[SERIOUS] [NSFW] What was the most disturbing reddit post you have seen?

  1. Can't recall when or on what subreddit. But a doctor was recounting the most fucked up thing he's ever seen.

  2. The post by that guy in Canada who admitted to murdering his girlfriend and gave his whole side of the story as to why he did it and what led up to it. Everyone thought he was trolling but it turned out to be real. He even fled to the US but eventually got caught.

  3. Damn this is actually a friend's brother. Pretty fucked up. The other brother is also now currently in jail for executing a man in a restaurant. Edit; link for the brothers case

  4. My dad used to work in a factory with potential deadly chemicals, they had, what i call, sniffers hanging to detect possible gasses if there would be a leak. One day they had a new guy and he didn't properly clean some equipment and one of those sniffers caught something (cyanide)...immediate alarm and lockdown, police and fire department were noticed because the alarm autodialed emergency services. The whole area surrounding the factory was blocked no one in no one out, he did call my mom to tell her he loved her and me and my sisters and she shouldn't wait on him for diner.

  5. The woman who was heavily pregnant and very upset because her husband and FIL were absolutely convinced that she’d die in childbirth and were already “preparing” for her death. Was very apparent that they were planning to kill her. As far as I know she never updated, so I really, really, really hope it was fake. I think about her a lot.

  6. Oh I had just seen a similar one where a chick had gotten into a big fight with her boyfriend and the boyfriend started saying he knew “god was gonna take her home” or some shit.

  7. I learned yesterday that the leading cause of death in pregnant women is allegedly murder. I haven’t had time to vet the source yet but it kind of makes sense.

  8. Guy in a bus having internal stomach bleeding and he just threw up litres of black liquid all over himself and people just... looked.

  9. Very recently actually, there was a post about a woman who left her mentally disabled son who was 18 at a lake and straight up abandoned him.

  10. https://www.unddit.com/r/TrueOffMyChest/comments/wud6c3/removed%5C_by%5C_reddit/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=AskReddit&utm_content=t1_ilhyggt

  11. 44 days of hell.I read about Junko Furuta who was a 16-year-old Japanese girl. She underwent 44 days of rape and torture before dying at the hands of her captors. Her body was discovered in a concrete drum later. The crime has been described as the worst case of juvenile delinquency in Japan. The worst part, her perpetrators' sentences ranged from juvenile detention to 20 years in prison. That’s it!

  12. I was in India a few weeks ago and a newspaper there was reporting on the trial of a woman who had beheaded her daughter-in-law and taken the severed head to the police station because the victim had been seeing another man.

  13. I'm still fucked up by the one that i hope was a writing exercise where this pregnant woman's father in law and husband were probably gonna kill her?

  14. The one where her husbands mom died when he was little and once she was pregnant he started talking about how he would cope once she was dead because he was sure she would die just like his mom did?

  15. This exact thing happened around here last year and was all over the news. Husband and his father kill the wife and throw her out in a large briefcase/luggage. Then husband even calls the cops to say his wife's missing and gave interviews for the TV... Fucked up.

  16. Far from the most disturbing thing on reddit, but most disturbing thing I saw unexpectedly was a woman cuddling a cute baby rabbit (aww), then stomping all over it with her stilettos. First time I ever told my husband about something on reddit. He still refers to it as "the flat rabbits website".

  17. I ended up on the wrong side of Reddit at some point about a year or two ago and watched a video of a side of BDSM that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

  18. The final kick in the head that you describe sounds almost more mind-blowing to me than the torture itself. Why on Earth not leave her alone at that point, at least?

  19. I've seen that video. The poor woman. She will have trust issues for the rest of her life and extreme ptsd, if she doesn't have lifelong brain damage.

  20. The video of the kid that died, somehow - suspected drowning - and he was mostly eaten by piranhas. But his head and hands were left alone so it was basically a child sized skeleton with a face. Meanwhile the wailing family is in the back ground as they laid this kid out on a tarp… yeah, that one fucked with me.

  21. I read a post (maybe this sub) where the question was something like "people that almost got killed, what happened?". This one guy told a story and shared pictures of his neighbour who was breaking into his house. His neigbour was lying in his garage behind some boxes just staring at him. I remember the full story + pictures kinda creeping me out.

