[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

  1. I was drugged. I went over to a"friend" house and we were supposed to go to a house party together. She asked if I wanted to pre party, and I was like, yeah! So we took Shot then she offered me some weed, I took a hit and as I exhaled, I suddenly woke up naked, under her on a bed, and she was going to town. She looked me in the face and said ," are you OK? Oh you better be OK fuck" then I blacked out again, and woke up in the yard. About 4 hours had passed and I had the worst headache in the world for another day or so. Went to the doctor and they confirmed I had rohypnol in my system. Never spoke to her again. My girlfriend left me over it. I went into the worst depression of my life and attempted suicide over it. Fortunately a family member found me and took me to the hospital, where they saved my life and forced me into a mental evaluation where I ultimately entered regular therapy, got in some medicine, and I'm doing fine today. One of the three worst things I've endured this lifetime.

  2. I've told exactly 3 people about this. 2 therapists and one really close friend. If the conversation came up, I think I'm strong enough to tell anyone now though.

  3. You went to doctors and tested positive for rohypnol... sounds like a open and shut case for any detective... did you report it to authorities op?

  4. Between the ages of 7-11 my sister use to take me into her room and do things to me. First it was just touching my privates and making me touch hers but it escalated from there.

  5. My older sister did that to me from the ages of four until 12 years old. I finally spoke up about it in my 20s but at that point I was a full-blown heroin addict. And was mostly telling people because I was so angry about everything and justifying my drug used to. I finally was able to talk to my sister who did this to me. And I knew she was being raped by someone but I didn’t find out till years later. And she’s been dead now two years from an overdose. Just know you’re not alone. These things happen to us and we live with it our entire lives. I do a lot of therapy for my complex childhood trauma. I hope you find what you need to get through life. And just know you’re not alone. Even when you’re alone.

  6. I had a similar situation with a step sister. I'm 30 now. Please tell some one, even just a therapist to vent. I wish I had spoke to someone when I was your age.

  7. I (then 11 yo), got dragged in to a closet when I and my parents were visiting their friends. The rapist was their daughter (then 16). She proceeds to remove my clothes. I tried to sorta struggle away but she pinned me and said “you don’t want your parents to know your in here with me, you’ll get in trouble” so I sorta stop fighting it. When she got me naked she starts to jerk me off and put a finger in my ass. I could not yet ejaculate. All that happen was just painful and to this day I don’t let anyone near my ass. She only stopped because her parents called for us to come eat desert. I truly do not know how none of the adults saw that I had tears in my eyes but I guess they had been drinking…

  8. I’m so sorry your sister didn’t believe you. I am very protective of my brother and I just can’t comprehend how she would not believe you. All I can say is that If you were my brother I would dedicate my life to destroying that bitch and make sure she never had another peaceful moment in her life. I was also preyed on by a teenager as a child and it is so fucked up because you feel like no one will take it seriously and it’s somehow your to blame as well. They always seemed to use the “you’ll get in trouble if you tell” line successfully to coerce you bc they know you’re young and innocent enough that it’ll work on you. What a disgusting piece of shit. 16 is old enough to know that what she was doing was wrong. I hope you’re doing ok now…

  9. Honestly not sure if I was raped or not but I think I was. A former coworker that had quit a couple weeks prior messaged me one night to see what I was doing and asked if wanted to come over and hang out. I wasn’t doing anything so I headed over to drink and hang out. I had no intention of doing anything sexual and only planned on drinking a little bit so that I could still drive home at the end of the night.

  10. Nefarious thought would be that if you reported it, shed claim that the black eye is from her trying to fight you off. Unfortunately I'm today's society you'd have a hard time arguing against that since cops won't like the "I honestly don't remember" claim as that's neither a confession nor a deny

  11. Got catfished before it was called getting catfished. This was back around ‘01-‘02 and I was active on a very social message board. We had members all over the world and would often host big week long parties at different peoples houses across the US. It was normal for members to meet and hangout with people from other states.

  12. I was repeatedly sexualized, molested, and raped by a 13 yr. old babysitter from the ages of 9 to 11. She forced me to do unspeakable things to her and if I didn't she'd hurt my genitals.

  13. Yeah I had a similar experience with being forced to do degrading acts as a child by a neighbor girl who was a few years older.

  14. I was 12 and my family and friends went on a cruise. Met some other kids at the teen club that had alcohol, so why not. Then hot tub, then back to a room to hang. Older girl (maybe 16-17) was flirting, but I wasn’t really at that point in puberty where I was interested (also a virgin). I got tired of all the people and ended up falling asleep. Woke up to a dark room and her going down on me. I was pretty out of it and wasn’t sure what was going on, pushed her off and went back to sleep. She didn’t stop. Not the best way to lose your virginity.

  15. It's incredibly sad to me how many male friends of mine have said this was how they lost their virginity - passed out at a party, and woke up to being raped. Unfortunately you're definitely not alone.

