What food do you swear people only pretend to like?

  1. Having recently smelled it, it smells like long gone rotten meat btw, 100% yes, who can eat that and go yum?

  2. I absolutely love surströmming! You have to eat it in the right way tho, not like those youtube videos where they eat it straight out of the can

  3. Chitterlings. My mom-in-law made some at my house, and it smelled like a grown man shitted all over my home and walls.

  4. My family was from plantation fields in the Carolinas. Some still stayed but my grandparents went to NY. Relatives from the south mail buckets of that stuff lmao. I mean good stuff too like cracklins and vegetables as well but man… fuckin buckets of chilttlins so yea if you know you know

  5. They are present in a lot of Chinese cooking too. Especially Sichuanese style where they are stir fried till they are crisp with a lot of spices, ginger, celery and cilantro.

  6. Years ago we moved into a duplex. Wife & I sleep in late that first morning - it was a Sunday. We wake up to the smell of raw sewage. I’m thinking, what the hell have we gotten into. There must be some kind of treatment facility nearby. Walk outside - air smells ok. Go back inside - sewage. So I’m convinced it’s our plumbing, but it’s not as strong in the bathrooms. I was puzzled as hell

  7. We sell them by the frozen bucket in the meat dept. I work at. People clamor for them at the holidays, I assume it's "tradition" because I've heard terrible things. Last year buckets were $12.99 for un cleaned - we just got in our first case for the fall and they are 39.99 this year.

  8. As a full-blooded Norwegian who had to serve this during church dinners…can confirm. The texture varied, but most of the time it just looked like fish jello. Just awful in every regard.

  9. Ever since I saw various "weird eats" shows, I have had trying lutefisk as one of my bucket list items. (Yes, I am weird, I'll admit.) I have a friend from Minnesota who, for some reason, refuses to help me on this item.

  10. Once upon a time I swore that salted licorice was the most vile thing ever to have graced our fair planet. However about a year ago my wife made me try some and much to my surprise, I liked it!.

  11. I had a Norwegian flatmate that loved that stuff. I got used to it too, kinda liked it. Then he got me to try this stuff called Turkish Pepper. That’s a line I won’t cross again.

  12. If you mean salmiakki, that's a thing I tried on a dare and basically couldn't stop hate eating it. It's vile, it smells like wet hot cat shit, and every now and then I get a hankering for some.

  13. There's an emotional reaction to foods (and other sensations) that develops over time. Eventually, it gets to the point that the food--regardless of what's disgusting about it--makes you feel something enjoyable and pleasant.

  14. This is the only thing here I have agreed with 100%. All foods are acquired tastes, but gold leaf is just a way to make expensive food more expensive for no reason at all. What a stupid concept.

  15. I don't think anyone really claims to love gold leaf as a food. I don't even think you'll find many people that claim to love it as a garnish.

  16. I’m a big supporter of the environment and I’m perpetually DISGUSTED by the lack of action on climate change and plastic pollution. Having said that, FUCK PAPER STRAWS!!!!! They are single handedly the DUMBEST invention in the history of mankind. What’s worse is like many other BS “environmental” concepts they shift the blame from major corporations, which is where the bulk of pollution comes from, and shifts it to the individual. Yeah, I say again, FUCK PAPER STRAWS!!!!

  17. i don't understand paper straws. they don't work as a straw, and they feel unpleasant in the mouth. i just stopped using straws completely.

  18. I hate how places like Starbucks will use paper straws. Now I can’t drink my thing at all. Until I have a table to can take the lid off at.

  19. As a kid I never understood adults saying things were too sweet. As I've gotten older, there are definitely certain food that are too sweet or times where I really don't want sweet foods. I don't get it.

  20. As a kid, I used to hate ginger. My dad always put loads in the food and, when I complained, he would tell me that he was the same as a kid and then grew to love it. He then said I would also grow to love it. Now, in my 30s, turns out he was right...

  21. Am dying inside. After scrolling through this thread, I'm starting to think there is something wrong with me because people are hating on a lot of my favorites. Just waiting now for someone to say licorice.

  22. I fucking detest licorice. If I was stuck on an island with another person and a crate of licorice use use it to lure them into a trap and eat them.