  22. I've read a post where a guy was playing a game on his computer, and he was wearing noise-cancelling headphones, so he couldn't hear his wife being raped downstairs for like 20 minutes. He randomly heard a sound that made him go downstairs, and saw the dude with a gun, raping his wife, while their daughter could only watch in horror. The guy grabbed a shotgun without being noticed and shot him, then carried his daughter outside. His neighbor had apparently heard the gunshot, and went and asked "Did you just kill your wife...?" "No, I killed the man who was raping her." The post said that he still has panic attacks if he wears noise-cancelling headphones.

  23. The story of the father who refused to forgive his son. He went on to tell a story about how his son was a horrifically awful person for the majority of his life. The son raped his own mother and the mother eventually committed suicide from the trauma. The son even taunted his father about it.

  24. ive read all kinds of shit ive seen all kinds of fucked up shit. the two cases i dont fuck with is the toy box one and junko futara. rest in peace

  25. I remember that. Those poor kids and the poor guy. He handled it remarkably well and I hope he’s managing okay now and she was brought to justice. How a mother can do that to her children, I’ll never understand.

  26. The worst part that I saw was that her parents started a GoFundMe using his name for her legal defense, blaming him for the tragedy. Some shit like, ”If he hadn't tried to divorce her, this wouldn't have happened" (paraphrasing)

  27. I saw a video similar I’m sure. Of a father hanging himself and his son being too small, maybe 8, sobbing not strong enough to lift him. It seemed to be in the Philippines. You don’t have to understand the language to know that he was begging him to stop… and then to wake up once the shaking stopped.

  28. Definitely the one where someone wanted the perspective of rapists. It was something like, ‘we always hear the victim’s side of the story, but what about the rapist’ and the comments were just FILLED with absolutely horrifying things. Like how they enjoy the struggle and torture aspect. How they only get off if the woman is frightened or tied up… think like, Mindhunter (show)

  29. Is that the one where a psychologist had to step in afterwards and explain just WHY that fosters such a disgusting environment for Reddit?

  30. There was a guy whose son was fucking his dog, abusing his dog, and his wife refused to believe it and even hinted that it might be him. I think he actually wound up getting separated/divorced before his wife found out the truth. I think the only way she found out the truth was by actually living with just the kid and seeing how it could only have been him. I thought I remembered the poor guy being unable to forgive his wife, too. The whole thing was very disturbing and tragic and I don't know who else remembers it.

  31. I just read this one recently - the OP actually updated like 10 years after the fact. I think he ended up taking the dog to live with him when he divorced his wife so the dog lived out the rest of his life in a happy and safe environment. I believe the OP ended up getting remarried and was doing well and from what he could tell his son seemed to be living a fairly normal life.

  32. I read one account of a former staff member on a big super yacht who saw a couple of young girls get thrown overboard in the middle of the night in open ocean to die. Apparently, they were being held on the yacht to pleasure the owner's son, and when they refused to do what he wanted, he had them beaten up by the staff/security, and then thrown off the ship into the darkness of the night in open ocean to drown. I can't find the thread even after searching for it, but it's pretty old. I think the thread was called something like "what is the most evil thing you've witnessed".

  33. The one about the 40yo woman who came home to find her husband of 20+ years in bed with her mother. There were several updates but in the end, it turns out the mother had met OP’s husband at a church group the mother led when he was in his early teens and they developed a “thing” but swore nothing happened until he was 18. In the meanwhile, once he turned 18, he aged out of her church group to an adult group so their solution to being able to still hang out together was for “mom” to introduce him to then 15yo OP. OP said she thought it odd that her parents had never let her even talk to boys but suddenly it was ok for her to date this 18yo but he was charming and good looking so she didn’t really question it much.

  34. I’m also hesitating for this reason. I’ve always wanted a motorcycle ever since I was little. Going to motorcycle rally’s and seeing all the people in wheelchairs kind of soured it for me completely.

  35. There was a Reddit TikTok I couldn't finish watching about a guy that had a parasite at a young age. He basically developed a fetish sorta relationship with parasites and learned to host them safely in his body and incubate deadlier one's in his home. He called the his "children" and would keep eggs in his pocket to spread around in public places and buffets. I was firmly convinced that demons existed after that.

  36. He states he only spreads non lethal parasites… then continues to claim he puts tape worms in peoples drinks. Tape worms are lethal.

