Which famous person shouldn’t be famous?

  1. I just learned about him in another Reddit post last week so I decided to look him up. Just the thumbnails for his videos made me queasy. I can't imagine wanting to watch someone do that kinda stuff.

  2. On the same note, Eugenia Cooney. I go from being disgusted by these people for catering to a young audience whilst displaying self destructive behavior to feeling incredibly sad for them and their mental state. What does a person have to go through for them to be that way? I feel like both need to be 5150’d and shouldn’t have access to the internet until they’ve had time to focus on themselves and their recovery.

  3. Kinda feel bad for him. He ruined his body just to be famous and any day now I’m waiting to hear he had a heart attack or died due to health issues

  4. People that used their fame to take advantage of their fans. First that come to my mind are Jared Leto, Ezra Miller, Shane Dowson and Onision.

  5. How did Jared Leto take advantage of his fans? Not a fan of him or anything, just don't know what he did and I'm curious.

  6. It's kinda funny. Logan has somehow managed to go from one of the most hated people on youtube to a respectable man with integrity, yet over all these years Jake still hasn't changed at all. He's still an obnoxious prick. Can't wait to see KSI knock him out soon.

  7. Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Pepers is so much worse to me. As If statutory rape wasn’t bad enough, this POS actually wrote “Catholic School Girls Rule” in honor of it. Literally making money off of singing about being a real life pedophile.

  8. They are the Mary Kay and Ava sales ladies of this generation. They are only interested in curating a list of subscribers to market and sell clicks to merchandise.

  9. Haha. I once heard about a gal that set up a table at some sort of convention to “meet” her fans and not a soul stopped by even though she had over a million followers!

  10. This is exactly what New Zealand did when they had their mass shooting. The shooter’s name was never mentioned by the PM (or in any media). I don’t even recall seeing his photo.

  11. When we had a shooter here in NZ we did everything we could to suppress his identity, till every other countries news outlets got the story and made sure everyone around the world knew who he was.

  12. Coincidentally I think we might be getting there. I couldn't tell you the name of the Pulse nightclub shooter, or the Vegas country music festival shooter, or the shooter at Uvalde or the shooter at the Highland Park parade, or the Tree of Life synagogue. I don't think I could name that right-wing Michigan shooter or the El Paso shooting or the Texas church shooting or the Texas school shooting. Or the shooter at the black grocery store either.

  13. She was a massively exploited child, who was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. Dr Phil and her shit mom are the reason she is famous. I actually feel really sorry for her.

  14. I'm actually really happy for her success. She was a troubled kid, and instead of getting her help, her mom took her on a charlatan's tv show, when she was only 13, where she was exploited for ratings, then put into a facility where the kids are allegedly being abused. Even if the abuse allegations were all made up, that place still sounds questionable: a working ranch, out in the middle of nowhere, combining therapy and hard work to teach kids discipline? Sounds like a way to get free slave labor for your ranch.

  15. Honestly I give her props. Her rise to fame was stupid but she took advantage of that and ill give credit where credit is due. Made some music and while bad, fans and haters would listen and made a lot of money, mended her relationship with her mom and moved them onto a better life, seems more mature than others who got popular in similar fashion, and did only fans which made over 1 million in a month. She took her 15 seconds and ran with it.

  16. That was such a crazy case. She partied all the time and didn’t want to be a parent anymore. Killed her poor daughter. Her parents were sketchy as fuck

  17. I understand Caitlin being famous, major athlete back in the day despite being a washed up has been now. Everyone else is just coasting on someone else's success, at least Caitlin is coasting on her own success, even if it was ages ago.

  18. Yet we hear about them every day on Reddit. Make up your mind, Redditors. Do you want them famous or not? Because every hate upvote you make on a negative article of theirs only increases their fame.

  19. Dr. Phil. Not only is he not a doctor (also, the sky is blue), but he hasn’t practiced as a licensed therapist since like the mid-2000s or something which could be forgiven if he didn’t break every HIPPA law written while doling out shitty advice that has probably literally gotten people killed and has definitely screwed up some lives.

  20. Phil doesn't practice anymore because he lost his license. He lost his license because he just stopped renewing it. The state of Texas decided he didn't need one anyway because he doesn't practice psychology on his show.

  21. Dr. Oz is legitimately one of the best surgeons in the world though. That's what makes him such a terrible person. He could be saving so many lives performing surgeries, but instead he's grifting people out of their money and doing serious harm while he does so..

  22. the Behind the Bastards episode(s?) on Dr Phil go incredibly in depth into the sheer levels of fucked up shit this guy has done

  23. Honestly? What I had heard when that show was going on the mom was at least smart enough to put away the fortune for her children's college at some point.

  24. More so the disgusting Mom. Honey Boo Boo was taken advantage of by her and put her in harms way over and over by allowing a pedophile in her home.

  25. Honestly I watch the show as a guilty pleasure. Honey Boo Boo is not a bad kid, and neither is her sister who has full custody of Alana. Its June, the mother that is the problem. Pissed away all the money on boyfriends, and crack. Unfortunately they still do the show to provide a semblance of stability for the kids involved (monetarily).

  26. I served her family at a seafood restaurant when they were on vacation. She ordered crab legs and French fries, ok.

  27. I feel like there's a lot of TikTok stars that shouldn't be famous. They barely dance or sing properly, some of them are famous only because of their look and that's it. If you look a little deeper into 'em, their personnality and everything are just completely normal and almost boring just like anybody else.

  28. I feel like more specifically should be the reaction video people. They just film themselves while watching a video and don't even react most of the time.

  29. I think Logan has gotten better from the forest incident, especially with him signing with WWE and his new Prime drink with KSI, I don’t think he’s done anything problematic recently.

  30. The image from a deleted episode of him bringing on the creator of bum fights only for the creator to dress up like Dr Phil is such a gem. Phil was going to make a big point about how the creator makes money off vulnerable people only to get it thrown right back in his face.

  31. Starting branding them with numbers and locations of where their crimes took place. People should know they exist, but they should fade into the background as far as their reputation goes.

  32. It must take all of the devils power to keep the gangster machine gun kelly from coming out of hell and beating the shit out of the singer.

  33. Also, she was kicked out of Australia for bragging about breaking Covid quarantine rules on social media. She was here to be on Celebrity Big Brother.

  34. “Be kind… oh and just ignore all the bullying I do to my workers and promote my management to do to my workers.”

  35. Amy schumer. although her "fame" is mainly just negative now. but still, she stole jokes and the ones she didn't steal are disgusting, so yeah, her.

  36. She had lots of funny jokes on Inside Amy Schumer. Oh wait the funny parts were all written by Kurt Metzger.

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