Who do you want to see as 47th President of the United States?

  1. Tbh we really need an age limit to most powerful government jobs, the fact that the Supreme Court justices basically stay until they die is horrifying still

  2. Amen. I'm 62, and even my 85 year old mom is like "jeeeezus, could we find someone NOT on Medicare?"

  3. Can we have a leap presidency...like just have nobody for a bit, maybe we should just work on ourselves before we get into a relationship with another stupid president.

  4. I want an age limit. I don’t care if someone is old and smart. They should have to live in the country they helped create for a few decades after their term.

  5. I actually had this conversation just the other day. I see some good suggestions here like John Fetterman and Jon Stewart (lmao I wish), but if we're thinking realistically, who would win a nomination?

  6. Approval ratings for dems are down across the board except for her. That’s a pretty good look for her going forward, but if she loses in November she might be dead in the water.

  7. Also Whitmer was one of the big names during Covid drama, which I'm sure earns her as many enemies as supporters, but definitely gives her something of a national profile that is recognized. Good call.

  8. She actually played some defense of the Roe v. Wade appeal (vs every other f’kn Democrat in national politics) and sued the state before the decision was handed down from the Supreme Court. Would not like to lose her as Governor but given the other choices out there, I would definitely vote for her again on a national level. She’s a lawyer with legislative and executive experience, and while I’ve disagreed with her on some of her choices, generally the ship is sailing in the right direction. We cannot have any more leadership that’s past retirement age. It’s not reflective of where we are as a country, and they’re exhausting to listen to.

  9. Porter was born and raised in small town Iowa and you can still hear the midwest in her accent. I wouldn't underestimate her ability to do decent in the midwest. Fetterman appeals to the rust belt and work class man type too. A Porter/Fetterman ticket (or Fetterman/Porter) would be the best option imo. I do like Whitmer too tho

  10. Yours is the first comment I saw while scrolling that actually gave a take on both sides honestly. Though I still dread Trump somehow trying to become president again...

  11. John Fetterman's gearing up for a Presidential run, and I'm all for it. Probably won't be in 2024, though.

  12. He has his senate run this year and I wish I was a Pennsylvania to vote for him. You're right, he won't be ready in 2024, but he has my full support when he's ready. I don't like the idea of putting full faith in a single politician, I just wish there was more with the same integrity as him.

  13. John Fetterman is exactly what we need to combat the culture war and prove that masculinity and progressive values go hand in hand.

  14. As a guy from Alabama, who has lived in Georgia, and now finally resides in Florida, I love everything about Fetterman. I have been following him ever since I saw him give his TED talk back in the day. I want nothing more than to cast a vote for President Fetterman.

  15. I like John Fetterman, but he’s not a good in debates and isn’t a great public speaker. I love the man and think he’s going to be great for Pennsylvania but I’m not sure about President.

  16. I think this is the catch 22 of politics, Someone who would be worthy of holding a position of that kind of power would never be able to achieve it because they aren't corrupt enough.

  17. “The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them. To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

  18. Or thoughtless reductionist tripe. "No one old." "Someone honest." Someone not from a political family." That's how you get some awful young Republican who is honest about all the shitty things they are going to do.

  19. Did you expect a topic on Reddit to come up with good answers after a political vacuum that has been affecting the country for over a decade?

  20. After spending years as a successful restaurateur and television personality, Guy Fieri decided to run for president in 2020. His platform was simple: make America delicious again. Fieri campaigned tirelessly, criss-crossing the country in his signature convertible, spreading his message of good food and good times.

  21. I don't care for his actual restaurants, but Guy Fieri is a good person who actually cares about people. I'd be OK as a citizen of Flavortown.

  22. I ... would very seriously consider voting for Guy Fieri. I don't support his platform on the issue of frosted tips, or his wisdom on hairstyles generally, but he seems like his heart is in the right place.

  23. Okay you joke, but in a webcomic Fieri did end up running in 2020, as his clownsona that guy from Insane Clown Posse. ICP secured the nomination with both individuals running for co-president, and brought about the downfall of society by being in league with the alien empress Betty Crocker. Guy Fieri then proceeds to kick global warming into overdrive so that the Earth could be terraformed and be more hospitable to the Empress' people.

  24. I have had this same thought. I'd vote the hell out of guy fieri. Flavor town? Nah son we making this flavor country

  25. A president that is older than the nation’s average male life expectancy doesn’t seem sustainable. I would love someone under the age of 55.

