What are your opinions on tattoos?

  1. Neutral. Can’t think of anything I want on my body for the rest of my life though, except what’s there already

  2. as someone with a lot of tattoos it's obvious I love them. But also, as someone with a lot of tattoos, I hate getting them

  3. I wonder if it depends on the artist. I have one and it felt very pleasant, like when a barber trims the edge of my hair with electric clippers.

  4. Gonna get crucified for this, but what the hell I've been thinking about deleting my reddit anyway.>80% of tattoos just look awful, and look like they were done by someone who shouldn't be allowed in the same room as a tattoo gun.

  5. I had alot of tattoos when I was younger (late teens/early twenties) but now I’m early thirties I hate 99% of them. If I could go back I’d probably not have a single one. Styles change, artists change, our likes and dislikes change as we get older, and I’ve grown to really dislike my tattoos. We live and learn though, and I’m currently about 5/6 sessions in to removing one that’s quite visible which I grew to hate extremely quickly after getting it done.

  6. I like them but i like art. When I'm 18 im getting one with my mom's name and my twins name worked into it but havent figured out what yet but i got time

  7. i honestly want a tattoo but i hate needles so i also don’t want it at the same time but they look cool

  8. I can't stand needles so none for me. As long as you're an adult do whatever you want with your body as long as you don't physically hurt others.

  9. I'm an old fart, so I probably have a different perspective. I absolutely remember all the things I thought were cool, important and/or artistic in my teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. No single thing stood the test of time, at least not to the degree I'd want to display it on my body. However, I really don't care what anyone else wants to do -- except, I'll admit to the hypocrisy of not wanting to see a bunch of tattoos on my three grown boys.

  10. I wear 7 of them with a plan to do a shitload more, so maybe im biased. As an artist myself, its just another media to show off art and the things you like. I will however judge you if your body looks like a primary school desk...

  11. To me, they don't enhance a person's looks and are often a distraction. And I don't see how a young person will be happy with their choices for a lifetime. I recently saw a college student with a very pretty face and her arms and legs were covered with random pictures and words. Will she still like all that shit when she's 40 or 60?

  12. I absolutely love them! They tell a story of that person and the artwork is beautiful (usually.) I'm just starting to get tattoos, I javelin one now and I'm getting my 2nd at the end of this month. 🥰

  13. I want to get one (I love movies so , the same will be to commemorate movie I love ) but since I am a government job aspirant in india I cannot get a tatoo

  14. I went from “I hate tattoos and they’re so ugly, why would anyone ever get one?” to being heavily tatted and finding tattoos ultra sexy.

  15. Pretty chill. My dad that I've only seen a couple times had one on the back of his bald head of a girl on all fours, bag over head, farting though.

  16. They're fine, you do you I guess- I just don't understand them. Like, why get a tattoo of a random woman on your arm? I'd understand getting something like your partner's name on your wrist or something like that, but why get a giant tattoo covering your leg? If you can explain, please do-

  17. Sincerely? I see the human body, with all its flaws and issues, as utterly beautiful. And I am not just talking about supermodels here. It is fascinating, and while it seems simple enough, it is complex on a level most have no concept of.

  18. I’d argue its part of the human identity to modify, and while i agree its amazing that im effectively a meat transformer moving billions of cells at once, creation is as important to humans as hunting is to lions except we dont fail creating 75% of the time like those idiot lions

  19. out of curiosity, if you were to be on the verge of hooking up with someone that you thought had no tattoos, and noticed a small piece on their shoulder… would you change your mind/ lose attraction to them? asking to settle an argument with a friend, thanks

  20. So is drinking, smoking, buying luxury clothes and gadgets, or expensive dog breeds. Strangely, people complain and judge a lot less about that though.

  21. They scream ‘Oh look at me, aren’t I an interesting individual’ when, in reality, you’re so boring you have to draw on yourself to try to make it seem like you have anything to offer.

  22. i have many and i love them however i actually have a strange opinion. so all of my tattoos, while not super meaningful, are thought out. they are all things which i know i enjoy and have for a long period of time and they all reflect my personality. of course i would never actually judge someone for getting a tattoo even if it’s just a random thing they think is cool, but especially for people who are looking at getting their first, i try to advise them to find something they care about on more than a surface level. i’ve seen too many people later regret tattoos but be stuck with them so i think at least a little bit of consideration should be taken before going to get one but regardless of what it is, if you really want it then go for it! but specifically in my age group, when people who are really close to me ask me about a tattoo idea for themselves i’m honest because in the end it’s their body but sometimes people just need to sit and think for a little longer. i am so happy with the ones i have now and i am so glad i didn’t get the ones from my pinterest board in high school. i am so so glad i waited to think about it. in the end, it is not what anyone else wants, it is your body and you should do what you want, but think about it for a little bit just because they are there for the rest of your life.

  23. They’re not for everyone. The ones who like them should get them and shouldn’t be judged for it and the ones who don’t want any shouldn’t have any and shouldn’t get hate for it either.

  24. People who tatoo cool things,i like them but people who tatoo themselves like one of the island buy members should really get help

  25. They’re really expensive lol. I’ve got one and that’s probably all I will get because I can’t justify the price of getting another one.

  26. if youre in ASIAN community specially filipino they will tell you. youre son of devil. thats what toxic we are.

  27. No face or neck tattoos. They take too much from your natural appearance and never look that great. However I find tattoos on shoulders, arms especially hands really cool. If the motive is chosen well and it has an effect that it belongs on there it looks so friggin badass.

  28. I don't want any on me, but if they are well made and in good taste, I think they are cool on other people. Even if they are a little bit grungy or worn out, I still won't judge you, as long as they are not hateful.

  29. I don't mind but don't get offended when someone laughs at you for having those zig zag 'tribal' tattoos trying to be some badass.

  30. On a man? It depends on context, as well as what and where. Generally, though, "Probably a nice dude, who just wants the sort of people who judge others based on their clothes and appearance to extra leave him alone. Like, cross the street leave him alone."

  31. Whatevs. You do you. I do feel kinda bad for people who say they "are addicted" to getting tattoos because its relaxing. just go listen to some asmr, it's wildly cheaper lol. Fun fact, my buddies wife said this and I told her to watch some asmr. She never got another tattoo as far as I know lol.

  32. Visible tattoos are not an indication of personality, morals or professional abilities. I’d take a mortgage loan from a guy with a face or a hand tattoo over one with a cross displayed above their desk any day!

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