  16. Had a woman crush a bunch of Xanax up and put it in my beer. I was clueless that she did it. I blacked out after the beer and came to with her on top of me and her fiancé freaking out. She was trying to make him mad because they were fighting. He was freaking out because he walked in on it happening and on top of that I wasn't responding. When he realized how messed up I was, he helped me get home. I couldn't speak coherently or even walk so he practically carried me to his car. He called me the next day to check on me and tell me that she told him what she did to me. Him and I are still friends 15 years later and neither of us have spoken to her since. I tried to press charges and he went and gave a witness statement. The cops laughed at us and never even tried to investigate it.

  17. This is currently the top comment on this thread, but I have a sinking feeling that all of them are going to end exactly the same when it comes to the cops not even bothering.

  18. About the cops, yup. They just say "Men can't be raped" and forget you ever said anything to them about it.

  19. I was 13 when I raped by my at the time best friends 19yo older sister. She then gaslit me into thinking that I liked it even though I hadn't enjoyed it and that we were now "in a relationship" which basically amounted to me giving her my allowance and her continuing to rape me.

  20. Was waiting until marriage to have sex…made it to 20 years old before drugged and raped by two girls from the base I was stationed at. They did it for bragging rights because it was well known I was a virgin. Sent me into a dark downward spiral of depression and drinking and drug abuse. Been clean and sober for almost two years now.

  21. I was 10, she was 13 and looking after me whilst my mother was at work. I was already in a shitty place because my mother was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive towards me. I was forced into intercourse that day, I froze and she took advantage. I developed CPTSD, depression and anxiety from that event which (coupled with my so-called mother) led to a suicide attempt at 14.

  22. When I was 16 a girl who I believed to be my friend who was 5 years older than me got me shitfaced drunk, I basically passed out and the she started kissing me and groping my unconscious body Infront of everybody while no one did anything because they thought it was hilarious (she was a severely overweight emo back then) God knows what else she did to me and I don't intend in know about it. I woke up the next day covered in vomit and everyone was making fun of me, turns out this girl had done this several times to other guys of my age, kept doing it. Everyone turned their back on me, got grounded by my parents for months and heavily bullied at school. Took me years to understand and confront everyone about the fact that I was publicly abused and it went off as a joke.

  23. I don't know if I would call it rape. I struggle even to let myself think of it as abuse. My mom would, from the earliest I can remember, come in on me in the bathroom. On the toilet? She's in there talking to me. In the shower? Needs to get a look at me.

  24. Covert incest is what your mother was doing, it doesn't always involve sex but the forced cuddling and ignored boundaries in regards to your body definitely fit the category. This is sexual abuse. You deserved better and you still do.

  25. I tried sharing this story before and I got 3 different reactions and all of them were disgusting to the point of suicidal thoughts. So I’ll probably delete this. I will say now that I’m okay, but people don’t make it easy to share.

  26. Man that's a very tough situation and hindsight is always 2020. But when a victim perpetuates abuse on a new victim I would think the damage was done. Would it have been better for her if you told maybe but you can't ever really know that, they may not have believed her until she got pregnant by the step-dad or she could have covered for him in fear.

  27. Dude, do not blame yourself for this, are you kidding? You were dealt a shit hand and you made ALL the correct choices. You stopped her immediately. You left the room. You sent her back to her room.

  28. Honestly that is a really tough situation to be in. I can say, I knew she had been abused before I even read it there at the end. The cycle of abuse is terrifying.. but kids that young do not abuse other people unless they’ve been abused themselves (statistically). I know that’s a lot to fight with yourself about but I’m not sure how much you could have done considering who was in her life. And I can only imagine the fear of being blamed for something like that. I mean you could have literally ended up in jail for her raping you. I hope the both of you are doing better. This one will always stick out to me.

  29. I'm glad you did not delete this before I saw it, reading your story is horrible. You did everything right, the only part someone could criticize you on is not telling her father, but you gave clear and concise reasoning as to why you did decided not to and nobody should fault you for that.

  30. I hate to say it, but it's probably just as well that you didn't say anything. Guaranteed you'd be in prison now if you had.

  31. Came home from the bar one night. My brother had a girl at the house with him and her friend, who was quite obviously a redneck drug addict, was being a third wheel. I was pretty drunk so fuck it, I'll play wing man. I drink their booze and smoke their weed. Bro and girl disappear. Third wheel tries to come upstairs with me. No no, here's a blanket and there's the couch. I go to bed and lock my door behind me. Eventually I wake up and she's on top of me and I'm not wearing pants. I say no and tell her to get off but she keeps on. After a few minutes I'm like let's just get this over with, I'm too drunk and just want to pass out. I let her do her thing. I told her a few times to get off of me but she just kept on. And again in my drunken haze I was rationalized just letting her finish even though I was protesting. The whole time she was saying "You know I got dat good shit. You know you like dat good shit." It was appalling. I still don't know how she got into my room.

