Which celebrity's career is basically over?

  1. I watched a video on that whole situation a while ago. She deserves to stay in jail for the rest of her life, but she won't, because she snitched on the cult leader.

  2. Such a shame with her. She could have ridden being Smallville's "best girl" for a solid 20 years, but no, she had to start a sex cult.

  3. I was expecting this to be full of interesting celebrities I had long forgotten about, but instead this is just a depressing list of garbage humans.

  4. Celine Dion….my understanding is that she’s suffering from neurological issues and is seriously looking at retirement

  5. This reminds me of Bruce Willis retiring recently due to having a neurological condition that will cause him to be unable to communicate properly(forget what it's called)

  6. I loved that’s 70s show and I was so upset to see what Danny Masterson had been up to. It seems like my man Topher Grace has been killing it though so I hope he stays a king. Fingers crossed 🤞

  7. I’m still devastated over his actions. My extended family was racist and they loved Cosby (before his nastiness came out). It was like he was breaking up that hate in my own household. His shows were good and wholesome. I admired him so much.

  8. When I was young (in the 90's) my dad one day told me he knew Cosby was a bad man. He was corporate legal council to some of his associates. He knew they did Bad Things and they partied with Cosby. Clients like this led my dad to quit practicing law.

  9. I saw a YouTube recommendation the other day of a summary of her downfall and the current pic of her is haunting

  10. That was such a dumpster fire. I remember people online calling other people homophobes because you said the story sounded fishy. It was so cold that night I feel like every sensible Chicagoan was in their home trying to stay warm.

  11. I saw an interview with him and the guy was asking him why Justin Bieber hates him. Aaron said it’s bc Biebs is intimidated by him bc Aaron is his main competitor 😂

  12. This one's just sad, especially when you see just how well-adjusted and successful his bother Nick ended up being. Hard to tell what went wrong in Aaron's life that caused him to end up the way he did while Nick was able to turn his life around.

  13. He was in my county's local bad and busted newspaper in Habersham county Georgia a few years back. We were wondering wtf he was doing here but we all concluded it must have been Meth.

  14. If anyone wants to see how Aaron Carter is doing right now, go to YouTube and watch Steve-O interview him. Man thinks he’s up there with Justin Bieber. You won’t be able to look away.

  15. Not that he had much of a career pre-allegation, on top of which he took a plea, but I would think Drake Bell's career is pretty toasted

  16. Well, since we're talking Nickelodeon, I don't expect Dan Schneider's next project to take off any time soon...

  17. one could dream but unfortunately there will be a lot of films coming of him fatly going around corners

  18. "Steven Seagal movies are poised to make a comeback in popularity, as Covid has caused millions of people to lose their sense of taste." -

  19. You all remember Emile Hirsch could have been a superstar and then he strangled a female studio exec. He still works but does alot of voiceover and small potatoes stuff. The dude could have been a superstar but blew it. Someone may give him a break similar to Shia but he is gonna need to pull a mickey rourke wrestler style comeback.

  20. Tarantino cast him in once upon a time in hollywood. I cant remember his character at all, but thats still a big film. Unfortunately hollywood is quite forgiving of things as long as the general public doesnt know

  21. On first glance I was thinking Emile Hirsch was in Breakfast Club, then I thought “duh, that’s Judd Hirsch”, except he’s the guy from Taxi. Judd Nelson was Bender in Breakfast Club.

  22. On a recent video from Steve-O’s youtube, he had Bam on and discussed the fact that even after Bam was fired from Jackass Forever, everyone rallied together (largely led by Steve-O) and fought for him to be let back in. So they were leaning toward letting him back in and set up a zoom meeting with Tremaine, Knoxville, and Spike to discuss it all with Bam.

  23. This is a shame. I was at a CKY show in Seattle 10 or so years ago and went outside between the opening act and CKY to get some air. Bam stepped off what must have been the tour bus and walked over to near where I was standing. He took out a pack of smokes and offered me one. I hardly ever smoke but figured "what the hell?"

  24. It's really sad how Bam's life has gone down. I know it's fucked up to say, but growing up, I always expected Steve-O to be the Jackass to be living the way Bam is living now. I think Steve-O would agree with me on that.

  25. Viva la Bam was my guilty pleasure. I mourned the passing of Ryan Dunn, and tried to keep watching Bam after that. But it was such a cliff at that point that I couldn’t keep seeing him like that. Breaks my heart how much the dude has gone through since then.

  26. Either of Die Antwoord. It's quite impressive how many people they've pissed off and how badly they've fucked their careers up. Plus Zheani's allegations against Ninja were both extremely verifiable (she literally had all the texts) and extremely awful.

  27. I wouldn't call it over yet. Warner has started the PR project: Ezra apologized and is seeking treatment for 'Complex Mental Health Issues'.

  28. This is the second time I’ve been like, “wait, what did they do again?” And then go look at the controversies section of their Wikipedia and it’s like…well there’s like a lot.

  29. Apparently he owed (maybe owes) the irs some money. It also appears that he became a born again Christian and will no longer use harsh language. He also turned down a ton of roles. I hope Chris Tucker is doing well.

  30. Cas Anvar - Alex Kamal ( ship's pilot) from The Expanse Series. He was on a reasonably popular series that could be used as a spring board to bigger things but was fired for basically being a horrible person. Even though there was a full season left and it was based on a book series, they just killed the character so the rest of the cast no longer had to work with him.