  37. This post a girl wrote about her step mom who didn’t like her but told her this story about stranger danger. Basically the step mom and her friend were hiking in like the 70s or 80s and got lost. Some dude in a truck picks them up and offers to take them back to where they parked their car, but first he has to take a detour to his cabin and leaves them in the truck while he goes inside. The friend finds a bloody knife in the truck and they both get scared and nope the fuck out of there on foot. Eventually they find their bearings and find the car… Except the man’s truck is there as well, but there’s no sign of him at all. The friend wanted to bolt to the car and leave, the man wasn’t there after all. But the step mom said absolutely not and made them both wait for hours until it started to get dark. Then, as night was falling they watched in horror as the man slithered out of the back of their car and left in his truck. He had been waiting in there for them for hours. I don’t recall the post. It was years ago but it was a good one.

  38. That video of that European (I believe) guy (16) who was jumping of a concrete edge into the sea. Catch is there’s another concrete edge to jump over before u hit the water. Well as it turns out this guy slips before he jumps and hits the bottom concrete before the water face first quite literally splitting his face open. In the video he’s seen in the water of blood for a few seconds then in a hospital where the doctors try to bring his face back to together (guy still breathing). Although this isn’t probably the worst it stuck with me for a while. If you are interested all you need to look up is “face split concrete” more or less likely to find it in one of the posts but caution if your squeamish

  39. In our maxillofacial surgery class we saw a photo of a guy who tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the face point-blank, but survived, wrecking his face in the process, losing both of his eyes, nose, and a part of the mouth and cheek, so they had to operate to get at least a semblance of a face. Oh, and there was another guy I actually saw irl who tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the temple, but he put the gun too much forward and basically shot away the frontal part of the brain's frontal lobe, so the part where his forehead would be was dented in and concave, just skin over the brain, and he had a brain abscess from the skin bacteria entering brain during the incident. He was left practically lobotomized and was like a 60-something-old man behaving like a child who had no idea about his surroundings...

  40. A video of a security camera in a workplace showing a guy approaching a lathe and getting caught in it. The lathe was turning very fast and the poor guy was destroyed and turned into dust.

  41. My husband is a hobby machinist. It frightens the fuck out of me. He showed me that video, i kept the door to his workshop open for a while after seeing it.

  42. Oh my god that reminds me of the story where OP thought her husband was cheating on her because he would wake up in the middle of the night for a “walk”, but she found out that he was actually going into the outside dumpsters and sniffing their newborn child’s diapers.

  43. was the story concluded? i wanna know if she ever contacted the police and if it was true and they caught him

  44. Some guy who got drugged and raped by his best friend. The whole post gives me shivers and it had suicidal vibes too. I got it saved in case he ever comes back. Disnt reach many people

  45. Probably the guy who did an entire verified AMA about sleeping with his mom for years. I remember so much of it but what stood out was someone asked “did you guys kiss during sex” and he said “once but it was weird”. Yep. Cause that was the marker for weird.

  46. I’ve read that entire thread. So odd. The language he used, how he normalised it. So bizarre. Story was apparently verified by mods.

  47. A guy (on this sub) was asking if women would be more likely to have sex with them if he kept them captive in his basement and didn't feed them unless they gave him sex. It seemed like bait but after looking at his post history I don't think it was.

  48. I read a post where Op (M30s) talked about how he had a half loving child hood and how he realized when he got older how his mother was doing her best to raise him but his father that had 50% custody abused him and would get him high and how they would rob stores together, keeping mom out of the loop for fear of more abuse from his father, op ended up in jail after graduating to armed robbery. Op described him self as a short red head with rosy cheeks. He went into detail about constantly being raped in prison. It got to the point where the only way out he saw was to start acting like he enjoyed it he was then moved to a block with gay and trans prisoners to finish out his sentence. His last day in jail he didn’t know what to do or where to go he didn’t want to contact his mother due to a falling out they had over getting him a better lawyer. He started working at a grocery store and a 24 hour gas station, in between shifts he would sleep in the gas station store room and eat day old doughnuts and left over hotdogs from the gas station and fruit and vegetables that where going to be thrown out. When he got some money saved up he was able to afford an apartment and some nice clothes and ended up working as a sales man at a Chevy dealership. He talked about reconnecting with his mother and said how his mother would always have a Christmas Eve party at her house with family members there and he said he was just going to show up.

