what do you think is the worst American state?

  1. They say that in Alabama, too. I guess there's stiff competition for 49th place but Mississippi has 50th sealed.

  2. Interestingly, people in Mississippi say the same about Arkansas. Source: lived in Jackson for several years. Yeah, I know there is no drinkable water there. It was inevitable.

  3. Mississippi. Jackson, the state capitol will go without reliable drinking water indefinitely. What a mess.

  4. I was in Jackson for work two years ago. The town is pretty bad. It was the first and only time I’ve ever experienced bed bugs in a hotel, I had to get all my clothes heat treated. The food in Mississippi was fantastic though, especially the desserts.

  5. It’s actually very common in the US. People only think about Flint because it got publicity for the corruption involved. Contaminated from arsenic, PFAs, lead, broken infrastructure etc is widespread

  6. Graduated med school in Jackson. Don't miss much about the state or south in general but I would still say Louisiana is #1 in places I wouldn't want to live. Highest incarceration/crime rates with some of the lowest literacy, education, mental health, healthcare, etc. People say the redeeming factor is the food but really it's just that they fry everything. I feel bad for the people who feel like they are stuck there.

  7. I feel like seeing how much a city/county/state cares about their water and sewer infrastructure is a good indicator of how other things are run there. Like how you’re supposed to look at a restaurant’s bathroom to judge how much cleanliness is taken seriously there, but for cities/states/counties. It’s insane that this is even an issue.

  8. This is the result when people vote for "government so small you could drown it in a bathtub." Eventually government runs out of money for basic services.

  9. I know so many out of staters who hate California, though I suspect that few have ever actually lived here because how can you say this is the worst state??? We have our problems, but I can go snowboarding in Big Bear in the morning and be having fresh poke on the beach by the afternoon. Also we have the best and most diverse food scene in the country other than NYC. And the weather is really mild all year round - I always take our weather for granted until I travel somewhere else and experience "real weather".

  10. Saying California is the worst state is like saying the us is the worst country. Sure there are problems and there's room for improvement but at the end of the day you've got to have your head pretty far up your own ass to believe either is one of the worst places to live

  11. I knew it would be like that before I came into comments. I read through them and aside from cost of living, I never have a problem with any of the other stuff mentioned and I'm a third generation Californian.

  12. You don't say the word metrics too loud in America or a guy in a jacked up 97 Ford f350 is going to come rollin coal outta nowhere, stop right next to you, flick his cigarette at you, say something you can't hear over the exhaust but you think you see him mouth the words "pussies and bitches" before cranking up Bawitaba by Kid Rock and peeling outta there faster than Dom can find a reason to say "Family".

  13. The answer to this question is always Mississippi. Some states are worse for X. Other states are worse for Y. Overall, Mississippi is the worst. Every social, political, criminal, and economic woe in the USA heavily affects Mississippi. Nobody seems to care, beyond pointing, laughing, and plotting a route around it if you're driving to Mardi Gras.

  14. When we were in Louisiana at Lake Pontchartrain I was talking with a local guy and he said "if you go across this bridge you'll almost be in Mississippi, then you'll turn around and come back because who the hell would willingly go to Mississippi?"

  15. It really depends on what we're talking about they're being the worst at, but MS and MO immediately came to mind.

  16. Mississippi. I'm saying this as a Mississipian. Our state capitol doesn't have reliable drinking water. Safe access to abortions are no longer legal. We have a welfare fraud scandal that not only implicates our past governor, Phil Bryant, but also our current one, Tate Reeves, where the lawyer working on the case was fired for literally doing his job, so it's probably much worse than we even know publicly at this point. It's a mess.

  17. I really would love to defend mississippi as its my home. And tbh i love my home. But its hard. All i can say is the coast below i-10 is way different from south mississippi, which is way different from north mississippi, which is way different from central mississippi. And then there is the delta which is like stepping back in time 40 years.

  18. Every time I drive through the Midwest I’m always taken aback by how much more noticeably dirty and dilapidated Indiana is than the states around it. I’ve never seen any part of it outside of interstates and rest stops, but those areas are a huge step down from all its neighbors.

  19. I've lived in Indiana for 16 years now, and you're not wrong, but not totally right either. I think the issue is the contrast between some of the nicer places and the shittier ones. Bloomington, Indianapolis, Carmel, Ft. Wayne, Columbus, Evansville, hell even South Bend all either are or are becoming wonderful places to live. The problem is once you leave those places you're in meth central and it gets depressing fast. I live in Bloomington, for example, and if I go south I get to Bedford, which is...meh...but then if I continue south east I go towards Tunnelton, which is getting into "Deliverance" type territory. And let's not forget the significant presence of the Klan in a lot of areas.