  23. I am such a fan of bitter gourd. I live in south east Asia - we slice it thinly (or, you know, maybe a centimetre thick if short on time) and stir fry with egg, sometimes with dried shrimp. 😌

  24. My husband is Pakistani and he loves karela. I’m as white as you can get and I’ve had people stop me when selecting karela at the desi grocery and ask if I know what I’m doing. It’s a pain to prepare, scraping off the outer skin, removing seeds, soaking with salt and a bit of lemon juice, rinsing, and squeezing. I actually like it although it isn’t something I prepare often. My favorite way is to cut the karela in half lengthwise, remove seeds, etc., then stuff them with keema and pan fry them in oil with cumin seeds. This is the dish I make when I need to impress Desi guests who think white women can’t cook. It works!

  25. Slugs Edit: I am soo sorry! I meant snails! Not slugs Edit the second: I see we have a highly defended culinary niche and I am willing to surrender! Please have mercy! Do not eat slugs! Seemingly some of them are deadly! Oddly enough I am having so much fun reading through your responses and stories xD

  26. I think you mean snails? Escargot is actually pretty tasty, the snails themselves have a clam-like texture and a mild flavor, but mostly I taste the copious amounts of butter and garlic that goes into it. Certainly not unpleasant like you might expect.

  27. I didn't know people eat slugs, but I've eaten snail on many occasions(Nigerian cooking uses it as a protein in many soups and stews) and its got a peculiar texture when cooked(Not at all what you are thinking, it's closer to a harder cartilige sort of mouth feel). Doesn't taste bad by any means, but it's an acquired texture(taste is fairly mild).

  28. I saw you meant to say snails, and the actual snails are basically tasteless but they're covered in parsley garlic butter which makes it soo good

  29. I used to not mind the stuff years ago. As in it had no taste. I had some a couple of months back and a few weeks apart and different sources. It was the most bitter and grassy thing I'd tasted in a while. Can't stand the stuff now unless it's very minuscule.

  30. I think they are gross but when I see them in the store, I smile and my heart gets warm. They were my Grandma's favorite candy and the memories are great. I would even eat one of them if I had to for the memories. Thank goodness just seeing them does the trick.

  31. I feel like circus peanuts get too much hate. They’re no one’s first, second, or third choice. They’re by no means an ideal candy. But if they’re sitting around, you bet your ass I’m eating those bitches… eventually. It’s not like you need to worry about them getting stale. Basically, they’re not so repulsive that I’d throw them out.

  32. Stevia...there's absolutely no way someone enjoys that aftertaste. It's a weird cult that I'm not willing to join and such a dominant flavor.

  33. I’m with you, but I just recently learned some people can’t taste the aftertaste you and I can, which helps explain a lot about its popularity.

  34. I’ve never noticed an aftertaste. But I also think cilantro is delicious and doesn’t taste like soap.

  35. I like stevia. I never even notice it. But my hubby swears it tastes like sweaty gym socks and won't even touch it

  36. Stevia tastes like I have a bar of soap stuck in my mouth. I took one sip of something with a small amount of stevia in it and almost spit it out. The other people with me were so confused at how I could even tell there was stevia. I don’t get it. It’s so gross and overpowering.

  37. Yes this, too many family parties I was forced to give those rancid fish conglomerations a try. If you have to drown something in mouth melting horseradish then maybe what you're eating suuuuuucks.

  38. Went to the Philippines a couple of years ago to see family and one of my cousins just eats one after the other. I was so close to trying it, but couldn't do it. My filo cousins also were pushing us to eat durian and we were very much not doing that, and they wouldn't stop pushing until we suggested they try Vegemite. They immediately stopped after that suggestion haha.

  39. My gfs family is Filipino and I tried this a few months ago. I'm a pretty adventurous eater but the textures and visuals were just too much for me. Her mom ate hers and finished mine lol she loves it.

  40. As a girl who used to drink a lot (alcoholic), I can say that vodka is basically liquid hand sanitizer. I actually gag sometimes when I use sanitizer, as I have drunken flashbacks of drunk dialing and calling my ex a piece of shit!!!

  41. I actually really do enjoy vodka. It confuses the hell out of people. But I only enjoy good vodka, and have been spoiled in college by the Russian foodie I was friends with.

  42. Thanksgiving turkey. Last year I decided to make ham. Turns out everyone preferred ham over turkey when I offered it. Called up my aunt (700 mi away) and told her about it. She called me a “communist” for changing tradition.

  43. I went down on Chrissy Orlando later that night on the trampoline and I licked her asshole a little bit. It was pretty good, It was alright, ok It wasn’t great, But it was Fine.

