When did you lost your virginity? Do you regret it?

  1. I was 16 and I regret it so much. His little brother listened, he looked like if Napoleon dynamite was a stoner, and then I went back to marching band. It was such a fucking L

  2. A bit over a year ago in the back on my parent's caravan, seats folded away. No it was one of the best days of my life and I'm still with her

  3. When I was about 8, I did consent. I regretted it because it was such a painful memory that also took my purity because I soon gained a porn addiction and I just wanted to be a virgin again. I did feel way better though after repenting and getting my virginity back.

  4. I lost it to a hooker. It was after class and my friend said why not because i was still a virgin at 19 years old. He said he had been to this one place and it would take 30 minutes tops. You could say i was peer pressured into it, or maybe it was my own choice. It was the worst sex i had in my entire life. I couldn’t even get my thing hard and the sex worker kept on pressuring me to finish quick, which did not help at all. Not so long after(about 1 month) i met the love of my life and we are still together to this point. There is not a day that goes by where i wish i could have waited to lose it to someone special. So to answer your question, YES. I do regret losing my virginity to a sex worker.

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