  32. There are a lot of tragic, terrible, and deplorable outcomes in this thread, but imo this might take the cake. You did nothing wrong initially, and then tried your best to make light of a SHITTY situation over the next 14 years... I am so very sorry you had to deal with this and I hope your present situation is one that you're completely in control of.

  33. If you ever marry another woman or have other children, you have to have a Will. If he’s your son, he’s entitled to a portion of your assets if you die without a Will. You have to protect your family from his mother yet again.

  34. You tried. Honest to God you tried. And you succeeded at times. Hopefully some of it stuck and he'll get to turn himself around in the future. HUGS

  35. Apart from EVERYTHING you've just written down is absolutely terrible, I just want you to know I consider it's a good thing you taking your distance from your son yourself. The sad thing is you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped and since they're an adult now it's time to give them the space they seemed to need.

  36. This is probably the worst story in this thread and I'm only like 3 posts in. That is so terrible and tragic. The worst part about it is that you had set your son on a better path, and then she swooped in and turned it back on you and saying you were the one who raped her... that is just....it's just awful. I'm so sorry man.

  37. you did great, you did your part. he is what he is cause of you doesn't matter what he thinks rn, he will find out eventually. Even if he doesn't you made someone great.

  38. Year after I graduated high school I went to a party. Mixed weed, alcohol and some pain pills and was a little fucked up. Annoying girl from high school seized the opportunity to take advantage. Started sucking my dick outside of the party and I remember stopping it. She stopped and no big deal. I pass out later and in the middle of the night I wake up with her nude sucking my dick trying to get it hard so she could fuck me. I was kind of out of it and remember waking up several more times with this girl trying to figure out a way to jam my dick in her. Was too fucked up to really put a stop to it. Not sure what ever really happened but I can’t imagine I finished. She basically spent some amount of time trying to fuck my lifeless body. I was embarrassed at the time and only told a couple people. Typical reaction you would expect dudes to have.

  39. I had about the same, got too drunk one night and blacked out. My roommate(barracks so one room, two beds) walked in on her on top of me and almost walked out thinking he was ruining the moment. But he thought it was weird that I didn’t yell out or say anything to him, either sarcastically or anything so he came back in and saw her starting to act weird. He walked over and saw me lifeless with my pants down and she ran out quick. He pulled up my pants and pulled my blanket over me as he kept trying to get me to talk but I never did. He said he stayed up all night basically guarding me(real battle buddy). Woke up the next morning with a terrible headache and him waiting with some Gatorade and a story for me. We went and talked to her, she blamed it on being drunk too and begged me not to tell on her. I didn’t tell on her. I never got blackout after that because the main thing that scared me was really, anybody could of taken my cookies that night. If not her, some dude and that shit scared the alcoholism out of me.

  40. I had a similar experience except I was the only one not drinking until I took one drink out of courtesy from the girl I came with. I remember waking up a few times with her riding me, and my most vivid memory is that everyone else was gone and The Suite Life on Deck was playing on the TV.

  41. 14 years old, invited round an older friends house to drink and watch tv. Her older (22f) sister arrived, drunk as a skunk. Took a liking too me, took me back to her “old room”, told me to take of my clothes and proceeded to assess my body before using it to get herself off.

  42. Dude you have me tearing up reading this, you did nothing to deserve this and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Healing isn't linear, remember that when you're crying about someone else's comment lol

  43. I’m reading these and somehow just realized a lot of the women mentioned in the comments of this post are not only rapists, but pedophiles. Even fucking worse, jesus.

  44. I was raped by my sister at the age of 6, she was 9. Obviously this isn't "normal" and she only did it because she had been raped since she was 4 years old by our grandfather. She did it because she learned that "that's how you show love". I've never really considered myself a victim and I've never seen her as a perpetrator, what she did was a direct result of our grandfather's actions and that's where I put the blame.

  45. I was a child and she was my mother. Don't remember it much but what i do, during flash backs, is every bit as horrible as one can imagine. Decided to press charges much later when i found out she had done the same thing to my younger brother. Out of 20ish charges initially, she was convicted on one and only the physical assault...she got parole. I was no better off after seeking "justice", in fact it just made me more angry and bitter.

  46. I'm sorry for you and your brother, what an inhuman POS to do this to her own fucking children. I don't know in which country you live but their judicial system is totally fucked up, I totally understand your anger.

  47. I was 13y and was sleeping in my bed. My mom came from a party and a friend of her (40y maybe) stayed to sleepover. When my mother was already sleeping she came to my room and touched my genitals. I woke up frightened and couldn’t react for the first seconds. I pushed her and told her to go away. She tried to kiss me but I pushed her again. She finally went to her room. I never told that to my mother and my friends just told me that I should have done something with that woman..

