What isn’t a cult but feels like a cult?

  1. Some dog owners groups on facebook are very culty like. Got banned from one group for not crate training my pup. I like her sleeping in my bed as it helps with my anxiety.

  2. Yep, and they can be completely nutso in either direction. Some of them are all “micromanage every moment of your dog’s life, constantly showing dominance so that it knows you’re the alpha. Flip it on its back twice a day and stare directly into its eyes until it looks away in submission. Take away its dinner every now and then and make it watch as you throw it all in the trash, just to keep it from getting too comfortable. If it doesn’t respond to hand signals and commands in six languages, you’ve utterly failed.”

  3. Agreed! And the owners who judge you on the food you feed them. If you don't feed your dog the same food they feed theirs, then you're a bad owner who is killing your dog.

  4. I just got a puppy and I’ve had many dogs before but this is my first puppy puppy as an adult (the other current doggo was almost a year old and house trained when I got her) and literally every single part is “crate train! Crate train! Crate train!” And if it’s not the crate-train train, then they must be confined to a play pen the entire day until you take them to go potty because otherwise they’ll use your entire house. And they’ll eat everything. So they must be locked up. I have never in my life had to crate a dog. If they eat my shit? Okay. They need more stimulation then. Maybe they’re upset that I haven’t been home in a while and they miss me: so we can have a play and cuddle session. But I honestly don’t see why everything has to be a damn crate.

  5. Audi ownership (at least in the UK). I had an Audi Q3 as a hire car recently and other Audi drivers were suddenly letting me out at junctions, offering me parking spaces and even stopping to talk to me as if we'd known each other for years. I'm actually serious about this. It was weird..

  6. Jeeps too. They have a wave they do to others with satisfactory vehicles. So much focus on customizations, especially for those with Wranglers. The idea of being able to go off-roading (vs those that actually go further than the pot holes at the mall).

  7. My wife just left one. For a while she found some feeling of belonging when she was feeling lonely at home. However it wasn't worth the toxicity. Even by social media standards, there were some shitty endoctrinated people in there.

  8. I agree with this 100%. I'm a lawyer the number of times I've had Mom's come to me about something being discussed in their mom group and how I need to make it right is astonishing. It gets even worse when they bring up how Laura said whatever the issue is is illegal and they need to be compensated for it. It's like I'm sorry but no you aren't entitled to compensation because you are concerned about the perfectly legal fertilizer your neighbor is using on his lawn unless there are actual damages or injuries caused by it. And "as a mother" isn't a sound legal argument either.

  9. I experienced a lot of this after having a c-section with my breech baby. There’s a huge community of natural vaginal birth women that think you’re the devil for doing anything else. Most worship the Ina May book.

  10. An acquaintance of mine got called out in the most glorious fashion when she got sucked into the local Facebook mommy group.

  11. 13 months into being a new Dad. My wife is in a few groups and says it’s literally like a cult, god forbid if you don’t breastfeed, god forbid you farward face in a car a day before they’re 4 years old (whatever age it is I’ve forgot), god forbid you ever so slightly step out of what is considered pure and holy for the baby. I swear some parents only had kids so they could use them as a way to be above anyone else in any way they see fit.

  12. Had a family friend who couldn't get pregnant naturally so went the invitro route and got preg with triplets. She asked me to fix her computer one day and she was a member of multiple mommy's forums. And the whole forum was about how much better they are at being mothers than, "singletons", their word for woman who have one child at a time.

  13. When I was in college, we had a “mothers against violence” group show up at least once a week to protest our rugby team lol. In the middle of practice about 15-20 of these moms would show up with signs. Telling us we are the problem of the future and we were all bullies. At 18-20 it was hilarious. We would always invite them to our games and socials, never saw them show up

  14. Yea, I had to leave my cloth diapering group after they made a rule saying no one was allowed to use gifs or memes of Black people because it was digital blackface (a legit concern, but this was going about it the wrong way, IMO; felt very white savior-y) Like, no one. They said all were banned because they couldn't be certain if the user was really black or not. Blech.

  15. Didn’t know people were cultish about cloth diapers. I guess I could see it, a lot of moms have some kind of competition about how to raise their kids.

