't be able to run forever? I don't believe you.

  16. One time the HVAC went out in my office and my boss brought in a portable air conditioner. I asked where we were going to vent the hot air, and he was like "What heat? It's an A/C, it just makes cold." It took 20 minutes on a whiteboard to explain that you can't "make cold," you're just transferring the heat somewhere else.

  17. There aren’t just buckets of grant money available for your wacky idea. You have to have a track record, an organization, a plan and a budget. It’s highly competitive.

  18. Ugh, this! Us NGOs are constantly being accused of being leeches, regardless if we get any public funding. If it's so easy to get it, why doesn't everyone do it and live their easy life instead of being miserable?

  19. I tried to tell this to my boyfriend. I have an English degree, and offered to help him apply for a grant for his new business. But he never came up with a plan, not even a mission statement, never even made enough money to pay his employees and I did a walkthrough and nothing was orgnanized. I have ADHD, I understand. But he now wants me to just "study" grant application on the whole, until he has some sort of plan. Thats kinda like asking someone to study literature until they figure out what genre they plan to focus in.

  20. Being a car machenic that specializes in a couple of cars. We dont know everything about how to fix the car out of our heads. we use youtube a lot to figure out stuf we dont know.

  21. I'm a mechanic as well. My brother is a historian, and he told me something about high level history that is also applicable to mechanics. Being a good historian/mechanic isn't about memorizing a lot of information, it's about knowing how to find the information, weed the bad out from the good, interpret it, and apply it correctly.

  22. When I was building decks I remember a lot of people asked for shorter railings because it'd look nicer. I totally agree, but if 42" is the minimum in this state we're gonna do 42"

  23. As a professional deck builder, how long do you usually wait after a new expansion set is released to develop strategies with the new cards?

  24. As a bank teller. I dont give two fucks about what you do with that 10k in cash, but the government does and im literally just doing my job by asking.

  25. I was a bank teller for about 6 months while I was pregnant and in that time I got cussed out more times than in my 15 years of serving/bartending. Over shit as simple as, what do you do for a living…I have to ask.

  26. The worst part of retail isn’t bad customers it’s bad management. You only have to be with the customers .005% of the time, you have to be with the management almost your entire shift. A good boss can make even the worst customer not a big deal.

  27. Came here to say exactly this. Also, most of us don't work overseas (relevant for most countries, most of us work in our home country).

  28. Putting an angled back cut when felling a tree against the lean does absolutely nothing and will result in a tree falling on your house. Just pay us to do the job

  29. Learned this the hard way when my landlord came over to take down a tree in the back yard by lassoing it with a rope tied to a water skiing handle and cutting a notch into the tree with a chainsaw. Turns out trees are heavy, who knew? Granted it was his house but my family living in it. We moved into our own place a little later and I’ve hired arborists ever since.

  30. Former pastry chef, and still work in a hotel. No I do not make amazing food at home. I barely survive on a diet of cereal, sandwiches and chocolate bars. Pot noodles if I’m feeling fancy.

  31. Was a chef in the past. Ran into someone i knew personally at a chinese takeout. He was suprised, in a joking way albiet, that a "chef would eat this type of food and not cook for himself".

  32. No Ma'am, we aren't going to 'shock' (defibrillate) your family member because their heart isn't actually beating.

  33. On the other side, I can't tell you how many illegal practices TV shows portray from the IRS. Some person that you did dirty 15 years ago cannot become an IRS agent and audit you to get revenge. They would lose their job if they didn't excuse themselves from your case.

  34. I decided that watching a bunch of videos would equip me to re-caulk around our bathtub because it would take too long for the local contractor to get to it. I took so long to mask everything and carefully applied a thin bead of caulk, because everyone warned it would look bad if it was too globby. Only to find after I removed all of the tape and cleaned it up that I hadn't applied enough! That took a day and a half and I have put off re-doing it. Luckily, we have a second shower.

  35. People say that, but there's a ton of home reno shows where one of the clients is pregnant and the initial interview she'll be around 5 months and at the end of the episode she'll have a one month old baby. So clearly the entire process didn't take place in a week.

