It's almost 2023, what has NO REASON to still exist?

  1. Deskjet/inkjet printers are such a hassle and cartridges are expensive but I never looked back after I got a cheap home office laserjet and I print a lot.

  2. There is a website you can go to register online and basically take yourself off of junk mail. You search the name of said junk mail company and it takes you off completely, my parents told me about it a few weeks ago, I'll get the link and post it in an edit.

  3. Or the "print at home" fee for concert or event tickets. Seriously? I developed a website that dynamically generated PDFs (as certificates for attending an event) and it was completely free - a free PDF library and my own PHP code around it.

  4. Can we talk about those stupid little asswipe plastic strands with the wings on each end, that get placed into clothing JUST so they look nice on the package, that you gotta cut off and then they get lost on the floor or in the new clothing item itself AND then on to p of that, the company decides that they're going to put those annoying plastic stickers on the box to keep it together as if the plastic strings aren't already doing that

  5. Its a conspiracy so that your cereal gets stale faster, forcing you to buy new cereal. Tinfoil hat, engaged.

  6. Gotta treat it like a bag of chips. Fold the ends then roll it up and chip clip it. Keeping it in the box at that point is optional

  7. I disagree. The resealable bag trend is just adding more plastic waste to a very short term problem. We need to be reducing bag weight. Single use plastics are going to be a problem - recycling is not the answer.

  8. Right. Like would you rather me actually mail you cash or a check? I don’t think they even provide that option anyway, you just have no choice but to pay extra

  9. Fucking hate that shit, man!! Give us pockets!! We want them in jeans, in skirts, in dresses, in yoga pants!! Everywhere!! Just GIVE US THE DAMN POCKETS!!

  10. My husband says this daily. How the Fk is it almost 2023 and I still have shitty cell service. We don’t live in the middle of nowhere we’re about 30 minutes from a big city and our town has 30-40k not counting all the people who live in between suburbs. Cell companies show perfect signal maps.. lies. Total lies.

  11. As someone who works in cellular (we build the sites for the carriers), there are a ton of sites that are always messing up and shutting down, or haven’t been touched/upgraded for more than a decade.

  12. Yeah I wasn't vaccinated against polio as a kid because of a legitimate medical issue, and then when that was no longer an issue, I never got vaccinated because polio was all but extinct. Now, there was a small outbreak in NYC and I live in NJ and I'm going to have to get vaccinated.

  13. The main thing that stops diseases from being wiped out is instability in countries that still have it. There's also a lot of distrust in vaccines, caused by some political turmoil. Unfortunately politics and war don't play nicely with global health

  14. I had a great deck on my old house. Perfect “sitting on deck weather” every summer evening. Couldn’t enjoy it because of the mosquitos.

  15. Los Angeles has recently had an explosion of mosquitos (past few years). The other day I was outside for 2.5 hrs with a group of people and we all had somewhere between 15-25 bites. They even used bug spray.

  16. Being asked to tip at every transaction for everything I seem to buy at any counter these days. I’m fine with tipping for services but any food related register is getting way out of hand. Tip culture itself sucks and should make way for regular and fair wages anyway.

  17. Fortunately I've long since dropped any sort of guilt for not tipping if I'm not sitting and being served. I don't even do delivery services, I'll just order and go pick it up myself.

  18. The ones that really piss me off are at those self serve frozen yogurt places. You didn't get me a cup, or put the yogurt in it, or put the toppings on it, or even put it on the scale. All you did was take my money and stick a spoon in my cup. What exactly did you do for a tip?

  19. If you didn't wait my table the entire time I ate, you ain't getting tipped shit. I got glared at a cookie shop where I didn't tip when the girl handed me a cookie. I'm sorry but your work isn't deserving of a tip

  20. I don't understand the whole tipping thing... Tip for a haircut, manicure, massage, food, dog grooming, etc. When I walk in somewhere I expect a price and pay just that. If I didn't appreciate the service, then I wouldn't come back! Why should I thank the service with tipping!?

  21. Even my reptile place asks for a tip on the card transaction thingy. And it’s auto set at 25% I’ve missed it a few times when buying mice for my sneks but sometimes you buy expensive things there. Like I’m not tipping you based on a 50 dollar log I picked out lol

  22. I’m over it. If I’m having coffee, I’m making it at home. I don’t feel the need to be handed a card reader with recommended tip amounts for an Americano.

  23. My former workplace (medical field) used a fax machine. About 75% of all incoming faxes were advertisements with some sort of “See! Fax advertising works!” message across the top. Such a waste of paper and ink.

