What are you addicted to right now?

  1. The internet. Can't stop using it. My brain is constantly overstimulated from it but I keep scrolling reddit or YouTube or play games etc. I need to rest my brain from it. If anyone has "cured" themselves I would appreciate advice.

  2. The problem is if there were people who had 'cured' themselves from it then they probably wouldn't be on reddit enough to see your comment and give advice. So a sort of mutually exclusive situation.

  3. If you’re able, take a week off and go on an unplugged self retreat. Immerse yourself in nature. If you can’t do a week, just get away for as long as you can. Could be an afternoon. When you get home surround yourself with positive activities, like painting, reading, writing etc. Some games and internet time is cool too. But when you feel yourself in a rut again, like you don’t wanna do anything else but stimulate stimulate stimulate, unplug.

  4. My husband started reading books before bed and he’s now kinda addicted to it. Reading somehow felt more awarding for him. Maybe you can give it a try?

  5. Ice cream sandwiches. Havent had one in about 5 years. Bought one last weekend. Since then I have eaten about 24 in a week. Now i remember why I stopped buying them..lol

  6. I got like a 68 pack at Costco on a whim. I'm afraid to look but I'm pretty sure I've been shitting ice cream for a couple days now.

  7. Picking my skin. It’s a nervous habit and frankly I’m at a point in my life where I’m always nervous. I’ve always dealt with acne and bumps and stuff and so I always pick at them. It’s never been quite this bad though. I’ve got four or five wounds on my arm that haven’t healed after three months because I can’t stop.

  8. I'm starting to realize that this might be an issue for me. I do it consciously and subconsciously, and I always have acne and scabs to pick at.

  9. Ah. A fellow picker. I’ve been at it for a decade and finally finding treatment from a specialist. It’s rough. Learning to manage the anxiety and then the addiction is hard, but seeking help is worth it. Good luck.

  10. Bad habit for me, too. Not sure on your gender or aesthetic preferences but i routinely wear gel nails or glue on nails (they're good! Way better than 10 yrs ago) it curbs that habit SO MUCH. Normally my cuticles and lips are a mess. With nails I like the look and, bonus, they're slightly thicker than natural nails and its really hard to get a "purchase" on anything.

  11. Yup, me too. Favorite one right now is bingeing on Taco Bell. For my last birthday I just had a day of food and ate all the food that I feel guilty about eating without the guilt because it was my birthday.

  12. Ordering food for me. And then I feel like shit after but then I do it again the next day. Such a hard cycle to break…

  13. Same, especially when I'm in a slightly chilly room. If it's less than 70 degrees I'm gonna be popping my fingers at LEAST every fifteen minutes.

  14. I started cracking my hips, knowing I probably shouldn’t already be cracking a bunch of things. It’s so bad I crack my neck, fingers, wrist, hips, and my ankle. The only thing I hate to crack is my rotator cuff and back arm joints since they pop when I workout

  15. I always check my email even when I’m not expecting anything. Then I’ll refresh it a couple of times to make sure nothing new came in while I was checking lol

  16. I started leaving my phone in the other room instead of in my pocket. After a few small panic attacks it actually started to feel good.

  17. Such an under discussed addiction! Got back from an 8 day vacation where I had little to no service and I was so excited to get on my phone when I got home. Definitely made me rethink how much I’m using it.

  18. I've also been addicted to blocked cheese. Growing up we were too poor for real cheese so we always ate the shitty plastic cheese and I hadn't really tried real cheese on its own. Instant game changer. I'm now a rat chilling at 3am taking bites out of a block of cheese

  19. If you don't mind me asking do you have a partner? If yes, how do they feel about your Sea of thieves addiction?

  20. Social media scrolling is such a dopamine mill. If you are interested in quitting, try Googling dopamine fast. There's some pretty interesting videos/science behind it.

  21. Ambien is a bitch. A) they gave it to me right after leaving rehab for pills, but I've bad insomnia since I was a kid so it was the only option and B) it doesn't even work anymore since I've been on the highest dose for 4 years but if I go even one night without it I start feeling like I'm going to die or get super suicidal. And man... the kinda stuff I would do while high on it was super dangerous.

  22. I've been scrolling this thread for about 2 minutes and all I can think is I'm not fucking up my body as bad as I thought I was.......

