Let’s pretend each country in the world is a guest at a party. What are they doing at the party?

  1. All the balkans will bring homemade alcohol, fight each other and then later talk like besties again. Can confirm, I’m from Bulgaria.

  2. Germany is the next door neighbor. We came over to complain about the noise, printed copy of the HOA rules and regulations in hand.

  3. Canada also arrived ten minutes early and waited in their car to come in exactly on time because being even a minute late might be taken as a slight

  4. Finland has drank themselves to the point where social awkwardness has been replaced with an urgent need to tell everyone about all the times they beat Sweden in ice hockey

  5. Finland is climbing on a statue and singing their national anthem because they heard their name mentioned in a conversation.

  6. Probably all fighting and if you go to the kitchen you'll find New Zealand and Iceland casually chatting

  7. They’re also the ones saying they’re about to leave for the night but falls into a conversation each step towards the door and says goodbye countless times while their children are waiting by the door with their shoes on ready to leave.

  8. And after a lot of drinking, they go to the bedroom to "have a private conversation" and when they come out, they don't look at each other and go to opposite ends of the party

  9. Sweden is either looking anxiously at their watch, wondering when it's socially acceptable to go home, or the drunkest person at the party. No in between.

  10. Denmark is mocking Sweden for being a drunk that always drinks too much and also for being a poor drunk that drinks too little

  11. Ireland is having their first pint of Guinness and everyone is already making fun of them for their 'drinking problem'

  12. Not outside. At the kitchen window, with a glass of wine, pretending they're going to help once they finish their cigarette, only to chat with the other guests looking to vent about another country. Listening just enough to start long monologues psychoanalysing every relationship at the party. Always ending up in endless debates with their oldest frenemies when everyone else got bored or pissed off.

  13. Only if the party is at our place of course, otherwise we'll wrap some of the food in tissues and stuff it in a bag for later

  14. The Polynesian islands are all Aunties sitting on the ground with food stacked on their plates all gossiping to each other about the famous Aunty (Hawaii) that is singing on stage.

  15. Heyyy dats my cousin you know she’s real famous kine right now, just got a part in that Disney movie! They’re shooting it over in Nu’uanu Pali right now!

  16. New Zealand trying to invite everyone to sit on their deck, but they’re all misunderstanding him and call him a pervert.

  17. Maybe a small amount of bickering at first but by 10 PM they’re all drunk and singing the same songs they’ve been singing together for the past 70 years

  18. Lithuania is depressed,but he brought some potato dishes and strong vodka,secretly hoping russia falls down the stairs "accidentally"

  19. Antarctica is outside in the cold trying to convince the doorman even if technically he is not a country he should be allowed in.

  20. Germany is trying to convince everyone that they ARE in fact funny and stands next to the trash can scolding people for not separating their rubbish properly. They've put their towel on the chair closest to the buffet before anyone else was there.

  21. And silently arguing with Indonesia and Singapore as to who brought the best tasting food, yet ganging up on anyone brave enough to say the rendang served needs to be crispy. Such blasphemy, Astaghfirullahalazim...

  22. Either that, or Germany is completely black out drunk on Jägermeister and Beer and is jumping all over the dance floor.

  23. Denmark and Sweden bullying eachother with Norway following up every insult with another one, regardless of whom it was directed at

  24. Spain and Argentina finally show up together at 3, both drunk, to an almost dying party but when they arrive the real party begins, Argentina starts offering fernet to everyone and Spain goes straigth to the dj table and changes the mood completely

  25. I can absolutely see Sweden telling everyone Norway can't dance and never step on the dancefloor because that's for those extraverts who can dance.

  26. The first hour yes, but after a few hours we will be teaching everyone else the drinking songs! Heeeeelaaan gååååååååååååååår...!!!!

  27. Norway is also standing in a (different and far away!) corner, drinking coffee that is mostly moonshine. When they are drunk enough, they will suddenly become extrovert, join the party fun and try to hook up with any other drunks, possibly sweden or denmark. Maybe they have some mandarins and kviklunsj with them for the trip home. They might try to go on a date with their hook up when sober, which will be extremly awkward as they no longer talk.

