Why are you on reddit right now?

  1. Same here. My favorite is when I wake up early enough to fall back asleep, but then every little thing keeps me from sleeping. I need to piss. My blankets are messed up. Somebody's vacuuming. My hair got in my nose and now it's running.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I'm sick almost every morning. My spouse thinks I might be pregnant. It's really hard on me mentally, especially because I'm a guy

  3. Serial and lifelong procrastinator here. I want to share something that's been helping me recently. I've come to realize that the core driving force of procrastination is a lack of properly associating certain tasks with immediate rewards, resulting in destructive habits. For example, writing a thesis gives you no immediate reward, though it may be very important for your long term success and happiness. In fact, that activity for you is only associated with difficulty and discomfort - no wonder you avoid it! Your instincts will instead steer you toward things that give you immediate feel-goods that you can rely on; reddit, porn, games, etc. So overcoming procrastination is a matter of repairing the habit-forming associations between your longer term goals and near term rewards.

  4. Maybe doesn't help because mine is about history and thus the writing process less straightforward but when I know I'm not in the mood to write and I'm writing dogshit, I assume it and continue doing it. It's easier the next day to rewrite dogshit than face the blank page again. So don't erase it at the end of the day, keep it and redoit next day.

  5. Listen to some music that motivates you. It always helps me get started. Although I am saying that while procrastinating right this moment.

  6. It’s nice to have something to read while you’re waiting for things. I used to bring a book everywhere. Now I have Reddit and my ebooks on my phone.

  7. My cat just reaches up and plays the doorknob like a musical instrument, it's the most irritating rattling sound ever. Have no idea how he learned that, it's like he knows that it's loud and annoying.

  8. My lap puppy used to do this. He thought it was great. He'd bite the end and pull it all the way back, then jump around when it made the noise.

  9. I'm in a hospital bed, been here 8 days and probably 6 more before they send me home. (Moto crash)

  10. Bruh, you gotta have something better to do than reddit, eight straight days of reddit is enough to wind you up in a different kind of hospital.

  11. Social media is the worst place to manage that. You come hoping for social catharsis but leave with media overload and existential dread. But here I am, doing the exact same thing, it’s insidious. Try going for a walk without your phone and best of luck friend.

  12. so sorry for you. I was there for a while. but now between awesome encounters with new gf. the bad times make the next round of good times fantastic. just hand in there and wait it out the best you can.

  13. The nice thing is she's panicking over the test and not panicking that you want to hang out with her. Panic is like a rocking chair, you can go back and forth all you want, you're still going no where. And the people at the cracker barrel are getting concerned.

  14. My daughter (17) has autism and often has meltdowns. Her preferred method of recovery is to snuggle me in bed while we watch old TV shows on streaming. I love those moments.

  15. Extremely relatable. Chronic pain and autism for me. Spent the day walking around museums, which i enjoyed, but walking around the city, the museums, and taking public transport to and from, all made my pain so bad which puts me in meltdown mode :'(

  16. 15 more minutes for this road trip to end, probably another 10 minutes after for a bathroom. Hangin real tight, wish me luck.

  17. i got a genuine interest in seeing what’s going on in other peoples lives tbh, also reddit is chill as

  18. I have so many different work assignments at once that I jus got overwhelmed and went to my safe space.

  19. Woke up too early and I’m sick with Covid. I can’t believe I got it. I was able avoid it for three years finally happened after an outbreak at my daughter’s daycare. So thankful I got vaccinated. I would hate to feel worse than I do now.

  20. hug feel better! And be glad you're vaccinated, my BIL caught it a month ago and is still SO sick. He was an anti-covid-vaxxer, but not anymore. "I swear, Kat, nothing the shit does could possibly be this bad." He then went on to bitch and moan to me about how scarred up his lung tissue is, and how his heart is damaged. I love him, I really do, but he did this to himself with all his right wing Q-anon believing bs. I worked in healthcare for 2 decades and he suddenly believed internet strangers and fake articles over his own sister. eye roll

  21. I'm stuck trying to think my way out of the choice between becoming homeless but getting treated for a bat scratch, or facing the small but real possibility of death from rabies.

  22. Sitting in the car, waiting to surprise my 16 year old daughter by picking her up from work. It's about to rain and she's got a 15 minute walk to the bus stop so I figured I'd come and get her. I got here 40 mins early so I'm killing time.

  23. Wanted a distraction from the fact I dropped my galaxy buds to the toilet bowl (it's not the first time it happend unfortunately, at least this time it wasn't while taking a shit). This time tho turns out they are ruined.

  24. I,m cooking pasta while playing golf while a podcast is playing while chargeing a controller and eating toast while watching Twich while downloading a game

  25. I'm having an ADD day and can't stick with any one activity for long even though there's things I really should be doing.

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