  36. Dude this. I have clients sometimes ask me to add slow motion to certain shots. “Make it look slick and smooth.”

  37. Pet euthanasia. There is a wildly popular post that goes around about how pets dropped off for euthanasia “look around for their owners” and know they’ve been “abandoned”. It’s nonsense, and I will defend clients dropping off until I myself die.

  38. Thank you. I missed my dog getting put down with my husband while I was working and always felt guilty and had nightmares due to this kind of talk. Thank you so much.

  39. Well said. I went with our family dog to get euthanized, but not everyone in the family could handle it. That's fine. Everyone handles grief differently and absolutely no one should be guilted into grieving in a way that isn't right for them.

  40. Being with my dog when she was euthanized was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, ever. Not being there with her would also have been just as hard.

  41. Thank you so much for this. I couldn't be with my favorite cat when she was euthanized because I was stopping my toddler son from destroying the exam room. I think I said, "We can't have this kid and needles in the same room right now, that's not gonna work," so they took Rachel Kitty to the back.

  42. Thank you. Our last dog was under for surgery when they called and told us she wouldn't survive. They could wake her up if we wanted to say goodbye.

  43. Is it true that most psychologists have to have their own psychologist to help them deal with all the heavy material they're dealing with?

  44. Someone once suggested that I become a psychologist/counsellor. I may be good at helping my friends decide whether to stay with their partner or deal with family squabbles, but I know I would not be able to handle some poor little kid getting raped. I am so grateful that there are people better equipped to help those going through severe trauma.

  45. If something isn't stocked on the shelf and I tell you it isn't in the back then it isn't in the back and I can't magically make it appear out of thin air... that being said if you are a dick I also might just tell you it ain't in the back

  46. The store I worked at had very minimal backstock. Nonetheless, if we had coverage on the floor, I would just say “I’m not sure, let me go check”, go in the stockroom, stand behind the door for 2 minutes, and then come back out and say “No, sorry, we didn’t have any back there”. It gave me a break and was so much easier than trying to convince them of what I already knew.

  47. I work for waste water(sewage) for my city and customer usually say “ doesn’t a pump “pump” the waste water to the plant , why does it clog so easily.”

  48. I worked for an app development company. By year 4 my boss chose ME to be the one to endure 1-hour meetings with yabbos who have no money but wanted US to go invest all the time and money and effort and RISK for their “great idea”. They were awful.

  49. Being a lawyer is not like what you see on Suits. It's all the stuff they cut away from otherwise viewers would be too bored to watch it

  50. I’m a EFL teacher and students come in all the time thinking they can just pay me and the company a shit ton and magically learn English.

  51. Factory worker here.. Once a machine is set up, it can run all day, perfectly, without adjustment. Nope. Steel can vary in hardness, even within a continuous coil of wire. Humidity, ambient temperature, tooling wear can also spoil parts.

  52. Work in cold forming, customers never seem to understand it’s not machining and we cannot simply adjust tooling over night or hold tight tolerances.

  53. Photo editing. It's amazing how many people think they can give me a tiny, blurry, digital image of the back of their daughter sitting on a park bench, with uneven lighting in the shade, and think I can magically and quickly turn that into a banner of her standing next to the Eiffel Tower, smiling in the sun, facing the camera. Neither Photoshop nor I have any idea what your daughter's face looks like. I can't just "turn her around". I literally have to work with exactly what you are seeing in the photo you hand me or email me. Now if you give me several photos, some containing her face, some with her standing, etc., then yes, I can do some quite magical things.

  54. I work in a bar. People frequently ask for drinks to be “extra strong”, but when I explain that they can just order a double, but we can’t add extra alcohol to their drink for free, they look at me like I’m speaking a language they’ve never heard before.

  55. when I worked in a pub, I would get people coming up to me after the bar has closed asking for drinks, and when I told them the bar is closed, they would say "I've been coming here for years, the manager's always served me drinks after closing". Actually, the manager is new, I've worked here longer than they have, and I've never seen you before, so why would I break the rules for your sake?

  56. I mean if a customer explicitly states (whether in jest or not) that the purpose of their transaction is to avoid detection, that is a requirement to fill out an SAR.