  23. Damn I have that total. Its a hard game to pickup after you stop because you forget where you are but a new play through always takes atleast 50 hours of my time.

  24. I’m literally wearing a wrist brace for gamers thumb from binging Stardew for a month. I won’t say how many hours i have. But you never realize how important your thumb is till it’s out of commission.

  25. OH MY GOD I saw a meme about the game last week having never heard of it before and we HAVE NOT STOPPED PLAYING SINCE. Abigail will be mine.

  26. Lol reminds me of the time I got high every night and ordered Taco Bell for a month. And guess what, no digestive issues whatsoever lol.

  27. This thread dissecting how healthy it is or isn't to eat hot dogs...Meanwhile, I'm here wondering how anybody could eat just 1 hot dog as a meal.

  28. I wear a lot of synthetic fabrics (think wicking exercise clothing), and whenever a little bit of cuticle scratches the fabric, I turn into a rat on a mission to gnaw it out. The result is almost always bloody, but it's a really terrible compulsion that's exacerbated by days when I feel sleepless, anxious, nervous about an upcoming event, travel, etc. The usual stressors...

  29. Yeah me too. I'm a 25 year-old woman and I've never worn nail polish or posted pictures where you can see my hands because my nails and fingertips look so bad. I know it can come across as petty and even silly to have such small issues(trust me, I have bigger ones too lol) but when people constantly tell you how 'gross' and 'manly' your hands and fingers are, it gets to you. I've tried everything and my mom tried to break my habit when I was little but nothing worked. Sometimes I can go several months without biting or picking my skin and fingernails, but then something goes south, I get stressed and oh would you look at that, my fingers are bleeding again. I think ADHD and ASD are my main causes, but there can be other reasons as well.

  30. I relapsed on nicotine :( luckily not cigarettes, but vaping is still a nicotine addiction. I stopped for about 2 years.

  31. Me too, I'm always vaping and don't even feel the nicotine anymore but whenever I'm not doing anything I automatically grab my vape. The problem is that I don't notice any negatives from vaping I'm just addicted to it. Which makes it much harder for me to stop.

  32. My man, in the exact same boat. I qut cigarettes a couple years ago, but started rolling blunts a few months back. Went daily real fast. I was basically smoking them all day, every day.

  33. I'm like 3 months out on quitting. Sure, vaping isn't the greatest, but I see it as the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, due to the discreteness, it's very easy to hit it whenever you're fiending.

  34. Caffeine. I have kidney pain nearly every day, had multiple kidney stones in the past, and genuinely feel like shit most days but I just can't stop drinking espresso and redbulls 😵‍💫

  35. You need to be slamming copious amount of water if you’re gonna drink a lot of caffeine. The stones aren’t entirely caffeine related, it’s more so being dehydrated from the substances.

  36. I used to cunsume a drink similar to red bull around 3-4 cans a day. After a hospital visit because of pain in the stomach and organs I naturally stopped. I've only tried it once there's a new flavour out.

  37. I have adhd and buying things is a quick dopamine/serotonin hit. But my job is purchasing, so that still counts, even if it isn't for me.

  38. I buy it in bulk. Drink 2 a day for like $4. I have a $50,000 life insurance policy when it kills me in my 30s.

  39. this might sound a little weird but, buying books. not reading them even, just buying them. I have bought at least 20 books last month alone. I forbid myself from buying any until September. so far so good haha

  40. I get you. I just like knowing I have a bunch of books to read if I ever feel like it 😂 it's kind of like a slow-rolling excitement. Do you check thrift stores? Finding a good book selection at a thrift store nearby has ruined me...

  41. Tell me why I read “not the drink” and casually just kept scrolling until the first reply pointed out that you called it a drink

  42. If you can make it to the three week mark you're done, I had quit for two weeks multiple times and relapsed, once I hit three I was golden... Also maybe don't drink for a month, way too tempting while you're quitting

  43. I’m at four months. Get sunflower seeds. They dead ass take away the craving. Just toss a handful in your mouth when you want a cig and get to cracking.

  44. Starbucks bottled Frappuccino. The vanilla one. This is actually a 20 year ongoing addiction but it waxes and wanes. Right now its pretty demanding. I drink it, my stomach protests, I feel miserable, bloated and painful and then recover and then do it again the next day.

