People who have had a post or picture go viral, what is that like?

  1. Well, it’s kinda annoying until you finally turn the notifications for comments off. Mine is currently #1 right now, and I didn’t expect that at all! I was just sorta venting because I got cut off earlier, so I asked that question to this sub.

  2. Exciting at first seeing all the follows and notifications, but it gets annoying when weeks/months later half your notifications are still from that old post.

  3. Not a reddit post but a YouTube video. I didn't post video on YouTube really for anyone, or to try and get popular. But one video I just wanted to test how easy it was. I staged pushing my sister in the pool with her phone, I said the generic meme at the time, and then the video ended. Maybe a 30 second video. The title was something like "Thot pushed in pool, iphone destroyed" with two emojis. It got over 300k views before I took it down but it was up fore 3 years. Everyone in the comments assumed it was my girlfriend and said that I didn't deserve her and they would be a better boyfriend. We were both young kids and it was my sister so that was weird. Other half of comments was people saying that the video was funny and they wanted to see more. Back then it was really easy to make a fake viral video

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