Who is universally loved, but actually an asshole?

  1. Old reference, but, Gary Burghoff AKA "Radar" from MAS*H. Apparently he was notoriously hard to work with and generally an asshole to the movie and show cast and crew, but his character was so beloved that viewers never thought he was like that.

  2. I grew up near Gary. He lived in my hometown for a long time and had some kids when he was quite old already - I went to school with his son in the early 2000s.

  3. On the other flip side, Father Mulcahy from MASH is apparently exactly the same in person as he was on the show. Not a bad guy but just very, very placid and bland. My Dad used to play poker with him.

  4. This is 100% accurate. He lost his guest spot on Match Game because he was such a dick to contestants and the other panelists. My great aunt worked for CBS and said he was the biggest ahole she ever worked with!

  5. Used to live near Radar, or he had a vacation house in town or something. I never met him but all the neighbors had stories about him being an ass.

  6. I think the last half decade more than demonstrates that many grown people flatly don't have the ability to separate fiction from reality.

  7. I remember reading a tweet thread from some theater actress recounted meeting Anne Heche in the late 90's and having a friendly conversation until Ellen arrived by slamming her brakes and yelling at Heche to get over followed by telling the actress to "stay the fuck away from [Heche]".

  8. I remember a long time ago, Tina fey was recounting being on Ellen in some interview. She said she was surprised how much unnecessary yelling there was on the show for how simple the show setup was. She said she was glad for her snl training because she could execute a complicated single-camera show without yelling like this.

  9. Not sure if they are universally loved, but I used to work in restaurants for the House of Mouse, and both Howie Mandel and Bobby McFerrin were total jerks. Acted like they were completely above everyone else and both of them let their bratty kids run screaming around the restaurant, always smart when people carrying hot trays of food are everywhere. I had a lot of positive celebrity interactions, but those two were awful. Can't stand to listen to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" since.

  10. I can confirm Mandel was a total asshole. I work at a restaurant in Toronto that threw some party for some game show and he was such a dick to everyone, to the point no one wanted to help him. He made some snide comment about who he is and I said “ oh that’s nice but these other folks were still here before you.”

  11. Can confirm on Howie. Worked in Toronto many moons ago. Howie came in full beard probably to avoid being noticed. Tried to make the group he was with laugh at my expense. I Didn’t realize who it was and retorted with a comment towards him that made his whole crew laugh. He was pissed and then I realized who it was. He shot me a stink eye then I realized it was Howie. He left upset. Sorry I was funnier than you bud.

  12. I got that impression from Howie’s 5 seconds of cameo in The Big Bang theory. I just figured that’s how he always was and people just knew that. I guess so and guess not at the same time.

  13. I knew someone who did production work for Food Network in the early 2000’s. Most of the personalities at the time were actually pretty lovely, but apparently Rachel Ray was borderline despised by the film and production crews. She was just generally known as a mean person to work with.

  14. She was curt with my elderly grandmother at a book signing and I will never forgive her. My grandma adored her before that.

  15. I have a family member who was very, intimately, close to Rachel Ray. She was really nice before she got famous and a raging POS after. Really, really awful.

  16. Worked on the behind the scenes of a barbra streisand album for a month and I’ve never seen a person treat regular folk so terribly.

  17. Yes a friend of mine worked with him as a PA and was put into an extremely dangerous situation where he was injured on the job. John basically threatened him and his friends if they came forward with what happened.

  18. From personal experience Bill Nye was an absolute asshole from my interaction with him. It was perhaps the saddest moment of don’t meet your heroes in my life.

  19. I used to be his neighbor in Seattle. Nye was a notorious neighborhood dick. Unbelievably rude to the children in the village center that idolized him from his BNtheSG show that was currently running. This was 1996-1998

  20. my mom used to be a journalist and she interviewed Bill at one point, she said that he was being rude, disrespectful, and just a total ass the whole time.

  21. I don’t think he’s famous enough to be universally loved but Mitch Albom, aka the author of Tuesdays With Morrie. Hosted him at an author event for a small venue and he was fucking furious that the event was so “beneath him”; was furious we didn’t have a plate of fresh fruit for him (he didn’t have a rider or anything demanding we have fruit at the ready, just expected us to know); was furious that more people didn’t show up to fawn over him; was just generally furious. Instead of talking about his book during the lecture, he spent 20 minutes taking a steaming dump over the staff, venue, and audience.

