Skinny people, what’s your secret?

  1. 2 is so relatable. Waking up late on a weekend or day off and literally just laying there all day hungry at first but too lazy to get food til eventually the hunger just goes away

  2. Too lazy to get food. My brain is having a hard time imagining that. Lazy and bored? Food. Sad? Food. Happy? Food (but with less shame).

  3. Yes to #2. Especially when you don't want to cook but want something good to you just end up not eating anything because you can't decide and it's all just too much work

  4. Second one is relatable. Even when I’m hungry, if I’m not super hungry, I ain’t getting up. I still have yet to do sports, but I want to.

  5. I can't recommend the Crohn's diet but hoo boy does it work. All you have to do is have a bad flare so you spend a week where you consume nothing but sips of water while you do constantly shit and vomit blood and the weight just falls off!

  6. i once had such a bad shit 20 minutes after eating a salad that i passed the shredded lettuce whole and undigested. -100000/10 my most memorable and worst shit

  7. Fam if you have extremely frequent or large BM's and never gain any weight, get tested for Celiac Disease. Those are two very under-rated symptoms, and it could be because your body is not absorbing the food you eat and is therefore, shitting it out due to gluten ingestion.

  8. I’m down from 165 to 112 pounds. I can’t believe how skinny I’ve become. Nobody would be jealous of this! I’m skin and bone, it looks sickly and it’s aged me. It sucks not being able to put on weight, it sucks even more that I can’t enjoy eating as much as I used to. I love food but everything hurts.

  9. I'm right there with you. I eat okay and exercise a few times a week but I really do think its the shitting 4+ times a day that nails it.

  10. I thought I was alone on this. People laugh at me saying they eat when they’re stressed. I can’t stomach the thought of a bite of food when I’m anxious

  11. If you don't buy it at the store, then you can't eat it at home. Not only are you removing the temptation, you're likely saving money too. I have to do this with alcohol.

  12. I made a rule for myself that I can’t drink at home when I’m alone. If I want a drink I have to physically leave my house and go to a restaurant or bar. I lost ten pounds just doing that, mainly because I’m usually too lazy to get off my ass and go somewhere.

  13. Weird, if I am low on food at the house, my hunger in insatiable. But if I have a cabinet full of food, nothing looks good so I don't eat.

  14. Omg thought I was the only one who thought like this. I actively say “if I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it” when shopping. Makes me put a lot of things back

  15. I limit myself to just beer in the house and I can only get a six pack once every two weeks. Any other time I get beer it has to be out to dinner.

  16. Hell yeah. I don't get emotional eaters, my appetite shuts down if I'm preoccupied with pretty much anything. If I'm sad I'll go all day forgetting to eat.

  17. This is a huge one. After dinner snacks or drinking every night is what gets a lot of people. Drinking often means 300+ empty calories. I limit drinking to once a week.

  18. This is the one. A friend has a 400 cal snack of nuts and a 600 cal mostly juice smoothie each night and whines about not being able to lose weight. Like... stop doing those two small things, and you will lose weight.

  19. I used to come home around 5 eat a snack. Then est diner at 7. But nothing afterwards. Now I find myself eating snack at 9 then going to bed at 10. Guess which one of the two scenarios was the skinnier me !?p

  20. Eating slower, you'd be surprised how you were actually full 15 bites ago. Your brain catches up with your stomach too late when you eat fast.

  21. Was about to answer "no idea. Eat whatever I want and my guess is the ticking time bomb that is my high metabolism is bound to run out any day now."

  22. I wish I could just stop eating, but I grew up not always having a ton of money so leaving food on my plate that i don't want to save makes me feel SO wasteful.

  23. I’ve always been a slow eater and skinny. Also, I think taking time to enjoy things makes you satisfied with less. If I’m eating e.a chocolate or ice cream, I take a small bite and let it melt in my mouth before swallowing. After a few bites, I often feel like I’ve had enough and I stop eating. I’ve seen people shove their food, snacks or sweets in, and I think they need more of it to feel like it’s enough.

  24. My parents and my grandma wouldn’t let me leave the table until I had finished every last grain of rice. To this day I’m very conscious of finishing my food, but I put small servings on my plate and then go for seconds if needed. Of course, if I go to a restaurant I might not finish every. I’m slim

  25. I'm not skinny, more average sized but I figured that my best way of keeping my weight more maintainable was cutting out sugary drinks.