  26. I actually just brought her up the other day as someone I’d love to see be president. She’s incredibly well spoken and well researched. She’s passionate and caring. She’s basically everything the US needs in a leader.

  27. Upvoting because this is the first comment I've read that actually names a person and isn't just some variation of "someone who doesn't suck."

  28. Katie Porter is that teacher you had in high school that was a hard ass about giving good answers and would call you out when she thought you weren’t giving your best or slacking off. Those teachers were tough and sometimes got a bad rep from kids who got on her bad side, but everyone would always look back and be like, “This person CHANGED me for the better. They made me eat my academic vegetables”.

  29. I want her to run. I have trouble seeing a woman from California winning the electoral college though. She has a lot stacked against her, but maybe she could pull it off.

  30. I would love that because she's an intelligent and, as far as I can tell, honest and decent person. Which is why she doesn't have a chance.

  31. Just FYI, the democrat leaders like Pelosi and the DCCC will be throwing every last dollar they have to Kamala Harris.

  32. Took me some scrolling to find the first comment with an actual suggestion! The first 20 top comments are all just a vague ideals they would like to see in a person so thank you for throwing out a name!

  33. I’m not American so I had not heard of her - just googled her and she seems like a good candidate (also she isn’t 70+ years old). Will she run for president? If so, I hope she wins.

  34. I used to be in her district but redistricting will put me in a different one for this years election. I disagree with many of her political views but I respect her as a person. I appreciate that she doesn’t put up with people’s bullshit. I would rather her be in power than most of the current political establishment, regardless of their party affiliation.

  35. I would nominate my wife. She cares so much for the people around her. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her, and she's modest to a fault. She's also an incurable workaholic; just what you'd need for that kind of position. I'm not worried about experience, because I know the president is surrounded in a sea of advisors and experts. I trust her to make level-headed decisions, and own up to them as well.

  36. Leaded gas was only officially phased out in 1996. People born after that won’t be old enough to run for president until the 2032 election.

  37. John Fetterman. If he ran it would absolutely crush the GOP. The Democrats would win back working class whites in the Midwest.

  38. I'm hoping he pulls out the win this November. He's leading in the polls and I think he'll spank Dr. Oz in any debate. Senate races are, thankfully, also much less sensitive to the national mood than House races, so it's possible for someone like Fetterman to pull out a win even if the House flips to the GOP by a big margin. Even if he didn't run, he'd also end up on anyone other candidate's shortlist for VP.

  39. Yes! Yes! He's one of my favorite political figures to pop up on my radar in the past few years. He comes off to me as fearless but compassionate. I've been super inspired by him from afar (in Texas). I'm so sick of Democrats who are afraid to speak with authority and strength about the real stuff people care about. THIS is a candidate I could get excited about.

  40. Most of our Presidents don't come from a political family. The Bush family is an exception, as was the Kennedy family.

  41. MA Governor Charlie Baker. I’m as left wing as it gets, Baker is one of the few remaining decent and seemingly honest Republicans out there and I think the Republican Party needs 200 more like him.

  42. Someone younger than 65 years old, not too far left or right on the political spectrum, not a life long politician but has experience as a politician, not a billionaire, no ties to big banks, big pharma or big oil. Loves the United States and wants to make it better for the people and the world.

  43. Look, I don’t care how old the person is, what gender or color; I just want some fucking person with some logic.

  44. The man not only brought in the smartest person in the world to solve his problems, but he also listened and followed through despite the advice of that same "smart person" being the most insane thing he'd ever heard of.

  45. George William (Bill) Foster, (born October 7, 1955) is an American businessman, physicist, and U.S. representative for Illinois's 11th congressional district. After completing his Ph.D., Foster moved to the Fox Valley with his family to pursue a career in high-energy (particle) physics at Fermilab, a Department of Energy National Laboratory. During his 22 years at Fermilab, he participated in several projects, including the design of equipment and data analysis software for the CDF Detector, which were used in the discovery of the top quark, and the management of the design and construction of a 3 km Anti-Proton Recycler Ring for the Main Injector. LETS GET A DOCTORAL SCIENTIST IN OFFICE FOR ONCE AND LET THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD HAVE A CRACK AT POLITICS FOR A LITTLE

  46. People always talked about it when he ran The Daily Show, and even though I still would have voted for him back then... it wasn't until I saw his speech during the 9/11 first responder fund hearings that I realized he would be a god damn great president.

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