  20. Agree Indiana sucks and has to rank pretty high in this discussion, but it isn’t the worst. Indianapolis is pretty cool.

  21. I find this odd because I live in Indy suburbs and imo it’s amongst some of the cleanest I’ve been too. I go to some large cities east/west coast and completely grossed out.

  22. They have two large cities and both are right on the border like they tried to get out but didn't quite make it

  23. If you say California, Texas, New York or Florida you're just pushing an agenda. Go check out Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, west Virginia and Missouri and you'll see garbage states

  24. Woahhh West Virginia is just beautiful mountains and rolling landscapes with a little bit of meth and pills in between. It’s actually a beautiful state.. geographically.

  25. Arkansas and West Virgina get a bad rap as hillbilly states, but they're absolutely two of the most beautiful states I've ever spent time in. West Virginia is big and epic, but Arkansas kind of sneaks up on you with its beauty. Both states also have thriving artist/hippy communities. Saw some of the best barnyard theater in my life in Arkansas, and both states have fantastic local breweries.

  26. I'm not a fan of Cali, but the I wouldn't say it is the worst state because I, unlike ppl saying Cali, have been to the South

  27. I know by the metrics it’s Mississippi, but in my personal opinion it’s Oklahoma. I was born there and half my family is there and fuck that state. The people are awful, the state is ugly af, and there is nothing redeeming about it. I always think that there’s a reason that they gave the native Americans so much land in Oklahoma and it isn’t because they were giving them the prime rib of states. Cursed state.

  28. Id rather get a degree (in most fields) from IU, Purdue, or Notre Dame than Ole Miss, MS State or Southern Miss.

  29. Indianapolis is a good place to live as a young person too. The cost of living is good and you can afford to live really well. Also they seem to attract lots of different events. It’s no Chicago but it’s certainly a solid place to live

  30. Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICTD) is freaking awesome though. Metra is content to just let their infrastructure rot away and never do anything to improve, but NICTD is double tracking the South Shore Line, increasing the frequency of trains, and even building a new line to Dyer.

  31. Are you kidding? I have literally been to Nebraska and still forgot I had been there. The whole state is a void of Nothingness and corn.

  32. Indiana is definitely not perfect but it’s no worse than any of it’s bordering states(excluding Michigan). Cost of living is very affordable and most of the people are kind to each other. Of course we have our Jesus Freaks but I just try my best to ignore their bullshit.

  33. I am really starting to feel sorry for our friends in Mississippi who have to read the constant bashing of their state on this site.

  34. Mississippian here. Mississippi probably has the lowest number of redditors per capita tbh. Either way, we’re used to it. It has its charms. But even us natives dont deny we have alot of problems.

  35. Mississippian here. I've lived here all my life and I work in Jackson and live next door to Jackson. This place is garbage and the government is garbage. Every "fix" for all of it's issues involves a lot of money going in and a cheap patch coming out. There is nothing redeemable about this place other than the fact I can live at a lower cost to support the low pay that I get.

  36. It isn’t like it’s personal or anything, if you look at all the metrics they are unequivocally the worst off state. Sure, some state might be worse in this or that, but overall, they take the cake.

  37. My cousin is officially going to Ohio State for school and for someone who was raised on Michigan football that certainly hurts.

  38. I’m not American but every time I watch a documentary or see a movie/tv show set in Iowa I think “huh, that’s a boring a$$ place to live”. It seems there’s nothing much besides cows, corn fields and endless roads. No offence to anyone who actually lives there lol but I feel like most young people can’t wait to finish high school and get away.

  39. Lol, you're not wrong. There are some upsides. If you don't care to have a never ending queue of events and food options, living in iowa provides s low cost of living, low crime, almost non-existent traffic if you're not in one of the few metros. (Even there, the traffic is a mild inconvenience) All that said, I don't have a desire to live there rest of my life in Iowa.

  40. Honestly Iowa isn’t that bad if you’re in the larger city areas. There’s a lot of small towns and farming in between that are super boring, but Des Moines and Iowa City are pretty good places to live. I grew up in Iowa city and there is a huge university right downtown so lots of different people. Also lots of people come from chicago to that area so it’s a nice mix of different ethnicities. Foods really good, great craft beers, and lots of live music events. It’s a place you want to leave when you’re young and come back when you’re older and ready to settle down.

  41. Wow, non American here. I looked at the comments thinking that I'll see Florida with thousands of up votes. Had no clue about Mississippi, makes me wanna visit now...