  26. This is the way. I was slowly but steadily gaining weight for my whole life (more than you should from just growing up), until I decided to cut out sugary drinks when I was about 17. My weight then stabilized for the most part until recently, where I've cut back on my bad eating habits too and started working out, and I'm losing weight instead.

  27. I've recently cut out sugar and highly processed carbs, i will still eat potatoes whole grain etc. Have dropped 17lbs in a month. Should point out i am more than slightly overweight but i walk about 8 miles a day at work so making progress.

  28. Sort of the same here. If I want a soda, I'll grab a full glass of water and drink it first. If I still want the soda I'll open a can. I try to limit myself to one can or less a day.

  29. Everyone is surprised when I tell them I don't drink soda. I never get those people that are obsessed with it. It's a treat in my eyes and I have it during parties... If I ever go to one

  30. When I was in university my freshman year it was like impossible to get even a single can of Mountain Dew at the dorm commissary, so I ended up going months without drinking it. One day in spring, I saw two of them for sale, bought em and brought them up to my room, cracked one open and took a sip and… it was like a switch had turned off in my brain or something. I just set the can down and was like, “You know, I really don’t like this anymore,” and ever since that day I haven’t had a craving for soda. Not coincidentally my freshman 15 ended up being a negative freshman 15, purely because I stopped drinking any soda at all. It’s probably been fourteen years since that day and I still don’t get a craving for soda the way I used to.

  31. Parents who never forced us to clean our plates (we did have to try one bite of everything), never took us to McDonalds except when we were on road trips, never bought snack foods or sodas and only made desserts on birthdays or holidays.

  32. My sister watches my daughter during the day. My sister and I have exact opposite body types, I'm a pretty skinny guy, my sister on the other hand is a good bit heavier. I don't go to McDonald's or any fast food really except on really rare occasions. My sister seems to get McDonald's every other day, and was talking my daughter there with her. As you would expect my daughter started to gain weight (not in the healthy way a kid is supposed to).

  33. It's not McDonald's, it's how much you eat. I ate McDonald's almost every day as a kid and teenager, always been skinny as fuck.

  34. Shockingly true. My mom was a teenager when she had me. She didn’t know better. Her fat kid is now a fat adult. But she is a great mom and I’m trying to finally take control of my weight. It’s hard.

  35. I think one of the largest contributors to this is learning sane portions. I have an expectation on how much food I need to eat to get full, how much dessert I can eat, etc. and while I will go back for seconds if I’m still hungry, I start with a reasonable amount of food.

  36. When I’ve felt healthiest it’s because I cut out three d’s: drinks, deserts, and dining out. If you remove those three things, you’d be amazed how much healthier your diet feels overall.

  37. Was a PC gamer who chugged 3 44ox mountain dew a day and a bunch of fast food was 300 pounds. Got addicted to Adderall and stopped doing it when I was 125 pounds. Now I go to the gym and eat healthy and only smoke weed. 180 lbs rn

  38. As someone who has probably lost about 300lbs or more over the years through diet and exercise, I've learned exactly how skinny people stay skinny.

  39. Piggy backing on this too. I lost almost 20kg many years ago and I was in complete denial about what I was eating. I always thought I ate healthily. And you know what? Generally I was eating healthily but I was just consuming way, way too much for my sedentary lifestyle. People over wildly underestimate what they eat and wonder why they're not losing weight. They think "well I skipped breakfast" forgetting that the ice coffee that they had equals around 500 calories and forgetting that they drenched their salad in cheese, croutons and dressing.

  40. This is 100% true. I really wanted to lose weight when I was in my early 20s and I just ate about 30% what I normally did. I lost weight really fast. It's physics. Since then I've hung out with really heavy people and they seem to eat a crazy amount. They don't even seem to realize it. They eat CONSTANTLY.

  41. 1000% right. I’ve lost and regained and relost 100+ pounds and the only thing that actually works is religious calorie counting, meaning you measure, weigh and calculate every single thing that goes in your mouth. Spitballing it does not work. All of the fad diets when they work do so because people cut out whole food groups and in doing so cut calories. I kept a little moleskine notebook with me and ate anything I wanted but I logged every single bite. It’s shocking how little you actually need to eat to maintain a health weight. We’ve been conditioned to eat monster sized portions and wash them down with pure sugar. Most people’s Starbucks orders have more calories than what a normal adult should eat for dinner. 2000 calories is not a lot of food. Skinny people simply naturally eat less, move more, or some combination of that. For people like me, my appetite means that if I don’t religiously log what I eat, I will be overweight

  42. I recorded everything I ate over a month and was shooketh to see I overeat like 1k cals consistently almost daily.

  43. Yep you can't out exercise a bad diet. Exercise is important but just eating less and better makes all the difference weight wise.

