What’s an unusually good pizza topping?

  1. I go for Banana peppers but yeah a similar idea. Pepperoni, banana pepper, and bacon. Unbeatable.

  2. A place I used to go in Chattanooga had them as a topping. My favorite was orgerjng it Detroit style and EVERY time the waitress, “do you know what Detroit style is….ok do you know what Calabrian chiles are? Ok”

  3. Idk about toppings but just wanted to say, re-heating left over pizza in my air fryer made the pizza 5x better than when it originally was. Some type of voodoo in those air fryers

  4. I've been doing this since I was a kid. Any frozen pizza with added cheese/toppings becomes known as a "super pizza" in my family. I'm a single dude and I like to grill at least once a week so I have some dank meat to use throughout the week for work lunches, ramen noodles, stir fry, and super pizzas. I buy cheese pizzas because they come with fancier cheese and then I add whatever I got grilled up (usually pork loin or chicken) and I add some extra cheese of my own just to make sure i'ts a true "super pizza"

  5. I had this one friend who dipped her pizza in honey back in high school, and we gave her so much shit for it. We thought she was so weird, none of us had ever heard of anyone doing that before and she kept trying to tell us that it was a thing other people did too, and we weren't buying it.

  6. Hot honey on a pepperoni or hawaiian is the fuckin best. Actually hot honey on anything is the best

  7. Local pizza place does a version of that with Granny Smith apples instead of pear, with a balsamic reduction and arugula. I'll eat that pizza any time!

  8. You would love a toasted walnut, fig, goat cheese pizza then! There are so many interesting combinations that are deliciously amazing!

  9. Love some loaded Baked Potato Pizza. Sour cream instead of pizza sauce topped with low moisture mozzarella, thin potato slices, bacon, green onions, and cheddar cheese. Our local place makes it.

  10. My submission as well. Really nice counterbalance to "loud" toppings such as gorgonzola, bacon and jalapenos.

  11. The nduja and burrata pizza is the shit. I always get it when I go to eat in one of my local pizzerias.

  12. Having only used tamarind paste in small amounts because its so potent, how does this work. Spread a bit around?

  13. Really fresh arugula put on after the pizza comes out of the oven and drizzled with EVOO, salt and pepper. Makes any pizza a delight!

  14. Seconded. Pickles, mustard, and ham. One of our regular rotation favorites to make ever since being introduced to it last year.

  15. I do the Occasional cheeseburger pizza at the bar I run. Meat cheese onions and then shredded lettuce fresh tomatoes and pickles at the end. It’s pretty popular.

  16. Pickled fennel, a local restaurant does farmers market pizzas. Once it had pickled fennel on it and that was amazing.

  17. Jalapeños with pineapple to balance the spice. And black olives, cos they go with everything. Sweet, salty, spicy. Perfection.

  18. Anchovies. If you're not weirded out by fish, it's actually really awesome. Anchovies and pepperoni go really well together. Also Anchovies and sausage. It's saltiness pairs well with the spices in the other two ingredients.

  19. Next time you make a red sauce sauté some anchovy in the olive oil, then add garlic, then the tomatoes. When the sauce is ready blitz it with a stick blender or regular blender. Most people don’t realize those delicious red sauces at nice restaurants contain anchovy for that extra umami kick.

  20. Only problem I have is pizza place rarely have fresh anchovies and just slap them on there whole. Chop em up a little so you get some in each bite. Not a mouthful if salt fish

  21. I love them. Everybody I know hates them. So I never get to eat them when I go out for pizza with others. I get complaints even if I order them on the side.

  22. This makes me think of breakfast pizza, which is cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon. It’s so good and Casey’s gas station serves them in the morning if you have one near you.

  23. I came here expecting weird new toppings but instead found everything that can be found on a Domino's menu..

  24. I ordered a pickle pizza recently and it was AMAZING. Instead of marinara it was a garlic base with extra fontinella cheese, drizzled ranch and dill seasoning.

  25. Mango. I lately make slight variations of BBQ chicken pizzas and mango slices are always on it. My family of five approves (even near-3-years-old).

  26. Why did I have to scroll this far for corn? Corn is amazing on pizza. It's almost a default topping in many countries.

  27. Pineapple and pepperoni is a personal favorite. The spice of the pepperoni cuts the sweetness of the pineapple. Definitely converted some people with this combo.

  28. This but unironically. Internet memes aside, pineapple is one of those things that don’t make sense on pizza logically, but it somehow works. Pineapple & olives are the best pizza toppings and nobody will change my mind.

  29. If you like pineapple, try it with some peach slices! I was living in Peru and a small pizza shop did ham, pineapple, and peaches and it was delicious!

  30. Onions are massively underrated. And recently I saw a local pizzeria do a mix of marinara and pesto along with little drops of fresh mozz. It looked amazing. It was art. The sauces were separated and done in a diagonal pattern. So you had this beautiful red and white and green deliciousness. I’m vegan so I veganized it with vegan pesto (simply no cheese added) and vegan mozz (which is delicious) and it is my favorite thing. Go try it.

  31. I don’t know if it’s unusual, but tuna on pizza is delicious. I was extremely doubtful when I first tried it, but it instantly became my favourite pizza topping.

  32. Tuna on pizza is a very popular standard topping in most of Europe including Italy. I was really surprised when i heard it's not a thing in the US.

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