If you could kill someone without any moral or legal consequences,who would it be??

  1. Most of those "African Princes" are dirt poor , I know because I live in Nigeria and been around people who scam white people for cash online .

  2. I would also chose Putin, but the problem is that another maybe even less predictable dictator will most likely follow. The Russian generals are way more radical than Putin.

  3. If he's your side kick, can I be the vigilante that also works in your area and we mutually respect each other l, but disapprove of each other's methods?

  4. He was my top choice, unless I can go back 40 years and take out Dick Cheney prior to him doing away with the Fairness Doctrine.

  5. What about the ones that did nothing wrong. Why would you kill innocent people when there are so many others that actually did atrocious things

  6. As a foreigner….you could easily put Trump and his cronies in there. I really feel bad for the people in that amazing country.

  7. I got a three day ban for asking someone why they didnt kick someones ass for badmouthing their wife and you can post this???!! Wtf?

  8. God damn I didn’t realize how much I want this one. That woman’s following is terrifying in how she’s teaching the next generation to have a complete distrust of our food supply. She also treats non-vegans in a pretty disgusting way.

  9. I would kill the assholes that occupy my favorite swim spot late at night. They’re just sitting there doing nothing when I want to cool down after a long day

  10. Every year my list of politicians/media figures that need to die for the betterment of society gets longer. There is one family in the US in particular that I wouldn’t be sad if they all went down together in a private plane crash. Another guy from Kentucky that needs to die. Several people from Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, SC, NC and Florida. It’s a long list. But the country would be better off if they weren’t around.

  11. No one. Morality isn't contingent on consequences. If the only thing keeping you from murder is consequences you are not virtuous, you are a coward.

  12. Technically can’t have legal consequences to that either way if there is no one to prosecute you (or even no you for that matter) so sky is the limit, go for your dreams!

  13. I think killing that mfer and not facing consequences isn't a hypothetical situation instead everybody would thank you

  14. This one customer at my job. He is an all around POS. Does everything from complain about everything trying to get a discount on something, leave anonymous comments online trying to get people in trouble, constantly talks about when he had his own restaurant he did things this way and that way, kisses ass to the gullible owners so they love him and don’t want to hear us when we say he is cancer. Fucking hate this guy. He looks like Ron Jeremy with DS

  15. Someone is going to answer in this thread, in 7 years this thread will end up on a Murder Documentary. Itll have the scary music and the thick black outline around the family.

  16. I had a “favor” from a local highly-ranked mobster from saving his kid as a teen. Almost cashed in my chip on a friend’s ex who was making her life, and more importantly, their children’s lives living hell. Ultimately decided it wasn’t my place to deny them their father so permanently, even if he was a drug-addled shitbag and it totally could have been deniable. Managed to find a way to give him enough rope to figuratively hang himself (He had a raging, violent breakdown in the courtroom during a hearing that ended up with his lawyer quitting on the spot and the judge denying all custody and contact - I had anonymously slipped her lawyer hacked psychiatric records. He couldn’t use them, but directed questioning to intentionally set him off in a public setting). Good enough.

  17. What kind of wreckage of a human are you if you think the reason we don't kill other people is because we might get caught?

  18. Biden, and then frame the Supreme Court for assassinating him, so they're all ousted in a slow burn. Two birds, one stone.

  19. Giving them another reason to become anti-trans💀, yknow fighting fire with fire is an expression and don’t make sense cause it don’t work right?

  20. i would create an organization for the sole purpose of killing any leader who abuses power, it will be secret but also public knowledge, no one will ever know the members, even members don’t know each other, and even they are fair game if they abuse their own power… essentially creating the actual assassins creed, but with no bieses; other than to no tolerance for abuse of power.

  21. The guy who took advantage and coerced 4 or 5 mutual friends of ours into performing sexual acts on him, then tried the same with my girlfriend.

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