  57. I was at a pretty large conference for my field as a grad student, and I found it amusing that everybody "relaxing" in the hotel's pool or hot tub (including my friends and me) had brought an academic book that they read "casually" while relaxing.

  58. That converting to salt water pools does not ‘get rid of the chlorine’. Salt is sodium chloride, salt gets converted to chlorine in a salt water pool, and you use the exact same test kits to monitor the chlorine levels in the pool water.

  59. For the curious: They need to assume it’s going to take an hour. Might start to be effective before that, but an hour to be sure. If you’re planning a romantic evening out for dinner then going back home for physical fun, consider taking the pill with you to the restaurant. Take it whenever you think you are an hour or so from getting home and you’ll be good to go! Maybe around the time main course is served.

  60. Same for digital art. So many people think Photoshop is essentially just some big red computer button you click that spits out artwork for you. The good/bad thing is that recent advancements in AI have kinda sorta created that exact scenario.

  61. And related to that: how much WORK animation actually is (2D and 3D both)! I took a class on 3D animation using Autodesk Maya and about a month into it (which sounds like a long time but 3D animation and character design is HARD) a family member came up to me and said that he designed these characters for his website and was planning to make an animated music video introducing the characters and asked if I would help. And my mom turned to me and was like “oh! Maybe you can do that over the weekend!”

  62. There are no skeleton keys. There is no "one key that fits all locks". There are master keys that have been painstakingly installed into a buildings locks, some of which might fit all the locks depending on that particular keys chosen mastering levels, but no. There is no skeleton key. I, a locksmith, use special tools to open locks. I have a big bag of them. Tools like picks, jiggle keys, bump keys 2in1 Lishi keys, and many more. Yes, I got into your house fast. That's because I know how your lock works and know how to defeat it. No I did not turn up with a working key (disclaimer: sometimes I do as I have codes recorded for places I've worked on and I can get codes from car dealers so I can make a key before I turn up.)

  63. Interesting you say this, I thought it worked this way until I asked my Locksmith buddy to help open an old cash box/lock box I lost the key to. I thought he was just going to crack the thing open with one tool, no. He said the thing was some old english brand that he was unfamiliar with (I tried looking, I can’t find the name) but he pulled out his huge bag and amazed me with the 15 different tools he had to use to open the thing. Still took him only about 3 minutes.

  64. Wearing glasses doesn't make your eyes worse. There are so many misconceptions and so much false reasoning that goes into that one belief that I don't even know where to start. But I'll try anyway I guess.

  65. I work in childcare and no, I don’t just get to play all day and have fun. I have to deal with behavioral issues, developmental delays, diapers, injuries, curriculum, art projects, huge messes during mealtime, working with one other person to put 12+ toddlers down for nap, etc. Of course it’s fun at times but dealing with all of that is so stressful.

  66. I was looking for this one. Our jobs are hugely misunderstood. The “it’s just colouring in” thing kills me.

  67. My sister used to be a preschool teacher and got that all the time. "Oh you get to play with toys all day! How fun!" Even for preschool they have curricula they have to develop because the kids still need to LEARN things.

  68. Sure, it's probably been said a million times in the comments, but it needs to be said. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT

  69. That the town's snowplows can't magically avoid placing snow into driveways while trying to keep roads clear for potential emergency responder access at 2 AM during a blizzard.

  70. No doctor does all aspects of medicine and surgery.. it’s specialized and sub specialized. Obviously in more rural areas people do more, but for the most part, complex things get sent to very specialized folks and a doctor like House would never exist (and anyone who acted like him would be fired in about a week)

  71. That I do not magically know on the spot why your computer gives a BSOD or why a printer is slow to print large files. In order to solve the problem, I'm going to ask you a lot of questions, ask you to try to print different types of files to find the cause, ask someone else to print somethign to see if its account-related, etc. It's called elimination of possible causes.

  72. I'm a retired used bookstore owner. People were always saying "Oh, I would love to own a bookstore. You can read all day.". Um, no. It's actually a lot of hard, physical work, (boxes of books are heavy), lots of bending and reaching. And then you get to clean the store and do the paperwork. Owning any retail store is not an easy job!

