If you have depression, how would you describe it?

  1. Yes!! I was going to comment this. Depression feels like wearing a really heavy jacket that you just have to carry around and can't take off no matter how hard you try. It's exhausting.

  2. You stop caring, stop wanting to see people, stop eating, stop being motivated, lose all sense of happiness, I don't even find myself upset anymore because it's just the norm. I have always prepared for the worst in every situation in case the worst is the outcome, now I prepare for the worst because I know that'll be the outcome. People try to tell me about their situations, I don't care. They tell me about how good or bad their day has been, I don't care. They try to ask me to make plans but I don't want to because I just don't care. You cross roads without looking. I'm not seeking death by any means but it's certainly not unwelcome. Yea, depression is a hell of a thing

  3. I've never had clinical depression; just situational. I usually only understand I was depressed after I come out of it.

  4. It's like standing in the ocean. It's always there. Sometimes I'm up to my ankles, other times I'm completely submerged. Even with medications and therapy, I'm always standing in the ocean. The tide can change suddenly; I'll be up to my knees one second and shoulder deep the next. It never goes away. You learn to live with it.

  5. You give up on anything you try because it's not worth the brain power, so you lose yourself to the point of suicide, and youve already got plans but then you think of people who you'll leave behind so you stay for them, all the whild you're always feeling worthless, unlovable, and trapped

  6. Depends on how depressed you get. First it feels like disinterest in everything, then like wanting to die because you hate the absolute boredom, and then like you want to die but can't be bothered to

  7. I would describe as feeling like a wet towel I know that sounds weird but think about it. You feel as if you’ve been used emotionally, physically and mentally. Sure it could just be mental but it’s also as if you are being ringed out like a wet towel, you feel as if you have also been drained of all emotion except sadness, anger, regret and resent. Then you feel an emptiness after being drained after so long. Then you just feel useless and everything seems impossible to do now. You feel as being happy is just out of your reach but it’s getting farther and farther away. I know it sounds pretty dumb and a bit dramatic but that’s just how I see it.

  8. Apathy and anhedonia. I don't feel anything. No motivation or executive function. I don't really want to do anything. I'm not sad and I don't want to die. I just feel inhuman because I dont feel anything.

  9. For me I felt like drowning. Your so deep you can no longer see the sunshine. You feel hopeless and alone. You want to swim back up but your chain to the bottom. You want to give up and lose motivation to do anything. Even your favorite things seem pointless. Drowning in your own negative feelings and thoughts. It's like you are your own worse bully. No could say more mean thing about you than you said to yourself. That's what it felt like to me. I suffer from depression for years into I got help.

  10. You're real. Other people are real. You live on different, but overlapping planes of existence. You can see each other, talk and even touch, but you're not in the same place. They're on the plane of existence which includes everyone else, you're on another one by yourself.

  11. you stop finding joy in the things that you used to find joy in, and eventually you realize that you feel like you’re watching a movie of your life instead of being able to feel it. you get done with an event or get together or something else and think “i didn’t feel any of that, i was just going through the motions”

  12. I've been diagnosed with psychotic depression for over a year now, and the best I can describe it is that it's like a black hole sucking out your energy. Constantly exhausted, which causes my lack of motivation, and then it fuels the worthlessness, hopelessness, and emptiness. I want to care, but I can't. I want to be happy, but I can't. It's like a void.

  13. i like the meme or tweet about how the person doesn't think they are depressed enough to seek help so it like their depression is depressed.... like that

  14. Nobody listens to me. Nobody cares, I have no reason to wake up other then to do whatever people tell me too. I can't be motivated. I worry over useless shit nobody cares about. I can't talk to anyone about it, because again, nobody listens.

  15. This vast emptiness inside of me that I can't fill no matter what I do, leaving me feeling like a part of me is missing. It slowly drains my energy and motivation to do things and in time I've ended up being unable to relate to the people around me because they can't understand what I'm going through and I can't understand how they are able to do things to progress in life when even the smallest effort is a struggle for me.

  16. not having any desire to act. having no desire to be anything. Not at all wishing to be. I'm not sure I want to pass away. Simply put, I want to have never been.

  17. It varies quite a bit for me, but I'm currently trying to cope with anhedonia — the complete lack of feeling. It's not bad at first. It gives you a break from feeling too much. But then it persists, and persists.

  18. For me it was like this black shadow followed you and whispered these thoughts in your mind like stay in bed, just hit it once it’s fine,etc

  19. a being that sticks to you and laches on to your neck, draining of you of happiness and energy, making you sickly lethargic. I’ve had depression/ anxiety for two periods of my life and recently overcame it again, I feel so much better.

  20. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but 70% of the time it's being numb. Nothing evokes joy or wonder and most experiences feel surreal as if it may or may not have happened. So the drive and motovation to do anything or see anyone is just not there. And the other 25% of the time its the feeling of deep dispare like losing a loved one. Your chest is tight and you can't stop crying, it's hard to breath or regain control of yourself. It lasts hours and you keep thinking death would be better than this. And then there's little short moments where you found something funny or thought your dog was cute like nothing was wrong with you at all. It's kind of hard to explain

  21. Everything is gray, music just becomes air pressure, joy and happiness is a memory, moving becomes taxing, breathing is a chore, and the voices in your head don't shut up

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