  22. Nicholas Sparks was basically Gilderoy Lockhart in real life. Apparently he spent his entire talk saying how lucky his audience and the town were to get him to come to their crappy little town. So glad his fans got to see him for who he truly is, but also sad on their behalf.

  23. I volunteered with him in the 90s to paint a school in Detroit and help fix it up. There were like 100 volunteers. All Mitch did was walk around and ask everyone if we want a picture and show boat. No bruh, but your help painting would have been superb

  24. I was forced to read his sappy treacle in college and I hated every fucking moment of it. I've never had a writer physically revolt me with the written language but, well, there it is.

  25. That doesn't surprise me. I hated Tuesdays with Morrie because it read as if he was so self-important. "Please suck my dick cuz I knew this great professor" kind of vibe.

  26. Martha Stewart. I witnessed her call her assistant a...and I quote "A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT". No one should be called that for accidentally dropping her handbag.

  27. Was waiting for this. I work in the aviation industry and have for 25 years now. Back when I was still fairly new, I was working line service for and FBO ("Fixed Base Operator", the folks who provide handling services for private/corporate aircraft). One day a plane comes in after dropping a passenger off in Maine. The crew needed someone to clean the airplane, and the job fell to me. The plane was trashed. Food ground in to the carpeting, garbage all over the place, pet hair everywhere. Took me a few hours to scrub the inside of that plane. The crew thanked me, and gave me a $100 tip after. Then the captain said to me "you'll never guess who made that mess. Martha Stewart". I was in shock. He said she was the biggest bitch they had ever flown, and both the captain and first officer said they would refuse to fly her in the future. I am now an airline pilot, but I have several friends who went in to the corporate/private/fractional side of aviation. Martha Stewart has been kicked out of every fractional jet ownership program there is, Raytheon TravelAir, Flight Options, NetJets, FlexJet, and several others, all because of her abusive and downright nasty treatment of staff.

  28. My sister got a job one summer during college at one of Martha Stewart's vacation homes. She spent the first month there with just the staff, doing work around the property. She was loving it, said everyone was incredibly nice, but they warned her about if and when Martha showed up.. when she did, my sister only lasted about a week. And my sis is the absolute sweetest person. Martha had her in tears by like day two. She quit by the weekend. She also had to sign an NDA, as horrible celebs often make people do. To hear my sister speak that badly of her, I know she's a nightmare

  29. My dad’s old office was the warehouse he filmed the shows, and there was a ton of old promo stuff and a huge face cut out in the basement. I don’t know if he still lives in the area, but my elementary class saw him while out on a field trip and he rudely brushed us all off with quite a few swear words, when we nicely approached him just to say hi (no autographs or anything).

  30. YES!! He was hired to be the main speaker at my alma mater's Engineering Open House back in the '90s. He showed up drunk, refused to do the full science presentation he had been contracted to do (he had been paid for the full hour, but he argued loudly that he wouldn't do more than 15 minutes), and he started getting aggressively mean towards young kids who were excited to see him.

  31. my high school physics teacher won tickets to have dinner with Bill at a teacher's convention. Another teacher annoyed for am autograph and his response was "what are you, 10?"

  32. I got to have a chat with Steve Wozniak and while there was still an air of respect (wonziak said Jobs had a great way with words/marketing/tying the bows on a product), it was definitely underlined with a disdain for certain personality traits. (He also made a lot of this clear during his presentation too).

  33. Celebs I've had great interactions with/saw them being awesome: Jack Black, Trevor Noah, Weird Al, America Fererra, Neil Gaiman, Tauheed Epps (2 Chainz), Jenna Mourey (Jenna Marbles), Michael Render (Killer Mike),

  34. F Jordan. Had 2 dedicated cocktail waitresses doing 30 minutes on/off, a private blackjack table with 3 casino security keeping people back - while playing +10k a hand for over 6 hours. When he was done, he handed a 25 dollar chip to the cocktail waitress and proudly said loud enough for everyone to here, 'make sure you share it with everyone else'. What a douchebag.

  35. Jack Black is as close to being a regular guy you could just hang with as anybody I have ever met. Super talented and just cool! And quick witted.

  36. John Green actually seems like the kind of guy who still lies awake in bed thinking about that time he mistook a random woman for an employee and handed her a plate awkwardly.

  37. Idk why but I imagined all of these people in the room at the same time and kevin sorbo sitting alone in a corner and jason Bateman going from table to table telling really bad jokes is just so hilarious to me.