  42. Objectively by yearly state rankings that are released online that rank states according Healthcare, education, opportunity, etc. West Virginia, New Mexico, Louisiana, or Mississippi would be the worst.

  43. West Virginia is an interesting one because there are some remarkably poor and desolate parts but a lot of it is absolutely beautiful mountains and rivers. So overall West Virginia will never be the worst state in the union to me.

  44. I was just in Austin and felt that the cities in Texas are really poorly designed imo. It is near impossible to live without a car in most areas, and the endless sprawl and heat make it downright inhospitable for walking/biking.

  45. at least west texas has beautiful scenery in some places. i road tripped through earlier this year (in fucking july without ac lmao) and after going through arkansas, texas seemed like a beautiful walk in the park.

  46. I can assure you it's not New Mexico. Definitely one of the most underrated states in the country. What I CAN assure you of is that its definitely Mississippi.

  47. I was born in Texas, I have a ton of family in Texas. As time goes on, my estimation of Texas goes lower and lower. They're competing with Florida in a race to the bottom of crazy. Which I find frustrating, since there is a lot of potential.

  48. New Mexico has a lot of problems, but it has New Mexican food, some gorgeous scenery, and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

  49. The thing about Florida that gives it a huge leg up is the vast amount of ocean front, some decent cities in a sea of stupid, and some real natural beauty - Everglades, the Keys.

  50. I've lived in 7 states and visited all but a handful (mostly in the deep south). I have the most visceral dislike for a state I lived in for a decade or so - Ohio. The weather is horrible, the economy is shit, and the people are miserable. The cities are shitholes, devoid of culture, and the rural areas are nothing to look at either. Unless you're an admirer of fields of soybeans with the occasional sign reminding you that you're headed for hell if you aren't just like them. Yes, as far as social justice goes, it's still 1958 in Ohio. Avoid it like the plague, especially if you're not a straight, white, christian male who loves nothing more than (American) football.

  51. So, yes...but. Look at the election map. Those points of blue represent a huge percentage of the population: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Toledo. We have a huge, politically active gay population, and my kid has never had an issue at school or work. So when you say it's 1958 in Ohio, that's not true for most of us. The economy is doing well. We have a lot of big businesses coming in, despite the fact that we're not a "right to work" state, and we're sought out as a home for remote workers.

  52. No culture? I’m not from Ohio, but love to visit Cleveland because it has one of the best art museums in the country. Also one of the greatest collections of Asian art outside Asia. Also - great Northern European food. I had the best Polish food of my life in Ohio.

  53. Columbus is a cool enough college town and capital city. Ohio St. Is a leading research institution. (There are 4 others in Ohio).

  54. I actually still do not understand this hatred for Ohio. I really don't get it. The weather is literally the same as every other Midwest state. Hot summers, cold winters. The economy is actually one of the top in the country, I think top 10. Absolutely not devoid of culture -- walk around Cincinnati and Cleveland and you'll find tons of culture, from the old German immigrants bringing unique cuisine, to the love for sports across the state -- museums, zoos, amusement parks, lakes, rivers, Hocking Hills, 3 cities with 2+ million people in the metro area...great universities, good education in general.

  55. That’s not true at all lol what? You’ve lost your mind, clearly you spent too much time in a place you didn’t like, I’ve driven all over Ohio, the rural parts are gorgeous especially north of Akron and around Kent, and Cincinnati has amazing architecture and super cool and unique vibes throughout. Did you live in Youngstown or Dayton?

  56. Nothing personal. It just sucks. It’s like looking at Afghanistan and saying,”I wouldn’t be caught dead there.” Same thing with Mississippi.

  57. As far as scenery goes, Kansas. My sister drove across the country from Virginia to Utah, passing through Kansas among many other states, and she said it was singlehandedly the most boring part of the drive.

  58. Basically any state the is run by Republicans. They have high levels of abject poverty, low levels of education, constant economic instabilities and a government that does not care about & does nothing for it's citizens.

  59. Amid all the deserved opprobrium heaped on Mississippi, let me put in a bad word for South Carolina as, in addition to being equally redolent with cronyism and an almost willful commitment to economic inequality as an ideal for living, have cursed the US with so many of our most racist politicians: John Calhoun (foresaw the Civil War coming when he died ten years earlier but was, unlike others of his generation, utterly unrepentant about slavery), James Hammond (“Cotton is King” speech that turned out to be utterly wrong, and you name them he raped them—his wife, his enslaved women, his nieces and probably his male college roommate), Pat Tillman (leader of the revolt that restored white supremacy in state government, rewarded with a Senate seat he used to pass all manner of racist laws) and Strom Thurmond (responded to Truman’s mere mention of “equality for the Negro” by running a third-party line in 1948 and getting his home state’s electoral votes; all the while had secretly fathered black children only formally acknowledged as such after his death).