  28. Tuvalu 🇹🇻 keeps trying to say hello to people but they just think they're one of Britain's mates. Or they just say 'who de feck are you?'

  29. Meanwhile, Jamaica and Trinidad are forcing their rice and peas on Nigeria and Ghana to see which is better. When Ghana and Nigeria call it a tie, they bring out the rum to see which is better.

  30. Out on the lawn Nigeria and Ghana are joined by all their pals: Ethiopia, Big Congo, Little Congo, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Mozambique, Cameroon, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Guinea, Burundi, Benin, Sierra Leone, Togo, Central African Republic, Liberia, Mauritania, Namibia, Gambia, Botswana, Gabon, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritius, Eswatini, Djibouti...

  31. North Korea is in a treehouse a block away trying to watch the party with “binoculars” that are just two empty paper towel rolls taped together

  32. America brought solo cups for all and set up beer pong. Despite bringing good craft beer, everyone else just assumes the beer is terrible and refuses to try it, while making fun of America’s beer.

  33. And brings a mariachi band to the house with no one requesting or expecting it (the reason why Germany called the police)

  34. If New Zealand is hosting we're apologising about the weather and the behaviour of the Aussies, neither of which are under our control.

  35. France is chatting with the elite and brought her own food. She spends lots of time criticizing the artwork and furniture in the room. After a few glasses of champagne, she threatens to guillotine the UK.

  36. I feel like the UK and France would be arguing the whole time, and then the next day everyone finds out they slept together.

  37. France and the UK argue horrifically until someone else tries to join in where they both team up on the new guy

  38. Venezuela is trying to get everyone's atention by singing overly loud and presuming he can dance to everything, while in the back is his brother Colombia ashamed and trying to calm him down

  39. South africa is out on the bbq(braai) drinking an ungodly amount of brandy and will most likely still be one of the last people standing at the end along with Australia

  40. Germany used to pick fights at every party to the point where she wasn't invited anymore. Now she's back and very soft spoken and happy to explain to everyone how the anger management classes and therapy really turned her life around.

  41. Nigeria looks at these comments and wonders how they ended up at the whitest fucking party ever. Calls up Cameroon to gtf over here.

  42. Meanwhile Taiwan screaming at the top of its lungs and banging at the locker door and no one noticed lmao

  43. Portugal is happily inviting new arrivals to eat. It doesn't know if they're countries or not, or if they were even invited, there's plenty to go round! This has the unfortunate side effect of many things going missing over the course of the evening.

  44. Brazillians steal the party and put everyone to dance. It gets out of control at some point when yhe Irish join them

  45. The French one is showing off any bullshit cultural fun-fact while, without asking, smoking inside. Source : I’m French.

  46. America looks lovingly at France, looks away when she looks back and starts lifting a heavy object and telling everyone how strong he is. France rolls her eyes and cuts a filter off another cigarette.

  47. New Zealand got the invite, but couldn’t be fucked as it’s too far to travel, so stayed at home. Got blazed and had a roast for dinner followed by 10 to many drinks 🤙🏻

  48. I can imagine the Australians drinking a bit and eating a bunch of the snacks, maybe even trying to teach everyone the nutbush so everyone can all dance together

  49. Canada is making polite and friendly conversation, ensuring that everyone feels included and being mindful and inclusive of everyone's differences. Charming as he is Performative, putting on his best act to fool people into believing him to be the kinder, more amiable and more civilized brother of the USA when in truth he couldn't care less about anyone and just came in to network and boost his image.

  50. Canada is also not going to start a fight, but is hoping someone will be a dick so he has a reason to throw down.

  51. So Russia has only been here 5 minutes and they’ve beaten everyone up,stolen all the booze and took a massive shit in my sock drawer

  52. Greece is just… partying. But also asking Germany for money to buy more drinks cause Greece is entirely broke.

  53. ... while absolutely refusing drinks from Turkey, who is solely offering Greece drinks to see if they can get them to take one.

  54. You know how sometimes at gatherings you’re talking to some people for a long time and then one person talks for the first time and you’re like holy crap I forgot you were here? That’s Canada.

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