  73. Been a bookseller for over 20 years now. "Supply and demand" is the most difficult concept for some people to grasp. Yes, the combined cover price of all those James Patterson hardcovers you've been buying on day 1 for the last 15 years is well over $2,000. Yes, they're all first editions. Sorry, there are still over ten million copies of each one out there in the world, and that means we see them a dozen times a week. That's why we can't pay you but a few cents apiece for them. We're not gouging you, they're simply not worth to us what they're worth to you, and you're free to reject the offer without losing your shit and screaming about how it wasn't worth the price of the gas it took to drive them over. :)

  74. Used to hear almost the same thing. Difference was I worked in a record shop. No I couldn’t listen to records that I wanted. I usually couldn’t concentrate on the music, a lot of stuff that I had to do. I had to listen to all new releases after the store closed so I knew what I was talking about when I had to recommend records to a costumer.

  75. I worked in a book store as a pretty lazy teenager and it was A LOT of work. The only reason I stuck it out was that the alternative was working in a doggy daycare.

  76. Just because your old technical device (laptop, tablet, phone) is in good condition, doesn't actually mean that it's any "good" today.

  77. Just because you have a device that is 'old' doesn't mean you need to upgrade if said device is fulfilling all the functions you require. Keep it for as long as it does what you need.

  78. I'm a software dev. Any time you say "it's simple, just _____", you're wrong. Hell, half the time I say it I'm wrong.

  79. My favorite is “It’s just typing”. But that’s when I’m running an oscilloscope trying to figure out why the kernel is crashing out. About half the time it’s not a software problem….

  80. Whole lot of people think they can haggle with the cashier. The price is the price, man. Pay it or fuck off. There are people in line behind you.

  81. Yes I know the light's still red, but if I open the doors again, 20 or 30 more people will come running from somewhere and we miss yet another green phase. Every tram driver ever, every day. And I'm not even a tram driver.

  82. Medication for your pets is regulated just like human medication. Your pet still needs yearly exams, no we can't just refill a med because you think your pet needs it, yes we need your ID to give you controlled substances.

  83. I used to own several rabbits that were all in good health but getting a little old (7-8 years) and then within the space of two weeks every single one became acutely in, had to be taken to the vet clinic immediately and died within a few hours. And that’s when I got the chance to see more how it actually worked in a large vet clinic and fucking hell no one sits down, like ever, owners are crying, are angry about the cost, stressed that they don’t think they’re getting help fast enough (they are) and it’s like a hospital on steroids because doctors usually don’t have to put their patients down because they can’t afford to treat their broken leg. Everyone working working in veterinary clinics deserve so much respect than you are currently given.

  84. "You must love you job, you get to see cute animals all day!" Yeah, we see them after they were hit by a car or run over by the lawnmower. But no one wants to hear about that.

  85. If you call in a callcenter, and there is a evaluation attached to it at the end, NO MATTER HOW THE QUESTION IS PHRASED, the person you are talking to is directly affected by the score you gave, even if you think youre rating the company as a whole.

  86. When you have an issue with your business class copier...it's not always the rollers. Telling me you think it is just lets me know how little you know about the machine.

  87. “Abstinence is the only pathway to recovery from a substance use disorder” Actually, harm reduction strategies are just as if not more effective than complete abstinence, moreover, harm reduction can be a viable pathway to complete abstinence.

  88. That turning your thermostat down as far as it will go will cool your apartment/house faster. You want a frozen cooling unit? Cuz that's how you get a frozen cooling unit

  89. Dental Implants are not magic fixes. You need to first have the right health conditions to get them (it is strongly not recommended for pts w/ uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, or pts lacking significant amount of bone where bone grafting is not enough and et cetera.) And even after the placement of implants (which takes 3-6 months for the bone to heal IF successful), after you place the crown (actual "tooth" you can bite and chew on), you still have to brush and floss it appropriately. Otherwise you can still lose it down the road (and fairly quickly), usually due to peri-implantitis (bone loss around the implants) because of poor oral hygiene.

