What should be atleast 5x cheaper than it is?

  1. Yes. I remember in the 90s when my cousin went to college and we went to office Depot for stuff. Had to get a $89 graphing calculator. The fuckers are still $89-$120 lol.

  2. We are all getting cremated. Throw me in the ocean, scatter me in a forset I don't care just don't have a casket, service and whatever for me. Do a celebration of life and a potluck somewhere if you feel the need to do so.

  3. I had to manage Two funerals in my family, and both time I paid more in taxes from Banks and the state, than The funeral itself

  4. I'm not sure how it is in other countries, but I find it ironic that in the US farmers are generally the people who are the most openly against social programs; when they themselves should be the most heavily subsidized aspect of society.

  5. Not just ink. Many printers deliberately stop working when a certain part has reached a count. They’ll force you to replace things like drums and waste containers even though they’re fine. I once got a drum replacement message. I looked up the cost and saw that a new drum was $120. I found that you could also buy a reset chip for my current drum for $20, so I did that. Only later I found that I could enter a code and put the printer in tech mode which allows me to reset any count

  6. I got myself a Brother laser printer. Higher up front cost but the toner lasts a long time and is cheaper in the long run for me.

  7. Omg yes, and you should install the app and give it permission to access everything on all devices on your network. It should be linked to your Google or Amazon so it can automatically order ink when it feels low

  8. I got an Epson tank printer. It takes any ink of the same colours so a refill is like $30 (for all colours). The think prints a good 4k is pages. I printed a few test books in mine and still have more then half the ink.

  9. Epipen. For something that could potentially save a life shouldn’t cost that much. Some people even carry an expired epipen because they can’t afford to get a new one.

  10. I need to carry one but the last time I tried to fill it, they wanted $250. Considering they expire every year I was like ummm no. I know there’s some kind of coupon saving program out there, but I’m too lazy to figure it out. I can just continue being abundantly cautious with what I eat.

  11. The sad thing is when you realize what they do with expired medications. They ship them out to other countries. There has been research that shows that most medications are still effective well past their expiration date. Not like a year or two like decades later

  12. It's good for people to know that while EpiPen might be easier to administer, you could much more cheaply get your doctor to prescribe epinephrin and syringes (and teach you) to do it yourself and it's insanely inexpensive that way.

  13. Not only are they very expensive, but half the time they're not even useful for the class. I've lost count of the times that a book appeared on the syllabus as "required", and then wasn't used or neccessary to ace the class.

  14. You guys use textbooks in classes? We wete just supplied materials by the professors and a list of books we could read if we wanted more information than the course provided...

  15. Fucking eye care. Glasses and contacts. I’m lucky with decent health insurance that the style of glasses that I wear is only $20 copay but Jesus! It’s all so expensive!

  16. The reason for this is that nearly all eyewear brands are all owned by one giant company: Luxottica. Even the retail outlets are owned by them: Sunglass Hut, Lens Crafters, Perle Vision, etc.

  17. As others have noted you can buy glasses off of zenni.com and other locations for a reasonable cost. Also, the US restricts contact sales online, which means the eye care stores can gouge you on price.

  18. Zenni and EyeBuyDirect are crazy cheap. Even after shipping costs you would have to really try in order to get a 3 digit price tag even without insurance.

  19. Eye doc here. This is caused by vision insurance - not your doc. They dictate the frames we/patients must buy and they also own the lab and materials for the lenses. If you pay us $150 for glasses (after insurance has paid) your insurance turns around and takes $75 of that back from us. We cannot escape them though because EVERYONE has vision insurance so they think they NEED it to have an eye exam. You do not. You can pay out of pocket key and get your glasses anywhere you’d like. Please stop blaming your doctors for this. They are the victims too - being forced to accept these shit insurances just to stay open.

  20. Medicine. As a pharmacy owner, you guys have no idea how dirt cheap some medicines are. Generic prednisone costs just a few cents, some ampules cost just a dollar, cheapest birth control costs less than a dollar. It's that fucked up.

  21. I used to work application support for hospital medical record software. In the pharmacy module I had the ability to view the charge master and see the hospital cost, actual charged cost, and the markup % that made the difference.

  22. We used to go to Mexico for my mom's asthma meds. A couple years ago I needed the same thing we used to get for her. We could get a 3 pack for $20 in Mexico. In the US I was going to have to pay $250 with insurance for one. Asthma meds are far too expensive. So are eczema and psoriasis treatments that aren't basic steroid creams.

  23. When my wife started dialysis she was prescribed a phosphorus binder that was $600/Mo. There was some issue with her insurance so prescriptions weren't currently covered. We found a coupon straight from the manufacturer that dropped the price to $5.

  24. My last prednisone prescription cost $1.85 so at least some places aren’t marking that up too much. Until it gets prescribed in a dose pack and then the same quantity and dose is like $20

  25. Went to pick up a script for someone at Walgreens they didn't have insurance so the lady was like let me use a discount card (super nice of her) she's like it saved you $39 and your total is $30.