  44. I find it funny when people says thing like that. 1/4 of what you do now.. without actually knowing what the person is doing now.

  45. Dance clockwise around the fire, not counter-clockwise. Also, always use organic goat head. That lab-grown shit gives me acne.

  46. But if I don’t dance widdershins against the sun In defiance of the natural order then how will I get Satan to notice me?

  47. I eat pretty terribly but I also only ever eat 1,000-1,500 calories a day. Walking and extremely mild exercise throughout the workday are my only weekday activities.

  48. I used to think the same way, I was 17, 5'11 65kg would eat like Henry the eighth on a Friday night just smoking weed and eating a bargain bucket to myself or a 14" pizza with wings

  49. I will add one thing to this, as I am skinny and I eat frequent but smaller meals throughout the day: drink plenty of water and drink an electrolyte replacer if you sweat a lot or do activity outside. Americans especially don't drink enough water.

  50. I track my calories on my fitness pal. I’m 5’4” and went from 160 to 130 and still losing weight. I never drink my calories unless it’s a once a week low calorie coffee creamer in my coffee. I eat meals with foods that will fill me up and not leave me hungry. (Oatmeal, eggs, lean meats) I set up rewards like a cheat meal at every weight loss milestone so I have something to look forward too. I still wouldn’t say I’m “skinny”, but I’m working on it!

  51. Yes! Counting your calories is one of the smartest ways to go about it. My sister lost 60 pounds in less than 2 years doing this (she was overweight for a while). She didn't like exercise because she was overweight and it was hard. And counting calories still allowed her to eat yummy foods on weekends and such, so long as she counted a reasonable portion and kept up on her daily calorie limit :)

  52. People hate to hear it but focusing on diet is much easier. Look at any calorie burning calculator to see how much exercise it takes to burn 1,000 calories, then look at any unhealthy food/drink and see how quickly you can consume 1,000 calories... Takes 2 minutes and a bunch of pleasure to consume that 1,000 calories while it takes literal hours to burn 1,000 calories with exercise.

  53. This is the correct answer. I have a friend who used to be really overweight who I became a roommate with. We were going to the same campus for school and have the same friends so we carpooled and we're almost always together. I quickly noticed that he ate way more food than me. Like snacks all the time, and he never missed a meal. It's like food was never far from his mind. But I didn't give it much thought.

  54. I just don't eat that much. A day's worth of food for me is a few spoonfuls of yogurt and oats over a banana, a low-carb muffin I make myself, an apple, a little lunch entree that is usually some bean and rice combo, some broccoli and carrot sticks with dip, and another little entree that is usually made of beans somehow. Most days I also eat a few crackers or a piece of cheese or some other small snack. I also move a lot due to an active job and a lot of gardening, bike riding and exercising my dog.

  55. There is no such thing as a diet. The instant you say I am on a “diet” then what you are saying is you are only doing something temporarily, meaning you will lose weight and then gain it back. If you do that consistently you are training your body to be more efficient at storing fat, so “diets” are the biggest scam in history. If you notice closely the people that use the term “diet” are the people who are the least in shape. Lift heavy weights, do cardio twice a week, don’t overeat, sacrifice your dessert. If you want to have beer then don’t eat cake etc…

  56. Exactly. Whenever I see people saying that they continuously yo-yo in weight and it just doesn't make any sense because they will lose so much weight for a certain amount of time, and then absolutely pig out when they reach their goal weight. Then they're just right back where they started which sucks. A better way to do it would be to generally always eat less and healthier, and throw in a weekly cheat day or two so you can eat whatever you want and not feel deprived sometimes. We all deserve a little fun too.

  57. I’m skinny, I’ve been skinny all 30+ years of my life. My secret is that I do not like sweets. I do not enjoy the taste of tons of sugar. I don’t remember the last time I ate ice cream. Instead of eating sweets, I eat healthy because that is what I enjoy eating for taste.

