what's something that turns good people evil?

  1. Definitely this. Honestly, I feel if I didn't have such insane anxiety about doing the wrong thing, I would have turned full supervillain by now.

  2. Agreed. Divorce can do it. I used to be all around nice, but ever since I was completely betrayed idgaf about much. My kid and parents are the only people I care for.

  3. Being misunderstood, marginalized, and having nobody who understands you or your perspective. That's perhaps the fastest way short of physical trauma to turn a decent person into a lunatic.

  4. Unfair treatment. Especially for something they can't control. Getting in trouble for situations they couldn't control, and not being understood as to why they did them.

  5. This. A guy I worked with was from the inner city. Dude was a good student, no record, multiple sport letter winner. Guy would still get stopped on his way home from practice and have his back pack dumped multiple times a week by the police. Said he knew why the police had to be so present, but dammit if it didn't get frustrating having to pick up all your stuff off a snowy sidewalk.

  6. lack of support. If you have nobody and in the majority of your interactions you’re being shit on by other people, that can turn you down the wrong path

  7. I've got a friend that is one of the most kind-hearted and straight-laced people I've ever met. However, his board game persona is devious and will not hesitate to backstab you and throw you into a meatgrinder

  8. Dealing with that currently. A family member close enough to be a brother decided to start seeing my ex that broke my heart a couple months ago. When I found out he lied straight to my face. Only way I found out was his own brother telling me the truth.

  9. Thinking they're good people. Too many people barrel into shitty behavior the whole time thinking, "but I'm a good person" If you can't accept that sometimes you're a bad person that you will compromise yourself then you could find yourself doing horrific things while believing you're still good.

  10. I think indoctrination, fear, the ability to close your eyes on whats happening, lack of empathy, self preservation instincts, group thinking etc

  11. Nah, money enables you. Good people who come into access to money don't become evil; sadly it seems to be that most rich people need to do evil to maintain that fortune and that is why there seems to be a filter. Money requires some evil sometimes.

  12. Being treated like absolute shit. People are so unaware of their actions these days, not to mention people are very self-seeking. If you're weak, you'll be destroyed.

  13. Being good for too long, long enough to realise that nobody cares about them and their good deeds in this sick world. Good people either die young and good, or get old enough to see themselves become evil.

  14. I don’t believe in good or evil. But an otherwise “good person” can do some terrible things if they feel justified. Just about anyone can be convinced to do a horrible thing if you can give them justification.

  15. Anger. If enough anger is piled up. They could lose EVERYTHING about them selves in those moments. This happened to me once. It’s a long story but I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even feel empty. I was basically just there. It’s as if my soul left my body and let it do whatever it wants.

  16. oh yea 100%, i been dealing with anger issues and self control for a whiiiile, all it takes is a few seconds and a person you dont like being in the wrong place and all hell breaks lose

  17. Fear. When you have people terrified for their own safety, or for their families, they'll do what they think they need to to stay alive. Even if that means commit terrible atrocities against others.

  18. A lot of "evil" things people do are survival needs taken to the extreme. They're motivated in selfishness and self-centered attitudes. A lot of evil isn't the "thing" being done, it's the motivation behind it. (Motivation is different from intent). It's when the thing being done becomes "more important" than what you need to be doing or more important than someone ELSE'S needs. Your rights end where another's begin and visa versa.

  19. Life. So many things can break a person and make them bitter and angry. I can understand why someone may just opt for being evil…it is much more difficult being a good person in this world.

  20. Being ignored. Treated like shit, constantly abused picked on. Especially of the person is good hearted and still has love for others but they pass away. Recipe for disaster.

  21. Turning to cooking meth out of an rv to support your family, only to become a drug kingpin and completely destroying said family in the process

  22. Surrounding yourself with evil people will do that. This is even worse if you are forced to live with them. Don't even get me started on being raised by a wicked person.

  23. The realization that being lazy and evil gets you a lot more than being good, because there's always someone around to ride your coattails and enable your behavior instead of stopping it. Be a deceitful businessman and live like Trump. Be an a-hole player and have more women flock to you than you could dream of. That sort of thing.

  24. I would say it tends to be small progressive changes where one thing snowballs into others. Either a slightly bad decision or an unfortunate side effect that leads to more bad luck/ disillusionment while trying to get back to right.

  25. Being cheated on. Realizing that everything you had ever felt with that person, every memory made, every moment spent together and every “I love you” was all just one big lie and no amount of rationalizing can bring you any peace. Blowing up on her felt good, but I haven’t been able to trust the same ever again.

  26. Traumatic childhood /traumatic events during childhood. At least for the kiddos that go through such events and where the outcome is negative. I believe everyone is born good but their childhood is what forms them and sometimes they can become evil (bad is a way more suitable word for it).

  27. Drug Addiction. My stepdad before he was my stepdad was a great guy. Friendly and helpful and you would have never guessed under the surface that he struggled with addiction until he stole everything out from under us and got physically abusive.

  28. Being forced to do something you don't like while not being able to do anything you like, all for the others' sake and against your will. Now that's what's guarenteed to turn any good person to evil. It slowly takes over the person, day by day the hate on themselves and the entire world increases.

  29. Genetics+ bad life experiences/ high stress leading to outbursts of violence or erratic behaviour, seen and been effected by this before. things such as pregnant drug abuse or anger issues can have large effects on how people behave.

  30. I think conditioning and socialisation is a big one. We adopt the norms around us and particularly when we're growing up and young and impressionable, the people and cultural norms around us influence us profoundly. Those behaviours, attitudes and prejudices can create and enable all kinds of awfulness like racism, homophobia, sexism, classism etc

  31. Porn. It's awful. My friend who was loving, caring, had tons of friends, he was a super awesome guy. He accidentally scrolled upon it, and he turned from one of the most innocent kids ever to someone who wouldn't talk to you, and he stayed in his house all day. He wouldn't come outside whatsoever. Poor dude.

  32. Betrayal is scary because of its capabilities. A good person gets betrayed by someone they trust, and they seek revenge.

  33. Personal hardship. Yeah, character building my anus. I’m definitely a worse person now because of what I’ve gone through than I was before. What doesn’t kill you messes you up.

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