  48. I was given a really large bump of ketamine at a party many years ago. When I came around a girl was on top fucking me. If the shoe was on the other foot it would of absolutely been rape.

  49. It’s rape. I am so sorry, big internet hugs to you. It’s awful so many people are in this horrible club.

  50. Context (26M - 20F - Australia) I had matched with this woman on Tinder, and we talked for months, I was really interested in her. I saw on her Snapchat story one night that she was at an Evanescence concert I was at! So I found her and met her for the first time, and hung out at the concert, and decided to drive her home that night cause she was just going to get an Uber. Nothing happened, I drove her home and wished her a good night. I finish up a shift one night, headed to my car to head home and I open my Snapchat to see a snap from her with a ring on with the caption “Oops”. I ask what’s it about, she says that a guy she met a week ago proposed to her and she said “Yes”. I was pretty upset, so I just ghosted her and went on with my life.

  51. not sure why this isn’t at the top of the comments to the post. genuinely think this is the best way to explain it to someone who doesn’t think this is fucked up. i’m so sorry this happened to you but i feel as though you are a very strong person to be able to talk about such a thing as such

  52. When I was 13 I stayed at my friends house for the night. His mom always made comments about how handsome I was, that I didn’t look my age because of my height and early puberty(I was 6ft), and she would always grab my arms or touch my back or just find ways to touch me in general. He was 14 and had a job for the summer that was sparing with the hours, so we figured I could just sleep while he worked from 7am to 12pm. When he was walking out the door I got up for a drink of water and his mom was standing in the kitchen. She told me she made me a glass of water already and handed me a cup from the fridge. I drank the entire thing and went back to bed. I woke up later to her sucking my dick to make it hard before passing back out. I felt like I was in a daze or dream. All I could do is lay there, too fucked up to do anything about it. I woke up to her riding me and then passed out again. I don’t know how long passed before I woke up again and my shorts had been pulled back up and I was cleaned up. I felt so tired and in a daze. All I did was sleep the rest of the day off and on while my friend played video games. I didn’t go home that night and stayed again because of the guilt. I told myself it was all a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. I told a few friends and of course all the guys said I was so lucky to have been laid by a good looking milf. It took me years to accept that this wasn’t a dream and happened, but when it was brushed off I decided not to tell anyone else.

  53. This hurt my heart to read, and I hope you get any help/support you may need. Especially if you had people making those comments to you afterwards

  54. Sorry to hear that. The double standards are truly sickening. She obviously put something in your water. Imagine the shit storm had a girls friends father drugged and raped her like that woman did to you. I hope she realizes how wrong she was and what a sick pedo she is

  55. Neighbors daughter used to bribe me with candies when I was 7 to go do stuff “like how the grownups do in movies”

  56. We had eaten a bunch of pain killers, she told me she wanted to fuck, I was enjoying my buzz and told her no, she gave me head while I told her to stop. After I didnt get hard she grabbed me by throat and told me I was going to fuck her one way or the other and repeatedly tried to jam my flaccid dick in her until she used a hairband as a cockring. I wasn't into it, didn't want it, and didn't like that she went out and told everyone afterward that we fucked because I was making it a point not to fuck her because I was interested in someone else.

  57. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I could not imagine trying to sleep with a guy who isn’t into it. I remember being at a party, kind of dancing with a guy. I was drunk so I turned around and saw he was cute and was like I’m gonna kiss him! So I did, and it was totally one sided, and I got super embarrassed and uncomfortable and walked away. So how anyone goes through all this trouble when someone clearly isn’t into it, is beyond me.

  58. I used to babysit for my neighbour across the street when I was 14. One night his mum who must have been around 37 at the time came back on her own she had fallen out with the husband who decided to stay out drinking. I wanted to leave as it was about 1am but she hadn’t paid me so i stuck around hoping she would bring it up. She was very drunk and kept banging on about her husband and then she put her head on my shoulder. Obviously at this point I was feeling very uncomfortable with the situation. She then looked and she started kissing me. I didn’t really know what to do I think I blacked out at that point for a few moments trying to process what was going on. She then grabbed my hand and stuck them up her skirt I had no idea what the fuck to do I’d never done anything like that as I was a kid . She then kept trying to pull me upstairs and I kept asking what for and she just kept laughing, and saying come on let’s go upstairs. I was to scared to say no and was crying inside when the front door went and her husband could be heard in the door way coming in, as soon as he came in to the living room she grabbed her purse and payed me and I was out. I saw her a few days later and she apologised and said she was drunk. I think if it had gone any further it would have damaged me I just felt very out of control as when an adult tells you to do something as a kid you feel like you have to.