  58. What are your favorite foods? I've never been big on sweets either, but I love salt and carbs which is just as bad

  59. I've lost a shit ton of weight over the last few years by just sticking to portion sizes and cutting down on the snacking

  60. This! I eat take away, fastfood and other unhealthy crap most of the time cause i’m lazy, but I get full very quickly. So my portions are super small and that’s why I still have the same weight as in my teenage years. Of course my lifestyle isn’t healthy at all, I’m probably rotten on the inside, but point is that if you want to become/stay skinny, the AMOUNT of food matters way more than what kind of food you eat.

  61. People who consistently eat less are used to it and view it as normal. Overweight/fatter people have a bigger concept of normal and sometimes think the solution is to just eat more healthy by swapping their normal foods with healthy alternatives, when it doesn't make much of a difference.

  62. I see a lot of 'eat less'responses but there are a ton of food like items that are engineered specifically to be overconsumed and not satiating. My best advice would be to cut out all processed food and eat real food. By that, I mean stuff with single ingredients. Ex: dinner is steak, broccoli and sweet potato. All single ingredient items.

  63. As long as the food isn't next to me. If I'm gaming with a pack of oreos next to me I'll eat the whole thing in less than a half hour.

  64. My only gripe with that, while true, is that people automatically think 50/50. When it’s mostly diet. Unless you exercise like a professional athlete.

  65. I eat slower. Nothing obnoxious, but I will enjoy my food. If I'm super hungry, I'll shove some protein in my face, a few bites of cold chicken instead of a big swill of Pepsi & cookies. It's not easy at first but you stop missing extra chocolate after awhile. I appreciate that I stop eating when I'm full, even if it's delicious. Leftovers will taste good too. When I went from a size 8 jeans to a 2, I felt awesome. I still have a can of soda a day almost - and just one.

  66. Have a rough estimate on how many calories you eat everyday, it's better to overestimate. No calories in drinks, or very minimal (less than 50).

  67. I suspect I have something medically wrong with me. Been steadily losing weight for a few years and most of my clothes are far too big now. I haven't been this small since middle school and everyone keeps telling me I've lost weight and to see my doctor.

  68. Don’t eat out at restaurants multiple times a week. My family goes out to eat what feels like 4-5 times a week, whether it be Taco Bell or some fancy place. It’s much easier to eat healthier and track your calories if you make your meals yourself. Plus you save a ton of money.

  69. Yup, disordered eating and struggling to keep on weight isn’t fun. Doesn’t help when people go, “wow, how do you stay so skinny??” Mental illness and an inability to eat enough meals/calories per day, it’s not glamorous.

  70. I've lost 35 lbs since mid-January (still have a lot to go) and this is basically it. Eat less calories than you burn to lose weight. Eat healthier (no pop, less carbs, more veggies) and do some light cardio for health.

  71. I don't have a sweet tooth and enjoy cooking. My diet is diverse and has a little of everything in it. I also live fairly sedentary with a desk job and hobbies like writing and gaming (both kinds). So really there is no secret. It's really what's behind all weight loss. Calories in vs calories out. If you just get good food that tastes good and isn't secretly loaded with sugar that you don't feel that hungry after eating it. Also people, especially Americans, mainly over estimate what they need to eat to survive. Most people's coffee that they'll grab in the morning has more calories than my entire breakfast.

  72. I'd kill to be able to go back to those days. A cigarette and a cup of joe for breakfast and a candy bar for dinner. That's it and im good.

  73. The secret is that there is no secret. It's just consuming as many or less than the calories you burn in a day. The great injustice is that there's no real education around this and it takes time to calculate your caloric needs, then time understanding nutritional labels. Your best bet if you're trying to lose weight is to take some time learning both. You can basically eat whatever you want, as long as the portions don't exceed your daily caloric needs.

  74. I guess I have genetics to thank, both of my parents are skinny especially my mom. I don’t particularly exercise much, and I probably eat the normal amount of calories per day. I do generally eat more healthy/natural food rather than junk food though.

  75. Digestion issues. My bmi is 19.something so low end of healthy weight. Stomach bloats a lot and hurts when I eat -> only eat when actually hungry. I guess you could also do that even if you stomach doesn't hurt. Only eat when you're hungry and only eat enough to satisfy that hunger. So no snacking and cut down portion sizes. Really if you wanna loose weight you just need to eat less calories than you burn. But only slightly under, if you eat too little that's also unhealthy! Exercise helps, but most of the work is carried by diet. It's more difficult to some than others due to genetic or medical reasons, but it still works the same way

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