How does one make money writing?

  1. There are loads of different ways to make money writing - it just depends what kind of writing you want to do and what other skills/knowledge you have. For example, you could start a blog and eventually monetise that and you could write about absolutely anything (music, sport, art, business/investing, career-related stuff, etc). There is also the option of freelance writing, working for content mills or pitching articles but you're likely to be restricted to certain topics (either what they've told you to write about or what sells best). The other route, which I'm hoping to go into, is writing short stories, poems, novels and submitting them to competitions, magazines and publishers.

  2. Well you can go the traditional publishing route if you have an in (otherwise it's a slog) with an agent or publisher. (Never join Penguin, Random House or American Star Books) You can self publish but you will probably not sell a single book. The best way to make it in the traditional publishing world is be a well of ideas like Rick Riordan and Stephen King OR get an agent that will get your book in front of Oprah. Oprah likes every book that hits her desk and having a book club sticker is better than and leads to a best sellers sticker. Otherwise there are a bunch of writing jobs. I write for prompts sometimes. A customer pays a little bit and gives you a prompt and your start or write them a story.

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