What vehicle do you automatically assume is being driven by a total asshole?

  1. Here (Barcelona) silver Mercedes are preferred by total shitbags, the wastes of perfectly good air who feel they're a cut above everyone else.

  2. I’ve driven across Canada and Mercedes drivers are the absolute WORST. It seems like every time they are always the culprit whenever a car is cutting someone off, following too close, or driving 10km under the speed limit when you can’t pass. Usually silver, but any Mercedes model in any colour.

  3. Here in Germany as well. Drivers are relatively disciplined in Germany (compared to countries with similar driving education) but Mercedes is known to have "in-build right-of-way" and to generally have a subscription on the left (passing) lane on the Autobahn.

  4. So I’m Tanzanian we have public transport, Dala Dala’s. These are city buses. Some of the most reckless drivers, most accidents, most road rules broken happens in this group

  5. I was on a dala dala that hit a pikipiki a and just kept on going. Sure hope that guy was ok.

  6. When you come to Nairobi you will have so much anxiety and pressure. We cal our buses Matatus (or Jav if you’re cool like me) and piki pikis are boda bodas here (Nduthi if you’re trying to be cool and funny) now those two cause so much chaos together

  7. Gah so I leaned to drive in my dad's work truck. It was lifted a little bit and had 33" or 35" tires...nothing crazy or obnoxious. Tasteful, I would say. Anyway my point in saying that is that it was fairly tall, taller than standard. I remember being a teenager and driving home one afternoon from running an errand for my parents and this guy in a coupe was tailing me so hard I couldn't see his car at all over the tailgate. It was heavy traffic so his tailing me like that was pointless and I didn't even know he was there at all until he drifted to one side in the lane and I saw him in a side mirror. It about gave me a heart attack!

  8. Follow-up: Way, way too-bright LED headlights. Sure, those drivers can see the road but they're blinding everyone else and putting them in danger.

  9. Then you catch a glimpse of the driver and it's either some older guy with Oakleys and a grey goatee, or some fresh faced 17 year old with Oakleys and a Salt Life sticker.

  10. Dodge Chargers with blacked out rear lights and logo or Dodge/Ford pickups that's way too lifted. Funny enough I have friends who drive these cars and they are good people and very rarely in situations where they act like dbags but we strangers on the road driving these always seem to be the ones acting a fool

  11. I was waiting to hear Charger. I have one and I know how it looks. I just refuse to get rid of it because I haven't had a payment in like 5 years. It was once a sign of my immaturity, it is now a symbol of my cheapness.

  12. Anything jacked up more than a reasonable amount. It’s one thing if you want a little more clearance for off-roading. It’s another if your vehicle is like a mile high and clearly not practical.

  13. I had a coworker that drove a lifted truck. Had all sorts of other mods to it too: all black rims, black hub caps, black logo, over head lights, etc.

  14. This old guy I work with once said “ not everyone who drives a white dodge is a tool. But every tool drives a white dodge”

  15. They always seem to have excessively bright and misaligned headlights that shine straight into your mirrors. Holy fuck I hate them.

  16. My boyfriends best friend traded in his Audi for a Ram and was an absolute menace in the fast lane. He would get on peoples bumper and honk to move and shine his brights. I have not spoken to him in three years bc he almost ran over a dog bc it would’ve been “funny”

  17. My GF told me i could get any truck I wanted EXCEPT a ram because Rams are the ones that always try to run her civic off the road or cut her off

  18. The throwout bearing on my old Mini Cooper gave out while I was at a traffic light with one of these trucks behind me. The driver of the truck screamed profanities at me about how I chose the wrong place to park while I was crying on the phone to roadside assistance and begging my car to get into any gear so I could move it. I really hope that guy gets cursed with having to take public transit everywhere. But yeah, he was of course driving a giant red ram pick up truck.

  19. This is hilarious to me. All my life, my mother had a hatred of Dodge Rams because nobody could seem to drive right in them. I inherited this hatred when I began driving and noticed the same. I am happy to know there is an agreement among many that Ram drivers suck. The higher they're lifted and more cosmetic crap they bedazzle the trucks with, the worse the driver typically is (and tiny penis, we all assume they're compensating for something when they're revving and blowing smoke).

  20. I dunno if it was always this way or some more recent marketing or what but Dodge seems to outright position themselves as the brand for assholes. I think there might be a politics component to it or something. I can think of the most far-gone Qanon nut bag I still 'know' on FB (long time family friend who I basically ignore overall but still get updates about) and they were thrilled to replace their BMW with a Dodge recently and I dunno, there just seems to be something like Dodge is the accepted brand for them for some reason.

