You have exactly 1 hour until the world ends , which can not be stopped , What do you do?

  1. I start to update windows, which also cannot be stopped, so I delay the end of the world for a few hours

  2. If all 7.8 billion of us updated windows exactly 1 second before the last person's stops, then have a download speed of 1 kb/s, we could definetely get a few centuries more

  3. Im not sure if I find it very sad or beautiful that so many of us would just sit there, accept it and have a drink listening to some music or something of the like.

  4. it's 1 hour, can't exactly plan a vacation. if you spend 30 minutes tryin' to figure it out you've wasted it. No question, best thing you could do is release your cares with whoever's close, hopefully those you love.

  5. My kids are sleeping. They share a room. I go into bed with them and watch them and cry and make sure I don’t wake them.

  6. Every time I think about this, my fear is my kids would rather play video games than spend that last hour with me.

  7. This. They are the most important people to me on earth and I can’t think of any way I’d rather go out. I too would be crying thinking about all of the things they won’t get to experience.

  8. I was living in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii during the fake missile launch, which would be a main target. My wife was at work when the emergency alert came, she called and said make our daughter feel safe. Nothing we could do, but wait and not let her know.

  9. Every time this question pops up, this is all I think about. I can't fathom the idea of my LO scared out of their mind as the last moments. I never had this type of fear till I became a parent

  10. Last rounds of keepy uppy, popping some microwave popcorn, dance party to Sandstorm. Not a bad way to go, together.

  11. If I can put my head between my legs to kiss my ass.....I'm probably going to stop before the ass and do something else.

  12. Call my sister on the phone and tell her (and after her my mother and brothers) that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have them in my life. That i'm sorry that life ends this way and i regret every petty argument we ever had, but that i love them so much and i truly wanted to see them happy and enjoy their happiness trough their lives. And finally, that i don't know if heaven or another life exists but if it does, i will be searching for them there.

  13. Set up a chair outside, sit next to my German Shepherd with a glass of whisky and a cigar, and watch the sky in utter peace.

  14. This dude would legit buy a VR headset just to be called a bitch by some 12 year old kid in his last moments on Earth lmaooo.

  15. Im in a long term coed substance abuse treatment facility. Obviously sex is not allowed. I've been here for just over a year, along with some other female residents. I think some rules would be broken for the last hour. But I for one would welcome the end of the world sober.

  16. Gather my friends and loved ones in my home. Crack open some beers and have one last meal together with whatever is available.

  17. It’s the end of the world think it would be ok if the rest of us fucked your husband? Let him know we’ll be gentle

  18. Cuddle with my wife and our 16 dogs (4 of our own plus 12 fosters including 9 five week old pups). Maybe dance one more time to our wedding song.

  19. Yeah I’d just cozy up at home with my husband and cat and turtles, I’d make my calls goodbye and then spend the rest of my time high and happy with my favorite people in the world until we all blow up :) <3 also you got a lot of dogs awesome what a big family!

  20. Honestly, this sounds appealing. I'd relish turning off the phone and unplugging from the world for the last time. Close the drapes, and take a relaxing nap secure in the knowledge that the deadlines for everything you were supposed to accomplish are now irrelevant.

  21. Only regret you'll have is when she tells you she felt the same way and you wish you woulda waited before the end of the world to tell her. Shoot your shot this is your sign

  22. Tell her for real homie. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Ik I did and it will be worse than if she rejects you. Knowing is better than not knowing at all

  23. Knowing my luck my work will out live the apocalypse, use a demon ritual to reawaken me from the dead, only to suspend me without pay for not showing up to work.

  24. Ask my wife what she wants for dinner and listen to her repeat, Her - "I don't know, what sounds good?" Me - "Food of any flavor or ethnicity" Her - "I don't like food of any flavor or ethnicity." Me - "Okay, so pick something." Her - "I don't know, what do you want?"

  25. Off topic but I have the solution to this - the first partner has to pick one food item, then the second person has to say how that item should be prepared, then you just find the place that makes that and choose the other parts of dinner from their menu. This method works much better than starting with a question.

