What’s a trade secret you know from working the industry?

  1. If you call a call center of any kind, and the person you're talking to puts you on hold with no hold music, they can hear everything you're saying.

  2. Haha I once had a guy who was being nice as pie then when I put him on hold started calling me a stupid bitch who probably didn't know what I was doing to his friend, I unmuted and said In my sweetest voice "oh don't worry I do know what I'm doing, I was trying to see if I could pull in a favour to get you an upgrade even though you're not entitled to one with your policy, but Ill keep my favours for another time, your entitlement is a 1ltr, we will not be upgrading", guy was dumbfounded and as I hadn't been rude and hadn't done anything wrong management supported me when he tried to complain

  3. When you shop at Walmart, do you sometimes hear the announcement saying security cameras to zone six, or another number? They play them randomly in the hopes that someone who might be stealing will get paranoid thinking they’re being watched, and will decide not to shoplift.

  4. I'm not sure if Kroger still does it but they used to do the same. "Attention: security check in sector blue" or something.

  5. Arcade crane games have knobs inside that let you control how strong the claw grabs. So you basically make the claw really weak strength and then there’s a setting in the motherboard to make the claw go full power after a certain amount of plays. Whatever the arcade or owner decides how often they want people to actually win.

  6. As a freelance photographer, most magazines and newspapers don't pay you for using your photos. They offer you photo credit only. If you ask to be paid, they just get a similar photo from someone else.

  7. Also if you have a unique photo or video, always go non-exclusive and sell it to everyone. You get way more that way than just selling to one as an exclusive.

  8. A certain 48” Interstate Natural Gas pipeline valve is being kept open by a strategically placed piece of 2x4 lumber. If the valve was closed, millions of people would be without Nat Gas fairly quickly.

  9. If you are involuntarily kicked off a flight because of over sales you can demand cash instead of a voucher…

  10. From what I have heard if you volunteer your seat you can possibly negotiate not only even more money but a hotel and/or meal. Airlines would rather do this than make someone mad by forcing them off the flight.

  11. Not a secret but maybe not widely known. I design children’s books that get sold all around the world so there are a few rules we have to brief illustrators on.

  12. Things may have changed in the past few years, but generally speaking plastic is hardly ever recycled any more. It used to be shipped to China for processing, but even they had a hard time with the amount of pollution and toxic waste produced by recycling it. Now it will get shipped to other countries in Asia where more often than not it just gets dumped into the Pacific Ocean. A lot of municipalities just add it to a landfill.

  13. You cannot copyright or patent a garment design. Only trademarks and branding are able to be protected in the fashion industry. Literally anyone can legally copy any garment so long as they don’t use logos or other copyrighted/trademarked branding. (Edit: since a lot of people like technicalities, it is possible to patent novel non-obvious design features, but it’s niche and rare. It’s typically sports related clothing like shoes where this is more common)

  14. If you ship through FedEx express, if you're sending many packages/envelopes to a single stop, ship one priority overnight and the rest standard. They'll be delivered together with the priority package.

  15. Express courier here. This is on point. I hate having to double-back to a stop, so if I see a business priority, and three more standard, I get giddy because I can do that stop as one instead of two separate ones

  16. A nurse saved me by doing this, when the doctor blew off a positive result as a false positive, then did it again 6 months later. Id probably be dead if it wasn’t for her. And if the doctor has handled the first result properly my quality of life would be much better. Thank you nurse!

  17. I doubt this will be too interesting to most but if you buy 100 tons of straight rebar, you’re actually only getting like 95 tons of steel. ASTM allows the rebar to be up to 6% lighter than the nominal weight per foot and so it saves on raw material if you aim to run 4-5% light. However rebar is tested based on the nominal weight per foot so two pieces of rebar with the same strength will be able to hold the same amount of force even if one is “thinner” than the other.

  18. Same for all structural steel, but we never aimed to be light...ever. That was recipe for accidentally being too light, especially in a mill without tension control.

  19. That the reason why celebrities always look good in whatever they wear is that the clothing is tailored to their exact measurements. Shoppers will buy the size closest to, take it to someone to alter, and then deliver it. Yes, even the tshirts.

  20. Worked in high end golf clubs for years- almost all politicians register their handicap scores under a false name. The USGA handicap records are technically public information, and people would be pretty pissed if they knew how much time these guys actually spend playing golf.

