What's your controversial food opinion?

  1. Honestly, breakfast foods are largely just an American concept. In other places you generally have foods that are more often eaten in the morning and others that are more dinner dishes, but there's no particular divider in their concepts.

  2. Oysters are so awful. Just globs of gunk and ocean water. Love people who douse cocktail sauce and lemon juice to make them edible while telling us how good they are …

  3. While I agree with the sentiment I would have to disagree on a factual basis. It is likely civilization as we know it would never have risen to where it is now without alcohol. The simple fact is that beer and wine were boiled while generally speaking drinking water was not. For many many generations alcohol was very weak, like less than 5%, and much safer to drink than other liquids. Modern spirits are a highly concentrated derivative and have only been in existence since the 13th or 14th century A.D.

  4. This is a tough philosophical one for me. Like if it would just disappear from existence or never existed in the first place, I’d agree - the world would be a much better place. But I do enjoy using it as a catalyst in social engagements/building up more comfortability in me to spend time with people or engage with people I normally wouldn’t.

  5. That red velvet flavor is always on clearance in my country. Cheapest cookies available by a wide margin yet people still won't buy them.

  6. I don't refuse, in fact I'm almost eager to, just that I taught myself to cook from a young age, and mainly only learned how to cook fish and meat dishes either mixed or accompanied with vegetables, I've got a great understanding of how to take just about any meat and make it into a nice dish, but with most vegetables I've barely a clue where to start.

  7. DETOX IS NOT A THING! there is no medical evidence that supports "detoxing"! Its a straight up scam. The only thing that charcoal and lemon water clean out is your wallet

  8. There are more kinds of pizza than NY and Chicago style. Each is amazing in it's own way. But NY style is pretty pedestrian as far as pizza goes.

  9. Food appropriation isn't really a thing. Most food stuff has been global for a long time and no one culture can realistically claim any sort of exclusivity on anything.

  10. is...is that a thing? dude I'm middle eastern and we have dishes named currie...are you telling me that someone's gonna call us out on that? Or the fact that we eat hummus and grape leaves just like greek people

  11. I mean, it definitely is, moreso than most ideas of cultural appropriation, but it's generally a very silly squabble. Foods can either be fairly clearly sorted into basic dishes that are thousands of years old and generally being attributable to a whole region, or being relatively more recent, somewhat more complex and clearly originating from a specific place of a region.

  12. French cuisine is so vastly overrated. It’s all just butter or cream or garlic. It’s not clever. It’s not refined. It’s not artful. A lot of it is fucking disgusting. Most of it is just very rich. Describing French cooking as the best in the world is pretentious and inaccurate.

  13. Honest question to all the well-done steak lovers: Can you actually tell the differences in cuts of steak when it is cooked all the way through? Is there a discernable difference between porterhouse, T-bone, or round? I mean the fat content is the prime difference but when meat is cooked well-done I feel like most of that difference is negated.

  14. Actually, real lard has been not used in the states for a long time. That's the reason, I save bacon grease for certain dishes.

  15. I never liked eating food. It's a chore to me. If I could take a pill and never have to eat again for the rest of my life, I would pay good money for that pill.

  16. Mostly yes but have you ever been to a high end restaurant. Like reservation and dress code high end. The food is so good it ruined normal food for me

  17. I like to put regular yellow mustard on pizza. Plain old Heinz / French's / Plotchman's yellow mustard. So delicious!

  18. My controversial food opinion is that super market store sushi is good. It be reminding me of my heart all cold and fishy

  19. Sushi at Whole Foods is actually very good. Any other super market though and you are correct. Additionally low quality sushi can make you very sick, which is maybe the biggest negative aspect. The issue here though is that really good sushi is expensive.

  20. Bechamel is more like a sauce base than a sauce in itself, and it can be quite nice for many things. For example an Alfredo sauce is basically a very simple variation of a bechamel and it certainly can compliment a linguini or a fettucini quite well.

  21. All the fancy restaurants serve the same things. They sit on their pedestal looking down on burger joints that all serve the same thing.

  22. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Cajun good is honestly not that great. Surprisingly bland for how many spices are used in it.

  23. My wife won't eat gravy, she says it's just oil and flour. I've never told her red eye gravy is just drippings from country ham and water.

  24. Oysters are disgusting little globs of gunk. When you have to douse them in cocktail sauce, lemon juice, and whatever else, to make them edible - that’s the tip!

  25. i dont like food lol. like, eating is a chore (to me) that requires work and honestly, i only eat because i have to.

  26. Chicken skin and steak fat should be seared to a crisp after the initial cooking and served on the side.

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