  38. I like John Green's content but he always seemed like he'd be a bit annoying in real life. Not necessarily malicious, but an oblivious jerk like you said. Did you ever meet Hank Green? He seems like he'd be lovely.

  39. Got to meet Jack Black and Weird Al and agree super nice guys. Frank Zappa and his son Dweezil are super cool too. In the same ballpark Dee Snider is awesome too. Also, Chester Bennington was super sweet

  40. From what my fiancé told me is that Beyoncé is extremely entitled and rude to people. He worked in a restaurant were many celebrities would go to and he loved most of them but absolutely hated Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

  41. Ed and Lorraine Warren. I’m not talking about taking advantage of people in vulnerable states and exploiting fear and trying to get famous by proving the paranormal but Ed kept a young girl in their house. IIRC they told neighbours she was a fallen woman they were helping out by giving her a job as a live in maid or nanny. She wasn’t. She was a child and he was a predator and Lorraine did nothing about it and yes, they had a kid in the house. Really sickened me to find out cause I like the conjuring series as horror films and just enjoyed them for being cooky ghost hunters, boy was I wrong.

  42. I think the real Warren's were quacks but the fictionalized versions in the movies are just that, fiction. Just like all of the ghost stories. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have such great chemistry and the movies are fun. It's okay to enjoy them.

  43. Tommy Lee jones, shared an elevator in New Orleans last year, said “mr jones I’m a huge fan and I love your work” he said “mind your own fucking business asshole” exact quote

  44. Reminds me immediately of Jim Carreys story about working with him on Batman Forever: “he gave me a hug, pulled me in close, and told me completely seriously: ‘I hate you. I cannot sanction your buffoonery.’”

  45. I'm genuinely sorry you experienced this, but I gotta admit there's something so overly aggressive about his response that it's absolutely fucking broken me and I can't stop laughing

  46. Back in the 2010s I was all over that Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All slogan "Free Earl and Fuck Steve Harvey." Earl's been freed, but fuck Steve Harvey.

  47. I’m glad Giancarlo Esposito is a good guy. He seems like such a naturally charming and guy despite always playing a villain role in whatever he’s in that scenes where he’s being nice just feel so much more authentic sometimes

  48. Bill Nye is a notorious prick in real life when he’s “not in character “ at events he’s in characters in South Pasadena where he lives he’s a notorious shit bag to people as well as neighbors. I worked a a popular coffee shop/ ice cream shop that was frequented by dozens of south pas famous people and he was the only one that rude as fuck to just about everyone from kids to young adult fans to employees. I believe there’s an article about him feuding with neighbors.

  49. I’ve heard that a good amount of people felt weird about him. John Lydon of the Sex Pistols was banned from the BBC for speaking on the massive rumors that were moving through the entertainment industry about him. Very likely that TV kept it under wraps because Saville brought them loads of money.

  50. A person I worked with when I was in college like 10 years ago did work with Make a Wish. Ellen wouldn't meet wish kids. Hated her ever since I found that out.

  51. Horrible. But my god, I watch that psychotic video of him sitting in front of the fireplace every other day. What the fuck kind of stunt was that? It’s amazing.

  52. Not to mention, he is a bad actor. His roles aren't engaging and I wonder when are we finally going to stop seeing him in bollywood movies.

  53. The audacity to be married like 4 times, then write a book about marriage. Fuck you know about marriage, Steve?

  54. Went to a taping of one of his shows in 2013. He took audience questions, and then proceeded to mock the accent of an audience member who asked him something. Totally grossed me out and I’ve thought he was an ass ever since.

  55. David Dobrik is probably one of the most tragic ones not only cuz he’s a piece of shit but because even if he was a great person, it’s depressing that people even care about that content and actually watch that. Plus, indeed, he’s a piece of shit abusive sociopath…

  56. My favorite story about Chase is Bill Murray yelling that he was "medium talent" after they got into a physical altercation.

  57. I just did a rewatch of Community, and I hate how fucking funny he is to me. I want to not laugh, but him and Dean Pelton get the biggest laughs out of me every damn time.

  58. I would love to know why Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion don't get along. Always surprised me as they had pretty good on screen chemistry. Something doesn't add up there.

  59. I lost all respect for him after hearing Todd Herzog's story. For those who don't know, Todd won Survivor at 22 and suffered from alcoholism in the years following. He went on Dr. Phil in 2013 and they gave him vodka and Xanax. His appearance on the show was, uh, not great. Fortunately, he's turned his life around and got married a couple years ago.

