What is the hottest thing someone can do while kissing?

  1. The best thing a guy did while we were kissing: he stopped looked at me and said: “you look so pretty in the moonlight.” I almost collapsed. And then he proceeded to just lightly brush his lips against mine while holding my hand. It was the most romantic and hot thing someone ever did to me while kissing…

  2. Feeling a smile start under the kiss. Maybe not the “hottest” thing, but that hits you right in the heart. My wife and I just had our 12 year anniversary and I’m still so lucky to feel that smile.

  3. it's great, it really is. It's playful in a way but it causes such a sense of yearning for closeness - at least for me. Congrats on your 12 years.

  4. I could think of many but the hottest thing I’ll never forget was when my now BF first kissed me. We were in his room watching his TV in the dark. We were both staring at the screen in silence waiting for one of us to do or say something when all of a sudden he said, “Sarah, can I kiss you?”. No one had ever asked for my permission before and I found it so intimate and hot. I said yes and then he repositioned himself and leaned over me and kissed me softly and slowly. It was so perfect and passionate and we both felt it. He pulled back for a second and we both paused looking at each other’s silhouette and then he put his hand on my face and leaned in again but more intensely and we started making out really passionately and things escalated. I’ll never forget it. I’m gonna marry him.

  5. Aww my very first "boyfriend" (quotes because it was just a few weeks of summer camp in early high school) asked me this when we were saying goodbye. He gave me a minute to think about it and when I said I wasn't ready, he said ok and just hugged me tighter. Obviously the relationship didn't go anywhere, but I still remember that first almost-kiss fondly 12 years and many real kisses later.

  6. I think the hottest thing a person can do while kissing is gonna have to be pushing me up against the wall, pushing up against me, then just when you think it can’t get any hotter, they turn the heat up in the hot tub. Probably.

  7. One time I was making out with my girlfriend. She had jeans on. I reached around and grabbed her belt loops from behind and pulled, forcing her to grind her hips against mine.

  8. Read about this in books. Next time I have a date I'm gonna wear jeans and cross my fingers, lol. The stuff of dreams

  9. Definitely nibbling my neck and pinning me down with my arms above my head. Or if we’re on the couch and I’m straddling him and he digs his nails into my back.

  10. When they do something else like grab your waist(example) and stop kissing super quickly breathing hard asf and asking if you're okay with it. Consent does something to me. Lmfao

  11. Very early in our relationship my bf and I were making out when he grabbed both my wrists in one hand and pinned them over my head, paused, leaned in close, bit my earlobe and whispered “this ok?”

  12. Touch me. Pull me in close. Caress my breasts and tweak my nipples. Run their hands through my hair. Grab my ass. Turn me around and bend me over or push me up against the wall.

  13. How do I do something like that if I'm nervous or worried about scaring her off or unintentionally pressuring her into something she doesn't wants. Or her feeling like I just wanna sleep with her and nothing more.

  14. Anyone else hate that feeling? I'd rather take my shirt off than have a tangle of garments around my breasts.

  15. Pin me up against a wall(preferably) or something stationary, bite my ear lobe, neck, near collarbone, moan a bit, kiss me gently, then suprise nip my lip a bit harder(right on the plumpest part though so it doesn't hurt), stroke my hair or caress the back of my head while kissing, breathe into my ear softly while telling me I'm a good girl, or tell me how much I turn you on. then drop that head to kiss the other set of lips 😛 Alternatively, offer me a year's worth of Runescape membership. Ya know, just make it exciting..

  16. The girls I've kissed so far were all very tame and basically expected me to take the lead. This can be nice but it can also be a bit frustrating sometimes because it leaves me unsure whether she's actually into me or not. She lets me kiss her but in a very passivie manner. I think something that might be very hot is if a girl actually got really passionate on me. Like, if I'm making out with a girl and she pushes me against a wall or onto the bed or even down on my knees... that would be very hot.

  17. Yeah, when she pulls you towards you by the head is pretty hot... But you can try and express this feeling to her! Sometimes girls think they have a role to play that is being more passive, and don't try anything because they are afraid you might judge her! Sometimes that's not the case, but a good communication usually only leads to good results.

  18. If you lift her shirt up a little you can download Raid Shadow Legends on iOS and Android today and pull down her jeans to install Clash of Clans on the App Store and Google Play.

  19. Yeah I've got to say being pushed up against something is super hot. It's only happened to me twice though, once against a fridge and again against a car. More guys need to do this!!

  20. When it's getting hot and heavy. She wraps both her arms over my shoulders and she leans in and quietly whispers "did you bring protection?" I say "no I didn't". Then she says "don't worry I have Nord VPN, perfect for protecting our privacy. Get your first month free with promo code SEXYPROTECTION"

  21. Using ones left hand, ignite a pile of thermite whilst making out on top of the cover of a thermonuclear reactor lid. Should get quite hot.

  22. Slowly, very seductively, they move their hands downwards and pick up the turkey and provolone sandwich they’d made earlier and begin to eat it. They get crumbs all over your bed. You begin to question why you brought them home with you.

  23. My hysband is tall af and hes got muscly arms. My favorite thing is when he holds my body (250 lbs) with one arm and kisses me. He doesnt understand how hot it is but im short and fat and hes talk and muscular.

  24. Dated a girl who had some trama in her life. She’s let me know all was a go by just unbuttoning her jeans. Since she was worked up she’d let out a little growl. Was an easy way for her to show consent and very hot.

  25. okay i do this and it makes guys go crazy EVERYTIME without fail. you get on their lap and right as your lips touch theirs, pull away slightly. and do that like 2-3 times.

  26. I’ve been looking for this one!! Almost kissing & building tension makes the actual kiss so so much hotter

  27. Start giving mouth-to-mouth, sweep me off my feet and start giving CPR. That's how you know they will be there for you when you need them.

  28. There is this thing that happens when you are kissing someone you really like… and it’s so passionate and then all of the sudden both people like… slow down and the passionate kiss becomes soft and slow… and you just take time to break the kiss and look at each other for a small second…it’s like a little check in… like “wow, we’re gonna fuck and do wildly gross things to each other…. But this part of the kiss is the part where we tell each other we love each other or like each other or care about each other….” I love that moment.

  29. Moan quietly, like you want to be louder but are keeping it under control (for now), and suddenly increase the “urgency” in which you start kissing me. Also, while touching yourself. I love when my bf starts to slightly touch himself (over the clothes at first) and eventually pulls it out and starts lightly jerking off. It’s a thrill knowing how much I turn him on

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