  21. If you meet one asshole in a day, that's life. If you meet two in a day, that's bad luck. If you meet nothing but assholes all day, that's you.

  22. Just took a call from an old colleague around lunchtime today, excitedly telling me that he was behind a Cadillac Escalade with truck nuts. That goes back to when we worked together and a couple of us put truck nuts on his little Ford Ranger for April Fools' Day. Over the next few months that year, the truck nuts were passed around our cars as a collective prank, until we snuck them into the spare tire container (?) on a trailer of a guy who was leaving us to move across the country. I guess the trailer got a flat halfway there, and he was surprised with truck nuts when he went to dig out the spare. That cheered him up a bit.

  23. Truth. As someone who drives a small economy car, these assholes seem to target me. I can always see it coming too. They pull up next to me at a light and look over into my car with a stupid grin on their face. I instinctively roll up my windows and as soon as the light turns green, they floor it, unleashing a cloud of pollution over my poor little Honda. It does make me feel a bit better when I see these types of trucks at the gas station and that stupid grin has turned into a pained grimace as their total rolls over into the triple digits.

  24. As a diesel driver, these assholes are embarrassing. They typically take a useful truck, ruin it and turn it into a political statement that screams: "I keep losing in life and don't know why"

  25. This is the dumbest thing ever. I live in the northern midwest United States and didn't know what this meant, I've never seen it around me. One more thing to be ashamed about I guess.

  26. I had no idea what this was until I owed a Prius. Multiple times, one of these fuckers will drive by me and do whatever it is they do to make it extra loud and smokey. All because I own a hybrid vehicle. Takes a special kind of asshole to be that bothered by an innocent Prius.

  27. I stopped driving my Prius because of the truck drivers who rolled coal on me, or rode my bumper, flipped the bird, yelled profanities at me, leaned on horn. One pulled a gun on me in Arizona. I always drive over speed too. But it was like my car was an act of aggression to them, perhaps because we have high numbers of oil and gas workers in residence. Awful people.

  28. The people that 'roll coal' have the same mentality of basing every decision/opinion in life in how much it's going "own libs" or "irritate leftists."

  29. I’m a European, and I miss 5 seconds ago when I didn’t know about this, but: is this not genuinely illegal? And if not, how in the actual flying fuck?

  30. One time I was out having a great time test driving a dune buggy for a little rental service we had going.

  31. I'm a road cyclist and have had a douchebro in a dualie diesel roll coal in my face on a climb where I was out of the saddle working hard. Hard enough to breathe but adding all that lovely black exhaust was the topper. Asshole indeed.

  32. We live in Indiana and see several every time we’re out. My husband says they must be talking about the road salt that decorates our cars every winter.

  33. As someone who’s lived in a touristy beach area my whole life; salt life sticker cars are almost always registered out of state in states that are land locked ironically.

  34. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize they said "salt" and not "slut". Weirdly, I live in Iowa and see them all the time

  35. Ah yes the sticker that says "we live in the midwest and the only thing I ever look forward to is our yearly long weekend trip to myrtle beach."

  36. I live in Southern California, just a few miles from the beach. These are not a thing here. I had to read the comments just to know what it was referring to.

  37. Any pickup truck with those smokestack exhaust pipes that stick up through the bed directly behind the cab.

  38. Cabs. You'd think they'd be better at driving because they do it all day, everyday, but somehow they never use blinkers, floor it to get to the stop sign, etc.

  39. I think when you drive all the time you just stop giving a shit. Gives a false sense of familiarity and superiority. Driving all day every day for X years without an accident probably makes you feel like a super good driver and that the rules don't apply to you.

  40. Lived in NYC in my younger days, now just across the River. Have to give my wife credit for this: NYC cabbies drive 50mph in a 25mph zone (ie Manhattan) then do the same 50mph on the highway. While jumping on and off the gas every other second so that she gets car sick.

  41. Took a cab in Las Vegas, the can driver got pulled over, and the officer knew the driver from multiple violations. The officer was saying he was going to arrest the driver. All the while my husband and I, newly Weds are sitting in the back seat. I asked the officer if we could get out of the car and get a new cab and was firmly told "NO". It felt like a cat and mouse situation but he let the guy go.

  42. This all day. Lived in NYC for over a decade. Cabs were the absolute worst and knew they could treat people like shit since there was no other option (bus and subway isn’t convenient many times). Lyft and Uber coming into the city was a godsend.

  43. Like 100% of the time I get passed by someone doing 90mph and weaving recklessly through traffic... it is a black Altima with Maryland plates. I don't know how he does it, but I've seen that guy all over the Mid-Atlantic and New England, in Colorado, in Florida... busy guy, always in such a hurry and very inconsiderate.