  26. It's 12:29 AM, I'm at work, 45 minutes to commute home. Enter my kids rooms at 01:14am, Give them both a gentle forehead kiss and tell them I love them without waking them, 15 minutes remain.

  27. Watch Bluey, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Cocomellon, and listen to all the kid songs that make my toddler happy, while my wife and I sing and dance with him.

  28. I'm English, so pop the kettle on, make a brew for my wife and I, and sit in our garden to watch the parakeets fly in and out of our trees

  29. I Will go to the street and start shouting: "It worked! It worked! You're all doomed and you can't do nothing about It!"

  30. Finally call the people I liked, apologize to a girl I really liked (and I was told she did like me too), say that I was just to shy/self-concious to ask her, probably tell my parents that I will not forgive them, but that I am fine with them again.

  31. I’d call a specific person and tell them I never stopped loving them. As far as I know she’s long since moved on, but if the world were ending I’d want that small selfish act to be my last words.

  32. I don't know what to do but I do know what I should do. Not any thing stupid things. Like what if I am doing something stupid shi* and a random person comes towards me saying " This is a prank performed by all the people of the world. Look there is our camera." Bro that's scary

  33. At that point I’d call family and friends tell them how much they mean to me then I’d go outside with a chair my switch and a bottle of whiskey and play as much super mario bros as possible

  34. I would go to the animal shelter and release every last one of them, then go to the park with all the happy animals and give them cuddles and scritches.

  35. You have such a selfless heart-thinking about the caged animals and wanting to give them fresh air and freedom to run and play for their last moments.

  36. My uber eats order just gor delayed by 30 minutes. I'll resent that for the rest of my life, apparently...

  37. Luckily I live 7 minutes away from work, so I could get to my wife… my daughter is 1.5 hours up-island, so… crying mostly?

  38. Right now? It's pretty late and I'm pretty tired, so probably persuade myself it's a hoax and go to sleep. Not sure what else I'd really do - I'm visiting my parents, we've had a nice weekend where I also saw my siblings for a family event, and they're asleep. Can't really get anywhere quickly enough to do anything exciting, and it's night so not much is open anyway. There isn't really anything in their house that I particularly want to try (eg food or drink).

  39. Run to the shops and buy some Ben & Jerry's and a cake as I won't need to worry about the weight cut for my upcoming fight, then sit in bed and eat it cuddled up with my dogs. Maybe shoot off texts to a couple of mates saying I love them and thanks for everything. Just chill, no point in spending my last hour stressing.

  40. Heroin. Almost got hooked on the stuff and thankfully flushed it after a week but if I ever find out I’m dying or the world is ending I will see myself out in euphoria.

  41. I'm gonna go around and just smack all of the assholes in my current area, and then I'm going to gather all my nearby loved ones and sit with them until the world ends.

  42. Right now I'm sitting in my living room with my goddaughter sleeping in her crip and her mom/my best friend out for the night, too far to possibly get back in time. I guess I'm gonna go lay down, hold her while she sleeps and cry until the end comes.

  43. Jesus Christ here I am thinking of what to drink or which one of my ex girlfriends to hit up, this didn’t even cross my mind. Surely I’d think of it by the time it’s too late and spend my last moments in regret.

  44. Have sex with my girlfriend, then for the other 59 minutes watch tv with my family playing music kissing my dog on the face, enjoying all the sensations falling over me before probably burning to a crisp cause was Yellow Stone’s fault

  45. I love playing guitar. I moved out into my own apartment recently, and can’t play my electric anywhere close to as loud as I’d want to. I’d definitely plug up and just turn the nobs to the maximum.

  46. Find a bottle of Macallan's 50yr anniversary malt scotch, sit in my yard, smoke a cuban cigar, jerk off the last 3 mins, try to time the climax to the very end.

  47. Climb on the roof with all my pets and let my cat loose outside to do as she pleases. Get super stoned and chill. Being semi comfortable with death is one of my few life accomplishments.

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