  60. They specifically use drugs and alcohol to provoke behaviours they want them to exhibit, so he can take the moral high ground whilst exploiting their struggles. Like when Todd Herzog, a recovering alcoholic came on to talk about his alcoholism and showed up drunk. He got to the set sober to find liquor bottles and red bull in his dressing room and a staffer giving him a xanax before taping. Which meant Phil could tell him how disappointed he was in his relapse whilst the man sobbed and asked forgiveness, and still got to play the wise professional looking out for others-part

  61. I watched an episode recently where a woman was talking about how her father sexually assaulted her and he went "I'm so sorry to hear that, we're going to get you the help that you need. You can download this new app that I have come out with which will help you. Viewers at home, you can also download it" WTF!! Instead of helping this poor woman, he used her story as an opportunity to advertise his new app.

  62. As much as a piece of shit as the Bum Fights guy was, his appearance on Dr. Phil was beautiful. Highly recommend giving it a watch if you haven't seen it.

  63. I’m a cinematography student and one of my teachers was a cameraman for a show in which Bill Cosby starred. My teacher grew up loving Cosby for his TV persona. When Cosby arrived on set, my teacher said hello to him and put out his hand to shake it. Cosby angrily looked at him and said “Fuck off!”. My teacher is a gentleman and when recounting this to our class, he teared up a bit, still in confusion as to why Cosby had lashed out. A pretty raw experience and shocking for our class hearing this.

  64. Old guy here who can remember when Lisa Bonet said like 30 years ago that she didn't think highly of Bill Cosby and the whole world came down on her like, "How can this entitled little brat who owes her whole career to Bill Cosby not love him?!?" Turns out she was just a better judge of character than most.

  65. I worked at a hotel near a venue and he was on our do not book list. I was surprised and sad since we would go out of our way to do anything (as long as it was legal) to make out A-list guests happy. Since he was on the no-go list, that meant he was bad news.

  66. I remember when Eddie Murphy would talk trash about him back in the 90’s. By Eddie’s stories you could surmise Cosby was a prick.

  67. So I know a guy who remodeled Cosby’s kitchen probably 30 years ago - top of the line EVERYTHING. Cosby walks in, says he hates it. Makes them tear the whole thing out and do it over again. I mean, Cosby paid for all the work, but it was so demoralizing for the crew that they had to literally tear out and throw away their own hard work that they were still talking about it years later.

  68. Oprah. She spent decades getting paid by every quack with a pseudoscientific health product to appear as guests on her show. It's no wonder her apprentices are a dubious psychiatrist and the quack ass weirdo doctor who continued her business of using the trust of gullible Americans to sell snake oil.

  69. I have always disliked Oprah. I remember once on her show they were talking about how dirty certain things around the house are. It was mentioned how much bacteria builds up on bed sheets and the guest recommend washing sheets at least once a week and that rich bitch Oprah scoffs, looks disgusted and said “I have mine changed every day!”. To which the guest says “well, for the average person that’s not practical”. Bitch quickly forgot what it’s like to not be ultra rich.

  70. I read Yoko Ono wanted to purchase a strand of his mustache hair for $10,000 and he took the money and instead gave her a piece of dry grass from his yard

  71. I never understood the "Diva" fad. How certain people are loved for behavior that is generally accepted as petty and selfish.

  72. I'll back that one up with stories from former co-workers. She was well known to the techs. that did the telecom stuff in her miami condo building she was one of those "no eye contact, no talking directly to" bitches.

  73. An acquaintance used to work for her back when she was married to Marc Anthony and said she treats employees like trash and are not allowed to address her directly unless she initiated it. He apparently was nicer.

  74. Ozzy Osborne. Horrible business decisions. Horrible conduct. So many stories about shit behavior. He blames Sharon but he could do something about it. Punched Randy when he said he wanted to leave. Randy pretty much resurrected his career. Fired Don Costa just before he was to go onstage at US festival where he was about to perform I front of 80000 people including Dons family. Withheld publishing from most of his contributors. Re-recorded his first two album just to screw his old band. It goes on and on.

  75. Deepak Chopra. He's the biggest bullshit artist the world had ever seen. He's made a fortune on utter nonsense. He's a physician by education, and has zero grasp of science all the while doing things contrary to what he preaches.