  90. Me being a professional photographer doesn't mean I can use your iPhone in a dimly-lit corridor to turn your half-drunk face into a photographic masterpiece to rival my best studio work.

  91. I'm a UX designer at a large multinational company. I frequently have people saying things along the lines of 'make the product look nice!' or 'when development is complete, Trollinfodollars can add the colors and fonts'. Nobody seems to understand that the bulk of my time is spent speaking to customers, conducting design exercises, writing and storyboarding, creating wireframes and rapid prototypes, and conducting user testing. There is an entirely separate department that does the visual design and they're just as busy as I am, but doing something totally different.

  92. That we have the same clothes in different sizes and colours!! In a Charity shop!!!! Where people donate random clothes!!!! Urgh 😣

  93. I´m not a firefighter anymore and was only for a short time tho I have a college for this and am in research,trainings etc. connected to firefighting

  94. “I’m going to sue you” - You’re probably not. Someone being shitty doesn’t automatically give you a legal cause of action.

  95. Walk-in guests at busy/popular restaurants, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. What do you mean you’re fully booked? I can see a free table right there/those people just left!

  96. Working with Xrays does bot make me radioactive. (But using radioactive products does , however it is my secret.)

  97. Xrays do absolutely nothing to your phone. If I tell you they will mess it up, its because you won't put it down long enough for me to complete my exam.

  98. Yes, I worked in IT. No, I can't reprogram your computer to do what you mean instead of what you tell it to.

  99. Severe mental illnesses can't be helped by talk therapy. If nothing else, they destroy your focus enough for the therapy not to work. To start with, you're going to need medication. Once through the bad part, then you can add in therapy.

  100. Catering/Restaurants -- Just because you can go buy a 5# Pack of Chicken Brest for 20$ Doesn't mean we can charge you less for the Hotel Pan of Chicken Parmesan you ordered.... that's not the way any of this works...

  101. Weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. There is nothing easy about getting your stomach resized to hold a cup or less of food, it fucks up your metabolism, eating the wrong things can cause serious pain, and guess what you're on for the rest of your life? A restrictive diet. Because your stomach's tiny but you still need all the nutrients.

  102. You forgot to mention that your insurance may not cover either weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, etc.) because if you've had a clean health history it's considered 'cosmetic', or weight loss medication. You first have to exhaust all other options, and let's face it, regardless of how desperate someone is to lose weight (for whatever reason), the stigma society places on it is greater than the insurance company or your doctor's willingness or ability to help.

  103. People working in investment management secretly have a crystal ball that tells them exactly what’s going to happen with the economy and markets. Some people are always upset that I give them different scenarios of what could happen acting like I should know 100% what’s going to happen.

  104. Also that we’re scamming clients by charging fees when they could just invest in SPY or VOO for next to nothing. Yes, most people could probably do that, but the vast majority of clients (individual or institutional) who hire us have needs that require a bit more sophistication.

  105. Zookeeper. People think we're uneducated poop scoopers but we all have degrees and fought like hell for our highly specialized jobs. Why the Karens think it's appropriate to tell their kids to stay in school or they'll end up like us blows my mind.

  106. An inpatient psychiatric stay is for short-term stabilization, generally 5-7 days for adults You’re going to get medication, community referrals, and (if needed) access to medication supported detox. You are not going to be doing trauma work or have extended access to 1:1 counseling. It is very, very rare that admissions last longer than two weeks, and even more rare that someone is held involuntarily.

  107. I think the last one must be one of the most common misconceptions. That wards (is the right term? Sorry, English isn’t my first language) meant for short term stays during psychiatric emergencies are filled with people who are there involuntary.

  108. Teaching you “how to code”. I can teach concepts, but I can’t make you curious, analytical, creative, and passionate.

  109. As a physical therapist, people are like “no pain no gain right?” And I’m like noooooo. Getting better doesn’t have to hurt.

  110. I work in real estate title and the myth has to do with property ownership. They think if they hold the deed, they hold the property. Not true, the title owner is the last deed filed in public record. That holds true until said owner signs and files a new deed.

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