  26. Almost everywhere but here, mobile phone and the internet. Look at the prices in France, you'd see what a successful competition policy is about. I pay 5€/months of mobile phone for unlimited calls and much more data that i can use. I pay 13€/month for unlimited internet at home.

  27. It doesn’t help that somehow dental treatment isn’t treated the same as medical treatment as far as insurance goes (in the US, at least). I remember my dad needed to replace multiple teeth, but doing that was called “sculpting” and wasn’t covered (or covered very little). So instead he replaced a few teeth each year. It was a pointless waste of time and effort but that’s dental insurance for you

  28. My wife is a pediatric dentist (and I help her with her books and we also pretty openly discuss business with some of her dental school friends), and you might be surprised how little she actually takes home each year, especially for a profession that required 4 years of grad school which cost almost $1/2million (more than med school) and then a two year residency for pediatrics where she made roughly minimum wage. There are an obscene amount of expenses associated with running a dental practice: rent, employees (2 front desk assistants, hygienist, dental assistant - and that's a skeleton crew), all variety of insurances and licenses you have to upkeep, advertising (surprisingly competitive in most major markets), dental tools that constantly need cleanings and replacing (they are insanely expensive) and all the consumables involved in cleaning teeth and generally running an office. Add to that insurance companies that require us to have a full time staff member to navigate their ever changing reimbursement processes. Further the dental insurance companies are more and more consolidating into just a few companies that absolutely screw the dentists over on their rates - an average reimbursement for non-treatment patients (i.e., just 2x a year cleanings) have dropped below $100 mark per visit with many providers. My wife never pushes unnecessary treatments, and if she was 100% successful in limiting treatment (i.e., only doing cleanings), she legitimately could not keep the lights on working at full schedule 5 days a week.

  29. I’ve always heard it’s crazy expensive. California is supposedly making it’s own to combat this.

  30. Only for you Americans I think. I remember reading an article about a woman who said it was cheaper for her to travel to Canada, hotel and all travel costs included, and buy the insulin there to bring back to the USA, then she started doing it for more diabetics to make the trip more efficient.

  31. Well it's 7euros in my country, free for citizen. It's almost free or free in developed and many developing countries

  32. Seriously. It should be a crime to charge so much for basic cotton products. They're price gouging women because they know that women need it. It's bs is what it is.

  33. American health care premiums. Ours just went up to SIXTEEN HUNDRED a month. That’s twenty one fucking thousand dollars a year, and that’s with a sixteen THOUSAND dollar deductible. And this was the second cheapest plan!! And we didn’t take all the “add ons“ they offer now either, so it could have been even more. Fuck you insurance companies. Fuck. You.

  34. I buy Maui Jim. They’re more than Walmart glasses but way better and I’d rather give them $200 once every few years than Walmart $10 every few months. They’re also not owned by Luxotica. Plus their customer service is outstanding.

  35. I couldn’t agree with you more. A family with 6 kids and a stay at home Mom could afford an actual house on a factory workers paycheck in the 1940s. So why do we need two people with college degrees to pay for one now?

  36. The housing market is no longer primarily for those looking to buy a home. I think it's close to 20-25% of all home sales over the past 2-3 years were purchased by private equity.

  37. Is “literally everything” too annoying of an answer? Because that’s my answer. Inflation and cost of living are destroying me right now.

  38. Buying games in the PlayStation Store. Old games cost the same as when they came out whereas the disc costs a quarter of that. Like who the hell is going to pay 60€ for NBA 2k19?

  39. I feel like there are loads of sales that are amazingly cheap but you are right about the older games, with the new subscription i can finally play a recent tour de france game without regret of paying a lot for a shitty game

  40. I am convinced they price games no one would buy at full price on the off chance some old, drunk, or otherwise confused person buys it by mistake.

  41. I know that it isn't always an option for every person, but I highly recommend the June menstrual cup! ($8 each, plus tax and shipping fees) They are making period products affordable and I love mine. It is a good investment and more sustainable too!

  42. I remember reading somewhere (don’t remember where) that college costs so much because the federal government is willing to reimburse x-amount of money on student loan defaults to banks, and it just so happens that college boards are full of ex-bankers, so they collude with the banks to charge as much as the government is willing to pay back. So, the college gets their money, the bank gets their money back, but you still have to pay back the loans if you can’t afford to keep up.

  43. Here's why everything wedding related is marked up so ridiculously: they're a huge pain in the ass and you have to mark it up to make it worth all the stress and aggravation.

  44. A friend of mine started up a wedding band a few years back. Set the price at €1000 for 3hrs of show and this guy is a fucking pro, no takers...none

  45. What cracks me up is people will spend like crazy on the cake, catering, etc. then try to get cheap photography. That's like, the only thing that lasts longer than a day out of the entire event.

  46. No kidding. I've had to tell my kids I wasn't hungry when making meals this summer when in reality I just cant afford to feed everyone due to these rising prices and rent increases, and I'd rather I go without than them.

  47. And what's bs is that junk food is often cheaper than healthy food, yet you get all this "Why is obesity such a problem?" Because money goes further when you buy food that's not as healthy. Just look at real fish versus processed fish sticks, soda versus 100% juice, or chips versus a healthy snack. Junk food is almost always cheaper.