  59. Was 13, back visiting my ancestral country (I live in the UK and am a citizen). Country is uber religiously conservative. Was visiting paternal family and others from that half came along. Had to share beds with cousins due to space restrictions. Two of them, in their 20s were kissing and fondling me under the covers at night, and a third ended up actually managing to PIV rape me, keeping me quiet mostly under fear of waking everyone up. If I had complained or made a noise, I almost certainly would have been blamed as the guy, despite being 13, due to culture and religious reasons. I didn't realise the seriousness of what was going on at the time, but in retrospect it fucked me up. I became a hollowed out shell of an adult, unable to even hold conversations where before I was a quiet but friendly and confident child and preteen. It especially fucked up my concept of self worth and sexual development too, and I am deathly afraid of and overwhelmed by any form of sexual intimacy, despite wanting that connection. I'm hoping now that I'm a bit older (28) and independent, I can finally go get proper therapy for it, especially before I start dating people. (I've avoided relationships entirely to this day)

  60. In 1994, I was 16. I went camping with a group of friends. There were boys and girls, but no one told their parents about the other sex. Anyway, someone brought some beer, and I had one. I blacked right out.

  61. That's so awful. Also that the cop responded that way. That is absolutely rape. And clearly traumatic for you. If you can go to therapy, I definitely recommend it.

  62. My tl dr is that i had a virgin chick fuck me when i was mega drunk it got made into a cartoon with half a million views and i still get comments to this day calling me gay and that guys would have begged to be in my position.

  63. Mine is a bit different because I finally said yes. I didn't want to but it seemed easier than keep telling her no. She had a thing for me for awhile and kept getting more persistent and one night had a bunch of people over and she made sure everyone left before her. Then she just kept asking and I finally said yes to get her to stop. The sex was terrible. She told everyone about it the next day.

  64. I'm a woman and a similar thing happened to me. I wanted to get off pills and my best friend was active in NA so I started going with him. This man approached me after one of my first meetings flirting with me, and I felt pretty shitty from not being on drugs but I felt flattered so I gave him my number when he asked for it, but I also let him know that I (at the time) only dated women but that we could hang out. It wasn't until much later that I learned he preys on young girls in meetings (I was 23 and he was 50)

  65. Reddit’s been my place to let out trauma here lately so I’ll share my story for the first time in my life, beyond the immediate people involved that know.

  66. Victims of childhood sexual abuse often struggle to reconcile the violation with remembered feelings of curiosity, excitement, and/or enjoying it. You’re not alone; this was my biggest hurdle to process in my healing journey. It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed it at any point. You were a child and put into sexually inappropriate situations. I’m sorry you experienced this and hope you are in a better place now.

  67. Was house sitting for a friend. I slept in the living room, i had the house to my self for 2 weeks so i slept in very little clothing. Apparently they keep a spare key in a rock that i didn't know about, but a mutual friend at the time did. I fell asleep and lefit woke up to a large woman in white lingerie already riding my woohoo. I said "please, im a virgin." She shushed me with a finger, slapped my face, and continued to ride the pony express. I started crying, she rode me until i finished. Still messes with me to this day 10+ years later. Of course no one believed me then, especially the police. I got laughed at by the friend i was house sitting for, he told me i prolly called her over. The whole ordeal has left me broken, even now

  68. I don't really know if this is rape, but, I was working in a grocery store when I was 16-17, and an older lady came up to me and said "You're a pretty big guy aren't you?" I thought she meant that I was big as in tall, I was a little over 6 ft tall by that time. I remember thinking she said it in an odd way, but I was working in retail, and what customers weren't weird? So she asks me to come help her reach something from the top shelf, and I follow her for what seemed like a long time, but I think she was looking for an isle that was empty. So she stops in the cleaning isle and tells me to grab a gallon of soap from the top shelf. I'm struggling to lift it with my arm stretched all the way at the top and all of a sudden I can acutely feel her grabbing my groin. I reflexively recoiled from being touched like that, dropping the soap and spilling it all over the ground. She turns back to me with the widest grin on her face and said "I guess you'll have to grab more soap." I didn't respond and speed walked up to the break room there. I didn't know what to do, what to think, I was trying to figure out what had just happened. My boss came into the break room and asked if I was alright, and I told her what had happened. But then she just laughed and said "Crazy old lady." She let me stay in the breakroom until the lady left, but that was it, I remember I was shaky and a little bit jumpy for the rest of the day. Nothing really came of it, but that was just an awful experience of mine.

  69. Big party with friends and people I didn’t know. Fell asleep on the floor after too much to drink, but not so much that I didn’t get hard while asleep during the night.

  70. Just wanted to say that I believe you, and I'm sorry she did that to you. You deserved better from both the people around you and from our society that you (understandably) couldn't trust.

  71. It’s so weird to write this out. I never talk about it and rarely think about it. But In this context it’s definitely rape.