  24. It's crazy. If a female is a celebrity she is automatically gorgeous and desired. Celebrity men are held as gods. Once in a reddit thread I said I disagreed with what one male celebrity said and I got about 5 responses with the theme "I bet you'd never say that too his face" and "tough talk behind his back". WTF? All I did was disagree with this celebrity's opinion, I didn't threaten him or even say he was wrong.

  25. Sports bras with removable pads. Why can’t they just be sewn in??? I hate constantly readjusting them or putting them back in when they fall out.

  26. Right? Like if I want one without pads, THEN I’LL GET ONE. The only exception I make for this rule are swimsuits. Sometimes the pads make them look awkward so it’s better if they’re out.

  27. Or when you wash the bra and they either slide to the middle all squished or just seem to get tucked up super deep in the bra. Hate it. There are shirts that have sewn in pads now so you don't have to wear a bra or worry about nipples showing :)

  28. Paying full price for something you bought digitally. It makes absolutely no sense you are paying the SAME exact price as something you can buy physically. There should always be a discount of some sort because there is no middleman at that point.

  29. This. My job required a minimum of a bachelors degree but the job itself (once I was there) did not require my degree at all. Even with senior level responsibilities— it’s all company-specific experience with some data entry into excel and… talking to people. That’s it. That’s what people paid tens of thousands for, only to make less than $50k once it’s done. Granted, I’m technically underemployed (I have an engineering degree and just kind of… decided I didn’t want to do that), but still.

  30. Because we want you to see how much you are paying the government to not fix the roads or deal with the meth addict living under the bridge.

  31. Get a wide, flat container, maybe 1-2 inches deep. Plastic is preferable, as metal will rust. You'll also want an LED lantern, preferably with rechargeable batteries if you plan to use it a lot. Place the lantern in a jar or clear plastic container, just to waterproof it; you'll want to make sure it doesn't take up too much area of the wide container. Then add maybe an inch of water to the wide container, and add a few drops of liquid soap. Leave it on all night, preferably on the floor near your bed or your pet's bed. This will lure in some of the fleas and drown them. It's not a perfect solution, but it does help take the edge off a bad infestation.

  32. I tripped in ice a few years back and broke my leg. The first thought that went through my head was “fuck, this is going to financially ruin me”.

  33. I'm ok with it, but I wish all the states could agree to either do it or not. I grew up on the border of QLD/NSW (Australia). NSW does daylight savings, QLD doesn't. I could pretty much walk to a place that was an hour behind (I mean, it took an hour to walk there, but if I left at 2 I could arrive there at 2). I had friends living just barely over the border who had to leave their house at 7 to get to school in NSW at 8:30.

  34. 5 day work week. Not only because we have the technology to aid in making our jobs easier. Speaking from experience. I worked as a team lead in a warehouse and my shift was 4 days a week (fri-mon) and we did just as many if not more truck than they did on first and second combined. There is no reason people should be working 48+ hours a week to survive.

  35. I'd also chain that to 8-hour shifts. In terms of white collar jobs it's usually a waste of everyone's time, in terms of blue collar jobs, well, I guess it's a more complicated topic. I think the world would be a bit nicer if "finishing your shift" meant you've just spend a quarter of your planet's daily cycle, not a third of it. Working 8 hours a day could be a humane way to work overtime.

  36. I worked with a company that made fax to email software; so people could receive faxes from customers that insisted on using them and respond to them via email. One company was paying for software to convert fax to email because ‘the customer insists on fax’, their customer was paying for software to convert email to fax because ‘the supplier insists on using fax’…

  37. The progress humans have made on these fronts in the past few decades is astounding, however. Just not something that makes the news. Still some way to go, of course.

  38. Especially the 5 day week aspects of work. For the past few years I’ve only been doing 4 day weeks. It’s amazing. I feel like I can still do as much after I get home from a 10 hour day as I would after an 8 hour day, but now I get an extra day off a week which is massive.

  39. Out of control tip culture. Tips should be rewarded for exceptional service. Companies need to pay their staff better and stop pressuring customers to tip for everything.

  40. It’s really hard to agree on an equivalent method of transmission that is both secure and simple. Yes.. I’m sure there are 50 people that will tell me about a straightforward technology that is much more secure and “should be“ easy to implement; BUT, that other technology always has people who can’t get it to work right… or results in ghost copies of my document floating around

  41. Car centric infrastructure. You literally have to drive. At least give us a choice that doesn’t take 4 hrs to go 60 miles

  42. Internet access should be a basic utility at this point (like water, electricity, and gas), but instead we're still forced to pick between whatever handful of terrible ISPs happen to be available in our city and play their games.

  43. Cigarettes. We know how terrible they are for our health. They are incredibly expensive. Why is this still a thing?

  44. If you’re going to use them, at least start filling them out before you get to the front of the line.

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