  44. I used to drive an Altima, and while I don't think I'm too big of an asshole most of the time, I also fully acknowledge this as the correct answer.

  45. I give extra room to Altimas on the road. They seem to attract impulsive drivers, and I don't need my car smashed in by anyone's quick no-check lane change.

  46. My ex drove an Altima and I can confirm she was one of the worst drivers I've ever seen. God rest her soul. She was a very sweet person but a horrible driver.

  47. Random but this makes me sad to see Altima drivers having such a bad reputation because my former babysitter has a 2007 Altima she bought new and still drives to this day and she is an absolute sweetheart and still a friend, so she is what I associate the Altima with.

  48. It's always the 15-year-old, beat up Altimas that fly past you like you're standing still when you're cruising at 80.

  49. I knew it was Dallas before even checking your profile 😂 bonus points if it’s with paper tags and a falling off rear bumper

  50. This seemed to be weirdly common when I lived in Texas. I wonder why these people gravitate towards white trucks disproportionately...

  51. It’s annoying when I’m driving, but what really sucks is for the people who have to live around those assholes. I used to have a neighbor with a Harley who would wake everyone on the street up with it at 5am. Everyone wanted to kill that dude.

  52. Dodge Ram. Any Lexus SUV. Any Tesla (took over from the Prius a while back.). Anyone with a Monster logo, Salt Life, Fuck It stick figure, or Baby on Board sticker. Altimas. Carolina Squat and stance cars.

  53. Seconded. I'd really like to know why when they are in front of me, they go 15 miles below the speed limit, but when behind me, they're riding my ass like a jockey nearing the finish line.

  54. There are still people flying 2020 election flags on their trucks here. They think it owns the libs but they just look stupid, I can't imagine being that devoted to a politician that dgaf about me.

  55. I just got an Altima because of the features and it's a comfortable car to drive with my back pain. All my car friends instantly gave me shit. I was completely unaware of the stereotype.

  56. I had a buddy in Atlanta who used to say that you can gauge the trashiness of an apartment complex or neighborhood by the number of Nissan Altima's parked out front. If you see more than four Altimas, run away.

  57. Really? Maybe I’m oblivious but those don’t even come close for me. Dodge chargers are a fucking plague on Atlanta though.

  58. A clean contractor truck. That is a boss who doesn't work on site. No dings, no scratches, no dents. You know he's showing up in a clean hard hat too.

  59. My super has a company 4door 4wd platinum f350 with always brand new toyo ATs. All the guys in the field get 2wd base models f150/250s with linglong highway tires. Sure make is fun getting stuck on flat ground and having to go find a piece of equipment to yank it out.

  60. In LA. Range Rovers and BMW's are the worst. Zero signals. Way too fast everywhere even though we'll all end up at the red light. Those Tesla 3's are giving them a run for their asshole status lately though. Occasionally VW GTI's and it's almost always some high schooler looking kid.

  61. I've only ever met a Porsche (911 GT3 I think) on the road once - it sat politely at a safe distance behind me until there was a safe spot with good visibility to overtake in, then scooted past (with indicators) and floored it to the next bend, then braked well in time to safely go around the blind curve. Once I got past that bend it was a pair of tail lights in the distance.

  62. You're going 10 over the limit in the right lane on the interstate. A car comes up behind you, and rides your ass. And rides your ass. And keeps riding your ass. The left lane is empty, but they don't want to pass you, they want to ride your ass.

  63. I'm in the UK and it's generally recognised here that BMW drivers are assholes! The other one is Audi drivers, but BMW drivers are worse! 😄

  64. We got a guy here in PA that drives around with his "Fuck Biden" flag. Just saw him peeling out of the rent a center parking lot yesterday. Fuck that guy

  65. It is really considerate for those assholes to mark themselves so clearly, though. You know right away that you don't need to be friendly or get to know them to know they're a shitbag.

  66. It's part of their identity. Without it, they wouldn't be much. They would have to develop their own personality instead of just being the alpha douchebag that all their friends and family expect them to be.

  67. Guaranteed to ride your ass, work the horn and not the turn signal, and they never return a wave. Must be salty that they're driving the bank's truck.

  68. A piece of crap car, music blasting, doing 30km over the speed limit in a school area, with the one window rolled down 2cm with vape smoke funnelling out the window

  69. In Georgia there's a LM tag type, which I assume stands for limousine. They're always on the huge black SUV's like Escalades. Those guys do not give a fuck. About to miss an exit because they were texting in the left lane at 45 MPH? Fuck it, cross over 4 lanes to exit.

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