  72. I was 17 and was failing my English class for my senior year at the time. I had a good friend who I had known for a few years now and she was also failing. She had the idea to come over to her house and work on our English final prep together so we had a hope of passing. I get to her house and her parents were gone. I take out my notebook and flash cards and she disappears to the kitchen and comes back with a bottle of vodka and starts pouring shots. About 7-8 shots in and I realize she hasn’t taken a single shot and now we’re taking a tour of her house and we end up in her bedroom. We’re laying down and I’m very drunk at this point and she starts to undo my pants and I’m just going along with it not really aware. We start having sex and her parents come home, we keep going and get caught so I’m near black out drunk getting yelled at by her mom and get kicked out of their house and had to have someone come pick me up since I wasn’t able to drive. Terrible experience and still had a few months left of school we’re i had to avoid this girl until we graduated.

  73. I wasn’t raped, but at a work Christmas party a girl was on the dance floor and was going up to guys and inappropriately touching them including myself. I was shocked when it happened and then angry as everyone was just pretending she didn’t do anything. The next day at work she played the victim that she couldn’t remember anything when I confronted her.

  74. I was 14 and was groomed by a 30 year old woman. What was worse is that for about 6 months before it started, I had “dated” her daughter (as much as you can date at 14).

  75. Statutory rape. There's a reason the consent from a kid doesn't count. 14 year olds should be exploring their sexuality with other 14 year olds or waiting to do it when older.

  76. I technically count. I was ~15 at the time. A guy who I went to school with was known for having a hot mom but was otherwise a social pariah. A few of us went over to hang out with him and his mom partially because he had a Playstation and partially because of rumors saying she liked to wear mini skirts and nothing underneath. There were stories floating around that she had fucked some of the older kids but it was never first hand, like that kid whose uncle worked for Nintendo. Turned out to be true. I had "accidentally" seen her naked/in various states of undress probably 5 times before we had sex. Growing up I thought I had gotten lucky. I know now that she had engineered those situations.

  77. So, I have two stories. I've already told one of them, that happened when I was 10. The other one I've been reluctant of telling about, because I feel bad that I don't feel bad. Like, you know how male rape victims say that everyone discounts it as them "being lucky"? Well, that's how I felt, and kind of how I still feel, while simultaneously realizing that it was fucked up.

  78. My first girlfriend at age 22. She was a burlesque performer, but wasn't performing at the time. Nonetheless we kept up appearances at all the local shows.

  79. I'm iffy on its rape. But met a tinder date. Had a few drinks. Come back to my place, have sex. Fall asleep. Any men can attest, that sometimes we wake up "at attention". Well she thought it was an invite to take a ride. I wasn't ready nor was I wearing protection. Which, when I was on tinder, I was big on. While I've dealt with crazies before, I did what I could to diffuse the situation. Mention peeing, mentioning having to work in the morning, trying to fake it, etc. Whatever I could. Nothing worked. I ended up finishing inside, which weirded me out. Alot. After that she got her clothes on and left. Mind you it was 2am. I have to be up for work at 5am for work. I didn't get back to sleep. I remained "friends" with her until I learned she wasn't pregnant and than I blocked her.

  80. If we use the tea-as-consent analogy: If someone had tea the night before and you wake up before them and decide that they probably want more tea and proceed to pour it down their throat before they wake up, is that OK? Of course not.

  81. When I was going to college in FL I met a nice-looking, fairly charismatic gal at my first part-time job. I was warned by coworkers to keep my distance, but, as a dumb 21yo, I didn’t listen.

  82. I’m horribly sorry this happened to you, but I’m flabbergasted, why did the prostitute accept??? if she saw you were 9????

  83. She was a 'hippy horse girl' I was in an early relationship with, my first as well. She began to withhold sex with me in our relationship as I wouldn't do it without a condom, and she complained they were too chemical-laden. She then promised she'd use her own birth control. I still would pull out every single time, and she would cooperate with my efforts to still observe my own birth control as well. Until one time, she was on top, and I told her I was about to cum like every other time, and instead of getting off of me, she pinned me down and started grinding faster.

  84. I don't understand the logic of predatory people. No madam, you did not "sleep with a gay guy" you drugged and raped him. You took his autonamy away just to please yourself against his consent. Shit just pisses me off.

  85. I was 12, my dad had a party type of thing going on in the house, a girl came in, at the time i thought she was like 16 or somethin, looking back though she must've been older than that. She came in and lock the door behind her, we chatted in my bed for a bit then she crawled under the sheets and gave me a blowjob.