  21. As an HVAC mechanical engineer, if you tell us you don't care about a brand it'll open up an entire industry of options. Almost all packaged equipment has the same efficiency and warranty, but some brands just cost way more than others because of whatever internal proprietary controls they have or inflated egos or whatnot. I can design you a system for 30-50% less sometimes if you give me the flexibility to do so. I can also show you a comparison to prove to you that two systems of different costs will operate equally.

  22. Nonprofits love to talk about the importance of self care and preventing burn out, but they will work you until you want to cry with too low of a salary and too small of benefits to actually pay for sustainable and significant self care practices.

  23. Pest control, for the most part (like 98%,) is a scam. The chemicals we use are effective, sure, but not in the concentrations we mix them. That doesn't apply to "organic" chemicals, which are completely useless. Clove oil doesn't kill bugs, neither does peppermint oil. It just smells.

  24. Attorneys can really only remember the details of about 20 to 40 cases at a time, so if you call your attorney after about a month or two, depending on the firm and how busy they are, they likely completely forgot what happened to you, and are working off a set of notes to pretend they have any clue who you are. Especially if you've really only interacted with them via phone other than one time in person for an intake or whatever.

  25. Please please don't be offended if your lawyer needs 3-4 data points to remember what case you are. Some of us carry over 100 at a time and my brain just needs a minute. But once I boot up that you're the one with the 3 random things that make you stand out I really do remember the whole thing. I will never, ever remember the case by your name; I'd be a much, much more expensive lawyer if I had sales skills like that.

  26. All Emergency rooms are not EQUAL emergency rooms. In my hospital, we don’t have any sort of OB, Pediatrics or any of that. When ever a kid comes in, or worse a baby, the nurses and doctors are all in a panic. Not because they’re incompetent but because that’s not what our hospital does regularly. Sure we will stabilize to the best of our ability and we will immediately call the local childrens hospital, but if you have a child for example in distress, and you have multiple hospitals near by, try being aware before hand which one is the best for yours or your child’s needs. You don’t want to rush into an ER where there isn’t someone who can confidently and effectively treat you.

  27. Agree. My daughter works in an ER. There is a children’s hospital next door, but people still show up with kids. They don’t even have some of the equipment in pediatric sizes.

  28. 100% take your children to a children's hospital if it's at all feasible/safe to get there. It's night and day, children's hospitals are amazing at what they do- in both providing pediatric care, and dealing with families. I can't thank them enough for the care they've provided my children over the years.

  29. we actually did find and file that bug in your favorite video game, our leadership just decided it was ok to ship with it

  30. And let me guess, it's not unusually high call volume, it's that they just haven't hired enough people to actually answer all the calls in a reasonable timeframe?

  31. Work for an optometrist, if you find a pair of glasses in a clinic that you like, they are likely marked up x2.5-3. There should be a number on the inside arm of the frame. It should be like “AK2073” or something like that. Look that up online and buy it straight from the manufacturer. Probably will be less than 100$. Dont pay full price for glasses.

  32. When you play match 3 games (like candy crush saga), after beating a few levels the game will make it impossible for you to continue (you will be getting impossible odds). If you put your device aside and return after several hours or a day later, you will find the previously impossible level to be easy af. It is a mechanism to prevent people from burning through hundreds of levels in one go.

  33. Movie industry. Unless you are absolutely breathtaking in your audition (which does happen don't get me wrong) There is a list of thirty people each studio prioritizes to be in their major films.

  34. For every publicly announced data breach, whether that be a confirmed leak, or the identification of a security flaw, there are 50 other such incidents that companies swept under the rug.

  35. I would go farther and say there are probably lots of companies that never even knew they were compromised.

  36. Most electronic medical records allow providers to put pop up warnings in your chart if you act verbally or physically aggressive.

  37. It comes up as “aggression warning”. We can also see if you are an elopement risk, high fall risk, are on suicide precautions…lots of EMR banners

  38. Funniest thing I ever heard from a “bookie” is that all his clients will tell you at the end of the year that they’re about even. “Oh yeah, then how did I afford this BMW?” he’d say.

  39. I try to explain this to my friends who think they'll get rich. The games are mathematically designed to give the edge to the house. If you average out every game everyone plays, it's always going to come to something like 1.2 or whatever in the house's favor. If you win big, its a fluke. If you keep playing, you'll always fall to the average eventually and walk away with your .8 to their 1.2.

