What brand can go fuck off?

  1. I like the quality of pampered chef. I do not like buying pampered chef. I do love my $20 pizza cutter though, the cheapest thing there was.

  2. But the pink Cadillac Escalade! A couple women that I’ve known have gotten sucked up into that and lost their friends. family, and money. Absolute hemorrhoid of a company. On second thought, i’d rather bleed from my sphincter.

  3. Fuck Autism Speaks, my school decorated the halls for World Autism Day and encouraged us to talk about it in classes as kind of a break from work, and I mistakenly outed myself as autistic to everyone during one of those conversations.

  4. Was that the colored puzzle piece one? I never did understand the commercials but probably because it was on Disney Channel and I wanted to watch Cheetah Girls instead of understand why I failed basic expectations in school.

  5. Ticketmaster. Surprised i haven't seen it. You'll try and cross shop tickets just to realize they always redirect you to ticket master where you're gonna pay a huge amount in convenience fees. Buying 2 tickets you're pretty much paying for 3

  6. Not only that, but they also own a ticket resale company, and set blocks of tickets aside for resale, at marked up prices. They also negotiated with ticket brokers to sell certain tickets to them before public availability. There was a Rolling Stone article I read several years ago detailing all their shenanigans.

  7. Yes. After my recent price gouging experience, I will only go to small places where I can pick up the tickets at the box office.

  8. Ticketmaster and their ilk exist to be the bad guy. The parent company Live Nation owns and operates a ton of the venues. The umbrella companies charge the fees and take the heat to maintain the reputations of the venues.

  9. I've had US text books in Europe.. they have a special edition that "is not for sale in Canada and US"... Because they don't permit that bullshit predator practice

  10. I had a professor, I use that word lightly, who would write, edit (poorly), and print his own texts. They were $200, and you HAD to have them. And he was one of those "I dont give out A's" sons of bitches. And you had to take at least 1 of his classes to get your degree. He was an awful teacher, in every aspect, and miserable person. He's just a bad as a brand.

  11. SheIn. Art theft, lead in children’s clothes, undoubtedly slave labor in there somewhere. The $1 fast food meal of clothing.

  12. DeBeers. One of the main exploiters of West Africa in recent memory, a near monopoly on diamonds jacking up prices, insists that you must buy your loved one a real diamond from them and not a cheaper synthetic one in order to prove that love.

  13. Don't call them synthetic diamonds. Call them real diamonds because legally that's what they are. You can also call them ethically sourced diamonds because that's also true.

  14. Synthetic diamonds are way cooler and don't have a blood trail. Also check any gemstone with a Mohs hardness rating of 8 and up, that will be suitable for jewellery and take money away from the diamond industry. Corundum, Topaz etc

  15. Oh god i need to buy a math textbook for my class that started 2 weeks ago n it's about $117.50 usd dollars 😭 i refuse to buy it esp since at the end of class my professor allows us to take pictures of his book so we can do the homework

  16. AT&T was scamming my moms account. she asked for a breakdown on her monthly charges, and she saw she was paying an extra $25 a month.

  17. My Sim card blew out one day (when I was a wee lad of 16) and I went to the store to get a replacement. Quick, easy, painless. Guy checked my number, gave me a new card and I was on my way.

  18. AT&T held a monopoly in my hometown and would pay off any company from installing underground wires. Absolutely horrible and offers extremely slow internet.

  19. AT&T decided I needed a 5g phone, so they disabled the SIM in my perfectly capable phone, and sent me a TracFone, after I told them multiple times not to ship me a box of e-waste.

  20. Fuck Xfinity. Transferred 4 of my phone lines to them with their buy-an-iPhone-and-save-$500 promotion. They refuse to apply it to one of my lines claiming they gave me that phone number. They’ve blocked me from getting ahold of them via phone or chat. As soon as I verify my account, they disconnect the call or end the chat.

  21. I live in Seattle and about the same time as they were introducing the Xfinity brand, the main Telco up here Qwest was bought by Century Link. Comcast was running as like "Can you trust Century Link, a name you've never heard of? Here use Xfinity." Which always made me think, "I've never heard of Xfinity either."

  22. Highly recommend the book Empire of Pain, which tells the story of the Sackler family and the origin of the opioid epidemic in America. Insane history behind the pharmaceutical industry, with a heavy focus on Purdue Pharma.

  23. My parents bought into that bullshit and I spent 9 years having "breakfast" of weirdly tasting shit that lasts all of 15min before I'm hungry again

  24. I knew a guy who had a solid, stable office job, making six figures, who went all in on opening a brick and mortar Herbalife store. He was broke within a year, and tried to crawl back to his old job, but he had literally napalmed all of his bridges in his field. Dude lost everything. But, he’s also a huge douche canoe, so I feel zero sympathy for him.

