What is the best non-sexual, non-drug related physical sensation you’ve ever experienced?

  1. I went for a shower at 4am after a week of camping in Acadia. Turned on the hot water and got in. It felt so amazing. Slipped and fell into the tub faucet, ripping it out of the wall, busting the pipe, and causing a wave of water to rush down the inside of the wall and massive bruise on my back.

  2. Or when you’re in a situation where you can’t laugh but something really funny happens. Maybe it’s just me, but that feeling of trying to hold back a laugh just makes everything even more hysterical. Assuming it’s not some sort of crazy inappropriate situation!

  3. I live in upstate NY. In the winter, there is nothing better than crawling into bed under the heated blanket. I like to turn it on about 30 minutes before I go to bed. With this, the whole bed is hot and toasty. No cold feet or toes. It's wonderful.

  4. I had two different types of cancer a couple years back, and between the cancer and the radiation and the chemo, my body temperatures were all over the place.

  5. When your sinus has been blocked and it begins to clear. Sometimes there’s little pops, cracks and one time a lengthy fizzzzzz. Feels amazing.

  6. I have really tight muscles where my lower back connects to my hips. When I roll those knots with a lacrosse ball my eyes roll to the back of my head and I let out a huge moan. The relief hurts so fuckn good.

  7. Last night I was laying in bed and kinda wiggling my hips to re-adjust my slightly herniated spinal disc. Well I did something right, because I heard/felt this hollow "plep" sound back there and felt instant relief. I can lift my knee almost to the height of my shoulder again. I almost forgot I had this much mobility. Mind you, I'm 40 BMI sack of lard and shit, but I don't live sedentary life. This back ache was killing me for the past year. And now it's gone. Like, holy fucking shit it's finally gone. For now...

  8. That’s how I felt when my hip finally readjusted itself after some good stretching. Feeling like it’s slightly out of place is just so uncomfortable, especially when I have a leg length descrepency and skuliosis. I took a walk that night and it was sheer bliss not feeling like my gait was 50% worse than usual. I finally found the right combination of insoles and heel lifts the other day too, so the feeling of having aligned hips was incredible. Taking my shoes off after my walk made me realize just how bad it was before.

  9. God I would kill a man for that ;o; I thought it was good when I pop my spine, or when I popped a finger back into joint, but damn, I fantasize about accidentally snapping my back back into place

  10. Yes, I have seasonal allergies, so for 6 months out of every year I can’t use one nostril, and it’s always the left nostril, which is freaking annoying. After a while, the other nostril will start to dry out and crack and get sore.

  11. Finally scratching my leg after my cast was taken off. Had it for two months in summer- it was hell. I still remember almost crying tears of joy when they took it off.

  12. I broke my femur and could only sit and lay on my back for the first two months or so. I remember the first time i was able to flip myself over in the bed to lay on my stomach and the feeling was such a fucking release.

  13. When you’re a kid and you play in the pool or in the ocean all day, and you come home and get a shower and the. Go to your room and the air conditioning had been running. You’ve been playing all day and are exhausted, Your skin is kind of tight from being in the sun and water, your eyes are tired from squinting, and you get in your nice cool bed and curl up and take a post pool/beach nap. Amazing.

  14. I don't know the technical name for it and have only ever ran into a couple in my lifetime. But basically imagine a metal whisk, and you cut off the bottom then cap all the point ends, use this to massage your noggin and it feels amazing.

  15. Putting my ear up against my cat's sides while they're purring and hearing it from the source. Plus I get to rub my face in their fur, which is the other best thing.

  16. This. I lost my cat a few years ago. He was there for my childhood and beyond. I watched him take that last breath. Recently I got another cat, and I almost cry each time I can hear him breathe. I never knew an animal breathing against me could be the most beautiful action ive ever witnessed. I get such an overwhelming relief when he purrs and I can hear it.

  17. Waking up, realizing you don't need to get up yet, and falling back to sleep, having someone draw on your back with their fingers, or play with your hair... o fuck I'm a cat.

  18. Or that euphoria after throwing up, especially if you're been nauseated for a while and you finally just give in. It may not last, but it feels so good.

  19. When I did my sleep study the CPAP absolutely filled me up like a balloon, it woke me up and I was extremely uncomfortable for half a second. I let out a solid 30 second fart and fell back asleep. In a room with a camera and a microphone lol. Best fart ever.