  16. Mums are crazy about anything. I posted in a baby group today that I never needed a changing table and have had TWO nasty, irate messages lecturing me why I am wrong.

  17. My wife is having a kid in two months, and two nights ago, some of her friends were over for a small party, and one of them said "If you start a Facebook group, let us know!"

  18. My wife worked her way up to president of our condo association. She's so anti-HOA that she has basically made it non-functional and doesn't enforce anything. One of our neighbors is also anti-HOA and he got elected as treasurer so now they have a majority vote on the board and overrule the other voting member who is a snobby hateful old lady.

  19. Every once in a while one of the fan pages for one of these child actresses who just turned 18 reaches the popular reddit threads and my stomach turns. Its all comments about how beautiful a “young woman” she is and how sexy she turned out to be.

  20. This. & shippers, it's ok to normally cheer for a fictional couple in a movie or tv series but when stans start to invade the personal space of the actors it's creepy.

  21. The fact that they call themselves "stans" show they completely missed the point of the Eminem song. I don't even like rap, I've maybe heard the song once in full, and even I remember that the Stan in the song was not a person to emulate.

  22. Neopets. They reeled you in with cuties and took all of your mom's money for more neopets and a subscription and the like cards and stuff. And if someone didn't have or know about neopets, they were immediately thrown to the bottom of the social hierarchy.

  23. I’ve been sucked back into the Webkinz cult as an adult. (Finally got that deluxe membership) Everyday I look forward to spinning the Wheel of Wow after all my meetings have adjourned. It’s like a little reward. 🥲

  24. My mom and aunt were obsessed with lavender in particular for a year. It was added to every food. It was carried around in purses for scents. It was rubbed on my cousin's leg when she scraped it before a bandage. I had a knee problem at one point and my mom sent me a lavender-mint infusion. I tried it because I'm too broke to consider going to the doctor's unless I think I'm gonna need surgery, and it did nothing but stink up the room. It was so cringe and my brother and cousins still mock them about it to this day

  25. I'm an herbalist and the amount of people I shriek at in horror for ingesting volatile essential oils is astronomical. Like, cool, that Tina told you eating lavender and oregano oil is a natural covid vax, but maybe run it by your GP before eroding your esophagus and stomach. Do not ingest essential oils. Ever.

  26. Yea, first it was, "those drumline guys cant read real music." Then it was, "look at me, I can play four mallet marimba." Then I went to try out for Phantom and a guy there was like, "look at me, I can play six mallet marimba." Then he floated into the air above everyone and transcended into the light. Fucking pit percussion....smh

  27. Seethingly LOATHED moving the xylophone and marimbas to the field each game. Those fuckers don't come with good wheels and rolling them on grass sucks.

  28. I literally scrolled through this whole post to see if it was here. I would completely agree I have made huge treks to see them. We almost have our own language.

  29. Why do I feel like a disproportionate amount of people I encounter on Reddit are from central Florida

  30. It is amazing living in Utah, Mormon ladies are addicted to Disney movies, and Disney would do those re-release of old movies every 5 years or so. You see they have walls of DVDs.

  31. My brothers in law have gone to Disneyland Paris every year for the past years (except 2020 for obvious reasons. I asked them once what else did they visit in Paris and they told me that they only went to Disney and didn’t bother to visit the rest of the city.

  32. Are they still around? I remember seeing bumper stickers and things all the time but not in the past decade. I occasionally will see that multi story building off a major California freeway.

  33. I will agree with this. I went back to school when I was 26 to get my bachelor’s and realized I needed my master’s to get a good job in my field. Now I’m halfway don’t with that and they’ve got me considering going for my doctorate. It’s like a sickness, chasing those degrees until you’ve reached the top.

  34. It breaks people. I've seen rising stars in academia crushed to dust by the 3rd dead end underpaid post doc - seeing their ideas used by industry to make billions or their work turned into trainings that others make money from or being pressured to abandon discovery for the benefit of human knowledge to replace it with industry driven bullshit. That's the science field. Don't even get me started on psychology - what's been done to that field.... goodness the studies coming out are so bad. While FB and meta and amazon and clinics/Medicaid and CMS/insurance companies are running insane data collection and experimentation with no Ethics board involvement. It's a nightmare.