  49. If true I certainly didn't expect that ending! What an outcome for you. Did you instantly think it was the same guy or did you do a bit of research later and discover?

  50. I watched a video of an elderly man flatline and apparently he molested his son and the fathers last words were “please forgive me” and the son said fuck off and promptly walked out

  51. A parent who molest their kid deserves nothing less than to die in agony knowing their children hate them and feel absolutely nothing about their death.

  52. Before I share this, I live in a country where the police didn’t take these calls seriously, at least back in 2007.

  53. This reminds me of something not Reddit related at all. When my grandpa died he was cremated, and prior to the cremation my grandma asked if we could have a final viewing for family that didn't get to say goodbye. So we were all at the crematorium and being a morbid fuck I asked the director what the hardest part of his job was and he showed me the room full of unclaimed ashes. Some were from little children whose parents couldn't bring themselves to collect them etc but he told me that one time, a group of adult siblings came after several months to collect their mother's ashes. One of them asked to use the restroom and they all went in there and before the director could stop them they opened the bag and dumped/flushed their mom down the toilet. Apparently she was a total piece of shit and they felt that was what she deserved.

  54. I was in a thread once that devolved into people posting links to subs that may or may not exist, and you had to click on them to see. I forget the exact name, but it was basically

  55. It was from this young girl (around 20) who wrote about how she was rescued from her sexually abusive and CP making and distributing parents when she was about 16. It was horrible. She had a very few posts, mainly just to vent about what she went through. She was their biological daughter, her parents met on an online pedo forum and decided to have a child they could abuse. She remembers the first time she was penetrated by her father was on her 5th birthday and she passed out from the pain. And then it just never stopped. Even when the cops barged into the house to rescue her, (they caught the parents red handed which meant she was being abused at that moment) she expected this to be a part of a “role-play” and thought the cop was there to take over from there and rape her. She spoke about how there were videos of her all over the dark web. Her dad got 7 years in prison (she was from Germany I think) and the mom got more and she was scared that he’s going to be released soon and didn’t know what she was going to do. She wrote about how when she was moved to a kind foster home, she expected to be raped there too because that’s what was normal for her. But her new parents got her into therapy and everything. I was so shaken up when I read all that and she’s disappeared from Reddit since then. I’m guessing in fear of her dad being released from prison.

  56. This one post I saw was about some catastrophic failure of an EV battery at some chinese electric motorcycle business.

  57. There's a voicemail from a guy to his mum in the US. He got backed in to a corner by some molten slag in an industrial accident. He is just begging for her help while he burns to death. I can't think of it without tears. It's awful.

  58. i dont remember exactly but there was a post about a spanish speaking wife going into labor screaming at her husband to have the nurses give her medicine for the pain, but he wanted it to be a "natural" birth so wouldnt translate her cries of pain.

  59. Yeah that's pretty screwed up. I've been in that room and I wouldn't dream of doing anything other than whatever she wants in that moment.

  60. Oh my god, I remember my mom showing me this exact video when I was little to make sure I don’t fool around with my dad after she had a scare with my sister on my dad’s shoulder and knocking her directly into a low-hanging chandelier, rendering her blind for about a week (she’s totally fine now thankfully). I don’t think the severity of the video set when I was younger and it was more like: “If I fool around with my clumsy dad, I’ll probably get super hurt.” But now thinking back, that video is traumatizing.

  61. There was a post years ago about a couple that had been arrested for forcing children to hurt and maim small animals and they'd record it. The descriptions of what they made those kids do absolutely shook me in a way that nothing else has.

  62. I lived that, or similar. No recording, and it was only once. 40+ years later it still comes up in my mind. My mother decided I wasn't doing a good enough job of cleaning up after the guinea pig. I was nine. It was not my pet specifically, and I didn't really know what to do for it.

  63. That user claiming to be a 13-year-old girl and said she used crystal meth, crack and heroin since her parents were drug dealers. She also said she had sex with a number of adult men who were her parents' "customers." I reported it to the police on the off chance it wasn't a troll.

  64. The father that found out his teenage son was molesting the family dog is high on my list of disturbing internet content.