  20. I got a horrible poison ivy rash while camping for a few days. That first scalding hot shower after getting back home - hot water pressure right on the rash mmmm. I’ll be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

  21. I'm scratching a poison ivy rash right now. It is pure fucking bliss, until you realize if you keep doing it you'll be scratching and scratching until it's raw, and you have to stop eventually. Then it's miserable again :(

  22. This reminds me of the TIFU of a guy who had a rash and put a hair dryer to it, then busted a nut and fainted lol

  23. FUCK YES. I’ve only found one other person in my life that has agreed. That hot ass water on ur itchy skin is fucking amazing

  24. This! My favorite thing to do. Especially Christmas night, everything is quiet and calm. The presents have been opened, the mess is cleaned up. In the dark, glass of wine, reflecting on the year, relaxing by the tree.

  25. I got snowed in the Toronto airport once. After a couple of hours, I decided to treat myself to a message. The woman didn’t speak great English, but I was able to communicate I wanted as much deep tissue as she could provide. I’m 6’5” and was flying three days a week. I was pretty kinked up.

  26. I have an extra job once a week just so I can pay for massages every two weeks. Had made all the difference physically and mentally in the last 18 months.

  27. My massage therapist drapes a towel over a heater while she's working on my back. When she's finished with my back she'll lay the towel there and gently push on it. It's indescribably good.

  28. Had dreads for 6 years. Shaved my head and went to six flags and rode rollercoasters that weekend. Was freaking amazing, all that wind on my shaved head. The molly I was on probably helped but I don’t think it was needed.

  29. Also gross but once accidentally pulled a half-inch piece of earwax out and I’ve been chasing that high ever since. I have never felt anything as good.

  30. This happened to me once. I was sick, but waiting for the train on a cold day. Tried to blow a snot rocket and it kinda half landed on my face. I tried to grab it and it literally felt like there was a rubber rope tied deep in my sinuses. No matter how hard I pulled on the mucus it wouldnt break and it just caused tons of pain in my sinus. After about 10 minutes of blowing and pulling I finally yanked out this insane like dark red/yellow chunk of hardened snot in the shape of my sinus cavity and immediately felt this huge pressure relief up there. I’ve never had this happened again and have been trying for years to find a medical explanation for this. Like my snot literally turning into something strong enough to tug on. Wild.

  31. My sister pulled out a 5 inch piece of hair out of her eye. She was explaining how her eye felt kind of funny. Then she noticed a small piece poking out, and then she started pulling it all out. Amazed of how much hair was stuck in there.

  32. It's the best, it would be like rubbing the inside of your kneecap or elbow where the soreness really is, not just the exterior. For anyone who hasn't felt it. It's like scratching an itch you never even knew you had for decades.

  33. I walked home from school in a rainstorm so heavy it blotted out all sound, and there was a silvery sheen in the air. My hoodie was soaked through, but my body had warmed up, so much so that I gently steamed, so it was like a shell of cool cloth over my warm body. The air wasn’t too cold, and there was no wind, and the smell of the rain, the wet forest, and the asphalt I was walking on permeated everything. No one else was around, so it was just me, the rain, and the forest I lived in, for that whole walk home.

  34. I don't laugh like this too often, so when these moments come around, I embrace it like no other. Bonus, it's almost exclusively my wife is causes it.

  35. Oh yes! My version is going to bed with a headache but sleeping for 12+ hours and waking up totally refreshed and pain free.

  36. Standing directly under a shower while covering the ears with your palms. Slowly sway back and forth. You can feel the tickling sensation go from your head all through your spine. It's amazing.

  37. when you and a buddy both laugh yourselves into a fit where you simply cannot stop and when it finally subsides and you think you can rest your belly, one of you starts to chuckle and boom off you go again.

  38. I had one moment with a friend watching a video and we both fell on the floor laughing and in my laughing fit I became concerned for my health because I had 100% lost control. I couldn’t stop laughing and was hyperventilating while doing it. The feeling of pure laughter, mixed with fear, that was also overtaken by laughter because I couldn’t get over how funny the moment was is somethin I will never forget. It was the funniest moment I’ve ever, ever, ever, experienced in life. It’s been over ten years since that moment and I doubt I’ll ever get close to that level of laughter ever again. I cherish it. My friend had the exact same experience. To top it off during the moment - we had another friend there watching it and they did not find it funny so while we were face down in the ground hysterically crying and hyperventilating she was sitting there completely confused at what we thought was funny. That was the icing on the cake to the hysterics.

