Reply with your drink of choice and a bartender will tell you what it says about you; what is your drink?

  1. I legitimately ordered a chocolate milk once. I was driving, my friends were not. Bar tender said she never had anyone order a chocolate milk before. I don't know why, because it was delicious.

  2. You are pretty close to college age and have had this on spring break and some mistakes were made. Also where’s your id?

  3. I had to scroll way too far to find this. I’ve found my people. (Except I’d choose spiced rum)

  4. My grandmother used to drink Gin and Tonics, when I asked her why she said: “No matter where you go, it’s pretty hard for someone to fuck that up.”

  5. No judgment unless you bitch at me for not having a particular small batch craft gin that would be wasted with tonic anyway.

  6. You like to drink, but you are efficient. I'm not paying 6 dollars for a Dos Equis when I can get and entire 6 pack of PBR for the same price.

  7. You only drink once in a while when your friends drag you out and you'll probably be the group mom by the end of the night.

  8. Just don't ask for it skinny and you're fine. A traditional margarita is a balanced cocktail. If you see sours mix behind the bar, order something else

  9. You don’t actually want alcohol but you’re at a bar with your friends and you sure as fuck can’t order a milkshake

  10. This is my go to but only at home. I ordered one at a bar many moons ago and got a Black Russian instead; when I started to complain the bar tender told me she had no idea how old the milk in the fridge was, didn't want to poison me, and that I shouldn't order one in a bar unless I knew the crew well enough to trust them to check the milk first.

  11. I’m not lactose intolerant or anything but I really enjoy White Russians with oat milk. It feels lighter so I can have more of them. 👍

  12. You have animals at home and tend prefer to stay there then go out to the bar. Also might have slight GI issues so you stay away from the harsher teas.

  13. I’m just happy someone else out there drinks these. I always get asked “what is a Negroni” or called geriatric :(

  14. normally fight milk drinkers never make it to the toilet in time. that's why we forced one of our coworkers to sell them right in front of the bathroom

  15. You like to drink mixed beverages over beers, and dark liquors taste funny. Sprite is the preferred mixer because it's just carbonated simple syrup.

  16. Most likely will order a double and tend to be the one in your group who gets their friends into minor trouble, no jail worthy stuff but close.

  17. Interesting trivia, it's called a French 75, not '75. It's not referencing a year, but the 75mm French howitzer from the first world war. The name was a play on how hard and fast it hits you, and I assume the use of champagne.

  18. Younger drinker, have as yet to find a straight alcohol you like so you go for what’s going to get your smashed the quickest without too much taste.

  19. If you order a Manhattan in my bar we’re going to be good friends. Call for rye and I might just buy your second round

  20. Very respectable. Classy drink that is easy to make. You know your cocktails but aren’t going to make things overly difficult.

  21. Me too! I got to your the bottling plant in kindergarten because I lived in the next town over…they gave a bunch of five-year-olds Dr. Pepper and sent us back to our teacher. 😈😄

  22. You’re wearing a maxi dress and full make up or a pattern-print short sleeved button down with the sleeves half-rolled and chinos; either way 60% chance you’ve got a brimmed hat on. You exude luxury, but might have to check your accounts before choosing which credit card to pay your bill with. You will venmo request $3.89 from each of your friends who ate off the shared plate that you ordered. By the second round, you’ll be speaking at 150% the volume of the next loudest patron. It’s not that you don’t care what other people think; you don’t even consider that other people have thoughts. After all, you are the main character.

  23. Old fashioned. With bulliet or knob creek to keep it cheap but still good, or if they have it, red eagle which is a lot nicer but harder to find.

  24. Found the edgy hipster. Either work in the industry or heard someone you know who works in it that order this drink. If you order a Ultima Palabra you flexing.

  25. You’re either in the industry or you’re way more into cocktails than most people. I’m going to try to figure out which without asking.

  26. You like getting caught in the rain. You’re not into yoga but you are into champagne. You like making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape.

  27. So I'd like to say that there are really two camps of bartenders. You got your friendly, or fast, (hopefully both) bartenders who just want to get you and your friends lots of alcohol in the easiest way possible, and you got bartenders who really like making drinks and are kinda nuts about it. Like who, given the chance, will nerd out about their favorite bar books, or techniques for smoking glasses for Manhattans, or who will debate using Pernod instead of domestic absinthe as a rinse in a Sazerac. Lotta people on this thread are from the high volume bartending crowd. Just saying. Getting upset that someone orders a cocktail that requires an extra step is understandable when you're at a club or a Bennigans, but if you are at a decent restaurant or a fine bar, feel free to order that shit. I was into trying to make as many different cocktails as I could on a given night. I'm not ashamed to look up a recipe from a trusted bar book or even Google a few different takes on a drink to figure out how I want to make it as good as possible. Just understand that if you order an unusual drink that requires extra steps and the place is cranking, it's gonna take a little more time. Don't let the grumpy fucks on this thread deter you!

  28. I drink mainly screwdrivers made with pulpy orange juice and potato vodka. Also, big fan of red bull and potato vodka.

  29. I’ll give this one a whirl. You’re a fit, blue-collar, elder millennial, a sensible party goer but not the 5am crowd, you like music with a good beat, you live in the south?

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