  86. I’m sorry that happened to you. That was not ok. I never understood why people treat make victims this way. You were a child and she was a adult. She KNEW better

  87. Happen to me at my dads house by my stepmom. I (14M) decided I wanted to let my dad back in my life after forgiving him of choosing drugs rather than his own son so my mom brought me over and I knock on the door but then my stepmom (22) answer the door instead. So I ask “is my dad home” and she says “your fathers at work he will be back later” and invited said to come in. So I walk inside and sit on the couch and after a while I get bored and walk back to the room we’re my stepmom was sitting on the bed and sat next to her and we kinda talked about my school life and how good we bother we doing in life . But then after I went to get up to go back to the living room she kinda grabbed my hand and said “where are you going?” I said “I just wanna go watch some tv” she then decides to tell me I can’t and made a move by putting her hands into my shorts. I was very scared not knowing what to do and was shocked about what is going on I didn’t react she then proceeded to take off my shorts and also hers and grabbed me pulling my stuff closer to hers and laid me back on the bed and it went down. I never really was open about this until today and I hope some of you guys can tell me ways to overcome and forgot about this.

  88. You won't forget about it. That's the bad news. But you will overcome if you allow yourself to process it. That does include talking about it and accepting that it is part of your reality. I suggest a fair chunk of therapy, but if that for some reason isnt an option at the time consider opening up to someone you trust. Trace back how that experience affected you and your behavior. Don't get me wrong, this is gonna suck. But it will get better, that much I can promise you. Trauma is a bitch, but it is a bitch that can be dealt with.

  89. Met some girls out at a bar. They invited me to a different bar they were regulars at. I had only on drink at the first and was given a drink at the second. Don’t remember driving home. Don’t remember inviting one of them to join me. Don’t remember getting into bed. Just remember waking up at some point with her on top of me.

  90. Woke up after drinking with someone in my bed I would never have consented to having sex with. People told she me she said she was just going to make sure I get home alright. Found out later she’s had an unhealthy obsession with me since highschool. Everyone laughs about it, but I guess that’s just the double standard with these things.

  91. More so inappropriately touched on many occasions than rape. We were in 7th grade, and she was a year older. I was a quiet kid who just kept to himself. At first it seemed innocent though I didn't understand it at the time. Bumping her ass into me as we crossed paths in making me lose balance and drop books. Tossing food at me and giggling with her friends. Wet willies, grabbing/pulling me around with her, shoving her ass near my face. Grabbing my ass, asking if I had a boner for her, trying to grab my crotch.

  92. Never been raped but I definitely been inappropriately touched more times than I can count. It hasn’t affected me mentally in terms of like trauma. But I find it crazy how girls can touch u without consent but when a guy does it he’s an asshole and a predator and it’s sa.

  93. I haven't shared this story with anyone but my mother. When I was abroad to see extended family there was this one girl I never asked her age I assumed a late teen and she was a distant cousin which now makes it even more fucked up . Anyway I was 11 at the time not thinking anything wrong about jumping into the same bed with her. At the time I was as innocent as a newborn. When I was trying to fall asleep she started chewing my ear and honestly I was just fucking confused after that she was feeling my body with her hand just my chest but then she began reaching lower and lower, I was extremely frightened and froze she ended up touching me and started kissing me on the lips tongue and everything. I eventually got up from the bed and went over to my mum's. I felt extremely sick to my stomach, trying to spit out the saliva from her mouth and my mum being the amazing supporting and understanding mother she is, understood something was wrong and I told her what happened which I'm glad I did instead of keeping it a secret. Man that shit traumatized me for a good year and now 3 years later I'm doing my best to bury these awful memories and generally getting on with life and school well. Lol I hope sharing this will help this depressing feeling inside my chest I can't seem to get rid off. Thanks for taking the time to read :D

  94. I was 20. At a party with my girlfriend. It was a rocky relationship - she had some past stuff I wasn't really mature enough to deal with or address. This past stuff was getting in the way of intimacy. I simply wasn't willing to take that step with her yet, and I made that clear to her.

  95. Not rape, mild SA. I was probably 11, playing outside with other kids from the neighborhood. I had to pee and went near a tree to do my business. My friend's elder sister, maybe 19 at that time,she usually stays at a hostel for her Uni. But she was with us too this time since it was vacation time. She came from behind and held my dick until I was done peeing. I clearly remember her shaking the last drops even.

  96. Once hooked up with a girl who didn't speak english and I really just wanted to stop but she literally couldn't understand me. After I finished I felt disgusting. Her perfume was stuck to my skin and made me gag the whole drive home. I took 2 showers afterwards to get everything off. Couldn't even get in the mood for the longest after that. Don't wish this on anyone. Not sure if this counts.

  97. This is the first time I've ever talked about this but here it goes.. When I was around 9-10 years old I started hanging out with a girl my age and another girl that was a few years older, and looking back on it now its likely they were abused at home.

  98. The tldr is most people don’t Actually want to hear about it it seems like. I wasn’t drugged, I wasn’t drunk, and she didn’t physically force her self on me. we were friends, I felt safe around her and we shared a bed one night when I stayed over as that was the only option. I woke up to her pulling my clothes off in the more I said no and tried to stop her the more she liked it. I eventually had to leave in the middle of the night; she had bruises on her wrists and neck.

