You're now named 'Lil" plus the object to your left. What's your name?

  1. My name is Lil Kitten. I know I got you smitten. I eat from the palm of da hand, but you eatin the cuteness of all dat I am. I’m a tornado of soft fur and claws, and squeak when let down my jaws. I bounce ‘round the house to make a lap, oh dang, time for my nap…

  2. My name is Lil Remote. On Reddit we don’t emote. We just flip it around, like a channel changer, gotta watch that Stranger… ….Things of all things, it’s the show where children sings.. ..Neverending Story, hype on nostalgia glory. And then it gets all gory. But now the season ends, and now the channel bends to find something anew. Yo Lil Remote. I got you.

  3. Hey, best of luck to you! It takes a lot of hard work and courage to acknowledge when something in your life isn't serving you, and then take steps to make changes. I hope you're able to take full advantage of this time to invest in yourself and your recovery. This internet stranger is pulling for you!

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