  40. Tourism industry here. Look up when peak season is for the destination you’re looking at. There are usually cheaper prices are the beginning and end of the season. Try to book at the beginning of the season. Seasonal workers work themselves ragged and are usually completely burnt out at the end. At the beginning of the season, everyone is stoked to start making money again.

  41. Some musicians use a teleprompter so they don't forget their lyrics during concerts. I know this because I did it for a few years. My boss ran teleprompter for Tom Petty for over a decade leading up to his death. It is a strange, very small community of teleprompters in music.

  42. I heard a story, I think it was Steven Tyler, about why he still uses a teleprompter. Mid-song once a girl in the front row removed her artificial arm to pull a rose out from inside it to throw it up on stage. He said, you see a thing like that and you tend to forget your place in the song.

  43. This makes sense to me. If I was a singer, I'd either need a teleprompter or be I'd be known as the artist who spontaneously makes up new lyrics during shows.

  44. At any given point in time, roughly 10-20% of the entire internet has a dev team in an absolute panic state. The websites you use for every aspect of your life are held together with duct tape and shoe strings

  45. Truth. Being on the “inside” has ruined the magic of the internet for me. Every website I visit , now I just see the potential defects and failures I know are there.

  46. If you are buying software for your workplace get a quote and then go silent until it’s the end of the quarter. Then call the sales rep and tell them you can buy it today but only have enough budget for 70% of the cost. Your chances for a discount go way up at the end of the quarter.

  47. You can buy them on Amazon in bulk packs of like 50 for 7 dollars. May have gone up since I bought mine, but I haven't had to buy another since.

  48. The Canadian legal system is extremely underfunded and overwhelmed. If you are being sued by the crown (government) for a non-violent offence you can literally filibuster the court into dropping your case, in some instances.

  49. it happens for violent crimes too. i (unfortunately) know a guy who's case got pushed back for so long due to covid that they just dropped it. he did assault somebody.

  50. Accounting firm - if you complain (nicely) about a late fee or interest charge etc added to your invoice it’s likely to get cancelled. It’s easy to do, and the extra fees are just to discourage people from paying bills late. But if you come back and question it politely it will be wiped instantly. It’s nothing in the grand scheme of things regarding revenue and variances.

  51. Most fossils in museums are replicas. These days they're usually plastic casts from silicone molds of real fossils, but 3D printed replicas made from high resolution scans are becoming more and more a part of things.

  52. In the Field Museum in Chicago there is a little touchscreen in front of the dinosaur that shows you which bones are real and which are plastic

  53. US Hospitals lie on their bills. All of them. All the time. Push them for a code by code breakdown and watch the total shrink. Ask them to reference each code choice based on physicians notes and it shrinks again.

  54. I've tried disputing a bill after requesting a line-by-line explaination of the charges. "I refused this medication and they charged me for it anyway.""Well it's a standing order so you have to pay for it." In what other industry is that acceptable? "I don't want a turkey with my groceries, I'm not paying for that.""Oh at this grocery store, everyone gets a turkey. You have to pay for it." No one would stand for it.

  55. When moving into a new rental, before you move anything in, take a video of your walk through and mention and point out everything and anything. Mark the date, time, and address. If they give you a small form to write on, make your own. This can save your lots of issues when you move out.

  56. Super important: send the video via email to the property manager within three days of moving in. This way they cannot dispute if the video timestamp was edited

  57. You'll never resell that diamond at a profit if you're not in the industry. Just write that engagement ring off as a financial loss when you walk out of the store with it.

  58. This is why I buy all my jewelry resale. Oodles of women have custom pieces made and then almost instantly list them for sale at a loss. I take advantage of wealthier women's whims and end up usually paying half of what they did for barely worn pieces.

  59. People pay money for mulch, working in the tree trimming industry, we give wood chips away for free. Dump them wherever possible. All mulch is, is wood chips mixed with different dyes and sold for outrageous prices. You can put fresh wood chips on your beds for free if you contact tree trimmers and let the sun and air oxidize them over a few months. Pro move. If you can get cedar chips. Smell heavenly and keep flying insects away from the sap

  60. The designer that made the instructions that you just got with your table / microwave / bike? Never seen that thing. Not a clue, I've got the plans sure, but never seen it

  61. Is this why title companies insist that “you need to come down and sign TODAY?” I’ve been waiting on you for weeks, but if I don’t sign today, the whole thing will come crashing down???

  62. So is this because hard braking causes so many accidents or that people who hard brake tend to not be paying as much attention, therefore needing to hard brake more? Or maybe a bit of both?