  45. thats awesome!! Im proud of you for quitting, it can be really difficult especially without a lot of support. I hope you have people helping you through it.

  46. My best friend died of an accidental fentanyl od 4 year ago. She was a nurse. She knew what she was doing. She still became addicted. She still died. She thought if she used when her husband was home, somehow she couldn’t or wouldn’t od. He found her dead in bed next to him. It wrecked him and none of us are the same. Please stay alive. People love you very much.

  47. The fent kick is fucking rough. Keep your head up because that shit WILL fucking kill you its only a matter of time. Kratom and exercise helps alot.

  48. Klonnies were a life saver for me when I was incapable of getting myself out of bed on Monday from sheer work related panic attacks. Then I tried them on Sunday’s so I wouldn’t get Sunday scaries. Then I tried them on Saturday’s so I could feel chill all day. Then I realized okay holy shit I have to stop. The week after stopping sucked and maybe I drank more wine than I should have - but I eventually got through it. Challenging cardio workouts helped a lot. So did taking my dog on long walks.

  49. My doctor had me on it twice daily. I’d nap 2-3 times a day and still be tired. I couldn’t figure it out. Fast forward to a new doc who took me off it. The best thing I ever did!! Suddenly I’ve got a normal schedule and I’m not tired all the time.

  50. That's nice. There is something soothing about woodworking that is a healthy mix of craftsmanship and art. I guess wooden swords fall in this category nicely.

  51. Clash of clans. Stopped playing for like 5 years but now im back and theyve added so much new features that i just cant stop.

  52. Those games are designed to be addictive and part you from your money. I stopped playing games that are designed to make you want to spend money since they usually waste your time and convince you to pay money to waste less time. It's insidious

  53. We had two bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers … and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.

  54. Alcohol. Got sober for 3 years, relapsed by trying to social drink. One day turned into two, three, and so on. While I’m not getting black out every night, I’m always reaching for one drink, if not 2.

  55. Just came here to say that if anyone is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and wants to talk or wants someone to hold space for you, feel free to msg me or whatever. I’m in recovery and work in recovery. There is a way out ♥️

  56. I’m currently living at a recovery house. I now have 5 months clean from cocaine, weed, and alcohol. I never thought that I could actually stay clean until I came here. I have a NA sponsor, am working the steps, and have a home group. You can definitely get clean and stay clean!

  57. Good on you for posting this....it gives me a little bit of faith in humanity. Sadly, I only have an upvote to give when you deserve so much more. Cheers!

  58. Mine is in the form of soda and candy. They are my two weaknesses. I managed to ditch soda for a solid year but then wanted to taste one to see if it was gross to me now... NOPE. Now I know why addicts relapse. It was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD. I have cut way back though. I switched to flavored seltzer and that seems to have helped.

  59. Painkillers. Since a botched routine surgery 27 years ago i am in constant pain. For six years i need hydromorphone and a few other medications. I get also THC prescripted to get along. My brain is useless and i hate my life. My body craves sugar and i hate to gain weight. My family does the best to care for me. I am retired early. The idea of living up to 80 years scares me.

  60. I'm addicted to sniffing my pet bunnies. Whenever I give them kisses on their little noggins I just have to sniff their fluffy fur. 10/10 would bury their face in bunny fur again

  61. This probably won't be seen , but my wife. I was sick for a while, then she was away for her job, then I was away for my job, then I got COVID and had to isolate. It seems like we have been 2 ships in the night for the past month or so, and I can't spend enough time with her right now..

  62. I am always being told I am lazy… I’d had started believing it. But I am also unable to get out of bed. I do get these brief periods of inspiration where I get up and study or something. But overall I spend most of the time in bed. I ended up losing friends because I haven’t been in touch. Sometimes I lose track of time but when I realise I’ve been in bed for a long time I hate myself. But this cycle continues

  63. Porn. It's been a cancer in my life that I am in a desperate and vicious battle to free myself from. I've made good strides. Went 40 days breaking a record of 30 days that stood unchallenged for 10 years, relapsed, went 80 days doubling the record. On week 1 again for what feels like the billionth time. Here's hoping I go farther this time.

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