  35. I studied CS and had to work with a lot of phds and masters students. The amount of times I heard “just go to grad school, it’s not that bad” was way too many. Then I show them my poor grades and they’re still like “there’s still lesser known schools you can get into”. Like bro, I don’t want to do more school.

  36. Those insane pro breastfeeding groups are very cult like in my experience. (Not bashing breastfeeding, I did it myself. But so many women in those groups talk about formula like it’s literal poison)

  37. My mom had to give me formula because she couldn’t produce enough for my fat ass. I was born 10+lbs but all the Navy moms gave her shit blaming her and formula for me being fat.

  38. I told someone that my dad fed me most of the time as my mom worked 70 hour weeks after I was born. They got so confused. After I explained they said "sorry, I forget that not everyone feeds their baby the way God intended."

  39. And you're not a real woman unless you have your baby at home. If you had it in a hospital and needed any kind of medical intervention, you are a pariah and a cheat.

  40. I had mastitis so bad. All I wanted to do was stop so my doctor told me to go to a lactation consultant and they will tell me how to stop breastfeeding without getting sick. They refused to! Kept on badgering me about how I’ll feel different once my boobs stopped raging. Anyway, I stopped that day and it was the best thing I could have done. In hindsight I was dangerously close to a breakdown and needed some space from my baby. She’s 2 now and we are best buds.

  41. I joined a Spanish language CrossFit gym and don’t speak Spanish. I’m in amazing shape and nobody invites me to the weird extracurricular activities.

  42. Exactly. My Ex was also doing this and called them her new "family" just after 2 weeks! Another 4 weeks and I was single. Hate them. 😄

  43. I came to write just that. I was going to CrossFit, I really enjoyed the exercises and their concept, but I was not too fond of that narrative "we are a family" and whole camaraderie. So I quit. I don't need new friends and family. I just want to exercise and go home. No string attached.

  44. Wrong. Pyramid schemes ARE cults! Stay as far away from those things as if your life depends on it. And May every pyramid scheme “hun” or pathetic leader who knows they’re doing, be brought down in fiery flames. They rob innocent people and make their lives miserable—so they deserve nothing less than the same.

  45. Man I wish I knew the name of that vacation selling MLM scam. It's the one where everyone holds up signs that says "Wish you were here with us" or something like that. A guy at my church tried to get me involved and I practically had to ghost him.

  46. I posted once how I got duped into attending one. It had the cult like atmosphere, and a guy on stage who showed up late because he just got off the plane from some tropical vacation. People were encouraged to "borrow the money from an audience member" to get started. Berated us for working a journey onto brokeness (job in his terms) It felt like a cross between a cult, with the cheesiness of a 3am infomercial. I wanted to strangle the person who brought me. That idiot afterward went on and on about all the cool rich guy stuff he was going to do.

  47. I had a friend trick into going to a presentation and when I said it was a pyramid scheme and I was leaving, she insisted that it was a staircase which is completely different from a pyramid. Um ok

  48. My ex did Amway for like, 9 months before I ever knew him. Oddly enough I was familiar with Amway because a church friend tried getting me into it back in the day. I noped outta that shit fast, but him? He was all for it. When we met he kept saying "I just didn't give it my all, if I had really tried I coulda been like Dave and living in a mansion by now." Dave was, of course, the Amway speaker who told everyone they could live in 4 mansions like him if they "just worked hard enough."

  49. whispers who is Andrew tate? He's been mentioned to me or I've seen him on my feed but idk wanna look dumb so I just smile and nod

  50. During a family gathering my cousin started talking about Andrew state. I hadn’t really known who he was at the time (heard of him but didn’t put the name together with the stories at the time) and was just sort of going along and being polite to him talking about how “he’s just a savage” whenever asked about what he actually does. He spoke for a while about how he has a large enough following to just totally collapse economies. All he has to do is tell his followers to “buy a certain stock and then dump it all at once” and that price fluctuation would be enough to bring down any company in existence and eventually whole countries.

  51. This one makes me sad because the host of my favorite podcast (Let's not meet) is named Andrew Tate and now he is getting a lot of hate because of the other Andrew Tate. He's had to change his handles on social media and was getting a lot of hate messages from the other Andrew Tate's cult.