  25. There was one in the small Alberta town I lived in. I hated that place. Making "cookies n cream" shakes, toting it's super healthy. I'd find brochures (all without Herbalife branding, of course) on my door step and car.

  26. My cousin used to be a lovely person until she fell into the Herbalife bullshit pyramid scheme. The straw that broke the camels back was when she tried to sell to my Mom saying it could cure her cancer. My cousin will always be dead to me now and Herbalife and all their people can go rot in hell.

  27. I work for a shipping company and the amount of Herbalife bullshit that comes through my warehouse is honestly very unfortunate. Shits clearly an MLM and no one fucking cares

  28. Okay there’s a guy in my small town who just opened his 3rd or 4th and idk how!? Is it real? I’ve never gone but I really do my best to avoid all MLM type products. I can’t get behind sketchy sales practices to begin with and that doesn’t even account for the sketchy “product” you get in return literally 99% of the time. Anything that focuses more on selling something and recruiting others to sell that same something more than selling the actual product just doesn’t make sense.

  29. My brother took out one of these right before I took over his finances to help get him straight. He didn't realize he had effectively taken out a loan at 2700% interest. And that's not an exaggeration.

  30. I worked at a software company that created software for these companies. I felt scummy helping these people fuck others over, big part of why I quit. Though there were a few good mom and pop shops though who honestly would always give the borrowers breaks and had reasonable rates. Better than borrowing from the mob, if one values their knee caps.

  31. I forget the Native American company that used to do these loans, but if you paid attention to their commercials, they listed the APR on the bottom of the screen and it was in the hundreds of percents.

  32. Bro there's a place that offers pay day loans at 45% interest which I don't know how is legal I digress. One of these places has big billboard across the road from a social security office and the sign reads; "only receiving government welfare payments? You might still be eligible for a loan."

  33. I’m surprised I had to scroll so long to find that name. So disgusted by them! Trying to avoid buying Nestle products for many years now.

  34. I had to scroll WAY too far to find this. Hopping on here to say that there are MANY companies whom Nestle owns a LOT of stock in. Like Maybelline, L’Oréal, the body shop, etc. so when you buy from these (and many more) major brands, you’re putting money in Nestle’s pockets. Know what you buy and who you’re buying from.

  35. wow what the fuck... i know big corporations could get really evil but i have never heard of nestle committing these kinds of atrocities b4, guess i am really OOTL... fuck nestle man

  36. PG&E. They have fucked over so many Northern Californians between faulty equipment starting fires to working with Gavin Newsom to make the consumer pay for their damages. They suck so much John Oliver made a Last Week Tonight about them. Breweries in NorCal even started making beer called PG&E Sucks.

  37. I've seen some which are 45m long. I skip them of course, but who the fuck is paying for a 45m ad? Do they think they're reaching anyone with that?

  38. I looked away from a video I was watching the other day and suddenly some fuckin NFL star had a 30 minute advert about his new financial stock advice scheme or whatever the fuck.

  39. Hope you got a receipt for any rented equipment you returned for when they try to bill you for it in 3-4 months.

  40. Comcast is the most prominent company I know that was so bad at customer service they changed the name of the company to distance themselves from themselves.

  41. Pro-tip: when you get the chance to break up with Comcast tell them your housemate works for another ISP/cable provider and you get it for free. I asked them if they could beat $free.99 and they immediately closed out my account.

  42. I still remember when Comcast became Xfinity and stopped me from watching Chowder when I was 10. Damn them. Cable TV is just a ripoff in general

  43. If you don’t like Comcast’s service, send a formal complaint to the FCC. They’re federally required to right their fuckup as a utility. It’s small, it’s petty, but it’s all Uncle Sam offers. Fuck you Comcast. Eat d1cks in hell

  44. Any software company that has moved completely to subscriptions models vs offering a perpetual license or even a 1-3yr license.

  45. I see this so much on the apple app store and it pisses me right off. I find a neat app that I expect to pay like $20 for full access, but they only offer a weekly or monthly subscription. Nope no thanks you can fuck right off.

  46. No shit, Kirkland has the best protein bars both taste wise and nutritionally. Most bars are something like 15g of protein with 35 carbs, but Kirkland’s are all ~21g of protein and 22g of carbs (15g of which is fiber). It makes me angry that every other brand sucks so much ass in comparison to them.