  65. I had a patient in the ER who did that. Teenage boy who was letting their un-neutered male boxer fuck him in the ass, and putting food items on his genitals to encourage the dog to lick that area. It was the most fucked up thing I’ve ever encountered since starting my career in healthcare :/

  66. Might be worse: the 1955 video of a guy in a hospital who was dying of rabies after he was attacked by a rabid wolf. They recorded it for educational reasons, presumably. Pretty hard to watch this guy suffer and devolve over time before he's frothing at the mouth, eyes rolled up in their sockets while he dies. Rabies is one of the worst ways to go, in my opinion. Dude deserved to just be euthanized, it must have been horrible to die the way he did.

  67. Theres one askreddit reply where someone intricately describes the progress of having rabies. It is absolutely horrifying and for a week after reading it the faintest headache made me think i had rabies

  68. that one where a guy described at length his sexual relationship with his 10 year old daughter - what she/he liked / didn't like and stuck around politely(!) answering questions and defending everything he was up to. this wasn't in the murky early days of reddit, it was in broad daylight on an AskReddit thread or something. he was something like gooddad123 or notabaddad123 etc obviously hundreds of people were contacting reddit admin trying to get him traced / shut down / the police involved. never knew what came of that.

  69. The woman who discovered her husband was sending their pre-teen daughter sexually explicit texts. And, because Reddit gonna Reddit, some Redditors were trying to tell her "oh it was just texts, it's not like he was touching the girl", as if a man sexting his own 11 year old daughter is just a normal guy who made a small misstep.

  70. People who haven't experienced it will never fully understand the damage being groomed does to you. They warped my perception of myself and reality, and made me believe the only way for me to get attention and not be lonely is to use my body. I was only 13.

  71. Pedophilia is pedophilia is pedophilia. It blows my mind that someone would defend stuff like that. Makes me pretty angry.

  72. Not really a post but a guy messaged me on here the other day and it was very very clear he was a pedophile. I checked out completely when he asked me how old my kids were

  73. There was some girl that found out her brother (biological) was stealing her, her sister's and her mother's underwear to cum on it. She found the underwear under her brothers bed or something like that. I can't quite remember what happened afterwards, I think her parents kicked out her brother or something like that. It was super fucked up

  74. I don't know if it the one you are talking about but I remember a similar post where they disowned the son and threw him out of the house because they thought he was doing something to their daughter's underwear.

  75. That one video of a Russian (I think?) worker that got stuck in a lathe/spinning machine and his body spins and goes all over the surrounding area (in pieces) in a matter of seconds.

  76. The guy who found a subreddit filled with people giving out cp, discord servers, pictures, videos. He got the FBI to investigate luckly

  77. The guy who's son was pure evil. Like, would run around with knives, tried to kill his little sister, eventually he went on a rampage and they had to lock themselves and their daughter in the basement until he eventually left and they never saw him again. No idea if he was dead or alive. Just complete end of contact.

  78. I think we are thinking about the same story. But the wife totally lost it one day and really kicked the shit out of the son. Like so much so they weren't sure if the kid might have died after he disappeared.

  79. A man hung himself on a door frame, deliberately filming himself with his iphone close-up looking up at him at an angle. Video starts with him already gasping for air and suffocating while his small daughter cries out "Daddy, I need you!". It's only then when he realizes he doesn't want to die. He tries really hard at lifting himself but you can tell his arms are going limp. He tries really really hard while his (maybe 10 year old) son tries to untie his noose to no avail. You can hear him say "I don't want to die!" several times through his raspy attempts to get air and free himself. Seconds later he dies infront of his two young children while they yell out for their dad.

  80. The one that gets me is the guy who got hit by a car, was in a coma but thought he lived like 10 years, got married, had kids, etc. It makes me wonder if I'm in the same boat? I got in a bad crash in 2009. It was a roll over and I was in the back of an RV. I walked away just fine even though I was not wearing a seat belt and I was tumbling around in the RV. Makes me wonder sometimes if I'm actually in a hospital bed rn, if I'll wake up one day and I'll be back there

  81. Was it the one where he noticed something being off with a lamp in his living room, like the perspective of it or something, and ended up spending days at home just staring at this lamp, neglecting his work etc., with his wife worrying about his mental health, until the perspective of the lamp eventually warped enough that it obscured his vision, he got sucked into the light, and woke up in the hospital?

