Redditors who have cheated on someone, what happened? Why'd you do it?

  1. My ex, few years ago in my earlier 20’s. I was a scumbag who was self-absorbed, insecure and needed validation physically from other women. I’m a relatively good looking guy, whom was a late bloomer after high school. I became so conceited and overwhelmed with the attention I received that I ended up hurting someone else. Which then, hurt me. Never again, glad I grew out of it. Great question.

  2. A girl just started flirting with me on Twitter out of nowhere, I'm not one to get too much attention and feeling wanted really got to my head. The relationship I was at was having problems and everytime I tried to confront my partner about them she avoided me. Once, at a party I was high on ecstasy and I met this girl from Twitter. We kissed in like our second interaction.

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