  47. Cox Cable. When my mother died I argued with them for two months to cancel her service. I couldn't cancel it because I 'wasn't the account owner'. I ended up flying to Phoenix (from Seattle) with her cremation urn and plopping it on the counter and telling them that I brought the 'account owner' in. I don't know who was worse - them or the friggin' HOA who told me they were going to 'put her name up on the bulletin board in the clubhouse' if I didn't bring her HOA fees current. (Because seriously - your name on the bulletin board is just like something going in your 'permanent record' right /s).

  48. After my grandpa died whom my grandmother was married too she had a bunch of shit to switch over under her name and the hardest thing for her to switch was the fucking internet. They demanded a death certificate and something else before they would put the account under her name.

  49. When my mom died, dealing with her HOAs (there were actually two) was a major pain. Bunch of biddies acting like dictators.

  50. This is the worst! Had the same thing happened to me. I had to switch ownership of the account from my dad’s name to mine because he died. I brought in all the necessary paperwork. If I could, I would have brought the urn with me cause they kept insisting that they couldn’t do anything about it because I am not the account holder and that person (my dead father) needs to come in so he could authorize the change in ownership. I had to spend hours there and I was so close to losing it.

  51. When my dad died I called Cox to cancel his cable and they said "I'm sorry for your loss" and cancelled it. They offered to pick up his equipment, send me a shipping lable, or let me drop it off. I dropped the box off, kept the remote as a spare, and never heard from them again. The end.

  52. They also completely screwed over large swaths of the heartland in the wake of the recession by driving all the other stores out of business with shady practices like undercutting by abusing volume sales over per-item margins strategies. Those son of a bitches are the reason our retail sectors are so desolate out here and smaller towns that were booming in the 90s/2000s are now in decay.

  53. And it's literally in everything. I got my 75 year old mom invested in learning about products she uses and she threw out a few things and her air-fryer. She's getting away from it. Thankfully, she still has a lot of things she had from when she was a lot younger.

  54. My cousin is married to a DuPont.....haven't seen him since their wedding almost 20 years ago. And it's because his DuPont wife thinks we're low class.

  55. My grandmother had to be one of the few to make (a lot) of money in an MLM. She joined the company very early on in the 70s (it's no longer around) and by the late 80s she was just a few places from the top. It provided them a very comfortable lifestyle. But she's definitely the exception not the rule.

  56. A certain semi-celebrity that I follow mentioned recently that he'd just bought like six pairs of pants from there because they were cheap and looked good, but that he was afraid to squat because they'd probably rip in half. A day later he @'d them on twitter to ask why one of them had a used face mask in the pocket.

  57. I stumbled across a YouTube documentary about this. One company makes and services all of the ice cream machines for McDonald's. And the error codes and programming they have built into it are specifically designed to where they are the only ones that can service the machines and the employees of that restaurant cannot. I believe there is a lawsuit pending against them for this.

  58. Shell. They single handedly destroyed Nigeria by promising to help them out of poverty. They poisoned Nigeria's water supply with oil spills and then lied about it. Nigeria can't kick shell out because it would destroy Nigeria's economy.

  59. Didn't they start out with a promise to build schools so they got a good deal on some land and then didn't build any schools?

  60. Fuck yeh. Currently in a dispute with my insurance company because they won't pay for the antibiotics I need.

  61. People act like if we stop talking about the Kardashians, they will go away. But we need to stop purchasing their plastic crap. You vote with your dollar.

  62. You know a company is evil when the head of it states that people don't have a basic right to water.

  63. I used to work for Merck/Medco. I used to remember having to explain to women why the morning after pill and some forms of birth control weren’t covered but grandpa could have a hundred dick pills for a $5 copay.

  64. Optum. Goddamn optum. I’ve dealt with them for two years. Last year they approved all my meds. This year they do not. Last year I had to use CVS. This year I have to use Walgreens. Fuck Optum.

  65. Ugh and every fucking med requires a damn prior auth nowadays. Literally the bane of my existence. It’s like, wtf do you cover?

  66. I find it amazing how this is the number one response every time this subject comes up, and yet their profits never diminish.

  67. Anything "invented" by a multi-million/billion dollar celebrity. Like Bieber's wife now making clothes, Kardashian Spanx, etc. Just be rich and quiet, shit

  68. Bayer, when they had an excess of medication that didn't pass FDA approval, they sent it to South America and killed thousands of people

  69. Coors. They own the water rights in my county, and basically anything upstream from their brewery. I have a well and I can’t even water my own fucking garden with it, because coors. Only allowed 2 rain collection barrels, rest goes to coors. Edit: county

  70. Nestle. Steals clean water from developing and destitute nations, let's babies die from bad baby formula, deals with cartels and despots, etc.

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