  82. The one where this guy was sitting on the sidewalk bench with his baby on the stroller, while his wife was shopping at the nearby store. A woman came by and walked away with the stroller. He chased her and tried to stop her, but the woman started screaming and all the guys tried to restrain him. Luckily the wife came running, and only then the guys released the father.

  83. Similar happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago, too. Out grocery shopping, their son was only a few months old and in his car seat propped in the front of the trolley. My friend forgot something a few aisles away and went to get it, Dad turned his back for less than 30 seconds to find the item he was looking for and turned back to see a woman had picked up the car seat and started walking away. When he yelled she ran away and said that some guy was trying to wrestle the carseat from her!

  84. Saw a video of a cartel dude skinning & opening the chest area of a teenager and removing the heart .The cartel butcher cut a piece of the heart and ate in front of the young man and father

  85. yeah. I think you're referring to "No mercy in Mexico." the father iirc was a cop taking a stroll around the cartel's area and the cartel members caught him and beat him to a pulp while his son watched. they decapitated him infront of his son and after that they cut the son's heart out while he was alive. yeaaaaah. pretty gnarly shit I regret watching to this day.

  86. Guy who caught his son sodomizing his dog. When he called his on out on it, son blamed the father and wife ultimately sided with the son and divorced father. Eventually the dog attacked the son (guess it had enough) and wife began to realize the son was a sociopath but it was too late. Dad moved on, took the dog away and the wife got into hard drugs and son became a drifter.

  87. A video of a crocodiles tummy getting cut open and a human head being picked out of it. That one stuck with me, those things rly are "apex predator that lived through the K-T extinction. Physically unchanged for a hundred million years, because it's the perfect killing machine. A half ton of cold-blooded fury, the bite force of 20,000 Newtons, and stomach acid so strong it can dissolve bones and hoofs."

  88. The one where the girl walked in on her parents about to engage in sexy-time while her mom was dressed in her daughter’s dress and role-playing as her own daughter.

  89. Wasn’t there a Mom who postet about her son being a danger and then got killed and her posts are still online? This is disturbing

  90. The one where a car is driving behind a semi (the video is a POV from the car’s dashcam I think) and a brick comes flying through the windshield and hits the passenger and you hear the most heart-wrenching screams from everyone else in the car. That one stuck with me.

  91. I just want to thank people for giving warnings about videos like that, I have never watched this video, though I have seen it mentioned many times… seems like everyone who watches it regrets doing so.

  92. The post about a guy who had his baby in a stroller and a random woman snatched the stroller and tried to walk off with the baby. When he tried to chase after her she claimed that he was trying to kidnap her baby and he got mobbed by passersby.

  93. Once saw a video where a cyclist got cut off by a bus and got knocked off his bike. His head landed right in front of the wheel and it just exploded. Some poor woman was walking her dog and witnessed the whole thing.

  94. I’ve been here for years. For me it was a video alleged to be security camera footage from Russia where two men in what appeared to be an alleyway, have a shouting match the descends into a physical fist fight. The larger guy K.O.s the smaller. He immediately fences. (Fencing is a rigid body flexing reaction indicating brain injury) The bigger guy doesn’t stop though. He rolls the rigid unconscious guy over and folds both his arms backwards at the elbow. They were not fast breaks, but rather slow deliberate applications of excessive force. Then he just walks away. The only motion I can compare this to is using your foot to leverage opening a fire hydrant with a long wrench.

  95. At one point in my life I was dealing with a road rage problem and decided to go looking for videos of car accidents to scare me into understanding the potential consequences of my actions. Well, it worked.

  96. I can think of two, one was a man at an oil rig who tripped and fell when he was trying to fix a drill that had broken and was spinning out of control. He got pulled in and was obliterated in a matter of milliseconds, just splattered all over the area.

  97. oh man, that ski accident one is definitely one of the worst. the smear of blood across the snow, the limp and flopping legs from the pelvic trauma. the way he tries to sit up before he realizes what happened to him. super graphic, i can't even imagine the kind of pain he must have been in before undoubtedly passing the hell out or going into shock. seeing those wounds in person must have been like a nightmare.

