What's the best answer to being called ugly ?

  1. Similar to John Oliver. Whenever someone insults him, he replies that he's offended that that was the worst they could come up with.

  2. Classic Jessica Day from New Girl: “my last name rhymes with Gay and the BEST you can come up with is jerksica??” Logic ‘em out of it.

  3. So, I've always wondered, how is the translation done in English ? I am French and Cyrano de Bergerac is a classic of our literature. But it's written entirely in rhyming alexandrine verses, so I have no idea how you could translate such a piece. Did they just give up the poetry part ? Does it rhyme but no alexandrine ? How does it work ?

  4. Then go into the entire tirade. "These are things you might have said if you had even an ounce of wit or letters to your name, but wit not so you never had an atom, and of letters you need but three to write you down. A-S-S!"

  5. The best thing I've ever heard is my friend's mom getting kicked out of a bar for being too drunk and her yelling " IVE BEEN KICKED OUT OF WAY BETTER BARS, FOR WAY LESS"

  6. One of my go-to's for whenever I do something odd is to say that I've done worse with stranger people.

  7. I've used it so much when I'm being cat call ! People get so mad when you ignore their cat call they end up calling me fat and ugly, the look on their face when I replied "how does it feel to be rejected by a fat and ugly girl ?" It's priceless!

  8. I once had a guy tell me that he would find me attractive if I wasn’t fat. I basically went “whew! Good thing I’m fat!”

  9. Man I wish I said that. When I was in college a girl said 'You'd be kinda cute if you lost weight', and I replied with a very dejected 'yeah, I know 😕'

  10. I got huge with my first pregnancy, and a girl that didn't like me in college sat behind me, and her and her friend started making fat jokes about me. It wasn't bothering me, but it got really quiet, because everyone heard them, and the teacher had stepped out.

  11. Reminds me of a Bob Zany joke, from before he lost weight. Something like: a woman said to him, "If you lost 100 lbs I'd go out with you." Bob replied, "If I lost 100 lbs, I could do better than you."

  12. Keep a dollar in your back pocket, when someone calls you ugly, pull out the dollar with a surprised look and put it in your wallet. Respond with, “Wow! Another dollar!” Then casually walk off.

  13. Just go "And?" and look at them all confused as if they just pointed out something irrelevant about you, like the colour of your hair. People really break when you give them an anticlimactic reaction.

  14. Seriously this. I used to be overweight, and every time I got defensive or upset when people would make remarks about my weight it would only fuel them because they got what they wanted, a reaction.

  15. To be honest this is the most sensible reaction. Because wtf does my ugly have to do with you in the first place. Why are you making this your problem.

  16. I find just an “okay” works to deflate someone’s smug sense of self when they’re being a dick. “K” also works.

  17. I’m ginger and I get the ‘you’re ginger’ and I just go ‘really? Thankyou for noticing’ or ‘really? Hmm. I always thought it was green’ or some sarcastic remark. But when I used to get bullied I used to agree with them, their faces were brilliant🤣

  18. I was working as a cashier, and refused an alcohol sale because the kid didn;t have ID. As he left, he said "Fuck your mother!" I said, "Will do!"

  19. I've enthusiastically said thank you to someone after they said it. The only reason they say it is to make that person upset, but when they see it doesn't bother them at all or that they even embrace it, then they realize they lost their game and have no more moves.

  20. My friend told me his response from high school. He was being called fat, but I think it still applies well:

  21. I had a friend growing up and when we'd make fun of his weight, his sister would try to defend him in all the wrong ways.

  22. This is perfect. When someone says something like this they are trying to hurt you, when you show that you are unaffected it in fact will piss them off.

  23. "Ok Bud 👍" is my go to for any insult or attempt to rile me up. It's not offensive, you're not stooping, and best of all it still pisses most people off

  24. Don't answer at all. Just meet their gaze for a second (no expression whatsoever) and carry on without them. Let their nasty remark be the last one, so it will linger in their minds.

  25. If one felt a very deep need to say something, "K" is a solid pick. Then carry on the conversation as if they didn't even speak, like you said.

  26. Felt bad? Animals, including humans, learn by trying and feeling pain or pleasure. She will likely not do that again.

  27. Not saying you were right to say it, and you're probably correct that she didn't really learn anything, BUT she definitely doesn't learn anything if no one ever gives her push back on hateful shit she says.

  28. I’m a woman who was also treated poorly by girls with that attitude. Good for you for tearing them apart. Taste of their own medicine isn’t something they get often.

  29. Kids are fucking dumb, experience is a solid teacher and you've given her some valuable life experience

  30. I recently went to dinner, by myself, at a relatively fancy place. I was wearing my work clothes because I was hungry and made nice money that day so I decided to treat myself. As I was leaving, someone whispered, omg look at their shoes. At first, I was self conscious. But then, a moment of gratitude. These shoes, as worn as they are, got me to a place where I could take myself out to have a nice dinner. So fuck you kid. You may have shoes like mine one day.

  31. It's a great quote but I believe a person stiff enough to use "ugly" as an insult wouldn't be able to get it! Some of their neurons might explode!

  32. Just don't do what I did and internalize it to the point where you struggle to accept compliments from your spouse even after years of marriage.

  33. I’m hoping OP is young, to actually be concerned about this. The only good response to uninvited commentary from unimportant people is to make it clear how unimportant their opinions are.

  34. I’ve said, “I know!” to people who have called me ugly or stupid. It’s stops them in their tracks every time. A few have even guffawed.

  35. not really a good answer but after boot camp I was on tinder while doing school for my job. matched with this dude on there and we were talking on snapchat and all was well. one day while in uniform at the chow hall, looking particularly rough, he must have seen me.

  36. Extend your hands out, palms facing the sky. Then look up and around a bit as if you're expecting to feel rainfall and say, "maybe if we wait just a little bit longer, a fuck will fall into my hand, and I can give it to you."

  37. A flat, emotionless "Okay." Think about why they say those words in the first place. It's because they want to get a negative reaction out of you. They want to hurt you emotionally. When they see you're completely unfazed by their insult it will drive them insane.

  38. As a large, hairy man, it takes a very brave soul to call me ugly. That said, if they do, I just say, "My mom thinks I'm pretty".

  39. Oooh. Story time. Had a pissed off customer call me fat and ugly because I wouldn't serve his drunk, trespassing ass more beer. I replied: "I can put on makeup and lose weight, but you'll always be a sad, drunken loser."

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