Any Netflix show recommendations for a 15 yr old?

  1. The Witcher (kinda slow but whatever, I like some of the characters coughJaskiercoughcough ), The Umbrella Academy (starts slow but I adore most all of the characters, the sound track is top tier), Mindhunter (there is gore, it talks about really messed up stuff but the story is cool, especially the first season. Second season kinda goes downhill tho), uhh what’s another show.. How To Get Away with Murder (kinda an acquired taste, if you like murder mysteries/crime stuff it’s for you. Not very accurate in the law side of things tho lol. Ending was good.) Love Death and Robots (interesting... its basically a bunch of short stories with a ton of gore, some are really cool tho. I wouldn’t recommend some of em, only if you’re into weird sci fi gore. There’s tons of ppl getting their skulls crushed, being de-skinned etc etc. my brother was so exasperated w the amount of nudity too lol) Shadow and Bone (love the characters, interesting worldbuilding) The Order (the main character sucks but I like the background characters. This is an acquired taste too, it might be too juvenile or smt for you. Storyline kinda goes off the rails and the series ends at a terrible point, would recommend if you like ‘The Magicians’ or weird teen fantasy dramas) The Magicians (weird teen fantasy drama, similar to the order but better. Don’t like the main character or his gf but yaknow whatever, love the side characters. Def not for you if your not into the magic stuff. Mentions of assault and weird cult stuff having to do w assault )

  2. thank you so much for the recommendations and some side notes about them!! I watched How to Get Away With Murder and also felt it was inaccurate.

  3. Bro just watch whatever you want. Nudity, no nudity, gore. Doesn’t make a difference in your life except for some weird fetishes and kinks but it will be fine. I promise winks

  4. Stop paying for something with ever decreasing options with the onset of every fucking movie studio having their own subscription service. Just use the old skull and crossbones

  5. Juvenile justice. It’s a Korean crime drama about the juvenile court and each episode has a single story of teenagers committing crimes and basically how kids can’t and shouldn’t get away with crimes. It also talks about South Korean laws on juvenile criminals and speaks a lot about teenagers’ mental health

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