  60. Even if you hate California’s politics, it’s got enough going for it as a state to still not even be remotely close to the worst one. So much natural beauty, good food, and an economy that rivals actual full-ass first-world counties.

  61. I hate TX and FL politics but at least they have culture and food. Miami being a mix of Latin culture is definitely fascinating. Not to mention the beeches, and the parks the state has. The US space program.

  62. More astronauts come form Ohio than any other place in the world. When asked about it, one of them said something like "There's something about Ohio that makes you want to flee the Earth."

  63. I’ve been to Alabama a few times. There were Trump flags on almost every dilapidated home and local business I saw. Everyone has a staring problem and apparently the inability to breathe through the nose.

  64. I grew up in Northern NJ and I hated every minute of it. But every time someone who’s not from NJ talks shit I get this urge to kick their ass.

  65. Any answer that isn’t Mississippi is just incorrect and all the people in Controversial answering California are just mad whichever red state dumpster fire they live in would be third world if it weren’t for all the money CA sends to the feds in taxes

  66. Mississippi. It flooded and a major city is now without drinking water. Michigan. Flynt still lacks safe water, Detroit is a crime ridden mess. Texas. Won't be on the power grid so the electricity is a problem on hot days or during cold weather. Florida. Home of the Florida man. Alabama is like stepping back in time 100 years. Louisiana may host the most corrupt government in the nation.

  67. I'll push back on MI a bit. The national spotlight with Flint and Detroit put us in a category I'm not sure we deserve. By most metrics we're at least mid-tier, and if you're into outdoor recreation, it's a god damn gold mine.

  68. Michigan is awesome, it just gets a bad rep because of Flint and Detroit. Even then, even though there’s still a huge amount of Detroit that is run down, downtown, Corktown, midtown and a bunch of other neighborhoods have made a pretty good rebound. The people of Detroit are the real highlight though.

  69. Michigan as a whole is great, the surrounding metro Detroit area is an awesome place to live. Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and the UP on its own make MI pretty amazing too. And the city of Detroit has made a huge comeback. Michigan will also be one of the more comfortable places to live in the upcoming years.

  70. Generally people who have never been to Michigan hate on Michigan. It is very beautiful. It has everything in terms of outdoor recreation. Forests, lakes with great beaches, sand dunes, skiing, wineries etc Michigan has it all. And as for Detroit, the city has been majorly overhauled by the Ilitch family and other businesses moving to downtown. Much of downtown Detroit has been renovated. On the east side there is blight and increased crime, just like most major cities. Detroit and Michigan in general is absolutely worth visiting

  71. Detroit is still nowhere near as bad as St Louis or Birmingham, I'm not sure why that gets a worse rep other than maybe because it's not in a deep red state

  72. Texas: Vast expanses of nothing but dead grass and cows over 1/2 of the state. People claiming it's the best state ever with absolutely nothing to back that claim up. It is a microcosm of "The US is the greatest country ever" within the US.

  73. I recently drove from Denver to Houston, then back. I agree that so much of Texas is dead wasteland with small, dying towns situated along the interstate. Our car was constantly deluged with dust storms and tumbleweeds, and not in a cute "ye old western movie" way. (It didn't help that the state was in the middle of a severe drought.) The cities were more interesting, but just about everyone there drove like a meth-crazed bat out of hell.

  74. The most baffling thing about Texas are how proud people are of it. It's giant. It's way too hot. Its beaches are really kind of gross, with mud-brown water. People drive like assholes on highways designed, apparently, by the demented.

  75. Gotta go with home, not so sweet home Alabama. We are stuck back in time in so many categories and a good majority of the state seems to think we are something else because we have a college football team that has figured out how to play the system well and consistently. Being here, listening to people pull for things so against our situation is maddening as well.

  76. People are so hateful toward California lol, I just mind my business and stay out of politics yet people just want me to sink into the ocean or some dramatic shit like that what the fuck. Very skewed, generalized, and ignorant mindset if you think that way.

  77. I am surprised lot of people are saying TX. I have lived in CA, VA, NJ, NC and now TX (family reason). TX is the worst among these five but that has a lot to do with weather and location. Ok politics too. The hot weather makes it very hard to enjoy outdoors. Also parks are an afterthought here. To me it is not scenic at all. But there are lot of advantages too like very good economy, big vibrant cities and good food.

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