  48. Ambulance rides! My sibling got picked up in one and later found out “it was out of range of her insurance” and had to pay a bunch of money. she was literally dead and we just called 9/11 and that’s who came? It’s not like we had a choice??? And you know what along with that, INSURANCE could be cheaper too.

  49. I’m a Paramedic and I truly don’t understand how EMS services that are contracted by your municipality with no input by yourself can be in or out of network. The government REALLY needs to decide if EMS is a public service (like it should be and be publicly funded) or private healthcare and unregulate the industry to prevent incidents like yours from happening.

  50. I’m getting slammed with an ambulance bill, same reason. How the fuck is anyone supposed to know? Tell 911 only send help if they’re covered by Cigna? Otherwise I’ll just die!

  51. Especially since some of the DLC is stuff that should exist in the base game since its a life sim. It feels like they released the absolute bare minimum in the base game so they could grind out DLC packs.

  52. I wouldn't mind paying what I have, both with money and the 1000 hours I'll never get back, if they fucking worked. I love this game so, so much but it is horrendously buggy that I feel like I can't enjoy half the content. EA is too busy pumping out new content they have no right to be instead of fixing the mess they've made.

  53. Hearing Aids. They cost thousands of dollars and have about the same level of technology as modern, wireless earbuds.

  54. Damn I had to go down way too far to find this. $3k per hearing aid is damn expensive to be able to HEAR AND ITS NOT COVERED BY MY INSURANCE!!!!! It’s not a luxury!!!!!

  55. Therapy. We all deserve access to help, and sometimes people can't afford to pay for that help. It dosent matter if they're broke or not. Everyone should have a right to get that help. It hurts me all the time thinking of the people that therapists offices decline, not caring about what happens to them...

  56. Just about all the time (at least where I practice) if we are unable to take a client we will provide them with referrals for those who can. Believe me when I say that therapists are not caring about people who they can't take on. Just about every therapist I know works way more hours than we should, takes clients on pro bono or on a sliding scale, and goes above and beyond for most clients. It is important to remember your therapist is a person as well and often times they are burning the candle at both ends in order to meet clients' needs.

  57. In Australia it's a minimum of 6 years of tertiary education, there is a reason it costs that much. an argument could be that it needs to be subsidised though.

  58. Baby formula, why must I pay ridiculous prices just to feed my child, I want him to thrive but nope! You get smacked with awful prices for food for a child

  59. Baby stuff in general really. It's all expensive because what other choice do you have? Not feed them? Let them go diaperless?

  60. Anything for a wedding. You can buy most party supplies cheap but slap 'wedding' on the label and you're looking at paying a premium. Also, weddings.

  61. when i was looking for my wife's wedding ring, 3/4 jewelers took me straight to the expensive and ugly rings when i said wedding. we looked for a few minutes, but ultimately didn't find anything there we actually liked. at the last one, they didn't just take me to the expensive rings, they asked if i have a budget in mind, then only showed me rings from that price range, narrowed it down to three that she really liked, then i surprised her with the one i knew she would like the most. unfortunately, Samuel's Jewelers is now out of business and my lifetime coverage doesn't mean anything, and the ring really needs cleaned up and a few stones (just CZ) need replaced, but every jeweler wants to charge nearly new price for 3 new stones and a cleaning.

  62. i don't know the exact markup on soda/carbonated beverages in restaurants, but i expect it is way higher. Take a look at McDonald's and their Coke. They have an exclusive deal with CocaCola bottlers for their own formula of coke that tastes better than everywhere else. They also only charge $1 for any size soft drink.... and they are still making a profit off of it per transaction and if you eat in and get several refills.

  63. Had several professors that wrote/published their own textbooks for their class(es) and one was not shy about declaring the fact that he did so purely for profit.

  64. Housing. some people talk so much about how disgusting they think homeless people are, yet an apartment can cost so much to get access to. You have to pay your deposit (which you are not getting back anyway) and several months rent, who the hell has that amount of money?

  65. Damn parking, recently left the car in a paid parking lot for 2 hours (the price was not indicated). I ended up paying $32...

  66. Most paid parking spots in my city are 2x minimum wage. A human should not be less valuable than an inanimate concrete rectangle. But here we are.

  67. Used to be they'd go on sale for dirt cheap. Now the sales are like a dollar more per box and the smallest size vs family. I don't even eat cereal generally but I was blown away when I saw boxes for over 7 bucks recently. Not how it was until recently...

  68. Cancer survivor here, if I didn't have insurance it would have cost me several million dollars for chemo and multiple surgeries. Screw healthcare costs

  69. I've heard very different takes on this: saw a cost analysis on a newspaper ~3 years ago concluding owning is around 40% cheaper than renting considering everything. I also heard personal stories from owners saying it drains their savings. For example my appartment got water underneath the floor (broken shower drain). Draining all the water, drying, redoing the floor and paint was over 50k and took 3 weeks, and they had to pay for a hotel for me (bit I chose their guest room because they're good people). Insurance fought to not pay that but fortunately lost.

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