  63. Some rent out power tools, projector screens, 3D printing services, provide seed libraries, and the one near me does boardgame packs that come with board games and a movie.

  64. If you live in the US, the absolute worst time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom is the fourth quarter of the year.

  65. We learned about this in high school. And that teacher was criticized for his curriculum. He was literally the only adult to take time and risk for information he knew was critical for us. From simple tax advice to starting small business to securing small loans to not getting ripped off on car insurance. All this stuff and none of was ever part of his daily lesson plan.

  66. In recording studios, very rarely is a vocal sung all the way through. What you're hearing is each line punched in individually. Almost always.

  67. In some popular music, it goes even further than that. Lots of vocal tracks are comped together with even individual syllables being stitched together from different takes. From there they pitch correct, even out the clip volumes, layer multiple vocals, compress them, and then automate them to get absolutely perfect pitch, tone, and level across the song. A final vocal in a modern, major production resembles an actual performance as much as a hot dog resembles a pig.

  68. Same with the instruments. A drum track can be pieced together from several different takes. Especially true for more complex types of music like jazz fusion or prog rock.

  69. There's a chipotle with those AND a compost bin. They don't compost... And there's ONE dumpster out back. But I guess it makes people feel good?

  70. Most single-stream “recycling” within the US goes straight to the landfill without a single attempt to sort it. We USED to send it to China on barges, but there are a lot of factors at play that no longer make it work.

  71. Had a trauma patient come to the hospital and rack up a huge bill with no insurance. They found out he had recently left a job, paid his COBRA premiums for him and got his bill mostly paid. Do what you want with that information.

  72. One of my parents was a realtor and they tried so hard to convince clients not to do open houses. They only attract nosy neighbors and no one in their area bought houses that way. They all did showings instead. But clients insisted in order to get their moneys worth I guess.

  73. It’s not wild, but there’s food and drinks and a place to sit down. Watching the band from the side of the stage can be even more entertaining because you can see them communicating with each other. Just stay out of the way. 95% of the people backstage are working.

  74. I used to work at an amusement park, Six Flags. The food is like $30 for a cheeseburger type bullshit but if you go in those fences that say employees only, there’s usually some kind of employee food court nearby. When I worked there, employees could use the food court on their off-days, even without a uniform, and pay cash. So after I quit, I’d just go there with friends and family and get full plates of burgers and stuff for like $5. Nobody ever said anything or suspected that we weren’t employees. Was a nice way to save money when you’re already spending a fortune on tickets and games.

  75. Yes that is true, but can 100% say if you do this at Disney you are going to found out. If you don't have your blue ID out in the open while back stage you are going to be kicked out so fast.

  76. A ton of artisan soap companies actually just private label from one company in Indiana. Dr Squatch for example, they sell their bars for like $7, but you can buy 12 directly from the manufacturer for around $35. Thesoapguy.com

  77. If you’re having pruning done by a tree service, verify that the crew leader who’s actually performing the work is certified or experienced and not just the owner. Also, different companies and arborists have different nuances and theories they prune by. My take is to make as few cuts as necessary to accomplish the goal. Anyone selling you “wind thinning” is just taking years of life off your tree. Same thing if you have notable or valuable trees near the powerlines. Results may vary but if you bug them enough the power company forester should (hopefully) be able to get you a certified trimmer or someone who won’t hack your tree. Keeping in mind that they still have to get their clearance.

  78. Just had a guy chop all the lowest branches off my cherry trees. I cried. 10 years and now I can't harvest anything without a ladder.

  79. I have a software confession, the progress on your loading screen usually depends on multiple steps and some steps are too hard to break down and report back to the user. Ultimately, your progress indicator is a lie

  80. For modern company promotions. Much like the Willy wonka golden ticket, this isn’t just produced in a box and sent out randomly. The company produces the winning product separately and these are given to a third party who “reverse shoplift” these into random locations.

  81. Started doing this with drink cans after getting a particularly grimy six pack of beer once. Never thought about my tomatoes though and I even worked at a food supply warehouse back in the day, so I should've known. Good tip

  82. A lot of people in that post have never peen paid minimum wage to scrape rat shit pellets out of the crevice around the top of soda cans while restocking, and it shows.