  76. He's not universally loved though. Surely everybody knows Deepak Chopra is essentially a snake oil salesman?

  77. James Franco. Dude gets caught trying to sleep with underage girls regularly, like he isn't even good at hiding it yet he gets a pass every time.

  78. He recently settled a lawsuit for over $2m for sexually harrassing/groping the female students of a film course he was running, and his career has taken a nose dive over the last few years, with even long-time collaborator Seth Rogen saying he would never work with him again, so I wouldn't say he is loved, or even liked, at this point.

  79. If someone had sat me down in the early 2000's and made me watch the first Raimi Spiderman, and told me to guess which Osborne actor would turn out to be a huge creep purely based on how they come across in the movie, I don't think I ever would have guessed correctly.

  80. Yo! I was in Hawaii or Aruba as a kid and my dad and I got into an elevator and boom, Mr. T was there. I was so star struck and my dad asked for an autograph for me, I was like 7, and Mr. T goes “Mr T dont do autographs!”

  81. I've been watching Tom and Jerry on HBO for a while now and I realized that majority of weirdness in Tom and Jerry comes from episodes written and directed by Gene Deitch.

  82. I know this isn’t the question but John Stewart is SO nice in real life. Met him at 6am in Ohare, we were both waiting for our Starbucks orders. I politely asked for a photograph with him. He was half awake and hadn’t had his coffee yet but was so nice about it. I’m not someone anyone would want a photo with and I don’t think I would have been that nice at that hour if someone bothered me before I had my coffee.

  83. Pretty much all your favorite rockstars from the 70s and 80s had underage girlfriends. Some even adopted them (from as young as 14) and became their legal guardians so they could live with and have sex with them - and essentially keep them trapped at home to not get caught

  84. Also the dude from Red Hot Chili Peppers who knowingly slept with a 14 year old girl then released a fucking album track about it

  85. Yeah, I stopped listening to Aerosmith after I heard about Steven Tyler's sex slave "bought" from her parents, who later almost died due to his neglect and disinterest.

  86. Don Henley of Eagles fame hired a 16 year old prostitute. He later claimed that he didn't know she was that young and didn't have sex with her when he found out. But she still OD'd on a bunch of his drugs and almost died (or did die according to some less reputable sources that are hard to corroborate). When the cops showed up there was another random 15 year old girl there too.

  87. Haha I remember first hearing about the Jimmy Page thing when I was 12 in 1986 from when the Beastie Boys said, “If I played guitar I’d be Jimmy Page, the girlies I like, are underage”.

  88. Yeah I remember reading one of Nikki Sixxs books and he wrote about this one underage girl he was sleeping with and joked about he being so young he would “hear the bones crack” when he put it in.

  89. Maya Angelou was a raging bitch. The gal in the office next to mine had to coordinate her visit to our university. She said in her 30 year career of coordinating VIP celebrity speakers Maya Angelou was the only one tho treated her like absolute shit.

  90. Guess it’s true that “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  91. Maya Angelou did a lecture at my college and a student asked a question that I thought was completely reasonable (something along the lines of, "Do you ever get discouraged during the writing process and how do you keep going?") and she started berating him for asking such a stupid question and was like, "Look at my body of work. Where would you get the idea that I'm ever discouraged?" It was really weird.

  92. I worked at a bookstore and a longtime store manager told me Maya Angelou was the worst person she ever to deal with for a book signing. She was rude and not happy with anything. Said she also had lots of demands, one being a very specific, pretty large bottle of alcohol (I don't recall the type).

  93. This reminds me of the time when I was sitting in the Mizzou Women's Center just studying and Bobby Seale walked in, sat down, opened his sandwich and just chilled out with all of us telling stories.

  94. Ha! She came to my college as well and was awful to everyone who was arranging the visit. My friend was the head of student lectures at the time and he was blown away by what a bitch she was to one and all.

  95. That’s interesting (and a shame!). I’ve also recently learned about Alice Walker being a raging anti-semite (genuinely very extreme views) which was hugely disappointing. I love both of their literary works.

  96. She is blatantly so horrible to people, I don't know why it took so long for people to realize it. Like she's horrible to guests on her own show. She didn't even try and hide it.

  97. He's an oddity. His racist, coked-out rant in the 70s onstage sparked the Rock Against Racism movement. It's bizarre considering he idolizes and owes much of his success to American black blues artists.

  98. I had a dealer at a casino in Vegas tell me they hate when MJ shows up there. Gambles with hundreds of thousands and doesn’t tip a single person on the floor.

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