  99. I was arguing with my girlfriend at the time, and i fall asleep angry at her. After hours of arguments I told her that i might wanted to end the relationship and she couldnt take it The thing is she was staying at my place (we're both 19 and i live with my parents house.) And it was late night. I woke up with her naked on me how hard i tried to get her out of me she forced and threathned me to Wake up all the house. I was crying as silently as i could. And after she saw me how sad i was she said she was sorry and just so desesperate wich i still don't know how and why i understood.

  100. An ex of mine (ironically, a vicar’s daughter) wouldn’t take no for an answer. She started pushing me and hitting me, shoved me down onto the bed. I could have stopped her, but she was so persistent that doing so would have meant hurting her, and I didn’t want to do that, so I eventually just let it happen. She actually apologised later, even admitting that she’d essentially raped me. That was about 12 years ago now. She wanted to marry me but her conduct and the fact that I was 18 didn’t really vibe with that, especially since she expected me to convert to her religion (HARD pass). Now she’s married to the guy she was with before me; dude has zero self-esteem and treats her terribly. They have two daughters. I’m very glad I dodged that bullet.

  101. Third semester of college, a girl approached me and asked for a ride home. I saw no reason to think that there would be any malicious internet behind the request. One of my female friends had advised me not to, but I didn’t listen to her. So I proceeded to take the first girl home, we made a few stops for her. A bit wired I thought but I thought I’d be a nice person.

  102. This was a few years back. I was dating a girl at the time and we went to a party together. The whole time, she was basically feeding me shots. Then she wanted to leave, and I offered to drive her, but I was obviously way too drunk. (In retrospect, I think she did this intentionally so she could go home with one of my friends)

  103. Young people who see these kinds of posts and think why didn't he say something just don't understand how bad it was back then. It would have been almost impossible to get anyone to take you seriously. Even now it's hard but then? Impossible

  104. Was working on a ranch running the place for a lady. I was bit down and the neighbors offered to take me to his cabin for a day. I asked her to take my dog out of her kennel only to go potty and I'd be right back the next morning. As we leave i get a call that my dog had been left out and was run over(i found out later that she and her son were throwing tennis balls into the road trying to get her hit). Long story short I'm crying on the couch and she comes over and is like;

  105. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that happened to you, that's absolutely horrific. How on earth can people do these things to people? Either the killing your dog or trying to rape you alone would have been evil, but both... That's truly monstrous.

  106. I'll probably delete this. I had a girlfriend in highschool who was younger than me, but very sexually aggressive. I was pretty quiet and shy. She really pushed me to do a lot of sexual things I wasn't comfortable with, but...

  107. Girl pinned me down and rode me in front of her gay friends who thought I was cute in her dorm room suite; I wasn’t okay with it, but being new to sex and women in general didn’t really say much.. just happened. Never went back there.

  108. I had a teenage babysitter who was also our neighbour. She looked after me when I was around 3-4 years old at home.

  109. I was blackout drunk. She got pregnant and kept it. She didn't tell me for 10 years. Haven't seen or heard from her since.

  110. Was in college when I underwent a mental break and decided to drop out. The final night in the dorm, my friends and I were headed out to party, a big hoorah to see me off. So, in a pretty bad mental state overall, I proceeded to get drunk, high, and progressively more sleep deprived. A woman had joined us earlier in the night that had moved into the dorm recently and had somewhat been hanging out with us and as the night wore to an end and my friends headed to bed, I was left in the communal area with this woman.

  111. Fell asleep drunk on her couch. We were friends and I had made it very clear we were only friends. Never flirted with her. Never made advances.

  112. My ex wife raped me periodically theoughout our 12 year relationship. If I was aking for more out the relationship, ex would get really drunk and wouldn't take no for an answer. They said things like "this is what you wanted " and stuff and if i tried to talk about it with them i got gaslit into believing ther was something wrong with me because they "don't know why they have to get drunk to sleep with me." Most of the time i faked an orgasm because they were too drunk to know the difference to get them to stop, and others i closed my eyes and got over with it. I felt deep shame, like i deserved to be treated that way, and that i was the one who was abusive and controlling because i was asking for more displays of affection, to be prioritized, and to work on whatever we need to so sex is actually a part of our relationship. I have several journal entries where i wrote about these experiences, trying to stop my ex without physically throwing them off me, of how disgusting, ashamed, and broken i felt after, of my attempts to discuss it and how i left those convinced that i had indeed asked and deserved to be treated that way despite me explicitly asking them for it to not happen again, and plans for how to be a better husband so i might earn the withheld love and affection and avoid punishment. This happened a couple times a year over our 12 year relationship.

  113. I was drunk, I was hard, I 'enjoyed it because I got hard'. I was 14 so got hard over play doh and she was a 19 year old 'family friend'. But im as dude so no one cared irl .

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