  98. When the watch people die subreddit was still alive I saw a video of someone who had just been in a car accident. He was badly injured with most of the flesh on his chest ripped off, and you could fully see his heart pounding. He was still moving around a bit too. Saw that years ago and I still think about it from time to time.

  99. A guy who offered to sponsor his girlfriend's visa only to back out when it was too late and she got deported. He somehow had no idea what he did was wrong.

  100. The story of the reddit poster who was a promising student etc and made a post that he wanted to try meth, did so and said it wasn't so bad.

  101. somewhat-wholesome ending tho. he made an update a year ago stating that hes off the drugs and has been clean for 3 yrs. i hope he makes another update cause he hasnt responded or posted anything since then. so im a bit worried but im hoping for the best and that hes clean completely... wherever he is

  102. I wish I had never seen this and it makes me sad to this day. I don’t even want to type it out but I saw a post of 2 men physically abusing a mentally disabled little boy. They were standing/stomping on his neck with their full body weight, and laughing as he cried and struggled to breathe. I work in pediatric trauma, so I see children who are assaulted on the daily, but it was so sad to actually see it happening and not being able to help. I don’t know how you can do that and see a child crying in pain and looking up like “why are you doing this to me”. You could just see the defeat in his eyes and they were bulging from the pressure being put on his throat. No one deserves that, especially an innocent little kid. I wish I could have helped him. Hope they rot in hell.

  103. Saw a video of a guy running over a giant flock of birds and the video ends with the birds being flattened in a giant mass. It made me very upset and I get very sad thinking about it.

  104. From the recent posts. the guy promising to sponsor a visa for his girlfriend, but then refusing to do it. Then she had to leave the country and

  105. That's reminding me of the FAANG employee who due to deteriorating work situation and a work emergency for which he was all but forced to be culpable, he killed himself rather than have his job and visa be lost.

  106. There was a dude minding his business on the street (possibly waiting for a ride) when some psycho dressed in all black sneaks up frome behind and with one strike from his machete slashed the dude's foot off. After that psycho left, guy fell on his butt and hold his leg up in shock all the while blood was pooling quickly Around him. Video stopped after a passerby came to help. I think the vid lasted for maybe 35- 45 seconds. Fucks me up to this day.

  107. If i remember correctly, that guy was involved with gamblers/mafia something like that? Shady people. It was a hit job

  108. I think this was from an ask Reddit looking for stories from people who have killed someone before and the reason why. One man replied that he liked to play video games upstairs with noise canceling headphones and one day was doing just that when he paused and heard his wife being raped downstairs. He grabbed his gun, snuck downstairs and beheld what was happening to his wife and killed the man raping his wife.

  109. Imagine the self-loathing after that, I don't think I could forgive myself, even though it's obviously no fault of mine, or his in this scenario.

  110. Is this the same video where she is seen adjusting the rope to make sure it's high enough? I remember watching that video in it's entirety when I was a teenager. I believe it was in her own backyard too and it was over some relationship drama or bullying. At the end when she's just hanging there, you can hear her family looking for her and calling her name out in the background, unaware of what they were about to witness. Poor girl was 12 years old and I've never forgotten that image.

  111. I recently saw a video of a guy hanging himself in front of his young son, presumably as a response to his wife's infidelity. What made the post more disturbing was that he was speaking in my native tongue, and so I could understand every word he was saying. Hearing that child's helpless cries for his father was absolutely gut-wrenching.

  112. I'm not sure anyone will see this or remember this story but someone had asked nurses to share some of the most effed up things they'd witnessed. One story, I think it was in the same thread as the Swamps story above, that really stuck with me, was about a teenage girl who had been adopted by get uncle after her parents died and the uncle was pimping her out for money since he didn't have a job and charging extra to allow men to sleep with her unprotected. Needless to say she got not only pregnant but likely several STDS, that the uncle refused to let her get treated. By the time she ended up in the ER to give birth, the baby, which was obviously dead, had been swimming in a pool of yellow and green pus. The mother died in childbirth as by then the infection had poisoned her system. The nurse recalls the horrible smell and other details in the story. Wish I could find it to link it here. Disturbing. There truly are awful ppl in this world.

  113. I saw that second one. The female horse's foal was penned right next to them, so she was panicking and when the male got too close she kicked him in the head and he went down instantly. Shitty people not knowing what the fuck they're doing.

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