  44. When I lived in Japan everyone worked up natto to be the worst thing ever. My expectation when I tried it was that I would gag, but I didn't taste anything wrong with it. Then I tried it on rice with some nori and it tasted great! Now it is one of my favourite breakfast foods. Oddly enough, I cannot eat the finely diced version in sushi, even though it is literally the same as having the full bean on a bowl of rice with strips of nori. Super different texture and mouth feel that I just can't do. So weird. I am a person who likes sharper cheeses and black coffee, so maybe that's why I like natto?

  45. Dude. I couldn’t get it to my mouth. I tried. I really wanted to give it a shot but I just… it was like when your body just knows it’s wrong. So gross looking.

  46. Any of those keto substitute foods. Use your imagination as much as you’d like but lettuce wraps will never be as good as a real sandwich with bread

  47. Lettuce wraps are the least offensive keto food out there. Trust me, there are much worse things. I did keto for about 8 months. My family did not particularly enjoy it, though. I made chocolate "pudding" out of avocado. My brother said it was "interesting... and earthy."

  48. I love IPAs, but I agree with you. Ever since they became trendy there seems to be an influx small breweries that just want to capitalize on it by putting out cans called “Hopsplosion XXX!!!” Or “Hops Face Fuck!” and completely forgetting that what makes a good IPA is how the bitterness balances with the other flavors of the beer. I want my IPA to have flavor, not punch me in the face.

  49. I personally just really really like bitter things. It kinda feels like a small roller coaster on my tongue. however I typically can't stand sweet things most of the time. Most chocolates and candies are sickeningly sweet for me. So I'm guessing it's probably a palate thing?

  50. There has been a movement away from those extreme west coast IPA's to New England IPA's, which are not as bitter.

  51. Flaming hot cheetos Mac and cheese. It's horrific. The color red it turns into isn't something that should exist on food.

  52. Oh God, I tried it some time ago, and it was absolutely disgusting. The smell was atrocious, like rotten cheese. It tasted nothing like hot cheetos. Threw it all away.

  53. Varies wildly based on diet (honestly not even just junk food vs healthy, ime there's even some difference between diets from different ethnicities/nationalities), and the consistency can play a big role as well. I consider myself a big fan of some, gagged on reflex at others, and a good amount I'm just impartial to.

  54. I agree with you except the birria ramen. It’s not excessive or whacky like the other ones. Birria is already a soup/stew, someone just added noodles to it.

  55. Grapefruit. People will be like "I love grapefruit" and then proceed to dump enough sugar on it to lose a foot.

  56. I used to hate grapefruit but then discovered that it’s the white bits that make it bitter. I eat it like a pomelo - remove the skin, separate the segments and peel the white bits off. It’s delicious when eaten this way

  57. I can't do grapefruit. People tell me to just try another, I must not have had "good" ones. Nope, I hate the flavor and there's some bitter tones to it, like licking an orange peel.

  58. I have never put a single grain of sugar on a grapefruit... Sounds like you are eating shitty grapefruit. Or you are genetically predisposed to hate the flavour.

  59. This. I cannot drink “0 sugar” anything because it doesn’t taste good AT ALL. just give me the real thing! If I’m drinking soda I’ve already committed to drinking 50 grams of sugar in 12 Oz of liquid.

  60. Chicken liver, my family makes it for every big holiday dinner, I’m convinced that no one actually likes it but they make it out of tradition and the older people force it down.

  61. I love chicken livers! There’s an Indian takeaway near me that does chicken livers as a starter, and they are the best part of the meal. Absolute 10/10! 🤤

  62. Turkish delight, never quite did understand why that little shit betrayed his family for some perfume flavored rubber in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.

  63. Cause during the war, sugar was Very limited and rationed. So having anything sweet was a big deal. And Turkish delights came about as a sort of very special way of eating sugar. It was also used as a subtle status symbol "look at us, we have sugar during these hard times."

  64. The "perfume flavor" is rosewater, which when strong is indeed an acquired taste. If you actually get Turkish delights from Turkey, the flavors are quite varied (many have nuts!), and while I don't personally care much for the rosewater ones either the others like honey, cinnamon, pomegranate, and so on are delicious.

  65. I always hated it. Then had some in Turkey. The real stuff is so different. The rose flavour is still a little odd but if just a hint is good.

  66. I like oatmeal, so overnight oats seemed like an incredible idea, pour some milk in the night before and just grab and eat in the morning.

  67. What the fuck I eat these every day for breakfast. Vanilla nutmilk, Greek yogurt, berries and peanut butter. Too much milk turns it into soup, I prefer it much thicker so just enough milk to soften the oats

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