Cyber security people of reddit, what are some major security breaches you've seen?

  1. So a massive virus was going around infecting any pc, phone, you name it, basically anything that connects to a wifi router, so we tracked this dude's up and it show he was in our town, turns out it was a 16 year old boy, I was very impressed and I actually gave him a job to work with us, this was 7 years ago, that kid has got worker of the month 12 times in total, his longest streak was 6 months.

  2. The easiest way for someone to get into your network is to not change the default password on everything. If it’s connected to your network, then it can be a risk. Change the default password.

  3. We once assigned a solid session id to users identified as bots. Suddenly real customers all shared the same session and were seeing all of each others data when logged in (addresses, saved credit cards etc.)

  4. One time, from the hospital network, I could somehow see into the hard drives of some department computers and read students exam results as well and exams they were preparing

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