  39. Riding the bus home and looking out of the open window while it’s the perfect temperature, a nice, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling just grows in your chest and stomach and it’s wonderful

  40. If you've never tried it, try holding your breath and letting the waves move you around as you lie like a corpse. Its like being in a gentle washing machine and is kind of transcendent. I had a student who grew up at the ocean and she showed me this. First thing I do on every trip to the beach. Glorious, but hard for bystanders to understand.

  41. The coolest part is when you can focus and let the music wash over you. I’ve had my whole head wrapped in that tingly feeling and I love it.

  42. When you're at a concert and one of these songs plays, and everyone around you is just feeling so energized that you all are kind of absorbing the feeling from each other. And it builds and builds until you feel like you want to jump off a mountain

  43. I work nights at a restaurant sometimes....some nights I come home and my wife and 4 kids all fall asleep watching tv. The two that fight the most up against each other. To have them all in one room, quiet, at peace, fills me with great joy. I just stand there and look at them. Usually someone wakes up then because im fat and dont sneak well, then the rest like raptors, start popping up to see what I brought them home to eat. But i cherish those 10 or so seconds.

  44. What a beautiful answer. When my daughter was a toddler she would sometimes ask to sleep in my ex wife’s and my bed in the middle of the night, and after she settled and fell asleep, I would just lie there with my little puppy curled in my arm knowing that everyone I loved most was all safe and right beside me. So comforting.

  45. Girlfriend from loooong ago had this cat that loved jean material and in high school, all I ever wore was jeans.

  46. Sometimes as my migraine is ramping up from awful to crushing, I sometimes experience this weird burst of neurochemicals that make me feel like the world is so beautiful I almost cry from it.

  47. Hugging someone after not having human contact for a long while. Have been chasing that feeling for over 20 years. Was this wonderful warm comforting glow in my chest. Just thinking about it makes me miss it.

  48. I once had water go in my ear while I was showering. No matter what I did, I just couldn't get it out. I started worrying when I couldn't hear out of that ear. I got desperate and started poking around with a toothpick. I'm digging and feel something fall out. I look down and see a piece of ear wax. I keep going and dig out a huge ball of wax. It apparently got stuck when it got wet. The pressure that was released when it fell out felt so good, as well as my hearing going from totally muted to crystal clear.

  49. Flowing in water, I don’t know why but it brings me peace in mind and sipping hot cocoa on the balcony in cool weather with nature around, supper relaxing.

  50. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy my tummy was so big and tight the skin was constantly sore and itchy from the tension. I hadn’t had a deep, fulfilling breath for days and sleeping, walking and even sitting was a struggle.

  51. I can flex my eustachain tubes with a muscle, and open them without doing the whole thing where you hold your nose and blow. It makes a clicking sound, and other people can hear it if they put their ear up to mine. The internet says I'm not alone in this, but I've never found another person who can do it.

  52. When my last dog visited me in a dream to let me know he loves me and is at peace. The vividness and feeling of euphoria in that dream are not even explainable in words

  53. I watched my best friend (31) die from a heart attack in the emergency room. I cried uncontrollably for a week straight. I was a complete wreck for months. One night I had a dream where he showed me around his new house which was a beautiful mansion. He was so happy. I woke up relieved. As if a weight had been lifted.

  54. My cat visited me in a dream after she passed. I was able to hug her before i have woken up. Probably a few days after she passed. It gave me more peace about the whole thing. She died at 13, kinda early for a cat.

  55. Ah shit, glad I saw this when I got home from a long vacation, not while I was out. Now I'm back in my own bed, happy-crying about when my cat who died at 15 and who I had half my life comes to check up on my in my dreams occasionally. She first greeted me when I was awake at the front door a few weeks after she passed. I didn't see or hear her but I knew she was there, right at my feet and I greeted her as if she wasn't gone but then realized she was and just... It ripped all the wounds open and I fell down and broke down crying in the hall.

  56. It was when my braces got removed. I could finally lick my teeth from the front. I still love how smooth it feels.

  57. Also the first time wearing contacts. I remember it was like seeing the world in high def and thinking "whoa this is what people with perfect vision see all the time!"