  83. That coffin you paid £3k to burn your mum in well we can legally sell it another 3 times and you get cremated in a cardboard box

  84. If you want to book a rental car but they’re sold out, book it for a week or two longer than you actually need it and then just return the car early and you’ll only get charged for the time that you had it. All the systems owned by Enterprise rent-a-car (Enterprise, Alamo and National) automatically open up their system to long term reservations and will make sure you get a car over someone who only booked in for a day or two. Worked there for two years. It’s a dirty business but at least I learned a lot of rental hacks lmao

  85. So you mean if I try to rent a car for a day and it says there's none, if I put in a request for 2 weeks it will now say there is a car?

  86. Your child is most likely an ENTIRELY different person at school. If the teacher says that your kid poops on the playground, that means your kid poops on the playground even if they are a perfect little angel at home.

  87. Hotels aren’t as dirty as people think they are. I’ve been seeing, “life pro tips” that recommend bringing your own linens because we only superficially clean them if at all. That’s just not true, I work for a pretty cheap and very popular chain and we literally soak our linens in bleach for a week if they’re discolored at all.

  88. The biggest security threat in your company isn't your older PCs, lack of security software protecting your network, updated patching of all systems (yes, those are all still threats)...

  89. Yep! employees will wreak havoc by doing stupid things. A great example of this is the "Stuxnet" computer worm scenario.

  90. I worked for the federal government as well, and we called it March Madness. Everyone knew our fiscal year ended March 31, so my phone would ring many times a day leading up to then with all sorts of offers to help us spend our budget money.

  91. When you order at a drivethru, the microphone stays on until you move forward. So everyone inside the store with a headset on can hear your conversation until you leave the ordering area.

  92. The drivethrough i worked had headseats with an "A" (drive through speaker and other headsets) and "B" (other headsets only) button. When training we always told people remember: A is for assholes, B is for buddies. Only, only, ONLY! ever talk shit on "B"

  93. Mormons: when they get married in the temple and receive their “sacred” name…. Everyone else around the world getting married that same day all receive the same name as everyone else. All the men receive the same name, and all the women are given the same name. 99% of them don’t know about this because they’re forbidden to ever speak the name they were given.

  94. When you see a number associated with a light bulb (A19, T8, G20, PAR38, the letter is the code for the shape (A=A-line, T=tube, G=globe, PAR=Parabolic Aluminized Reflector), and the number is the width of the bulb, but in 1/8”, intervals. A T8=1”, G20=2-1/2”, PAR38=4-3/4”, etc.

  95. Baker. If you take a regular box of cake mix and replace the oil with room temp butter, the water with milk, and add an extra egg and a teaspoon of almond extract, the result will be indistinguishable from a professional cake.

  96. Most major companies systems look modern and advanced on the outside but are held together with toothpicks and bubblegum on the backend

  97. If your IT guy sounds annoyed there's a good chance it's because he's spent way too much time fighting with management telling them not to do the thing that caused your problem.

  98. Used to work for a famous energy drink company. One that claims their product works for 5-hours. Anyway, most of the proprietary energy ingredients included in the shots are in such small quantities that they're completely useless. The only ingredient capable of doing anything is the caffeine. The others were sometimes less than 1% of the dose needed to have any effect. Essentially a huge waste of materials.

  99. Your garbage men have very specific rules about what they are supposed to take and not take. If you show even the slightest bit of kindness they will be much more willing to bend the rules to help you out. Same goes for being stuck behind the truck. If you ask kindly to pass they will get out of your way but if you just honk or yell they will move much much slower. We are often under appreciated and will show lots of gratitude when you show us a little respect for what we do.

  100. Saw a truck roll up on an obvious too-big pile of garbage from a home Reno. Home owner was waiting there and kindly greeted the waste service workers taking out his wallet and few 20 dollar bills while saying he'd give them a hand loading. Money was taken quietly unacknowledged and they chatted while they loaded. Seemed like the smoothest and smartest way to get the extra junk gone without a trip to the dump.

  101. VFX artist here. All of those celebrities that look so attractive? Well, they get zits like anybody else. Big honkin' nasty zits that not even makeup can fully conceal.

  102. Yeah, I still remember having to erase a cold sore in the upper lip from an actress in a lot of shots of a tv show. It came and went, so every time a new episode was given to me, I would pray that the damn thing didn't show up this time.

  103. This is pretty benign, but it gave me so much peace to learn it: When a medical professional starts an IV, the only think left in/on you is very soft plastic. The metal needle is used only to pierce the skin and place the plastic catheter into your vein. You don't have to worry about anything hard or metal poking around in your arm while you are hooked up to an IV.