  52. Not gonna lie, it does seem that way sometimes. Especially with the way the voting system is actually used to push up certain opinions and hide others, it definitely creates the same echochamber effect a lot of cults do; creating a lot of unrepresentative worldveiws.

  53. Dedicated extremist fans. I've found that Stephen King fans are very cult-y - I remember reading something about "how he is the god of horror genre and every he has written and will write is absolutely gold...he can never write a bad book."

  54. I’ve read a lot of his books. I love most of them. But to say he can’t write a bad one is pretty narrow minded. Some books I can almost smell the liquor and cocaine dripping of the page. 400 more and he gets a paycheque.

  55. Haha I agree about the Stephen King fans. I’m a super huge fan but he’s written some books that I don’t like. I can’t talk to some other Stephen king fans about it tho haha. They’d murder me

  56. I went on a date with a girl once that took extreme offence when I said I preferred the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Like she just stood up and left the restaurant and blocked me on everything level offence.

  57. I don’t know anyone who likes Stephen King who doesn’t know, acknowledge, and certainly read some of his bad ones. I’m not sure who has this mindset that you’ve encountered?

  58. Take your pick from any MLM. They suck people in and create this giant sisterhood where people get addicted to all their new friends. The moment you want out of the pyramid scheme, they turn on you in a second. You get so many hateful messages from most of them, and sometimes people choose to stay out of fear of losing everyone they've grown close to because they alienated everyone else in their life.

  59. Tupperware. I started selling recently, just to get the discount. My "manager" added me to 5 different Facebook groups, I get slammed daily by them, invited to numerous different meetings/video calls/groups. There are challenges and they push them hard, games, different things to do to earn "rewards" (just more fucking Tupperware). These women are INTENSE. I have gracefully backed out and said I am only in it for the discount (which is fine apparently).

  60. As someone who owns an iphone, airpods, apple watch, airtags, power beat pros, and many apple accessories, Apple

  61. The Church of Jobs is definitely a cult. I'm surprised Apple is still paying taxes and not declaring Tim Cook is a prophet.

  62. I have flashbacks of 13 years old me fighting with someone on Wattpad over a fanfiction because they said "I ship [insert kpop dude] and [insert other kpop dude]"

  63. one person made four separate Twitter accounts to tell me to violently unalive because I said I didn’t like mamamoo- and that’s racist apparently

  64. Multi Level Marketing. There is simply no other way to look at it when you start to understand how a cult works and how they use those things to their advantage.

  65. My roommate's girlfriend joined one and got stuck in a position where she was essentially being forced to pay for housing she couldn't use or afford due to being "randomly selected" through a raffle. When she tried to leave the sorority due to their constant waffling on whether she was or was not being charged for the rent, they tried to enforce some contract that stated she would stay a member for a certain period of time. I think they backed off once the dean or some other higher up got involved, but it was pretty nasty. From what I was told, there was definitely some cult-like behavior going on with how they kept trying to convince her to stay and telling her how lucky she was to be a member.

  66. I've seen this same question (worded the exact same) no less than three times before. I swear, this is just a karma farm nowadays. People aren't even trying to be original anymore.

  67. Being a mother to guinea pigs. I'm serious. Guinea pigs really do think they are chosen by God and control you. I'm the only member of this cult to admit that it is one and loves it so much.

  68. A defenseless little hairy potato will scream at the most dangerous apex predator to have ever walked the Earth, and said apex predator will gladly do its bidding because they're just so cuuuuuute!

  69. College Greek life - pay money to join a group that has you dress the same, talk the same, chant in rhythm, and engage in humiliating/degrading behavior

  70. Oh my GOD, they took over the tween base where I live. Kids were bullied because they didn’t wear LuLuLemon…and then as it progressed bullies for not having enough.

  71. I used to have a coffee snob colleague. He had a French press and some other paraphernalia on his desk and would post on social media about ordering beans of esoteric origin. We got along well as acquaintances and we talked several times about non-coffee stuff.

  72. My country (New Zealand)'s fanatical obsession with rugby - especially the national team (The All Blacks, named for their black uniforms..)

  73. Oh Christ yes. I'm an Irish person based in Christchurch and people were furious. At the team and sometimes at me as though I was involved in Ireland beating NZ. Like lads... It's ok to lose sometimes. We've done it a lot.

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