  58. I have PTSD, and had a flashback today. I put in place some skills I had just learned this week from my therapist, and it worked like it had never worked before. I felt such intense physical relief to realize I was not actually in that situation. The feeling was remarkable and it lasted for a long time. It physically counteracted the stress hormones I could feel in my body. It was one of the most intensely positive physical feelings I’ve ever had.

  59. IDK if it's purely 'physical' but, as a car guy: When the first engine I ever rebuilt turned over, fired right up, and idled smoothly. No issues. None what-so-ever.

  60. Wonder. Watching a brilliantly dark night sky slowly rotate around the earth. Always out in nature, whether mountain top, beach, or forest clearing. There is a sense of vastness and singular awareness I can't quite describe.

  61. I didn’t know it had a name! It doesn’t happen all the time for me, but when it does? Fuuuccckk dude. I get goosebumps, a shiver goes down my spine, my face expresses pure elation, I even cry sometimes. Then I add that song to my playlist because it’s now my favorite

  62. Curling up under your weighted blanked after an exhausting but painwise good day when it's just slightly chilly in your room - there is no thing out there better than this, you will not be able to convince me otherwise, it's like a full body hug, but also sleep and your bed but without other people

  63. I'm in the Peace Corps in West Africa. It's dry, it's like a billion degrees, I have been walking around the village all morning, I have fine grit and dust everywhere on my body, even between my toes. I have never been so hot. I go into my bathing area at home, clothes off, upend a large bucket of cool water over my head. Glory.

  64. When my Momma used to tickle my legs, back,arms, face... Whatever. I would fall asleep while she was petting and loving on me. I miss her so much.

  65. The first time I hugged the woman that is now my wife. I was pretty sure she was the one, and the warmth and love and security I felt in it sealed it.

  66. When I got my first adult pet, a kitten, it instantly redefined how much I could love another living creature. He was so scared when I bought him home he just hid the first few hours. When he eventually crept over and curled up in the crook of my arm and rest his little head on me, I just started crying with happiness. Best buds for 7 years since.

  67. Having such a strong connection with an animal that when you are at your lowest (grief, depression, bad day… whatever) and they can sense it and they actually wrap you up and hug you and let you cry on their shoulder until you feel better. Animals are so special, I would be a mess without the animals in my life, past and present ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. About 10% of the time, I'm left with an orgasmic feeling in my guts for a good five to maybe even thirty minutes afterward, during which time I mumble to myself "God damn, that was a great shit."

  69. Q-tips in my ears after a long hot shower. I don't GAF if medical professionals say "don't stick those in your ears", like wtf else am I going to do with them?? Why did they make them? To clean my keyboard?

  70. About 15 years ago on a plane I had an eardrum that got 'sucked in'. It was painful and took weeks to finally feel some relief. But began to notice that my hearing was muffled in that ear. It always seemed 'full'. No amount of trying to pop my ears worked. I was in my 30s and was fearing that because of the sucked in eardrum incident that it was causing hearing loss. For almost a decade I was leaning in with my 'good' ear when having conversations with people. I went to my family doctor on several occasions and each time he sent me to a hearing clinic and each time they said things were fine. I knew that things weren't fine and my family doctor finally sent me to an ear specialist. Specialist asked me the typical questions, I told him about the sucked in eardrum incident. He said that wouldn't have caused any hearing loss or a sense of being full after all this time. He took out his ear looking device and looked deep in my ear. He said 'hmmm...looks like something is in there'. I immediately thought a dead bug or something to that extent. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach as he pulled out his long tweezers. He reached in and I could feel he had latched onto something. He pulled out this piece of ripped off Q-tip that had a decade worth of wax build up. He said 'this is why you don't put Q-tips in your ears. I spent a decade of my life thinking that I had hearing loss, when it was a piece of Q-tip just making a home in my ear canal.

  71. I use them to rub isopropyl alcohol on my AirPods after exercising. If I don’t I get massive zits on my earlobes that can’t be popped and last far too long.

  72. The first night sleeping utterly peacefully alone in my apartment with my sweet dogs after getting out of an abusive relationship just the night prior (where I was in our shared home afraid to fall asleep and on high alert while my drunk ex husband repeatedly stormed into our bedroom to yell at me after I would get up and close the door, angry as fuck at me because I had found that he had cheated on me and told him I wanted a divorce). Sorry for the run-on sentence - I think I just released something that needed to go, whew!

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