If you're about to die, what would your last words be?

  1. Deez nu- actually it would be like " i love you all" because i would be thinking about my family honestly thats what i do if i get into dangerous situations already---- cringe ngl.

  2. Mine would be “hey how far do you think I can lick this bucket?” Purely so people can say, I remember (my) last words before he kicked the bucket. They were; hey how far do you think I can kick this bucket?

  3. I would either say no u or me personally I wouldn't take the level of disrespect yea start instigating with death if I had a chance to save my self I would go out strike force heros style and say my guns do the talking

  4. Wasn't born by my own will, ain't dying by my will either. I had a good run though and am thankful for this experience.

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