  104. I wish you would have told me this last week! I just went in for surgery for a torn acl. When they jabbed me with an iv, i thought that giant metal needle was still in my hand, so i spent the whole time in the hospital not moving it

  105. Packaging design requires strong mathematical skills. I don’t know that this is so much a secret, as much as it is a barrier to new designers who didn’t prioritize their mathematical skills earlier in life.

  106. I know some people who especialy send their kids to privite schools for that. They passed with amazing grades but failed terribly at enterance exams.

  107. What you read in the newspaper about the latest scientific research is not based on the actual published paper or the research. It's written from the press release from the university or research institution.

  108. Yes it’s a bit frustrating how few journalists seem to understand how to read research papers. It really should be part of their curriculum when training.

  109. Vehicle manufacturers only have to make parts for a vehicle they just released for 5 years. After that its all aftermarket parts unless you can find some oem goods. - mechanic

  110. More of an open secret, but there’s no such thing as overnight success or getting “discovered” for Hollywood/Broadway. A lot of times the “breakout” role comes when someone is already pretty successful. 1% of people who pursue acting make a living doing it (not get big, make a living) so getting to a place where you’re booking regularly is success.

  111. Thanks for saying this. This articulation is much more accurate than the common refrain of, "IT is just using Google". Years of experience produces an ability to carefully craft your search terms and actually interpret Google results. You start recognizing things like which projects have great docs (and thus prioritized), preferred 3rd party experts, shady links, surprising gold mines (like TLDP), which reddit subs are likely to have quality responses, bizarre knockoff sites that are just stack exchange, scraped and reposted. These days I feel like I'm reading the page titles less and only scanning the URLs because I usually know who has the answer I'm looking for. Sometimes what I want is a random blog post because the author has space to explain the journey they took to solve their problem. With experience, you learn what the best channel for community support is for a given open source project, whether it's the project's GitHub issues, slack, mailing list, discord, IRC, etc (in one (positive, btw) case it was the owners personal Twitter account).

  112. Here’s a big one: When your loved one dies and you choose cremation with no services (very common these days) PLEASE select the option that their clothing/personal effects will be cremated with them. The other option is to destroy the items. This means they are removed and placed in a bio hazard bag. We’re not gentle in the removal of these items, because the next step is the cremation. Your loved ones deserve the dignity of going into the machine while wearing whatever they’re wearing.

  113. When my wife passed away at home under hospice, the hospice worker who came to help prepare her for the funeral home mentioned this and if she had something special I wanted her cremated in. I had just the outfit and found it very comforting that she had mentioned it. Hospice was phenomenal and I couldn't have made it through with out them.

  114. When grandma died, we were asked if we wanted her cremated in what she was wearing (a nightgown) or if we wanted to put her in a special outfit. We opted to give them her favorite purple suit and some costume jewelry. It wasn't something we thought about until it was brought up by the funeral director. FWIW, the funeral director was amazing and we were happy with their services.

  115. Also from the hotel industry: Never book your rooms through 3rd-party websites like Expedia. I used to work in a hotel and literally every single problem we had with a reservation was caused by some screwup from a 3rd-party site, and there was very little that the hotel front desk could do about it.

  116. If you cannot afford a drug you need, and don’t qualify for patient assistance programs (make too much, on Medicare, etc.), let your doctor know you need to stop taking the meds as they are too expensive. A good doctor will call the pharma rep and get you samples. My doctor just did this for me for Jardiance ($1,500 cash price for three months) and the drug rep provided me with a free 90-day supply, just for asking.

  117. If you can wait to go to the ER for yourself or your family (like for fever or slowly worsening pain), go EARLY morning, like 6am. And NEVER on a Monday. You’ll be seen and get treatment MUCH faster.

  118. If you want a month (or 3) of free service, just call and say you want to cancel. Their success is measured in customer retention, and they will give you free service in lieu of cancellation nearly every single time. I worked for eHarmony customer care (where you get in trouble if you don’t offer free service and the customer follows through with cancellation), but it seems to be true with any service I’ve ever tried to cancel. I spent years trying to cancel my Dish Network.

  119. Years ago a friend of mine bought a new car with SiriusXM. Every time he tried to cancel, they gave him more free months. Eventually he decided he liked the service, but wanted to see how long they would keep giving free time. It ended up being around a year and half.

  120. Hot water in a spray bottle and a shop vac is excellent for getting road salt out of your vehicle's carpet. Keep spraying the salt until it melts and suck up the water.

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