  31. Yeah that was a damn shame. He had a great character on the show. Given the circumstances they wrapped it up in the show reasonably okay but still. Firing him was absolutely the correct thing to do though.

  32. I was binging the show, and the whole time I was thinking ‘this guy would make a good Star Trek captain if they start a new show.’

  33. Came here for this. I'm surprised it's so low. The dude's career is over and it had barely started. Good riddance

  34. I don’t think Wendy has a choice on that even if she wanted too. She’s mentally deteriorating every day it’s sad to watch

  35. The trailer for his new movie, Peter Five Eight, looks so unbelievably amateurish it’s like it was concocted by a 12 year old boy.

  36. If you're a 29 year old athlete with nothing to show for your career AND a Netflix documentary, you fucked up bro. I'm looking at you Johnny Manziel 👀

  37. Dude could walk into any bar or restaurant in College Station and never pay for anything for the rest of his life.

  38. I was looking forward to watching him flame out in the NFL until he got drafted by the Browns, at which point it instantly just turned depressing to watch.

  39. Hey cut the Juice some slack. He’s been busy looking for Nicole’s real killer for 25 years… while golfing all the time.

  40. Indeed. I'm glad that in this thread of people that turned out to be assholes we have this positive glimmer.

  41. Shoutouts to his role in Looney Toons Back In Action, where his character was a stunt double for Brendan Fraser. Who he later punched in the face.

  42. Oh I haven't heard anything about him in a long time. Thought he faded into obscurity. Mind sharing some sauce about what happened to cause his career to fade?

  43. Oh wow there’s a character in The Sims named Baby Ariel and I thought it was a Disney thing … but apparently she’s a real person?

  44. Not sure that’s true of all Vine stars. Most of them still have a career on YouTube and a pretty successful one at that. Drew Gooden used to be the “Road Work Ahead?” Guy. Now his vids go viral. Recently there was that one about Ninja’s streaming course.

  45. Agreed, I think for a while he was feeding (badum tss) into the act but I think he actually lost himself along the way and now he’s just plunging to his death because he’s actually addicted to food and the hysteria that surrounds him and his life

  46. This guy is a legend. He’s done voices from Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls to the announcer for the second season of the Eric Andre Show. I think he was even supposed to be the voice of Ghostface at one point. The guy’s been in the business for decades and now this chapter of his life suddenly ends for him.

  47. Patrick Clark a.k.a Velveteen Dream in WWE. The dude was in a trajectory to become one of biggest pro-wrestling stars in history. He had a unique style, a unique look, and was a pretty damn good wrestler. He was someone that the world of pro-wrestling hasn’t seen before. This dude was going to make money. Then he turned out to be a creep. He got caught flirting with teenage boys online. He got fired and was basically black listed from the wrestling industry. Even local shows won’t touch him. He was recently arrested for drug possession and assault. He’s turning into a sad story.

  48. EC3 also just released a story in the last few days that apparently VD had set up a camera in his bathroom to record people pissing so he could see other guys junk. Wtf?!?!

  49. This one sucks so much. I remember seeing him on Tough Enough and I always liked the fact that he seemed like he was a genuine fan of wrestling. Even when he made it to TV he improved immensely in such a short time - the guy just had that elusive x-factor that rarely comes around. Even the top WWE guy John Cena publicly praised him. And then he blew it all in the most disgusting way.

  50. I still remember back in the day when he did his own version of a Kylie Minogue music video and flashed an awful lot of leg, for some reason him dancing to "can't get you out of my head" is seared into my memory.

  51. Idk if he counts but PewDiePie is retired. He made enough money to last him for a lifetime. When he went to Japan, something clicked for him and now he's just living his best life with wife and dogs.

  52. Now this is the way to retire. Don’t know why more celebrities don’t strive to this, make your money and live your best life.

  53. Oh man. We used to have some of the same doctors a few years ago. We had similar appointment times, so I’ve talked to him a fair amount. I felt so bad for the guy, because he (obviously) took so much better care of his body than I did, but was having such a worse time of it than me. I actually helped off the floor one day when he collapsed in the lobby and shared a pretty pitiful walk to the doctors office (I was in quite a bit of pain myself). I’d just assumed he’d get better because, you know, he’s Ronnie Coleman, I had no idea he kept deteriorating until this comment.

  54. Not that she really ever had one but Chrissy Teigen. What a loser. All she ever does is try to squeeze into the limelight that her husband creates.

  55. This one made me really sad. As much as I love John McClain there's always a special place in my heart for Joe Hallenbeck.

  56. Terrence Howard. Dude was one of the actors whose style, accent and ability to deliver his lines was joyous to behold. Then he started on that pseudoscience nonsense. Hustle & Flow is still one of my favourite films.

  57. For those wondering, apparently this is why. Skit in question is in the middle, with the children blocked out. I thought it seemed like bullshit, but...this is pretty fucked up to even remotely think this would be comedic.

  58. Idk if I’d say basically over but i feel like the Kardashian/Jenner clan is starting to lose a lot of fans because people are starting to see them for what they really are. (Thank god.)

  59. One of the best things I've heard is this quote "Everything I know about the Kardashians, I learned against my will."

  60. Yeah, I think they’ll be fading into Hulu-show obscurity even if it takes years from now. They will never not be social media stars though, but I think their show ending has decreased their popularity

  61. He's going stand-up and selling out all across the country. Not stadiums, mind you, but he's staying busy.

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